Star Promise

Star Promise After three blissful years of living in Pipers Cove Adam and Charli head back to the bright lights of New York Taking on a position at a Manhattan gallery turns out to be Charli s dream job but just
  • Title: Star Promise
  • Author: G.J. Walker-Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Star Promise
    After three blissful years of living in Pipers Cove, Adam and Charli head back to the bright lights of New York Taking on a position at a Manhattan gallery turns out to be Charli s dream job, but just a few weeks after starting at his father s firm, Adam realises that practising law is his worst nightmare Biding his time is the plan Charli has wanderlust in her soul aAfter three blissful years of living in Pipers Cove, Adam and Charli head back to the bright lights of New York Taking on a position at a Manhattan gallery turns out to be Charli s dream job, but just a few weeks after starting at his father s firm, Adam realises that practising law is his worst nightmare Biding his time is the plan Charli has wanderlust in her soul and he s hopeful that sooner or later, she ll want to go home Riding it out isn t hard They re as close as they ve ever been and every spare minute is spent hanging out with their precious little girl Life is good until it s not When fate throws them one nasty curveball after another, Charli s confidence is shattered and her heart is broken After weeks of trying to make sense of the grief she s feeling, both realise she s out of her depth Getting out of Dodge is Charli s preferred MO and she doesn t disappoint, finally deciding that it s time to leave New York Returning to Pipers Cove is not the quick fix they were hoping for Some things just can t be mended, and the way she deals with that is going to change everything Other books in the Wishes Series Saving Wishes Book 1 free Second Hearts Book 2 Sand Jewels Book 2.5 Storm Shells Book 3 Secret North Book 4 Silver Dawn Book 4.5
    Star Promise By G.J. Walker-Smith,
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  • Charli and Adam adored their precocious little four year old daughter Bridget settled back into New York after three years of living in Pipers Cove, Tasmania, the rush and bustle of the city was certainly a different lifestyle than they had been used to But Charli loved her job in the downtown Manhattan art gallery a dream job with her love of photography, she was able to use her talents well She knew Adam was unhappy though working at his father s law firm was tedious and boring Even though he [...]

  • 6 StarsLike many, I have been reading, following and loving the lives of the Blakes and D caries for a few years now This culmination of the wishes series fulfilled and satisfied me completely The thought of the end of this series is bittersweet I don t think I d ever be ready for it to end.Charli, Adam and Bridget are in New York running the gauntlet on family life and demanding jobs Bridget is a joy to read about, in one sense a handful but the one liners she comes out with are funny and brill [...]

  • I was extremely lucky to receive an arc for this book, and i look forward to everyone else being able to read it when it publishes cause people it is worth the wait This is the final story i am hoping that GJ will shock us and write about Adam and Charli for Adam and Charli and i am truly sad that it is.I don t like spoilers so i am going to try and not give anything away It takes place in New York Adam and Charli had decided to move there at the end of Storm Shells, when Charli was offered a j [...]

  • I just finished this book and I must say I loved it The whole series I truly loved The ending did leave me feeling a bit empty though, but that normally happens when I read a book that is so lovely I wish G J Walker Smith could continue writing these books about Charlie and Adam for ever But unfortunately that is not possible It was the best possible end though to the series I do wish it didn t leave so many things open though Maybe it will lead to stories about the other characters I love G J [...]

  • Sigh So that s it The end.Hate saying goodbye I love these characters so much, I just love them I ve enjoyed every adventure they ve took me on and, though it s hard to let em go, this denouement ends their story beautifully.Perfect blend of drama and whimsy Crazy lovely

  • Big thanks to Gemma for an ARC copy for review The picture above pretty much describes how I am feeling at the moment after reading this book Whenever I read a new novel from G.J I am always excited, constantly amazed and I m left with a permanent smile of happiness on my face Basically, I feel like I m a kid at Disney World G.J Walker Smith, you have mighty superpowers as far as I m concerned.I was so thrilled when G.J announced that Charli and Adam were getting another story This is my favorit [...]

  • UGH, can it be December already so this book can release I need Charlie and Adam, and Lala Land.22 DEC 14 I adore Charli and Adam together, it s so beautiful seeing how far they ve come from the beginning Bridget Decarie is something else I love her, she s probably my favorite character out of all of them I enjoy La La Land and this book was just perfect.I need .

  • Wow I m a little shocked to realize it s all over I ve been in a Wishes state of mind for the past few days and I have a feeling it s going to take me twice as long to shake it off Up until SILVER DAWN I had previously described this series as light fun and sweet and it seems as though that story broke the mold because STAR PROMISE, though maintaining the standard of being fun and sweet, had just as much angst and turmoil and heartbreak as the one prior to it But where SILVER DAWN kept me crying [...]

  • AMAZING I started reading it as soon as it came out early this morning awesomely it came out earlier in NZ than everywhere else , and I didn t stop till finished This book made me want to laugh, cry, and gave me countless emotions often numerous at once The storyline is fantastic, with several plot twists I did not see coming Interestingly there was not the same fiery revenge I associate with Charli usually to do with hands see Jasmine and the Beautifuls in Saving Wishes, and Parker s in Second [...]

  • Star Promise is the beautiful end to the most magical series I ve ever read GJ wraps everything up with nice little bow I adore GJ Walker Smith and her characters I ve followed Charli through her journey from the very beginning and I have loved every minute of it I m sad to see it end and secretly hope we ll see from the Wishes world in the future Psst, GJ, Alex is my favourite Jean Luc has been one of the hardest characters to like, always berating Charli for her tales and calling them none se [...]

