Starlet's Light

Starlet s Light Starlet s Web takes GOLD Starlet s Light takes SILVER in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards Christian Romance Love Trust Acting Cancer survivor actress gives up the fight until she se
  • Title: Starlet's Light
  • Author: Carla J. Hanna
  • ISBN: 9781311393845
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • Starlet's Light
    Starlet s Web takes GOLD Starlet s Light takes SILVER in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Christian Romance Love Trust Acting Cancer survivor actress gives up the fight until she sees the light Liana Marie writes her third memoir as she struggles with trust and commitment and shapes the role she plays I m actress Liana Marie Michael andStarlet s Web takes GOLD Starlet s Light takes SILVER in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Christian Romance Love Trust Acting Cancer survivor actress gives up the fight until she sees the light Liana Marie writes her third memoir as she struggles with trust and commitment and shapes the role she plays I m actress Liana Marie Michael and am dying In my last two memoirs, I show how I m the ideal Hollywood product In writing Starlet s Web and Starlet s Run, I realized that the drama in our stories affects the lies in our real lives The thin, young ideal of beauty is as much of a lie as the plot twists and dialogue we create to hide our insecurities.In this memoir, I make a mess of my love life while shooting a film in Great Britain I dump Manuel for his own good I love him with all my heart So how could I not when he has a bright future My dad visits and puts my past in perspective I spend weekends in the hospital I learn to rely on Franz, Evan and Amelie Yes, I hook up with my Swiss billionaire heir friend Pierre even though I miss Manuel every minute But it all makes sense, especially since I am so done with acting.We are all flies and spiders in a web of stories If I live a authentic life, can love prevail despite my many faults Can truth alter Hollywood s web Genres New adult college romance, YA romance, NA romance, teen love and romance, young adult, new adult, YA, NA, teen, coming of age, contemporary, interracial fiction, inspirational romance Contains sex and mild swearing.
    Starlet's Light By Carla J. Hanna,
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    Starlet s Web took GOLD and Starlet s Light brought in SILVER in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Carla J Hanna is the author of award winning young adult romance and coming of age fiction novels for readers who enjoyed Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember, Elizabeth Gilbert s Eat, Pray, Love, Gayle Forman s If I Stay, or John Green s The Fault in Our Stars.Mrs Hanna lived in Santa Monica, CA where her children played with the children of celebrities She mingled with plenty of nannies and a few good celebrity moms She received her Master s in English Communications from Colorado State University and lives near Denver, CO with her husband and two children LOVE LIES ACTING THE STARLET SERIES.Starlet s Man Lights Cameras Lies High school student athlete, Manny Biro, is caught between the boy he should be and the man he wants to become.Starlet s Web Love Lies Acting Hollywood entangles talented teen actress in a web of lies.Starlet s Run Love Intentions Acting In a world where an actress is a product and everyone is a critic, can young love survive Should it Starlet s Light Love Trust Acting Young Hollywood actress is so done with acting She gives up the fight until she sees the light.Starlet s End Love Justice Living The Hollywood elite are pointing fingers at those responsible for anti aging drugs Can justice be served TBR May 1, 2016carlahanna author carlajhannafacebook CarlaJHannatwitter carlajhannawattpad CarlaJHanna over 28,000 fans


  • Having been deceived as a young teen into taking experimental medication, Lia now faces death Already an accomplished Hollywood star at the tender age of 18, this stoic young woman experiences life choices and issues that would buckle almost anyone else Her soul mate, Manuel, waits patiently in the background, always there for her regardless of circumstance, as she struggles with lust and her overabundance of hormones Lia survived cancer but her pituitary will never recover With all that she dea [...]

  • Wonderful, by far the best of the series More review to come but had to put this out Loved it This was a stand alone novel if needed to be, the writing is smooth, with connections to the earlier story without over doing it The characters development in growing up is great, open and honest, there was so many things i enjoyed about this book I am so looking forward to the next novel.

