The Indestructibles

The Indestructibles A solar powered girl A ballerina vigilante A boy with an alien sharing his brain A girl with a black hole for her heart And a werewolf This is the next generation of heroes Doc Silence has gathered t
  • Title: The Indestructibles
  • Author: Matthew Phillion
  • ISBN: 9780991427529
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Indestructibles
    A solar powered girl A ballerina vigilante A boy with an alien sharing his brain A girl with a black hole for her heart And, a werewolf This is the next generation of heroes Doc Silence has gathered together, a random collection of amazing kids he hopes to train to make the world a better place But Silence isn t the only one collecting super powered teenagers In theA solar powered girl A ballerina vigilante A boy with an alien sharing his brain A girl with a black hole for her heart And, a werewolf This is the next generation of heroes Doc Silence has gathered together, a random collection of amazing kids he hopes to train to make the world a better place But Silence isn t the only one collecting super powered teenagers In the shadows, a dark organization long thought destroyed has been building a better monster, combining sentient hurricanes with car crash survivors, crafting designer cyborgs, girls made of fire and boys made of pure rage What is this mysterious organization s goal And what does it have to do with Doc s past, and his team s future Will Doc Silence have enough time to teach them to be heroes before they are called upon to save the world and will his team be ready to accept the mantle as their generation s brightest stars The Indestructibles introduces Jane, Kate, Billy, Titus, and Emily Solar, Dancer, Straylight, Fury, and Entropy to the world as they learn how to use their bizarre powers Along the way, they also discover something about themselves and whether they have what it takes to save the world Meanwhile, the mercenary Agent Black and the mysterious Rose find themselves pawns of a villainous organization who plan on changing the world, starting with the creation of a living, breathing, sentient storm system they re able to bend to their will The Indestructibles, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
    The Indestructibles By Matthew Phillion,
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      200 Matthew Phillion
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    Matthew Phillion is a writer, actor, and film director based in Salem, Massachusetts An award winning journalist by trade, he has also appeared in feature films including the sci fi romance Harvest Moon and the independent horror flick Livestock His screenwriting and directing debut, the romantic comedy Certainly Never, premiered in 2013 at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, where it was nominated for five awards including best screenplay and best New England film An active freelance writer and journalist, Phillion continues to write about both local issues and the medical industry He is currently working on the third book in the Indestructibles series.


  • I received this book for free through First Reads.Excellent Engaging Exceeds expectations D This review brought to you by the letter E Let s see if we can t continue PExactly what I look for in my books Entertaining and intelligent.Extraordinary storytelling ability From the humorous aspects to the serious plot developments, this book treated everything in a well thought out manner.Any angst or drama in this book wasn t overdone Seriously, I didn t want to pull my hair out even once And the onl [...]

  • If this had been well edited, it would have got a fourth star and I probably would have bought the sequel It s an engaging, though by no means groundbreaking, YA supers story But the author has a lot to learn about the mechanics of prose Specifically, he needs to learn 1 Where to use, and where not to use, a comma In particular, not to use a comma to splice together what should be two separate sentences this happens over and over, as do various other comma issues 2 How to use the past perfect te [...]

  • 3.5 of 5 stars Solid Superhero YA Story, Drew Me In.This was an entertaining start to the series good for YA and superhero fans alike It s also good as a standalone it has a conclusive ending no cliffhanger , but also set up next book nicely for the heroes next adventure Matthew Phillion drew me in, first, with the origins and personal stories of our heroes, and then, by building up the tension with each fight and revelation through the final battle I liked how he introduced each of the five MCs [...]

  • I liked this book a lot It fit me I read aloud what the story was about to my sister and she looked at me with a weird expression on her face That was when I realized that I m just crazy and that apparently Matthew Phillion is my sort of crazy I devoured this book while I was on a flight and loved it Please read it It has a touch of romance, dastardly villains, nice pacing and well thought out characters I m taking off a star because there were places where dialogue could have been smoother and [...]

  • Loved it from the first time I read I need to be better than this and it only gets interesting the you learn about the kids Each time I was nervous it was potentially heading towards cliche I was surprised by how my expectation was subverted, and then exceeded There are at least ten grand ideas that reminded me of what it was continues to be like finding myself Cannot wait for from this exceptional author.

  • If you love Marvel and strong characters and kids who actually talk like kids, this is the book for you It held my attention from the first paragraph and still has me in it s hold It s perfect summer reading not meant to be damning but if you are looking for War and Peace well, it s at the library waiting for you.Looking forward to the next in this new series

  • Love the characters and can t stop thinking about where they go next Emily is my favorite Fantastic story of self discovery and the family we choose, with humor and references to pop comic culture and history.

