Een nieuwe start

Een nieuwe start Deputy Mac McCain woont en werkt al heel lang in Thunder Point maar toch heeft hij het gevoel dat hij aan een nieuw leven is begonnen Eindelijk heeft hij durven toegeven aan zijn gevoelens voor Gina
  • Title: Een nieuwe start
  • Author: Robyn Carr Renée Olsthoorn
  • ISBN: 9789034756626
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Een nieuwe start
    Deputy Mac McCain woont en werkt al heel lang in Thunder Point, maar toch heeft hij het gevoel dat hij aan een nieuw leven is begonnen Eindelijk heeft hij durven toegeven aan zijn gevoelens voor Gina Dat was niet gemakkelijk zijn vertrouwen in de liefde was weg nadat zijn vrouw hem van de ene dag op de andere met drie kleine kinderen in de steek liet en nooit meer ietsDeputy Mac McCain woont en werkt al heel lang in Thunder Point, maar toch heeft hij het gevoel dat hij aan een nieuw leven is begonnen Eindelijk heeft hij durven toegeven aan zijn gevoelens voor Gina Dat was niet gemakkelijk zijn vertrouwen in de liefde was weg nadat zijn vrouw hem van de ene dag op de andere met drie kleine kinderen in de steek liet en nooit meer iets van zich liet horen Maar nu geniet hij intens van zijn gloednieuwe relatie.Gina geniet ook van Mac, en ze is dolblij dat ze de stap hebben gewaagd De twee families kennen elkaar al jaren, dus iedereen is in een recordtempo aan de nieuwe situatie gewend Wat haar betreft staat niets een lang en gelukkig in de weg Tot de ex van Mac plotseling opduikt en aankondigt dat ze weer een rol wil spelen in het leven van haar kinderen.Mac en Gina zijn vastbesloten deze storm het hoofd te bieden, maar is hun prille liefde bestand tegen zoveel onrust
    Een nieuwe start By Robyn Carr Renée Olsthoorn,
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    Robyn Carr is a RITA Award winning, eleven time 1 New York Times bestselling author of almost sixty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series The third novel THE FAMILY GATHERING in her fan favorite new series, Sullivan s Crossing, will be released in April 2018 Robyn is a recipient of the Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 and in 2017, VIRGIN RIVER was named one of the HarperCollins 200 Iconic Books of the past 200 years Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada You can visit Robyn Carr s website at RobynCarr.


  • The Newcomeris the second book in Robyn Carr s Thunder Point series I really enjoyed this installment, but the title is than a bit deceiving because the newcomer doesn t even visit Thunder Point until close to the end of the book In fact, the decision to become a newcomer didn t happen until the very end This story is actually the continuation of two romances, Cooper and Sarah s, and Mac and Gina s The story takes place nine months after The Wanderer and I enjoyed seeing where the couples are o [...]

  • Full review closer to release date but here are some highlights This book reads not like a new story, but like a continuation of The Wanderer A couple of new characters are introduced, and one will be the hero of the next book in the series I d say a third of the book is YA, which is okay, but I d rather read about the adult relationships It touches on lots of teen topics like heartbreak, depression, bullying on social networks, a pregnancy scare, and has lots of teen angst After all the drama, [...]

  • DNF I made it a few chapters in and found myself wondering WTF am I reading I really enjoyed book 1 the Wanderer and I thought this book was going to move on from Coop and Sarah s story to focus on a new romance But it dove right back into a continuation of Coop and Sarah s relationship and added some new drama for them Then we got a heavy dose of a teenage angst romance that went bad and her first broken heart Where was the new romance in this book So I decided to read a few reviews by trusted [...]

  • This is second in a series Or rather, an extension of a story started in another book Indeed, I m having a hard time deciding why this book exists as there aren t any new relationships and the established ones don t really progress.You might note that I haven t tagged this as a romance Because it s not Frankly, I m not sure what this book is trying for It s another couple months in the life of Thunder Point Sort of To get the requisite drama for revisiting the characters, Carr had to reset one m [...]

  • To describe The Newcomer as a disappointment is possibly the biggest understatement of 2015 thus far The first book in Carr s Thunder Point series, The Wanderer, was easily my favorite contemporary romance of all time I was pumped for this sequel, ready for small town antics and a down to earth homey vibe and some fun, yet understated, romance That is not at all what happened in this book Not even close.Phew, there s just so much to unpack I suppose the biggest problem with The Newcomer is that [...]

