Cupidity: A Novel

Cupidity A Novel A new novel from the best selling author of Lottery A coming of age story about greed survival and what s important in life At the bottom of the heap there s nowhere to go but up Waitress Tammy Tyr
  • Title: Cupidity: A Novel
  • Author: Patricia Wood
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  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cupidity: A Novel
    A new novel from the best selling author of Lottery A coming of age story about greed, survival, and what s important in life At the bottom of the heap, there s nowhere to go but up Waitress Tammy Tyree knows this intimately Her life is a continual struggle of managing an eccentric uncle, looking after a younger brother who s not quite right, and doing everything she cA new novel from the best selling author of Lottery A coming of age story about greed, survival, and what s important in life At the bottom of the heap, there s nowhere to go but up Waitress Tammy Tyree knows this intimately Her life is a continual struggle of managing an eccentric uncle, looking after a younger brother who s not quite right, and doing everything she can to keep her family together in the small town of Spring, Washington But Tammy has a couple things going for her no matter how dire things become She s tenacious and has her own take on karma Tammy believes the unfortunate things that happen to a person, the they re due for a windfall Each misfortune is further guarantee that opportunity for her is just around the corner When Tammy receives a confidential email about an inheritance that s hers to claim, she s certain her ship has finally come in Just a few details need to be ironed out like a small matter of some fees to pay, bank forms to fill out, taxes to remit, but Tammy is sure each complication brings her closer to that golden goose of egg laying renown What starts as a personal quest ends up embroiling Tammy and everyone she holds dear in a scheme that could be the financial downfall of them all or the rescue of a small town that s slowly but surely falling through the cracks.
    Cupidity: A Novel By Patricia Wood,
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      396 Patricia Wood
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    Patricia Wood was born and raised in Seattle, Washington She has served in the U.S Army, has worked as a Medical Technologist, horseback riding instructor, and most recently as a marine science teacher working with high risk students in Honolulu Patricia is an avid SCUBA diver, has assisted with shark research, won the Hawaii State Jumper Championship with her horse Airborne, crewed in a 39 foot sailboat across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to San Francisco, and is now an author Her debut novel LOTTERY was published by Putnam August 2007, and was named a Book Sense notable for October of that year LOTTERY has been included in the Washington Post s Best Fiction 2007 list and is short listed for the 2008 Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction Currently a PhD student at the University of Hawaii, Patricia is focused on education and the study of disability and diversity Patricia lives with her husband, Gordon aboard ORION, a 48 foot sailboat moored in Ko Olina, Hawaii She has one son, Andrew.


  • THERE ONCE WAS Stoppit It s not that simple BUT WHAT IF Shush let s start again Waitress Tammy Tyree and her autistic fifteen year old brother, Jar, live with their irresponsible uncle E, in his trailer and do the best they can to face reality each day Nothing comes for free and Tammy has four jobs to keep them safe and happy She had her way of dealing with all the bills which constantly constipated her Two Spoons Caf uniform s pockets Those constipating mass of bills were the minor misfortunes [...]

  • I think everyone who has ever signed up for an email account has received one of those messages from someone in a far off land seeking the heir to a fortune or just needing a little help processing a complicated banking situation If you haven t received one, just check your spam folder.eve me, it s there With these scams being such a common occurrence I m surprised this is the first time I ve seen it used in a book plot It worked perfectly in this storyline and turned out to be a great platform [...]

  • Could a whole town be as backward If you are able to suspend reality and go with the cute humor of this funny story about a town of feeble minded folk, then you may enjoy this escape from reality An e mail traps a young girl and eventually others into an inheritance scam that snowballs out of control I was not sure if I could swallow the dim witted behavior of the main character at first, but the further I got into the story the believable and endearing she and her autistic brother became The r [...]

  • I m the narrator of the Audio version This is OK, mark my words, I m saying this on Sept 15, the audiobook s been out for 7 months my FAVORITE of all the projects I ve narrated to date The protagonist, Tammy Louise Tyree, is a female Forrest Gump She is, in her own words, not the brightest donkey in the barn, but she approaches her bleak situation in life with an inexhaustible optimism Her naivete makes her an unreliable narrator, but a lovably unreliable one I rooted for her, even as she plowed [...]