  • Awesome intro into the Indestructibles universe So far I m really enjoying all of the characters and the overall world that it sets up Each of the characters has some growth in this book but it feels like of a set up for their individual character journeys They all set the seeds for a lot character growth in the future that all seems like it will be really interesting This book is about the team coming together and creating the dynamics and relationships between the individual members Kate, a [...]

  • Dnes ma zobudila burka o 5.15 Nasackovala sa k nam do postele aj dcerka Ona s manzelom samozrejme zaspali, ale ja uz nie Tak co som mala robit Vzala som citacku a hor sa do citania slight_smile Nedajte sa pomylit nudnou obalkou Knihu odporucam vsetkym, ktore mate rady komixy slight_smile WOW Prave takuto knihu som potrebovala po Zlodejke Humornu, nadupanu, so skvelymi hlavnymi postavami Kniha sa cita velmi lahko, nie su tam hluche miesta, dokonca som aj slzu vyronila.Doc Silence Doktor Ticho ver [...]

  • I am a big fan of the superhero genre and I must say this is one of the best I have ever read.Really well developed teen characters without the romance that blights most of these type of books This is how to write teen heroes Compare this to the pathetic cape high series and you will see what I mean.All the characters were great, really great even the villains and I do not want to single any of them out Saying that I guess I have to mention Kate a new Batman , Jane all American Supergirl , Rose [...]

  • An interesting reimagining of some traditional super hero archetypes and a real fun read I d say this is a character driven work where if I was going to criticize much it would probably be the plot, however the characters were so engaging and interesting that some holes in the logic of this fictional universe can be over looked Absolutely delighted to learn that there are many novels following this one and looking forward to visiting them along side the indestructibles very soon.

  • This review was originally published by Kurt s Frontier on Invincible Love of Reading.Synopsis Jane, a solar powered girl codenamed Solar Kate is a ballerina vigilante codenamed Dancer Billy has an alien sharing his brain and goes by the codename Straylight Titus is a werewolf they call Fury Entropy is a girl with a black hole for a heart Her birth name is Emily They have been gathered by Doc Silence to become superheroes However, he isn t the only one gathering super powered teens A deadly orga [...]

  • The Indestructibles was a well written, fun, light read I m a fan of sci fi fantasy, superheroes and YA, but I hadn t read any in this series yet When I was fortunate enough to win the Giveaway for Book 2, the author graciously sent a complimentary copy of Book 1, and I m happy he did thanks, Matt not only because I got to start at the beginning of the series, but also because it was such an enjoyable read.While this pretty much had a standard kind of superhero YA story, it rose above many becau [...]

  • I just finished the book The Indestructibles by Matthew Phillion I chose this book because it came up as one of the suggested books to read on my kindle This book was really good I liked it because it used a lot of suspense The reason I only gave it three stars is because I think it could have been a lot longer with detail Also I feel it was always non stop action all the time but nonetheless it was still a very good book.

  • I was so surprised with the theme of this books since I don t usually find in fantasy many books about superheroes It definitely got my attention Each character is so unique and individual, humanly flawed and taunted by their powers in some way I loved every bit and can t wait to read and know what will happen to this unique family of superheroes.

  • Call this one The Indestructible Defenders But instead of Dr Strange, Hulk, and the Silver Surfer, we ve got Dr Silence, Fury, and Straylight Hopefully, Namorita, Valkyrie, and Hellcat will make an appearance in the sequel fingers crossed Full review here superheronovels 2014 07 18

  • Great, zippy superhero fun five stars if you re under 15, but anyone who s ever enjoyed a comic book even those of us well past the target comics demographic will get a kick out of this team s adventures Full review here northofboston.wickedlocal

  • This was an extremely well written book I found it easy to relate to the characters as there were many real world references This also made it easy to become immersed because it took place in a world I was familiar with Once again a really well written book series I look forward to reading from this author.

  • A story of young heroes fighting for what they believe in and things they never knew existed Each character, hero villan, jump off the page with their own personality, bringing depth into the story The Indestructables is a well written, fun read On to book 2

  • After reading the review posted by Jinkm, I decided I needed to read this book It was a fun read and completely engaging It even made me laugh out loud I highly recommend this book It has a great story line, interesting characters, and no love triangle.

  • Excellent YA debut that introduces us to a new universe of young superheroes who are distinct and interesting characters in their own right A fun, quick read that sets up a sequel that is in the works as I write this.

  • This type of book is not generally my cup of tea But it had good ratings and a fantastic cover So I had to check it out I was pleasantly surprised I loved the way the author spent a chapter to introduce each superhero All in all it was a ton of fun

  • The writing was good, but nothing really unexpected This book reminded me of a first super hero movie, and was basically origin and a small plot I think it is a good setup for a sequel.

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