A Bit of Heaven on Earth

A Bit of Heaven on Earth When Gavin of Ashgrove and his closest friend are captured in a fierce battle during the Hundred Years War their captors demand a hefty ransom from their fathers for their return Robert is quickly se
  • Title: A Bit of Heaven on Earth
  • Author: Lauren Linwood
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  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
  • A Bit of Heaven on Earth
    When Gavin of Ashgrove and his closest friend are captured in a fierce battle during the Hundred Years War, their captors demand a hefty ransom from their fathers for their return Robert is quickly set free, but Gavin s father refuses to pay for his son s release, leaving him to rot in a squalid French prison Aided by a sympathetic priest, he escapes and returns home toWhen Gavin of Ashgrove and his closest friend are captured in a fierce battle during the Hundred Years War, their captors demand a hefty ransom from their fathers for their return Robert is quickly set free, but Gavin s father refuses to pay for his son s release, leaving him to rot in a squalid French prison Aided by a sympathetic priest, he escapes and returns home to England, only to find he has been proclaimed a bastard and disinherited With nowhere to turn Gavin journeys to Kentwood, where he fostered as a boy, hoping Lord Aldred will take him on as a knight in his guard The old warrior is close to death, but he soon realizes Gavin is his son Aldred plots to have Gavin inherit Kentwood and marry his much younger wife, Elizabeth, a famed and opinionated beauty who remains a virgin after a decade of marriage.Will the king recognize Lord Aldred s first request of a marriage between Elizabeth and Robert, uniting Robert s estate with Kentwood or will the temperamental Edward reward Aldred s years of service and honor a dying man s final request
    A Bit of Heaven on Earth By Lauren Linwood,
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    As a child, Lauren Linwood gathered her neighborhood friends together and made up stories for them to act out, her first venture into creating memorable characters Following her passion for history and love of learning, she became a teacher who began writing on the side to maintain her sanity in a sea of teenage hormones.Lauren s historical novels focus on two of her favorite eras medieval times and the American Old West History is the backdrop that places her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire and yearning for one another grows into the treasured gift of love She also writes romantic suspense, where modern heroes and heroines unite to defeat a strong antagonist and discover a deep, abiding love during their journey.Lauren, a native Texan, lives in a Dallas suburb with her family An avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan, she manages stress by alternating yoga with five mile walks She is thinking about starting a support group for House Hunters addicts as soon as she finishes her next piece of dark chocolate.


  • Lady Elizabeth is the wife of Lord Alfred of Kentwood When she becomes a widow, Elizabeth becomes a political pawn for King Edward She wants to be Lady of Kentwood, to continue to care and protect her people.Lord Gavin has spent two years in a French prison Upon his escape, Gavin finds out he is a bastard with limited prospects He decides to ride to Lord Alfred s to seek counsel and to serve as one of Alfred s guards.After Lady Elizabeth becomes a widow, her love for Gavin grows, and his for her [...]

  • Great book and the characters very believable Storyline true to the times A young woman coming into her own and a gallent loyal knight who sees hardship and tragedy Twists and turns that all lead to love and happiness What could be better

  • Vikki s MusingsI received an e copy of A Bit of Heaven on Earth from the author for an honest review I have previously read books by Lauren Linwood and thoroughly enjoyed them I looked forward to reading this one with great anticipation I always enjoy a good medieval novel, and I was not disappointed This is an emotional read and pulled me in from the prologue and kept me entertained until the end.The story begins in 1347 Elizabeth of Aldwyn is anything but a typical young girl in medieval times [...]

  • DNF 1 This is so bad I really can not believe people gave it good ratings It started out fine and I was totally in the mood for medieval romance But it went downhill quickly Still I am not generally a quitter so I kept at it until the 70% mark or so All of their actions simply fail to make any sense by this point I was hoping they would all get the plague and the estate would go to anyone but them.

  • I enjoyed this tale of the plight of an intelligent, head strong young woman the honorable warrior who d lost all I was emotional engaged, raging at the injustice or sadness at the decline of a great man, hopeful at budding a friendship, torn relieved I will look for other work by this author.