  • AudiobookNarration Michelle Babb Kick A If you ve read many of my reviews, I don t really give a lot of audiobooks the Kick A narration rating, but I ve had a couple back to back listens that were really stellar, with this being one of them Michelle does such a great job of embodying the character of Tammy Tyree I don t own a kindle copy of the book, so I couldn t tell you if her narration of what bug says is accurate, but it was terrific and natural and flowed as if you were listening to the ac [...]

  • This is one of those books that will make you laugh and cry I had moments where the sheer stupidity of someone s actions that I forgot I was reading a book and felt bad for them.This is a clean read no cursing, no sex It was refreshing and I loved how weird some of the people arend of reminds me of people you meet in real life Seeing the relationship between brother and sister was nice and I liked how mental illness was handled.You could also say it s a Christian book Not a shove it down your th [...]

  • This book was the funniest I have ever read or listened to Cupidity is the story of Tammy Tyree, a young woman in a small town just trying to do the best she can She has four jobs to try to make ends meet for her, her less than reliable uncle and her younger autistic brother Life just keeps pooping on her I don t know any better way to say it She is just dumped on over and over Most of the story has to deal with an email she receives from someone in Africa saying she has inherited money from a m [...]

  • I received this audio book as a gift in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, This audio book is freaking hilarious A poor small town girl has always been looking for a break She has been taking care of her special autistic brother since her parents were killed and her Uncle E took them in One day she gets a lucky break, an email saying a relative died in Africa and left her 5 million dollars It s a dream come true or is it This book is a laugh a minute Only Tammy can understand her brothe [...]

  • I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review from the narrator.This book was interesting I am going to be completely honest I just listened to my first audiobook, Yes Please, and it was spectacular I was eager to continue my foray into this world With Cupidity, I didn t have the same success The side characters were fun to listen to They all had a special charisma the narrator provided with inflections or pitching My favorite was Jar, the protagonist s younger brother who spoke in [...]

  • Cupidity, by Patricia Wood, is a fun read or listen to I had the audio version Small town waitress who wears a number of other hats and drives a rattle trap truck named Dolly, is caregiver for disabled brother and keeps track of Uncle E, the town drunk She has just gotten notice via email that she is an heiress to 5 million dollars and things just go downhill from there Trailer homes, chicken coops, mental wards and jail, the reader is taken on quite the ride while wondering if Tammy will learn [...]

  • Cupidity, by Patricia Wood, has a story and characters that will stay in my memory That s a strong statement for me as I listen to many books While I may enjoy them, the story and characters lose their detail after a period of time I really don t think that will happen with this one For that, I m giving it five stars Intelligently written, it s quirky and unique, entertaining and a book I d recommend There were several times of unexpectedly laughing out loud while listening to this It s not deep [...]

  • This book had me on the verge of clawing my eyes out But in a good way I wanted such good things to happen to this bumbling family that when Tammy falls for the email scam I just want to scream The writing is so fun and the town is so lively Circumstances change at the drop of a hat and all I could think was Please let the family make it out of this And that s what you really want out of a book the ability to totally connect with the central characters.I listened to the audio version and I m pre [...]

  • Humorous, fun and a great listen I was given this in exchange for an honest review.When I first started listening to this, I thought, this isn t for me It started a little slow I am so glad I kept going Not much later, it certainly picked up and kept me interested A book about greed, family and life, all things we are all interested in, you really just can t go wrong We have all received those emails, just never acted on it Tammy takes us on her journey, taking care of her brothers, her many job [...]

  • The first book i read from Patricia Wood was Lottery and I loved it Cupidity I enjoyed as an audiobook read by the brilliant Michelle Babb I enjoyed the book as you could really feel the characters come alive as Babb breathed life into each character.Similar tones style of writing can be felt as you digest the story but that s the thing about Wood her writing draws you in.Can t wait to check out books by Patricia Wood and audiobooks as narrated by Babb.Brilliant.

  • Cupidity It was fun experiencing small town girl dealing with these trials and tribulations thrown at her I really enjoyed the way the writer wrote these characters that felt very real They reminded me of some of the people I met when visiting a small town in Texas The main character was very positive, and I really liked that.This was a nice, fun read.

  • This book is hilarious Enjoyed it as much as I did her first book This author writes great books about something we all are interested in, greed.

  • love patricia wood s lotterycupidity is written in a similar vein and Michelle breathes life into the characters which made this better love it5 stars for ms babb

  • Review originally published at lomeraniel audiobookreI was offered a copy of this book in audio format from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.A feel good book.Tammy Louise Tyree lives in the small town of Spring with his Uncle E and her autistic fifteen year old brother, Jar Uncle E makes a living by making worley gigs but spends much of what he earns on small scams and drinks As the primary provider in the household, and having troubles making ends meet, Tammy has four jobs that kee [...]

