House and Home

House and Home The story of a woman who loves her house so much that she ll do just about anything to keep it Ellen Flanagan has two precious girls to raise a cozy neighborhood coffee shop to run terrific friends
  • Title: House and Home
  • Author: Kathleen McCleary
  • ISBN: 9781401340735
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • House and Home
    The story of a woman who loves her house so much that she ll do just about anything to keep it Ellen Flanagan has two precious girls to raise, a cozy neighborhood coffee shop to run, terrific friends, and a sexy husband She adores her house, a yellow Cape Cod filled with quirky antiques, beloved nooks and dents, and a million memories But now, at forty four, she s aboutThe story of a woman who loves her house so much that she ll do just about anything to keep it Ellen Flanagan has two precious girls to raise, a cozy neighborhood coffee shop to run, terrific friends, and a sexy husband She adores her house, a yellow Cape Cod filled with quirky antiques, beloved nooks and dents, and a million memories But now, at forty four, she s about to lose it all After eighteen roller coaster years of marriage, Ellen s husband, Sam who s charismatic, spontaneous, and utterly irresponsible has disappointed her in ways than she can live with, and they re getting divorced Her daughters are miserable about losing their daddy Worst of all, the house that Ellen loves with all her heart must now be sold Ellen s life is further complicated by a lovely and unexpected relationship with the husband of the shrewish, social climbing woman who has purchased the house Add to that the confusion over how she really feels about her almost ex husband, and you have the makings of a delicious novel about what matters most in the end Set in the gorgeous surroundings of Portland, Oregon, Kathleen McCleary s funny, poignant, curl up and read debut strikes a deep emotional chord and explores the very notion of what makes a house a home.
    House and Home By Kathleen McCleary,
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    I ve worked as a journalist, bookseller, bartender, barista, and college professor all great fodder for fiction My non fiction articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, More, Health, and other publications I m currently working on my fourth novel, teaching creative writing to kids with Writopia a non profit , and hiking the Appalachian Trail in small bits 59 miles down


  • The entire plot revolved on Ellen s need to balance her priorities and to identify what defines her life She s desperately unbalanced at the beginning and finally gets it at the end Gratefully it s a short novel, or else I couldn t have had the patience to endure her imbalance much longer One thing that really impressed me about this author she s obviously a reader, too A lot of the asides were perfectly timed, especially the ones regarding reading as escapism I enjoyed this book quite a bit It [...]

  • I wanted something light after reading Philip Roth s, The Plot Against America, but this book was just bad It is a story about a woman who has everything an adoring husband, smart, nice children, a successful business and good friends but falls apart when forced to sell her house I m sorry, but I just couldn t relate In a country where 1 3 of all women are abused and 50% of marriages end in divorce, her problem seemed silly Then the plot gets even weirder as the man who bought her house falls ma [...]

  • I got a little frustrated with Ellen at points, but the descriptions and dialogue were so spot on and I did understand her sadness, even though I ve never left a home I loved as much as she did her house, so I forgave her for sometimes being a little ineffectual and annoying and aren t we all, sometimes It was a sweet little book, and I really enjoyed it.

  • Not bad for a nice piece of fluff fiction Ellen is forced to sell her house and she s not happy about it Through a series of mishaps and stumbles, she discovers that indeed home is where the heart is I chose this one for obvious reasons, as I flutter between many places I now call home.

  • Maybe it got tied up a little too neatly, but the thought, the movement, the pictures in my head A lovely, lovely book I came home from work and just sat and read, beginning to end I am a homebody, I did understand Ellen a little extreme, but not insanely so the need to cling to something when everything else is swirling around And her kids were such honest, interesting kids I did feel sorry for little Lily and Iris and Stamen yes, I can believe that someone really did that to the kid , if their [...]

  • I loved this book and totally recommend it to all people Its a wonderful book for woman and even men of all ages The author is amazing, she makes vivid images and uses wonderfully descriptive word This fast moving, entertaining novel is the perfect read for everyone between the ages 9 to 99

  • Quick, enjoyable read Really enjoyed parts of this book but kept feeling like I would take 2 steps forward and then 1 step back with the storyline If you re looking for a quick, fine read, this is it good for a weekend.

  • My Review of HOUSE AND HOME by Kathleen McClearyKathleen McCleary s first novel, House and Home, reverberates with devotion and passion from the first page when we read about main character Ellen s feelings about her house, her home because of all this history with the house, all the parts of her life unfolding there day after day for so many years, that Ellen decided to burn it down Ms McCleary draws the reader in right there Raised in a home that later was mine when I married, I spent 45 years [...]

  • Personally, I really enjoyed this book At first I was uncertain as to whether I d like it because it sounded a little far fetched to me I also got the feeling I wasn t going to like Ellen because, from the description, she seemed like an impetuous child burning down her house because somebody else had bought it outright Puh lease BUT I loved this book I got through it quickly and what I found was that, despite the cover s description, the book was about much than Ellen and her house.House Home [...]

  • Ellen Flanagan s perfect life begins to unravel, piece by piece her husband, beloved as he is, has been irresponsible for most of their marriage He is a risk taker, an inventor, and to finance these inventions, they have taken out a second mortgage on the house they ve had for than a decade When his invention fails, they begin living off of their savings to supplement their income With the savings depleted, they are forced into an untenable position selling their beloved Cape Cod house.Distraug [...]

  • Yikes How did I give two weeks of my life over to this book I might best explain it away in the same way I can justify drinking a whole bottle of red wine that isn t good I love red wine I love it s colour, it s aroma, the lovely shape and weight of the vessel I sip it from Not to mention the light frivolity that usually sets upon me, often before my first glass has been spent Fortunately, the ritual of drinking red wine, to me, is a large part of the enjoyment Even if the wine is only mediocre [...]