  • Star Promise by GJ Walker Smith The Perfect D nouement This is the last book in GJ Walker Smiths Wishes series and they should all be read in order While I have been waiting with baited breath for months to see how GJ would finish this series, I truly wasn t ready to say goodbye This book was beautifully written It included a perfect blend of humor as well as many touching moments I love that GJ tied up everything with a perfect bow and I was so happy to see that Adam, Charli and of course, Brid [...]

  • If you look up breathtaking it s definition says thrillingly beautiful, remarkable, astonishing, and exciting These words couldn t describe star promise any better as long as I can add hilarious to the list There were parts I laughed until I cried, smiled until my cheeks hurt, and took deeps breaths because I didn t want it all to end After finishing at 1am I couldn t sleep I didn t want to get off of the star promise cloud Thank you GJ Walker Smith for knowing all the lovely words, thank you fo [...]

  • Another fantastic instalment This one sees Charli, Adam and Bridget living in New York and not being all that happy there I love Adam and Charli s relationship and Bridget is the most hilarious, gorgeous little four year old This lady knows how to write kids just as well as anyone else in her novels 5 stars of course.

  • Loved this book I laughed out loud, I cried, I got super angry, I smiled and I became totally engrossed in reading this book This author has the absolute worst villains and the most unique characters The book had no slow parts to warrant setting it down for a break so be ready to read cover to cover in one day if you pick it up

  • Simply wonderful What a fantastic read, full of happiness, heartbreak, love and lovely lovely moments GJ Walker is a brilliant writer I forgot how I discovered her, but I am so glad I did Reading her books makes my heart happy, and if you re a fan you ll understand what I mean by that

  • Wishes 5 Star Promise by G.J Walker SmithDecember 20164 5Well this is the Charli and Adam that I love I am so happy that this series got back on track after my disappointment with Secret North This was probably one of my favourite books in the series so far I loved seeing a mature and adult Charli I do not know much about motherhood but I do know that it must be a struggle for someone who didn t have a mother Watching her build her own path was really inspiring as a girl I m also very grateful [...]

  • Adam, Charli and their daughter Bridget have returned to New York Charli has found her dream job in an Art Gallery and Adam returns to his father s law firm where he discovers that the career he thought he wanted isn t so great after all A chance encounter with a woman at Bridget s new ballet school sends their world into a tail spin Charli s confidence is shattered and after a lot of soul searching, they decide to return to Piper s Cove to find their bliss.This young adult series will make laug [...]

  • I have absolutely loved this series and am completely devastated that this is the last book of Adam and Charli s story I have spent hours giggling, hours sobbing and hours enthralled by the magical world of the fairies I fell upon the first book by chance and have loved every minute of it The writing is effortless, the characters fantastic and the story heartwarming.Although they say that all good things must come to an end, I will forever hold out hope that that is not, in fact, the case I can [...]

  • A beautiful way to wrap up Charli and Adam s story This book really brings everyone full circle as Charli and Adam learn what is truly most important to them family The whole Decarie family is present with their quirks that make this story fun Adam has finally grown into a book boyfriend husband I can love without wanting to kill him a few times per book And Charli is as magical as ever Bridget steals every scene she is in and the author s dialogue is fantastic, from both the adult and child cha [...]

  • I have been in love with these characters since Saving Wishes GJ does an amazing job of bringing her characters to life Star Promise sadly is the last in this series but did a wonderful job of answering so many questions and resolving relationships Charli and Jean Luc s connection being a huge one Bridget, Bridget, Bridget Can t say enough about that young lady She is the best of Charli and Adam Her wit and charm are never ending The journey that we have made in this series had been heartbreakin [...]

  • Each book has it s own individual stamp and Star Promise is no exception A wonderful story, that left me in suspense in places Love Adam and Charli, love how they have grown in to their relationship as the series progresses This book runs alongside Secret North, this meant I could still have my Ryan fix Five stars through and through Perfect Thank you GJ Walker Smith Love your writing and love your sense of humour x

  • This series honestly captivated me from the first page of Saving Wishes to the last page of Star Promise To finally have a book where the main characters don t just meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after was amazing They actually faced real life problems I could read another 2,000 pages of their lives.

  • Gemma is an extremely talented author, the love and magic falls out of the pages and into your heart I adored this series and I hope beyond hope that Gemma will write I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a little bit of magic.

  • I feel like I have just lost my best friends Does this have to end Seriously Star Promise was a good read, filling in the gaps was nice.If you haven t read this or any other books in the Wishes Series, please so so now, as you will not be disappointed Mwah

  • In less than two months, I was already hooked on this series, so I wanted to play catch up before Stone Rose is released the first quarter of the new year As with the series goes, it is very easy to get attached to some of the characters and the author made sure you get to know each one individually In this book, it was sort of a Secret North part two, played out through the perception of Charli and Adam Most of the chapters were written the same as Secret North so if you read that book, it beca [...]

  • A lovely readBook 5 in the Wishes series is perhaps my favourite to date Bridget steals the show One of the best child characters I ve ever read Her precociousness, wit, and innocence had me believing she s an old soul who been here and done that a few times before.This is a wonderful series with every book being a value add, even with the revisiting of events from different POVs The character dialogue is funny, razor sharp and really appeals to this Aussie.I found myself smiling through out thi [...]

  • La La Land is back And I couldn t come down from cloud nine ever since I started reading Star promise This is one my most favourite series and I am sad it has come to an end a befitting end but an end nonetheless Sigh Before I start missing Adam and Charli and Bridge, I want to highlight that this book is the sweet icing on the cake of the Wishes series It was utterly sweet, enchanting, sometimes troublesome, heartwarming and provides a surreal kind of sanctum I can imagine myself sitting on the [...]

  • AmazingExtremely talented author These books drag you, keep you hooked and make you feel like you re in the middle of them

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