  • Both this and the first book start out soooooo slow In my younger days that would have totally turned me off, but if you push through you start to enjoy the slow pace of Thunder Point and the multiple story lines The teenage storyline in this one was definitely the best.

  • Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Newcomer was another thoroughly enjoyable read from Robyn Carr s new Thunder Point series I only have one small complaint which I ll get out of the way right here at the start I wish that the cover blurber had found a better way to synopsize these first two books in the series Readers are left with the impression that The Wanderer is Cooper and Sarah s story, while The Newcomer is Mac and Gina s story, but this really wasn t the case at all Both books are like serial [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceThe Newcomer is the second in the Thunder Point series, and what we have here is pretty much a continuation of the first book At the end of the first book, we had all four couples admit their feelings for each other In The Newcomer its been seven months, and we see them together Technically the story is surrounding Mac and Gina But there is also focus on Cooper and Sara and a bit on our Teenage romance with Landon and Evie This story brings [...]

  • To write that his book was disappointing is an understatement It took me reading about 30% of the story for it to get even remotely interesting, but then the interesting parts were buried and sandwiched in between a whole of excess writing that went nowhere This book should have been significantly edited and probably combined with the first book in the series Newcomer lacks a climax, has too many tension points and a bizarre ending I have only been disapointed by Robyn Carr one other time Redwoo [...]

  • 4.5 stars.This story was even better than book 1 It was a tying up of loose ends or dealing with unfinished business kind of book Couple 1 Sarah and Cooper were still in the not fully committed category thanks to Sarah s trust issues Pressures at work and a blast from Cooper s past forced the couple to confront their issues and finally define their relationship It was definitely surprising to see the man in the relationship asking the is it me Why won t you commit to me kind of questions But the [...]

  • I have to say was a bit disappointed in this one I really liked The Wanderer book 1 in the series, and was looking forward to this one, but it was a bit of a let down the main couple Mac Gina got over shadowed through out the entire book with the storyline basically being a continuation of book 1d who the heck was the NewcomerI ve yet to actually figure that outbut the blurb from the next book intrigued me, so maybe i ll check it out

  • Like Grace Valley, Thunder Point is an ongoing romance saga about the town and its residents Well written but for me this had a bit too much teenage angst, I appreciate the teenagers are part of this town but felt too much time pages devoted to it.Not what I expect from an adult romance.

  • 5 The Newcomer Stars Audible Review HERE YES I loved this book I was invested in Mac and Gina from book 1 and was elated to get of their story in this book Phew this book has some heavy issues, and it s hard to listen to from someone how kind of went through depression at a young age So I connected a lot with Ashely in this book But what I loved the most was how her mom stood by her, noticed something was wrong and fought tooth and nail to see her through These books Robyn writes are for entert [...]

  • 4.5 starsOh, I do love Robyn Carr s books She writes books that simply make me feel good reading them, without resorting to sugary sweetness that can annoys me to no end As I probably mentioned in my review of The Wanderer, I was a bit hesitant about starting a new series After all, Virgin River is one of my favorite series, but Ms Carr managed to pull it off.Anyway, The Newcomer mostly continues the storyline from the Wanderer It deals with two couples Gina and Max the single mother who is a wa [...]

  • 2 starsSitting here thinking about Newcomer, i ve come to the conclusion that Ms Carr just wrote a very long novella or filler book for this new series Lots of things happen but ultimately the story between Gina Mac and Cooper Sarah does not progress until the last quarter of the book We spend 200 pages focused on the younger kids, Ashley, Eve, Landon and Frank Not that I minded, I liked their experiences but in the end I was left wondering who the Newcomer really was I think what bothered me th [...]

  • One of the problems when one chooses to read books in a series back to back some things that really don t work are easily seen I posted an I totally love this book review with regards to the first book in this series, The Wanderer Thunder Point The book really did remind me of the best of the Virgin River series that I started to read a few years back I really hoped that Ms Carr would manage to keep up the momentum and have a second book that would either meet or exceed my expectations However, [...]

  • The Newcomer by Robyn Carr is the continuation of the story of the wonderful seaside town of Thunder Point Essentially this story is that of Mac and Gina, but we get so much on all the townspeople Sherriff Mac McCain has always put his children first That s than he can say for his ex wife It turns out having three young children and a husband working so much he s never home was not as fun as she thought it would be When the baby was still in diapers she upped and left them all signing away her [...]