  • McCleary is a genius at realistically showing how, when things are falling apart all around us, we find a way to focus on one thing to help us handle the load For Ellen Flanagan, it s her house Which she s had to sell because she and her husband are mortgaged to the eyeballs after another one of her husband s inventions fails to be the must have thing of the year It s the last straw for Ellen, who is now also divorcing her husband because she just can t stand the lifestyle any they ve moved too [...]

  • Have you ever been so obsessed with your home that you would burn it down rather than let someone else own it That is the premise of this rather entertaining story Yes, the woman was that crazy, but in a way that I think any mother could relate to.

  • Loved it A touching story of a woman who finally finds her centerwith an adventure or two along the way Ellen s carefully ordered life is put awry by her irresponsible soon to be ex husband This novel is filled with colorful characters and a delightfully written nemesis A great summer read.

  • Kathleen McCleary is a brilliant author Ellen Flanagan is a nutty but believable character All the characters are fun, but not over the top The plot is funny but also poignant I really loved this book

  • Our book club read this and all enjoyed it As a bonus, the author Skyped with us which provided a great discussion , insight into the characters and her perspective on the process of writing a novel.

  • Had a nice time reading this one I just wanted detail of the characters Story was well presented Held my interest till the end.

  • I hated Jordan She was such a bitch and for no good reason Made Ellen so much sympathetic even though she was obsessed with the house Overall it was a great story.

  • Interesting book, good enough I ll probably check out from this author Ellen and Sam and their two children, live in a beautiful little house that Ellen has decorated to perfection I know the description of it makes me want to live there Ellen runs a coffee shop books antique like store and Sam is an inventor Ellen is organized and responsible and Sam is kind of fly by the seat of your pants They have a nice balance until Sam s constant changes result in their using up all their savings and hav [...]

  • I won this book a long time ago and it took awhile for me to start reading When we returned from Thailand, we were at Partner s apartment for a few days before moving into our new place I had brought the book with me on one of my previous trips and it was on his bookshelf I started reading one morning when I was waking up slowly The story drew me in immediately and I felt like I wanted to love a home as much as Ellen, the main character, loved hers Partner and I have moved into our new place Rig [...]

  • After reading Kathleen McCleary s second novel, A Simple Thing which I really enjoyed , I had the immense pleasure of meeting the author and talking to her about her books and the writing process I then went home immediately and downloaded her first novel, House and Home, on my Kindle and read it in two days House and Home started out a little slow for me because I couldn t relate to the main character, Ellen s obsession with her house, which she had to sell as a result of financial and marital [...]

  • I m not sure if I should count this as a book read, because I stood in the library and skimmed it for half an hour, cover to cover, simply for its Oregon references I did pick up enough beyond that to know that the main character is a middle aged, middle class, suburban woman who is dissatisfied with her life I did not care about her you won t, either I was initially interested because it was set in Portland Unfortunately, instead of truly evoking a Portland feel , it was a series of location na [...]

  • I ve had this book for almost a year and a half now and never touched it I don t know why either because once I opened it I couldn t put it down It s definitely just a story Nothing to think about, nothing to solve, just a woman in her 40s whose husband takes one to many risks in their marriage and brings her to her breaking point With her impending divorce and the final sale of her house, which she is allowed by the new owners to rent until the end of the month, we find her go through the rough [...]

  • Oh, I really liked this book The story was compelling, the character likeable, the home descriptions wonderful I can t do this review justice without taking a long, long time Since I don t have a long, long time, I ll leave you with an excerpt that begins the story The house was yellow, a clapboard Cape Cod with a white picket fence and a big bay window on one side, and Ellen loved it with all her heart She loved the way the wind from the Gorge stirred the trees to constant motion outside the wi [...]

  • HOUSE AND HOME is Women s Fiction, and I ve had enough Middle aged woman bumps up against mid life crisis Intelligent woman with children and friends, is an entrepreneur with her own shop, and a marriage that isn t what she signed up for Bummer Oh how will it end What ever will she do Have an affair Divorce Save her marriage Find serenity If you like this sort of thing, this is good enough Personally, I ve had my fill The only thing that kept me reading was the location Oregon I used to live the [...]

  • Woman abnormally attached to house loses house and loses husband woman tries to burn down house, fails woman believes buyer s husband will return house to her woman finds she is mistaken woman talks with buyer s husband about his dreams buyer s husband tells woman he has decided to pursue his dreams and she can have her house back buyer discovers source of husband s motivation and tells woman she cannot have house woman moves to new house old house burns down woman gets husband back Frothy and b [...]

  • I found this book on a table in a resale bookstore I fell in love with the cover and then the title I wasn t disapointed Have you ever lived somewhere that you loved it so much that you couldn t bear to think of anyone else living there Oh I have, but have you ever thought of burning it down so that no one could ever have it I have never thought about that They sold the house, the buyer s wife just loves it but wants to change it, how is that love it Ellen just can t stand the thought of leaving [...]

  • I picked up this book because it s set in Portland, Oregon, which is where I grew up It focuses on Ellen Flanagan, who is getting divorced and in the process selling her beloved home The home means everything to Ellen and she keeps trying to figure out ways to get it back Plus she s confused by the feelings she having for her ex husband and the man who bought the house.This is an okay read The plot was a little thin for me, but I did enjoy the descriptions of Portland, which rang true to me I m [...]

  • A woman separated from her husband is mourning the loss of her marriage, the house they lived in, and her former life So she decides to burn down the house so no one else can live in it after her Though she s already sold it to someone and is packing to move out And the plotline just got melodramatic from there I thought someone should shake her and tell her to stop being an idiot, as it s just a house At the end, it all works out, but by that point I wanted to throw the book across the room in [...]

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