  • Brilliant Well written and the storyline wasn t so cliche.Gavin was a very interesting character that I really liked I liked the relationship he had with Robert I very much liked Elizabeth, she was a super woman and I like reading about strong women The author may have missed some historic events, however this was spot on

  • A very nice fairytale like feel to it with all the necessary drama, a bit of mystery and a happy ending Nice smooth flow in the story line and altogether a Good Read.

  • Good ReadThis book had a high level of plot, characters, and reality It was a very smooth read and very entertaining.

  • I won a e book copy of Bit of Heaven on Earth from the first week of the 4th anniversary giveaway for The Romance Reviews website and the following is my honest for this book.It takes a lot of effort for an author to write any sort of novel set in a specific historical period of time While grammatical errors can be overlooked, those errors involving historical information aren t so easily forgiven Which is why of historical research which needs to be done, and verified, before an author can type [...]

  • A little too predictable for me This author writes very well No typos Not many sex scenes and the ones that are there are tasteful Ok plot and characters I was looking for angst and turmoil That s the only reason I didn t love it You may like it I do highly recommend Music For My Soul also by this author.

  • NEVER WAS LOVE SO SWEET AS THIS Lord Gavin of Ashgrove and Lord Robert of Fondren are brothers in arms, fighting in France for Edward of Windsor King Edward III The year is 1347 and the English victory, the previous year, at the Battle of Crecy is still fresh in their memories They are again facing a force much larger than theirs but are still full of confidence that they will carry the day.The best laid plans often go awry Bravery, on both sides of the line of battle, was never the issue Both s [...]

  • A Wonderful storyThis is a new author so I wasn t sure how the story would be I loved it I will be watching for of her books The story of headstrong young woman , forced to marry Her father has tried to marry her off without success so he tricks her and she is married to Lord Aldred He was looking at wife to mother his children They make a bargain and become veryclose Another Lord is at war in France and is captured his father refuses to pay ransom Don t want to give anything away but is wonder [...]

  • A beautiful love storyElizabeth s father, having had enough of her refusal to wed, marries her to elderly Lord Aldred However, the union is quite comfortable for both and they grow to love each other.Gavin is fighting in France under the command of the Black Prince when Gavin and Robert are captured by the French Robert is ransomed but Gavin s father refuses to pay his ransom and he is left to rot in a squalid French prison.This is a fine, well written story rife with emotion You feel like you k [...]

  • Great bit of heaven on earthA great story of true friendship and sorrow Time to listen to the truth and to find a new path, time to finds true father, and a true love and a way to keep a true friendship A king with a promise to a true nobleman Have a few tissues ready because you will need them After Lord Alfred dies the King will uphold his friend s dying wish I w I ll enjoy reading of this authors works Take the time and read this book.

  • I enjoyed reading this story because it has an interesting plot, with a good twist early on, and a decent timeline The romantic encounters were pleasant, if not steamy, and I enjoyed reading them, although there wasn t much development of the secondary characters The story does have room for additional details and character development It makes a good start, anyway.

  • EmotionalThis book had my attention from the beginning I liked the characters right away This story was full of love, compassion, and sorrow I look forward to reading the others.

  • The Title Says It AllThis book dealt with two friends who had endured prison They were both in love with a lovely widow but her future and her lands were in the hands of King Edward.

  • Medieval romanceLikable characters who find love I enjoy this type of novel It s not too involved Easy reading for the beach

  • Thoughts of A Bit of HeavenI enjoyed the story It wasn t a selfish story The people thought of others before themselves It was a very good book.

  • Heaven on EarthThis an enjoyable read A good story line with strong characters This is my first book by this author, so I will look for of her books.

  • Heaven on EarthA love story in the 1300s A wild young woman is married to a much older man They have a good life together.

  • A Bit of Heaven on EarthThis is a great book to read and very enjoyable It does have several twists and turns in the story line but they are easy to follow.

  • Unexpected LoveI enjoyed the story line very much Even the noble people had problems Although poverty wasn t or them The fact that the king controlled even their selection of a mate wasn t left up to the nobles of the kingdom Read this book to see what could befall even the privileged class.

  • 4.5 5.0A good story requires a truly large cast of characters, and this one is no different Through adept creation, every character comes alive on the page, making a statement of their purpose Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD tale Magazine.

  • This is a delightfully fast paced and complex story, filled with unforgettable examples of bravery, intelligence, and unwavering love,Review to come.

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