No Damage

No Damage The true story of a woman on the eve of turning thirty who seemingly had it all with a successful career and home life until her first fianc left her at the almost altar one Christmas and her life b
  • Title: No Damage
  • Author: Kathryn Curzon
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  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No Damage
    The true story of a woman on the eve of turning thirty who seemingly had it all, with a successful career and home life, until her first fianc left her at the almost altar one Christmas and her life began to spiral out of control This is the hilarious, brutally honest and uplifting story of one woman s journey to survive having TWO runaway grooms whilst coping with canceThe true story of a woman on the eve of turning thirty who seemingly had it all, with a successful career and home life, until her first fianc left her at the almost altar one Christmas and her life began to spiral out of control This is the hilarious, brutally honest and uplifting story of one woman s journey to survive having TWO runaway grooms whilst coping with cancer, internet dating as a thirty year old hairy legged novice and her ridiculous, enormous dogs This is the story of turning a broken life into something brilliant.
    No Damage By Kathryn Curzon,
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    Kathryn is a freelance editor and writer, public speaker and co founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks In 2015, she organised and completed a 10 month global speaking tour in aid of shark conservation 87 events, 8 countries, 7000 people She is a trained scuba diving instructor and great white shark safari guide and has lived in the UK, Egypt and South Africa She currently lives in Wairarapa, New Zealand.


  • Autobiographies and memoirs have never really been my thing, and it would take something really special to draw me to them No Damage had that It is not only special because it takes a positive outlook on the life of a woman in her thirties, a life not without its troubles and turmoil, but because of how openly and inobtrusively the author lays out the details of her life, take it or leave it, knowing and risking the fact that everyone who reads the book will know some of her most intimate decisi [...]

  • I was lucky enough to meet Kat at around the time this book ends and her new journey was about to begin I knew she was in the process of writing her story and I now feel utterly privileged to have had the opportunity to read it and understand about how her path came to briefly cross with mine.The first thing I will say is that Kat really is a talented writer She is clear, articulate, entertaining and takes the reader on her journey with ease and a self effacing humour that never overreaches int [...]

  • What an incredible first book this author has written Kathryn Hodgson has written a searingly honest account of a difficult period in her life delivering an enticing cocktail of dry humour, black comedy and personal reflection.As a Kinesiologist, I encourage my clients to look inside themselves, learn from past mistakes and move towards a brighter future and this author has certainly done that Raw emotions and highly charged scenes are wrapped up in comedic, embarrassing moments which leaves the [...]

  • Most of us have been there failed relationships, family members with serious illnesses, life plans that look good on paper only to go through a shredder Just maybe not to the extreme degree Kathryn Hodgson describes Her memoir alternates between laughter and tears And sometimes she doubles up with a combination of both as the only possible response to life s curve balls, for instance, being dragged through the mud by her two gigantic Airedales nicknamed the Bears At times a bit saccharine, Kathr [...]

  • I read memoirs from time to time, habit I was left with after reading Montaigne essays, so I was coming to my regular third this year with No Damage It was indeed unlike many others I ve read Usually in autobiography or diary style novel one gets used to certain note of author s subjectivity, or at least to certain author voice resonating throughout the work, however, this reading struck me as significantly devoid of such practice, exhibiting objectivity or better say resistance towards judgment [...]

  • I ve just finished reading this book, and wow my goodness what a book it is At first I wasn t sure if it was autobiographical or pseudo biographical Reading the parts about her mother s illness made me feel it must surely be a true story, as there was so much raw emotion and attention to detail poured into those sections I m not ashamed to say I shed a few tears my heart hurt for Kathryn and her family Later though, her accounts of Oscar had me wondering again Could anybody truly behave the way [...]

  • I read books for many reasons to escape reality, to learn something new, and or to feel a real emotion Usually, it takes a variety of books for me to accomplish that goal But THIS book gave me all that and It had me on an emotional roller coaster from the beginning when the author described the first crisis she endured in her life I don t like to include spoilers in my reviews, so you ll just have to read it to find out Each chapter brought up a new emotion in me I was utterly shocked and angry [...]

  • A roller coaster readHere s a lady with enormous human spirit and a knack to laugh at herself.Told with searing honesty, Kathryn takes you on a journey of love, loss, heartache, joy and redemption5 Her most intimate decisions are shared, discussed, analysed and carried out with equal measures of humour, sadness, fear and validation.Although at times I felt a tiny bit uncomfortable with her self justification for some of those decisions I still couldn t wait to settle down each evening to be carr [...]

  • I loved this book My only regret is that it is not fiction How one woman could endure the events Kathryn endured over such a short period of time is unfathomable That she came out the other side with such positivity and such a strong eye to the future is downright inspirational.Without spoiling the story, I can say that I laughed a lot and shed many tears on her behalf I cringed at some of the decisions that were made, feeling as though I was one of her friends who wanted to scream, No, don t do [...]

  • I don t normaly like to read memoirs but this book caught my attention I enjoy reading Kathryn journey but most of all I admire her courage to expose herself, sharing her not always brilliant moments and her most intimate decisions in life with who reads this book LIke every one, she had her ups and downs She made wrong choices, she loved, she had her heartbroken twice and she mourned the loss of her mother Instead of closing herself to the world, she was brave enough to reinvent herself and fin [...]

  • Delightfully witty, warm and fun, this story will wrap you up into an endearing embrace The pacing is spot on and you really feel for Kathryn as she struggles with the ups and downs of life using a gentle bit of humor to go with the dark spots she s had to deal with After reading this, I honestly feel like she is a friend I really enjoyed this read and suggest if you want something that will remind you that hope is never out of reach, then I suggest No Damage.

  • A beautifully written book Fascinating in its honesty, gripping in its drama, entertaining in it s humor and inspiring in its thought provoking analyses of the difficult situations faced by the author in some turbulent years of her life I challenge anyone to read this book without laughing out loud and shedding some tears.

  • It s pure talent when a writer can make a reader laugh even during the saddest parts of a book That s what happened here I enjoyed this story and felt so many emotions during the book I fell in love with the bears and wish I could meet them Thanks for sharing your very emotional story with the world.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this book so funny and moving at the same time The author writes with honesty and good humour, you can t help but fall in love with her adventures and root for her I cant wait to see what she writes next Highly recommended

  • Wow What a roller coaster of emotions I ve gone from snorting out loud to snot nosed ugly crying while reading this Kathryn is a fantastic story teller, and I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn t a work of fiction

  • I enjoyed No Damage.I was left full of admiration for the author s resilience and also for her story telling abilities and fabulous sense of humour There were several passages that I read a number of times because they were so funny and memorable.

  • Thisbook made me laugh like a maniac and cry like a baby So full of hope and humour in the face of life Thanks Kat you made me know about you and remember a fantastic holiday with the Great Whites Now I m off to watch Amelie, again

  • No Damage is brilliantly written and had me both laughing and crying throughout An inspirational book that proves dreams can be realised in even the toughest of circumstances I highly recommend.

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