Fourth of July Creek

Fourth of July Creek In this shattering and iconic American novel PEN prize winning writer Smith Henderson explores the complexities of freedom community grace suspicion and anarchy brilliantly depicting our nation
  • Title: Fourth of July Creek
  • Author: Smith Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780062286468
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourth of July Creek
    In this shattering and iconic American novel, PEN prize winning writer, Smith Henderson explores the complexities of freedom, community, grace, suspicion and anarchy, brilliantly depicting our nation s disquieting and violent contradictions.After trying to help Benjamin Pearl, an undernourished, nearly feral eleven year old boy living in the Montana wilderness, social workIn this shattering and iconic American novel, PEN prize winning writer, Smith Henderson explores the complexities of freedom, community, grace, suspicion and anarchy, brilliantly depicting our nation s disquieting and violent contradictions.After trying to help Benjamin Pearl, an undernourished, nearly feral eleven year old boy living in the Montana wilderness, social worker Pete Snow comes face to face with the boy s profoundly disturbed father, Jeremiah With courage and caution, Pete slowly earns a measure of trust from this paranoid survivalist itching for a final conflict that will signal the coming End Times.But as Pete s own family spins out of control, Benjamin s activities spark the full blown interest of the F.B.I putting Pete at the center of a massive manhunt from which no one will emerge unscathed.
    Fourth of July Creek By Smith Henderson,
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    Smith Henderson is the recipient of the 2011 PEN Emerging Writers Award in fiction He was a Philip Roth Resident in Creative Writing at Bucknell University, a Pushcart Prize winner, and a fellow at the Michener Center for Writers in Austin, Texas Born and raised in Montana, he now lives in Portland, Oregon.Fourth of July Creek is his first novel.


  • There should be fireworks shooting off for Smith Henderson s first novel, as it is a just cause for celebration This is not to say that the subject matter is exactly festive, but the book is a triumph Pete is a social worker in Tenmile, Montana, a place so insignificant it was named for it s distance from the nearest possible somewhere The folks he is charged with trying to help out need all the support they can get, but some can t seem to accept any There are three main threads braided into thi [...]

  • HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY We re not that badPeople fuck up They get forgiven optimism is nice, but it s one thing to tell yourself that, and another to live in the real worldte snow lives in the real world he works for the montana department of family services, where his territory covers a huge swathe of the rural backwoods of the state the year is 1980, but there is a timelessness to this remote and undeveloped country which leaves its inhabitants untouched, somewhat exempt from the world at largete [...]

  • He was frightened for her and what was about to happen to her and felt the fullest burden of the fact that he was indeed a thing that had happened to her too and was happening to her yet and would be for a long time to come Pete Snow is a good man, despite that fact, he is in the vortex of a tornado Those close to him are flung far and wide, battered and bruised by the briefest of contact His relationship to his larger than life father is nearly nonexistent When his father dies he learns of it w [...]

  • How can this not be five stars It s essentially a story about three lost children and this one guy s attempt to find them He s a social worker So we have a social worker as alcoholic fuckup hero One of the kids he s trying to save is his daughter In the novel, it s 1980, 81, 82, Carter into Reagan, and we re in the wilderland of Montana where there s a crackpot and his family, one of these millenarian swivel eyed ranters about the gold standard and masons and the illegal government in Washington [...]

  • If you fly in the rarefied air of literary awards, you may have caught Smith Henderson s name a few years ago when he won a Pushcart Prize and a PEN Emerging Writers Award A 41 year old advertising writer originally from Montana, Henderson has published a few stories in literary magazines that, like exotic birds, are known to exist but are rarely spotted.Those days of obscurity are over His first novel, Fourth of July Creek, is the best book I ve read so far this year On a gamble that seems sure [...]

  • There are quite a few damn good books coming out in 2014 by fairly unknown authors, this is one of them This is rural fuckedupness right up there with the Donald Ray Pollock and Daniel Woodrell It s 1980, Carter is about to be ousted from the White House, Reagan s on the rise, and in a small town in Montana a long haired social worker is about to be in the center of a whole lot of disturbing shit Shitty families, drugs, alcohol, fringe Christians with radical libertarian economic ideas, criminal [...]

  • I may cry.I wanted this book from the minute I saw the first blurb about it I ve drooled for it Then I start reading it I wasn t crazy about it What is wrong with me I love this type of book Gritty, dark and the souls of the characters are laid bare Still didn t like it.The writing for me.d this should not stop anyone from reading it, was choppy and uneven Half the time I didn t know what was going on or which character was being discussed.I think I m gonna troll my damn self for being a hater W [...]

