When the Night Comes

When the Night Comes The hauntingly beautiful story of a young girl transformed by the power of kindness from award winning author Favel Parrett Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better But
  • Title: When the Night Comes
  • Author: Favel Parrett
  • ISBN: 9780733626586
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Night Comes
    The hauntingly beautiful story of a young girl transformed by the power of kindness from award winning author Favel Parrett.Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better But, for Isla and her brother, their mother s sadness and the cold, damp greyness of Hobart s stone streets seeps into everything.Then, one morning, Isla sees a red ship That colThe hauntingly beautiful story of a young girl transformed by the power of kindness from award winning author Favel Parrett.Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better But, for Isla and her brother, their mother s sadness and the cold, damp greyness of Hobart s stone streets seeps into everything.Then, one morning, Isla sees a red ship That colour lights her day And when a sailor from the ship befriends her mother, he shares his stories with them all of Antarctica, his home in Denmark and life onboard Like the snow white petrels that survive in the harshest coldest place, this lonely girl at the bottom of the world will learn that it is possible to go anywhere, be anything But she will also find out that it is just as easy to lose it all.For Isla, those two long summers will change everything.Favel Parrett delivers an evocative and gently told story about the power fear and kindness have to change lives.
    When the Night Comes By Favel Parrett,
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    Favel Parrett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When the Night Comes book, this is one of the most wanted Favel Parrett author readers around the world.


  • Four stars just for the beautiful, beautiful way this author writes I found myself rereading whole sections just for the pleasure of the written words.It would have been five stars but I was disappointed in the characters Bo was brilliant and all of his scenes were great Isla was vague and her mother almost disappeared off the pages What was there made me not like her at all And did the brother have a name If he did I did not notice it.The best written character in the whole book was of course t [...]

  • What a beautiful, magic book In telling the story of the Nella Dan s last two summers in the Antarctic and it s final trip to Macquarie Island, Favel Perrett has evocatively recreated what it is to sail to the ends of the Earth and witness the hauntingly beautiful landscape.The little red ship, Nella Dan was leased to the Australian government for 26 years and spent time than any other ship in the Antarctic Many of her crew were Danish, like Bo the fictional cook in the novel who befriends Isla [...]

  • The little red ship, Nella Dan, who for 26 years sailed between Hobart and Antarctica for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, is at the center of what is an evocative and captivating story Isla and her younger brother, after her parents separation have come to Tasmania from mainland Australia With an indelible sadness that overwhelms her mum and effects her ability to meet the everyday needs of her children, Isla and her brother are forced to fend for themselves Despite drear [...]

  • The ship Nella Dan was bright red it lightened and brightened Isla s day Living with her brother and mother in Hobart, Tasmania was different from what she had envisioned They had left mainland Australia when her mother and father separated, but she and her brother would ring their father every two weeks from the phone box down at the corner But Hobart was cold and grey the house they rented was cold and grey their mother s sadness was cold and grey and lonely.So when the beautiful bright ship e [...]

  • Two words came to mind after finishing When The Night ComesDeliciously haunting That first bite Crisp buttery flakes, sweet warm custard oozing sharp marzipan and almond The eggs, the sugar, the crunch of pastry made with big hands Made with skill and care Made for breakfast to start the day to greet the sun A magic loop of pastry Read it.4.5 stars

  • The book begins with Isla, her mother and her younger brother relocating to Hobart from the mainland after the breakdown of the parents marriage Life s a bit hard for this little family, but things begin looking up when the mother befriends Bo, a cook on the Antarctic supply ship, Nella Dan Bo loves the ship and his life at sea, and Isla loves the stories he tells when the ship is in port and Bo comes to stay at their house The story covers two Antarctic seasons 1985 86 and 1986 87 and over that [...]

  • A quick, easy read which will linger in your imagination for months, maybe even years Beautiful and sad, uplifting and moving, Favel Parrett couples memory and imagination together to create recreate a moment in the maratime history of Tasmania and its effects on two people in particular, a little girl and a Danish sailor A lovely book.

