Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training

Bridget Wilder Spy in Training Maria Barbo of HarperCollins imprint Katherine Tegen Books pre empted Jonathan Bernstein s Bridget Wilder Spy in Training a debut middle grade series about a middle child who receives an invitation t
  • Title: Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training
  • Author: Jonathan Bernstein
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  • Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training
    Maria Barbo of HarperCollins imprint Katherine Tegen Books pre empted Jonathan Bernstein s Bridget Wilder Spy in Training, a debut middle grade series about a middle child who receives an invitation to join a super secret division of the CIA The first book is set to publish in fall 2015 Tina Wexler at ICM negotiated the deal for North American rights.
    Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training By Jonathan Bernstein,
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    I am the author of Bridget Wilder Spy In Training.Bridget Wilder is an adequate daughter, an unexceptional student and a mediocre friend She s just found out she s also the biological daughter of one of the world s most lethal and notorious spies, the legendary Carter Strike Now Bridget lives in two worlds One, where her family forgets her birthday and so called class clowns call her Midget Wilder to her face And another world, where she s trained by a covert CIA department to become a fast, smart, fearless ,gadget toting secret agent who s tough enough to take on the most fearsome of bad guys.How many secrets can she keep And how many secrets are still being kept from her When you re a a spy in training, do you ever really know who you can trust I m also the co author of Mad World An Oral History Of New Wave Artists And Songs That Defined The 1980s, which features brand new interviews with the likes of New Order, The Smiths, Duran Duran, Echo The Bunnymen, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Human League, Dexys Midnight Runners, OMD, Thomas Dolby, ABC, Thompson Twins and many, many I also wrote the YA book Hottie which has been described, not by me but accurately, as Clueless meets X Men It s packed with as much comedy, action, unrequited crushes, requited crushes and destruction of designer clothes as I could pack into 320 pages.It s ridiculously over the top sequel was titled Burning Ambition.I m also the author of Knickers In A Twist which is a dictionary of British slang that addresses Cockney rhyming slang, TV catchphrases, pop culture references, swearing and incomprehensible abuse that I brought with me from my native Scotland.My first book was called Pretty In Pink The Golden Age Of Teen Movies which was an extremely un intellectual look at the 80s, taking in every genre from slasher to gross out and paying extended homage to the John Hughes canon.I also write the occasional screenplay, with the Disney evergreen Max Keeble s Big Move, Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan, Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector I ve got a mortgage, okay and the upcoming Jackie Chan movie The Spy Next Door to my name.As I mentioned, I was raised in Scotland, spent some time in New York and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago.I m on Facebook and you can also find me on jonathanbernsteinbook where I talk about Hottie, discuss the latest reality show that s making me mad but I can t stop watching and post videos of ancient Scottish comedians.I ve also started a blog for my slang dictionary Bookmark knickersinatwistbook and learn a new word or phrase every day Some of them will stop you getting punched in the face Others will get you hit even harder


  • ARC from Young Adult Books Central review to come on that site.Bridget isn t expecting a whole lot for her birthday from her busy adoptive parents, but she thought she might get a card or something Instead, her older, trouble making brother Ryan just wakes her up to let him in the house after a night of carousing, and her perfect younger sister Natalie wants her to help with a fund raiser Even her sort of friend, Joanna, is really only concerned about posting mean stuff about fellow classmates o [...]

  • Bridget Wilder Spy in Training , is a book that explains the life of a teenage spy who has to handle family pressures along with national pressures like a secret agency trying to take over the world Along, with this she finds out who her real dad is and that he is working with the bad guys, or is he While constantly handling all this on her hand Bridget Wilder finds herself in love with a boy named Dale Tookey who seems a bit odd All of a sudden Bridget Wilder becomes one of the famous girls in [...]

  • Bridget Wilder is the often overlooked middle child in her family and the invisible girl at her middle school She has one friend who isn t a very nice person She is the butt of the joke for Brandon Chew for continually calls her Midget She is adopted She is an observer, but not a participant, in her own life Things come to a head on her thirteenth birthday when no one remembers.After a disappointing day at school, she finds a shopping bag on her doorstep She is sure that someone has remembered h [...]

  • Synopsis Bridget Wilder is the sort of child you never remember Her older brother is a juvenile delinquent, and her younger sister is perfect A devil, an angel, and Bridget Then, on her forgotten birthday, she receives a mysterious bag with a broken smart phone, tic tacs she doesn t like, and lip gloss that doesn t open When Bridget gets a call on the smart phone, she realizes her life will be changed forever Bridget was adopted, but she learns that her birthfather is a secret agent for the Cent [...]

  • Received free advanced copy from First Reads My rating reflects the average of my rating 3 and that of my nine year old daughter 5 As she is the target audience, in retrospect, maybe I should have given her rating weight This is a story of twelve year old Bridget who takes on the alter ego of a secret agent Smartly written and kept my daughter interested from page one She has passed it around to her friends at summer camp, and all have enjoyed it as well.

  • At an actual rating of 2.5, I was NOT a big fan of this book For one, it was just too unbelievable I m sorry to be the one to have to break it to you like this, Bridget Your real father is Special Agent Carter Strike Yeah right Just not buying it Another thing I didn t like was the way Bridget changed At first she was a shy, timid creature Then, she became this monster that talked back Not to mention she was super gullible I began to realize the change here Too big Too complicated Too scary What [...]