  • Raw, gut wrenching and heartbreaking Midwest America outside the city limits exists poverty, homelessness, addiction, crime and abuse Much less resources to help those in need Pete Snow is a social worker living day to day attempting to protect and remove children from abusive homes He is an alcoholic unable to deal with the stress in his job as well as within his own life trying instead to make it better for others at the cost of losing touch with his own daughter, who becomes a runaway and sta [...]

  • Disturbing, dark, intense, heartbreaking, ambitious, and masterfully written Smith Henderson has a fascinating and twisted imagination I hope to read from this gifted author in the near future Fourth of July Creek is depressing as hell but well worth the 400 journey into the fucked up psyche of an alcoholic, faith deprived, but well intentioned social worker, Pete Snow Set in the early 80s in rural Montana Get ready for a bumpy ride Enjoy.

  • Fourth of July Creek by Smith HendersonSimultaneously Beautiful and Ugly Having children makes you no a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist Michael LevineMy friend Derek described this book by saying This book is beautifully written, but it s making me feel dirty all over If grunge was a book genre, that s what I d call this one Very, very grungy I couldn t have said it better The writing is so beautiful and eloquent, even though the harsh lives of these characters are very ugly and [...]

  • WARNING.YOU LOOSE I m bummed I lost my BRILLIANT first review Being a social worker must be one of the most thankless jobs in the world.Pete Snow social worker has challenging cases on his plate than one man should have to handle alone How do you help 6 kids living in the woods who need food clothing education love really need help , but their dad does not want you to come near them And if you do your own life may be in physical danger How do you help the teen kid who keeps acting out The kid w [...]

  • The Hook The reviews, pure and simple The Line Wild mushrooms and carpets of moss and bumblebees turning figure eights in the slashes of sun in the woods, as if they too are stupefied by the beauty of the place The Sinker Why is that some of the best books are the hardest to describe Breathe in, breathe out and try Pete Snow s territory and caseload are both huge often leaving him feeling ineffective in his work for DFS Department of Family Services in the vast landscape of 1980 s Tenmile, Monta [...]

  • Tenmile, Montana, a desolate town located in the western corner of the Rockies, a town of last resort for many The people here are running to or running from, living an existence both squalid and desperate Pete Snow is the lone social worker for this town, he has basically no oversight and not much support He meets the dregs of society, druggies, people who live in and associate with filth, and the children of these people, victims of various ages with various scars, internal and external But no [...]

  • This one blew me away with its passion and poetry from the soul of a social worker in rural Montana in the early 80 s Pete works for child protective services in a remote region in the northwestern part of the state near Glacier National Park People live here for the freedom that isolation brings, but the dangers there make the interdependence within the community especially important Many people are humane nature lovers or competent salt of the earth types others are nuts, survivalists, or crim [...]

  • Honestly, I was 200 pages in and still did not care for this dark and dismal story, but slowly as I kept reading, I came to appreciate social worker Pete Snow s heroic efforts and his plight to help those in need in the harsh Montana wilderness while struggling with his own insurmountable family issues.Be forewarned, there are a multitude of descriptive sexual situations and other deplorable acts for those weak at heart, and this is not a feel good book by any means, yet at times, thankfully the [...]

  • Freedom s just another word for nothing left to lose in Fourth of July Creek, an unflinching look into the complexities and contradictions of liberty, justice and freedom for all Montana style.But first, a word of caution readers who feel compelled to seek out likeable characters or who shun stories with an overriding bleak vision would be well advised to skip this book It is unrelentingly dark and full of moral ambiguity.At the center of the novel is Pete, an unlikely long haired social worker [...]

  • This was certainly worth the waitOnce I heard aboutFourth of July Creek coming out in mid 2014 I knew I could bet a pop in soda this would be for me Not that I m all that all that enad of the Big Sky State it s one of my least favorite states of the Union, really, with endless 100 mile long drives just to get to the next town, with towns having little than three Protestant churchesd ten taverns, and really bad diner food , but there s just something about novels set in Montana that really appea [...]

  • Pete Snow is an unlikely but good hearted DFS agent who is charged with the care of some pretty interesting families in the small Montana town Tenmile, near 4th of July Creek The most challenging being the almost feral Benjamin Pearl who is living in the wild with his fanatically religious and Apocalypse preparing family, most namely his father Jeremiah Pearl Trouble is brewing as Pete s marriage implodes, his teenage daughter becomes a runaway, his brother evades his parole officer, and his own [...]