  • When the Night Comes by Favel ParrettA haunting and beautifully related tale about growth and growing up, in all its guises.A tale concerning a beautiful red Danish ship named Nella Dan which sails between Hobart and Antarctica, a Danish sailor who works aboard her, a young girl, her brother and their mother The tale is gently and quietly related through various stages of growth from a child s perspective and also the perspectives of significant adults It s about cause and effect, and the impact [...]

  • The Icebreaker MV Nella Dan sailed between Hobart and the Antarctica for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions every year, taking men, women and fresh food to various bases and bringing home those who have served their time She did this for 26 years until she ran aground in high winds in 1987 close to the Macquarie Island station, the 45 crew members were all saved The owners decided that salvage was not possible and she was towed out to sea where she sank in true Viking fashion [...]

  • I just loved this delightful, thought provoking story It is mainly told from the perspective of Isla, who is a young girl living with her younger brother and mother in Hobart,Tasmania Her parents are newly separated and her mother is doing the best she can to make ends meet Jo is a sailor aboard a red ship called the Nella Dan that docks at the harbour near Isla s house Jo becomes part of Isla s life through her mother, and tells Isla stories about his life on the ship travelling from Denmark to [...]

  • I was looking forward to reading When the Night Comes after reading Past and Shadows However, I was disappointed with the characters they did not make sense When the Night Comes is about two young children, who had to move to Tasmania with their mother after their parents separated Reading When the Night Comes you will follow Bo s life one of the chefs on broad the Nella Dan The two stories were intertwined when Bo became a friend of Isla mother I love the way Favel Parrett incorporate Nella Dan [...]

  • Australian author Favel Parrett draws the reader in with writing that is simple and spare, but also beautiful and poetic Isla, her brother, and her mother move to Tasmania to get a new start They live near the harbor in Hobart where a red Danish icebreaker, the Nella Dan, docks on its way to Antarctica Bo, a crewman, becomes involved with the lonely, impoverished family One of his gifts to the young teen Isla was his storytelling, showing her that there was a big world out there to enjoy and exp [...]

  • I m a terrible reviewer when it comes to books set in Tasmania I know it so well, I love it so much, that I am harsher and irritable of faults with books set there than I would have been were they set somewhere else It s unfair, I know, but I m adding this disclaimer so that you know my views are coloured by that.I just don t feel Parrett captured Tasmania at all Writing that such and such went down this street, then up that street, thenc, doesn t make for capturing the heart or soul of a place [...]

  • A deceptively simple book Emotionally resonant Poetic yet sparse A mature novel than her award winning and much praised debut Past the Shallows This is a book with a firm sense of place and with a huge beating heart.

  • Straight up I did not love Past the Shallow and thought its literary praise unwarranted Same goes for When the Night Comes Not a fan of her style, for example, the third sentence on page one reads Mum was quiet, and my brother was quiet, and when wefinished eating a man in a white uniform came over andsaid that the ship was going through the heads very soon and that the forecast was for very rough seas Ughhh The short, disjointed novel is narrated by Isla, a teenage girl in Hobart and her mother [...]

  • I should have read some quotes before buying this book Then I would have immediately been put off by the poetic pretentious writing and could have saved myself from reading When the night comes and wouldn t have had to write a 1 star review I rarely, so rarely give out 1 stars, but I just can t find anything I like about When the night comes it is a desolate wasteland of sheer nothingness.Firstly, the writing I just couldn t get into it The sentences are so disjointed, they might actually seem p [...]

  • I m very late to the Favel Parrett party In fact, this book had been out two months before I finally requested a copy Everyone had been so effusive in their praise I think I worried that I d struggle and have that sense of shame you feel when you re unable to appreciate true beauty.Twelve year old Isla, her brother and mother have travelled to Tasmania following her parents separation The family s early days in their new world seem bleak and Isla s mother, somewhat distant.Things change however, [...]

  • Unbearable The blurb and other reviews made this book sound incredibly enticing and beautiful, and I was bitterly disappointed Other people seem to enjoy it, so I hope it s just me being stupid and ignorant to not see the value of this book The writing was lacklustre, with hardly any delineation between the stories from Bo and Isla Very focused on narrating the scraps of memories, without revealing any meaningful descriptions or creating an atmosphere or sense of character Little insight into ch [...]