  • Cupidity by Patricia Wood and narrated by Michelle Babb This is a clean humorous novel about a naive girl named Tammy Tyree and her autistic Jareld Jar Tyree The siblings were orphaned and live with their Uncle E This story is about small town life, greed, scams, trusting nature, and overcoming a family s bad reputation This book was recommended to me, although it is not my usually preferred genre, I decided to give it a try At first I was unsure if this was a book for me, as some of the charact [...]

  • Review of Audio Format Nowhere to Go but UpThis is a fantastic book about the realization of what matters most in life is not possessions or wealth but family and being accepted for who you are Tammy Tyree is a unique person and she s been told her whole life that the bad things that happen to you, the your eventual reward will be And she knows what her reward is It s a 5 million dollar inheritance from a distant relative in Nigeria If only all the people in town will hold on for just a little [...]

  • Cupidity by Patricia Wood was a great book This is a story about greed and what could happen when you always just follow money Tammy Tyree is a waitress who is always struggling with her younger brother and uncle When Tammy gets an email about a family inheritance, she believes her luck has finally changed I enjoyed reading this book.

  • Tammy Louise Tyree is working hard in her small town to support herself and her autistic younger brother Jar their now deceased mother at first thought the doctor said artistic , with the comforting presence and emotional support of their Uncle E.She works as a waitress at the Two Spoons Cafe, does house cleaning, moves things for people in her pickup truck Dolly, and whatever else she can to make money Uncle E also makes whirligigs, which she sells It s hard work, and she s barely keeping thing [...]

  • Tammy Tyree, along with her uncle and brother, have been struggling to make ends meet She works around the clock to earn money for her family and has several jobs that she is desperately trying to juggle So, when she receives an email informing her that she inherited five million dollars from relatives she didn t know she had, she s than a little delighted and than willing to dig up all the fees she has to pay in order to get her inheritance.When the rest of the people in the small town of Spr [...]

  • Epic disaster This book will take you on one hell of an adventure It all begins with an elusive email from a doctor in Botswana If Tammy Tyree follows his instructions, wiring money through to him, she will attain 5 million dollars a fortune she supposedly inherited Awesome, but we ve all encountered this sort of scam , pop up email, at some point or another But for Tammy this is her first, and she s a gullible young thing she signs herself up And as you d expect, money begins to disappear from [...]

  • This caught my eye as I was unexpectedly delighted with Lottery when I discovered that by accident a few years ago, and I was than happy to try a new Patricia Wood Glancing at the blurb, the theme of underdogs encountering potential good fortune was a formula I was quite glad to try on audiobook.Narrator wise, the audiobook was fine, a range of voices for the different characters, with the accents setting the scene well Tammy Tyree is a young waitress, living with her ne er do well, scheme happ [...]

  • I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book The narration was skillfully done and highly amusing I really enjoyed it I am sure that a lot of my enjoyment of this book was due to the narrator s portrayal of the individual characters and situations I would definitely be interested in Audible Editions featuring this talented narrator Mystery Inheritance This seems to be a stand alone novel I look forward to reading books by this author Tammy is a Tyree That means no one thinks much of he [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book The narrator Michelle Babb did a wonderful job I thought too I kept wondering how in the world this book was going to end I was yelling at the book saying this is a scam this is a scam But the way the story ends is just wonderful In all my thinking how this might end I never thought of this ending Loved it to the very end I was gifted this book with the understanding I would give an honest review.

  • A small town girl gets sent the message of a life time She can finally help her uncle and disabled little brother, all she has to do is send in 500 dollars to a solicitor in Africa.I received this audiobook in exchanged for an honest review I adored this story i thought it was funny and filled with charming characters.While this was the perfect fun book to get me out of my reading slumps, I can t say it was the best book.This was definitely a character driven book I loved everyone in this small [...]

  • I totally and thoroughly enjoyed this book I was hooked from the beginning and did not want to stop listening I loved the protagonist Tammy She was so completely innocent and naive with a heart of gold The characters were all so well developed that I felt like I knew them and could picture them It seems implausible these days that someone would fall for a scam like that but it only takes one and this book shows you how it can happen to people who mean well.I received the Audible version of this [...]

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