  • I read this a couple years ago and it somehow got removed from my listyway, wonderful book Poor Pete, a social worker, he went through some unbelievable situationsyou will love this book

  • I finished the audio of this book a few days ago and I m still at a loss to properly describe it The story feels epic feels like it could become a classic feels enormous and heavy and important but at the same time, it meanders wyoms along in this very specific voice, relating a story that is just a story The writing is like nothing I have ever read and I am loath to describe it Intricate, unique, masterful writing One of a kind writing.The narration could not possibly have been better Though I [...]

  • I go into homes all the time and I save children It s what I do for a living, you see And I didn t save my own daughter 3.5 If I take nearly a year over a novel, stopping and starting, that s usually a bad sign But I forced myself to finish this one, just like I did with The Orphan Master s Son by Adam Johnson In the end my feelings were roughly similar, too I appreciated the skill behind Henderson s writing but never fully warmed to it This is the story of Pete Snow, a Montana social worker in [...]

  • Well, right away have to chalk this up to being unsure if he s read the same book as everyone else or maybe just another case of bad timing possibly potentially right book at the wrong time mood Getting the rating out of the way, it s a rounded up 3 star good book, but unofficially 2.5 stars for just being on the fence about liking it It is a grim, dark, bleak, gritty almost relentlessly so novel of dysfunction, violence, and abuse in rural Montana This did not stop me from liking the novel, but [...]

  • There are several story lines occurring simultaneously in this novel, Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson and in the end, all lines converge and a bigger picture is revealed The story takes place in the early 1980 s in a small town so very small, in fact, that it really isn t map worthy the town of Tenmile, Montana Narrating the story is Pete Snow, a social worker for the Department of Family Services Pete is one of my favorite types of characters multi faceted and complex he is a social wor [...]

  • A very good book about gritty and disturbing subject matter and people at the heart of it Unflinchingly it opens the Pandora s box of What s gotten into people and What s wrong with this country Do you want to see what s inside Maybe It s not pleasant The very small flame of hope at the bottom of the box appearing in the epilogue could easily be blown out by a puff We all know the box cannot be closed after it s opened, but we do have the choice to leave it alone At bedtime, Mama tells him he s [...]

  • I straight up loved this book Pete Snow is a social worker in rural Montana in the early 1980s, struggling to do right by his messed up clients especially the kids His work is all kinds of rough, as you might expect in a region with low incomes and minimal infrastructure And Pete s own life is no cake walk he took the job in remote Tenmile in part to escape his failed marriage and fractious family He s not perfect, but he s trying hard.Things kick into gear when he encounters Benjamin Pearl, a s [...]

  • I spend considerable time choosing which books I m going to read This one really caught my attention first novel by the author, 1980 s in a hardscrabble part of Montana plus a tough social worker trying to give destitute kids a chance Right up my alley Pete was initially very appealing as a character who would go the extra mile for his clients Although I empathized with him, I could easily see why he was so hopeless at love Jeremiah Pearl, a paranoid survivalist, was interesting in a perverted, [...]

  • Wow What a frustrating little big book The writing style was so aggravating at times that I literally went from almost chucking it entirely, to considering it only middling, to finally settling on really liking it I should have known once I discovered Smith Henderson won the 2011 PEN Emerging Writers Award, was a Philip Roth Resident in Creative Writing at Bucknell University, and a Pushcart Prize winner in fiction, that he would attempt to crush us puny readers with his mastery of the obscure w [...]

  • Fourth of July Creek is a great debut and one of the better novels that I ve read so far this year It s interesting to read about lives of the poor in societies which are considered to be rich and prosperous Most often they re brushed aside and ignored, while the lens of attention is focused solely on the glamorous and glittering places forcing the great unwashed out to areas where many of us wouldn t even look at.The novel is set in such a place somewhere in northwestern Montanta, near the Rock [...]

  • NO SPOILERS Full disclosure book abandoned on page 161 out of 467 pages I exercised a lot of patience with Fourth of July Creek, but if a story s main plot doesn t start until 100 pages in, something s wrong The summary sounded exciting, and I liked the protagonist, social worker Pete Snow however, up until that exciting sounding main plot finally got going, I was reading a lot of directionless side plots These include Pete s other case most interesting , his frequent drinking uninteresting , an [...]

  • WOWI am really going to have to think about this one She is proof that there is nothing that cannot happen to someone That the world doesn t need permission, that there is no novel evil it won t embrace Smith Henderson, Fourth of July Creek Smith Henderson s debut novel is a brutal, gut wrenching story of the things we don t want to believe are true There were times I had to set this aside, like those people who close their eyes to the evil parts of life The sad fact though is they are still the [...]

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