  • Full review also posted here on TotalTeenFiction.Disclosure I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Spoiler warning This is the 3rd book in the series and contains spoilers from the previous 2 books.This is the third book in the Starlet series and follows Lia Marie as she heads to the UK to start filming her latest project With the moment she meets Pierre fast approaching and her health still in the balance, there s still a lot for her to deal with I [...]

  • Here are some additional reviews posted on 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Book EVER , May 12, 2013 By Marcia Sherrill NEW YORK, NY, US This review is from Starlet s Light The Starlet Series, 3 Kindle Edition I m twenty and it s about time someone talked about God in a romance novel We have vampires and players, witches, and social outcasts who never talk about God We have teens having sex with their brother or getting gang raped, wanting to kill themselves, or deciding if they re gay, but again no God [...]

  • Full disclosure I received a free print copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Remember how yesterday I said Starlet s Run was better than the first book, Starlet s Web Well Starlet s Light is better than both The overall quality of writing is better, the characters are better as they mature and Carla Hanna s message comes through loud and clear but not in an obnoxious manner.Finally Lia sets off on her own away from Manuel for a change and she also meets Pierre I hope I m not spo [...]

  • A Masterfully Crafted SeriesThe Starlet Series is the most intricately layered social commentary wrapped in a love story I have read in the coming of age genre Starlet s Light is the 3rd installment in protagonist s Liana Marie Michael Durglo s short life She s 18, begging for guidance, searching for a reason to endure the pain from Congestive Heart Failure, a consequence of her performance enhancement drugs used to clutch onto a commercial product s youth Although she didn t choose to take the [...]

  • When I first read the synopsis of The Starlet Series Starlet s Web, Starlet s Run and Starlet s Light , it sounds really really interesting This is because it is my first time to stumble on books on a celebrity s life, especially one who is becoming an adult.When I started with 47 Starlet s Web, I love the starting However, as I continued reading, I find that the writing style has changed and there s nowhatchamacallit Oomph in the story.I love the characters but I find the main character very wh [...]

  • I was sent this book from the lovely author Carla Hanna to read and review Book Cover As I have said in past reviews of this series I feel like these covers are very pre teenish compared to the story s content but the I have traveled through this series the they are starting to grow on me STAR Story This story keeps me on my toes It s loaded with love, drama, comedy, and emotion I laughed and cried during the story line of this book STAR Author I really enjoy reading this authors works knowing [...]

  • What a wonderful coming of age series Each book contains heartfelt insight Set in Hollywood, STARLET S WEB shows us what it is like to be a successful, yet very isolated, teen actress She s not only hit with betrayal by her mother, but is forced to confront the reality that being in demand and competitive in the movie business means plastic surgery STARLET S RUN shows what it is like to fall deeply in love but be too young to commit especially since everyone around the young couple is terrified [...]

  • In the 3rd installment of the Starlet s series, Liana goes to the UK to film a movie and ends up leaving Manuel behind Liana does this mostly because she feels guilty and does not want her medical issues to hinder the life he could have without dealing with all her problems.We meet Pierre, the mysterious pen pal who was only mentioned in the two previous books Liana gets to know Pierre better and thinks they have some chemistry, but she is still confused and does not know where her heart really [...]

  • Amazing read I just finished this book Marie and Manny go through a hardship I don t think Marie is selfish but sometimes she is I love Manny and Marie together I hope she gets her happy ending I highly recommend this series.

  • This is the third and final installment in the series and we are drawn back into the drama that Liana Marie Michael s life is With work taking her to Europe and meeting Pierre one would think that Liana has enough on her plate Throw in Manuel and her mother s failing health, Liana is kept on her toes throughout the book.Liana is off to Wales to shoot for her next big project This gives her a chance to meet her European friend, Pierre, with whom she has been corresponding for quite some time It a [...]

  • Of course I loved it Pitch An actress gives up the fight until she sees the light.Synopsis view spoiler Despair overwhelms actress Liana Marie for good reason She dumps childhood best friend Manuel and hooks up with rich hottie Pierre But God doesn t make mistakes Love prevails hide spoiler

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