  • I hadn t planned to read this for at least another three weeks but I just couldn t wait My instincts were so right The SetupThis isn t a series where each story has one central conflict and one significant romance that wraps neatly at the end of the book There a quite a few characters whose lives are connected either by familial ties, friendship or through the relationships of their children Most are single parents or are filling that role and are trying to manage a romance while dealing with ad [...]

  • I am finding myself loving this book so much than the first I think the reason is because things are set, we know the main players and the community.I really liked that while this book seemed to focus and Mac and Gina, there was a lot of Cooper and Sarah, as well as the kids.Mac and Gina are so cute, I was so happy that they finally got together at the end of the last book I wasn t sure why we needed this book for, they are together, but Carr doesn t let us down Just when things look good for t [...]

  • The Newcomer by Robyn Carr is the second book in the Thunder Point series The first being The Wanderer And for this reader it is another Hit Instead of focusing on one couple like most Romance novels do This one continues to follow the relationships of a number of couples And all of these relationships will be tested in one way or another.While Mac and Gina s relationship moves steadily along, they both have family emergencies that need to be addressed Mac s ex has arrived in town after abandoni [...]

  • Many of our friends at Thunder Point are about to face unexpected challenges and The Newcomer gives us a front row seat Sarah is up for transfer and wonders how she will be able to transplant Landon in his senior year of high school or leave Cooper Cooper has a life altering circumstance to face and his decision will effect his life forever Mac and Gina are in love but they are about to face old demons from the past and situations beyond their control First loves will be tested, some will make i [...]

  • I didn t love it and I didn t hate it I found the story and the romance pretty lukewarm First based on the two books released in Thunder Point, I really having a difficult time with this series It seems very much a re hash of Virgin River, just a different setting.Part of the problem with the book is Cooper seems just like Jack Sheridan from Virgin River Jack has a bar restaurant Cooper has the same although it sandwiches he doesn t have a Preacher to cook Jack s place turned into a meeting plac [...]

  • I ve told you guys how in love I am with Robyn Carr s Virgin River seriese s so amazing at her characterization You pity some of them, your heart breaks for others, and she can make me DESPISE some.And she s not dissapointing me on that front with this series BUT I m not thrilled with the hero heroine relationships in this one I wouldn t dream of telling an author what to write, but I ve come to expect that when I read one of Robyn Carr s books I m going to get a full relationship story in ONE b [...]

  • This book reminded me of a meandering visit among relatives It was done out of obligation than interest.The book wasn t bad, just rather slow, sometimes boring, and dealt with so much teenage angst I thought at some points I was reading a YA book with all of the teen drama and none of Carr s romantic heat.And as much as I liked Book 1, The Wanderer, I was so sick of Sarah and her keeping secrets and being grumpy I m here for Gina and Mac Sarah, you ve had your turn I m guessing the title The Ne [...]

  • Robyn Carr put family dynamics right at the forefront in the second book of the Thunder Point series It was easy to relate to the difficulties of raising a family in the 21st century There are several types of family units in this book and I thought they were depicted honestly and believably Issues concerning hormonal teenagers, cyber bullying, the uncertainty of family stability are just a few of the themes.Mac and Gina are the main characters but running a close second are Cooper and Sarah fro [...]

  • Robyn Carr s one of my all time favorite authors and her Virgin River series I could read over and over again.Small town romance is this author s specialty and in the Thunder Point series she takes us to the coast of Oregon.In The Newcomer we get to revisit, laugh and cry with all of the beloved characters introduced to us in The Wanderer , the first book in this series as well as a few new characters too.Ms Carr exposes us to a wide array of things her characters experience such as young love, [...]

  • I enjoyed the second book in the Thunder Point series Where I found the first book to be a bit slow this one was pretty fast, there was so much going on it seemed like one thing after another was happening.I was very happy that Mac and Gina finally got together at the end of the first book and I like that we get on Sara and Cooper There was quite a bit of drama for the kids and I felt bad for what Ashley had to go through The adult drama is in the form of someone from Mac s past who shows up to [...]

  • I absolutely loved this one Gina James and Mac McCain are friends, and both shoulder large responsibilities Gina became a single mother at a very young age and has raised her teenaged daughter Mac s wife left him and their children behind, and his aunt has helped with his children while he takes care of his duties as a deputy sheriff The two good friends, Gina and Mac, begin to develop a romantic relationship when Mac s ex waltzes back into town and wants back in Mac s life This one has everythi [...]

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