  • Bridget Wilder is 13 Bridget Wilder is adopted Bridget Wilder is a kid nobody really notices Bridget Wilder is a spy This fun, snarky, fast paced middle grade read is the first in, what I expect will be a great series.

  • Gadgets, Action, Angst, and Girrlll Power Bridget is an Appealing HeroineI love chocolate chip tollhouse cookies with walnuts People have made chocolate chip tollhouse cookies for zillions of years, probably since before there were highways that had actual tollhouses But, my Mom made the best tollhouse cookies, ever We all know the ingredients heck, the recipe is on the bag But somehow the cookies Mom made, out of just the basic ingredients, were made just right.Well, that s what we have here EX [...]

  • Huge thank you to Harper Collins Canada for this ARC I must admit, I had never even heard of Bridget Wilder Spy in Training until it appeared on my doorstep I m glad I gave this book a chance, because it is such a fun middle grade read filled with tons of action, great use of spy tropes, and has a delightful heroine who is easy to relate to.Bridget is a Plain Jane with nothing remarkable about her until she learns that she is the daughter of a famous spy Going from unremarkable to spy in trainin [...]

  • Bridget Wilder is a seemingly average sibling, the one in the middle, and a middle grade student, invisible, with one friend, who is not so nice Her 13th birthday has arrived and no one in her family seemed to remember Her brother Ryan is a mess and her sister Natalie is treated like a little angel Bridget was 10 years old when she was told of her adoption She often wondered what her real parents were like After school she didn t expect any big surprises for her birthday Instead, she found a pos [...]

  • Bridget Wilder is the middle sibling Not only does she feel invisible between her older brother s delinquency and her younger sister s perfection, she s also adopted Her entire family parents included forget her 13th birthday, making Bridget feel as if she doesn t belong in her own family The only gift Bridget receives is a mysterious gift bag with random items a fancy phone, some tic tacs, chapstick and a coupon for a fancy clothing store.Following the clues from these gifts Bridget finds out s [...]

  • This was a fun YA novel the story very reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls The main character Bridget is a social outcast who befriends the popular girls Instead of being from Africa like in the movie Mean Girls, Bridget s thing that makes her interesting to the popular girls is that she is adopted Similar to the movie Mean Girls the Bridget turns the popular girls against each other and also has her own strange friend Joanna instead of Janis and instead of the popular girls having the Burn Book [...]

  • Wouldn t it be great to be a spy Play with cool spy gear Catch the bad guys Bridget is adopted and her family is very busy, what with her older brother sneaking out at night and her perfect younger sister Then Bridget s birthday is forgotten accept by whoever sent that bag of junk by the front door When she s ask to join Section 23, a top secret CIA division she s sure she s finally been accepted and is now cool Plus her biological father is a legend in Section Now she s got all the tools to be [...]

  • Bernstein, Jonathan Bridget Wilder Spy in Training, 304 pages HarperCollins Publishers, 2015 Language G 0 swears, 0 f , Mature Content G Violence G Bridget Wilder is adopted, the middle child, and with a devilish older brother, and angelic little sister, practically invisible However, when Bridget s 13th birthday comes around, she receives a mystery present that leads Bridget to find out her dad is spy Bridget is now determined to do whatever it takes to follow in her father s footsteps and beco [...]

  • Although the premise is typical if you read spy and mystery books a lot, the cast of characters is what made the book stand out for me.This is the story of a just turned thirteen year old girl who is used to but doesn t like feeling invisible, until a mysterious bag with strange gadgets turns her life upside down.Bridget is so real with her emotional struggles and short comings So she is anything but perfect and her relationships are also far from perfect By becoming a spy, she discovers things [...]

  • I LOVED this book It really plays on how a lot of kids wish they were spies Bridget s got her laser taser smoke machine lip balm, her lie detecting glasses, and even a spy car of her own She was adopted when she was young, and now, on her thirteenth birthday, her birth father is introduced to her His name is Carter Strike, and he s a top secret CIA agent This is an amazing book It s full of action and plot twists and will leave you wanting of Bridget Wilder s adventures.

  • This isn t the only book in its genre That I ve read this year Okay, I m a sucker Specifically, Spy School has a similar set up, so its not like you could claim this was totally unique Still, i thought it was fairly well written, and I appreciated the female protagonist, and some of the side details I think its a solid kid book, although probably not destined to become a great classic.

  • Please see full review at 5girlsbookreviews and or our Facebook page 5 Girls Book Reviews REVIEW BY Michaela, age 11 years, 3 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER Bridget is my favorite character and my favorite part is when she meets her dad close to the end of the book This book is really good and I love Bridget s spy gadgets.

  • Great book It made me laugh out loud by the first sentence Marvelous narrative skills Exquisite description with detailed feeling of a 13 yrs old girl It s fun, hilarious, entertaining, and it had stirred my affections Bernstein is a real genius

  • Clever spy plot, gadgets and chase fight scenes and love her attitude Trying so hard to be cool, not completely successful, but winning anyway.

  • An adopted middle child receives an unexpected package on an otherwise unremarkable birthday inviting her to join a super secret division of the CIA alongside her birth father

  • The begginning was kind of boring and then it got better to the end of the book where it has the romance, betrayal, and mystery.

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