  • A beautiful piece of writing Favel has such a talent for writing beautiful, sparse prose that is extremely evocative and melancholy The scenes set on the ship, and in Antarctica are particularly memorable for me, and she s done a brilliant job of weaving in the research from her own travels just enough to make these scenes very authentic without overdoing it.

  • Favel Parrett s debut, Past the Shallows, caught the imagination of the Australian literary community in 2011 When the Night Comes is her highly anticipated second novel, in which Parrett tells the story of Isla and Bo whose lives are briefly entwined during the late 1980 s Twelve year old Isla has recently arrived in Hobart with her newly divorced mother and younger brother A quiet and thoughtful girl she isn t finding it easy to adjust, feeling dislocated and lonely Bo is a Danish galley chef [...]

  • This book is about a young girl, Isla, who has just moved to the town of Hobart with her brother and her mother The relationship between Isla and her mother is very vague because the story is about Isla and Bo Bo is a cook aboard an Antarctic supply ship, the Nella Dan Bo and Isla are both lonely and concerned about what their life means and what the future holds When Nella Dan makes its stops at Hobart, Bo stays with Isla and her family Again, the relationship between Bo and Isla s mom is very [...]

  • This is a quiet and unassuming heart breaker Parrett s a minimalist, and the first half of the book is gentle and slow moving, with narration from two perspectives Bo, an assistant cook an Antarctic supply ship and Isla, an adolescent girl living in Hobart Their lives intersect over the two seasons Bo spends docked in Hobart, and the story is told in a fragmented style, jumping backwards and forwards in time The quiet lives of the two characters are set against beautifully described settings, be [...]

  • Favel Parrett s first book, Past the Shallows, remains one of the most starkly beautiful pieces of fiction I ve ever read So it was with let s face it an invasive level of enthusiasm that I went after her second book And then read it in three hours, sitting by the side of a public pool and ignoring my children, adorable though they are.For a little while, I thought When the Night Comes to be a vastly different book from Shallows I call it that because it lives inside my body and we are on quite [...]

  • This was such a beautiful story Favel Parrett has a way with words Her gentle, yet powerful story was so hard to put down I loved this book

  • I enjoyed the honesty and love in this book, particularly the love between the brother and sister Parrett s writing is so well observed, sometimes I felt like she was writing about my own memories Well worth a read.

  • This book was like walking through a dreamscape There were haunting scenes of breath taking beauty on the ocean and soft tenderness between the characters Although the narrative moves through time, it felt seamless as if the story was winding its way through strong currents I loved Bo best of all Five stars.

  • At some stage in the future the coming of age of the city I adore will be marked as being the opening of Mona Museum of Old and New Art , that Disneyland for adults on a suburban peninsula jutting out into the Derwent All of a sudden my little gem of an island, Tasmania, has become a destination for something other than wilderness and gothic history, particularly so its capital The eccentric gambler s cornucopia of delights has been so successful it is now the state s number one attraction, a mu [...]

  • I am in awe of this most magnificent novel Have been totally captivated by it Congratulations to Favel Parrett on this extremely engaging and interesting novel, so beautiful, so much passion for the Nella Dan and all that become involved with her and its crew The story of the children is brilliant, there are so many life lesson, character building moments handled with sensitivity and warmth One of my favourite quotes is from Isla s father the sea is alive and there is no beginning and there is n [...]

  • Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed Favel Parrett s debut novel Past the Shallows , When the night comes seemed richer, had depth and I was sad when I reached the end, wanting Based mainly in Hobart and on a ship heading too and from Antarctica I felt the bitter cold and longed for warmth The writing is beautiful, sparse yet evocative and engaging A wonderful second novel, I can t wait for the next one

  • I am so pleased to tell you that Favel Parrett is not a one hit wonder.As with Past the Shallows, her prose is succinct, emotive and beautifully laden with a great sense of reality, time and place Based around the Danish ship Nella Dan which was used in the 1980 s by the Australian Antarctic Division, it is a story about her fate, her crew and a family who unexpectedly finds themselves living a new life in Hobart a not so typical coming of age for a teenage girl Excellent.

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