Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy's Diary, Volume 2

Pemberley to Waterloo Georgiana Darcy s Diary Volume Can their love withstand the trials of war Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba Britain is p
  • Title: Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy's Diary, Volume 2
  • Author: Anna Elliott
  • ISBN: 9781301299126
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy's Diary, Volume 2
    Can their love withstand the trials of war Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into renewed war with France and Edward is once called away to fight.To be with the man she loves, Georgiana makes the perilous journey to Brussels, in time tCan their love withstand the trials of war Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into renewed war with France and Edward is once called away to fight.To be with the man she loves, Georgiana makes the perilous journey to Brussels, in time to witness the historic downfall of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo But when Edward is gravely injured in the battle, she will need courage than she ever knew she had to fight for their future together.Pemberley to Waterloo is the sequel to Georgiana Darcy s Diary and is Book 2 of the Pride and Prejudice Chronicles It is appropriate for all ages.
    Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy's Diary, Volume 2 By Anna Elliott,
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    A longtime devotee of historical fiction and Arthurian legend, Anna Elliott was expecting her first child when she woke up from a very vivid dream of telling her mother that she was going to write a book about Modred s daughter, Isolde She was very grateful to her daughter for being an excellent sleeper even as a newborn and allowing her the time to turn her dream into a finished book She now lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with her husband and baby girl Twilight of Avalon is her first published work.


  • In a war everyone losesBut it also brings forward a person s inner strength or weakness and that is masterfully portrayed in this story A highly recommended read.

  • I only have a few moments to write this, and my hands are shaking so much that I ve already upset the inkwell twice We arrived in Brussels this afternoon And the fighting is expected to begin tomorrow The war has truly begun.Pemberley to Waterloo by Anna Elliott is the sequel to Georgiana Darcy s Diary, a continuation of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice Elliott s novels are written from the viewpoint of Mr Darcy s younger sister, Georgiana, in the style of a personal diary Pemberley to Waterloo [...]

  • I m not sure where to start with this I m writing my own novel, so I know how hard writing is Elliot trumps my skills in many ways, but a lot of things I saw were simply not good writing at least, not for this time period I m sorry to be blunt, but that s how it is Let s start with what I did like The story or precisely, the romance I m a sucker for romance, and I appreciated that this was very clean A lot of Jane Austen continuations are not That being said, I did feel like the plot was very s [...]

  • This wonderfully written diary of Georgiana Darcy was amazing I can picture and hear her voice very clearly Ms Elliot story is told through georgiana s diary and from her point of view This story is a continuation of PP and starts out about 2 yrs after PP Georginana is bethrothed to col Fitzwilliam and before they can get married, Napolean escapes Alba and col F is thrust back into battle he was working for Wellington at the time The road to happiness is long and full of the unknown Wonderful jo [...]

  • This was lovely I think it was a great choice by the author to write these books in diary form as the first person narrative of a minor character from Jane Austen s novel helps avoids any unnecessary comparison with Jane s writing style and enables the character of Georgiana to have her own voice separate from her original creator.The post battle scenes reminded me of Gone With The Wind, with Kitty Bennet and Georgiana channelling Melanie Wilkes with all their might while caring for the wounded [...]

  • So so sequel to Georgiana Darcy s Diary, Vol 1 Unfortunately, while the first book had a certain charm, this book seemed to really stretch the threads connecting this story to that of Georgiana Darcy in Austen s Pride and Prejudice Plus, in spite of a war time plot, the story had little substance, with several scenes that were pretty far fetched Probably 2 1 2 stars.

  • Good sequelThis is a good sequel to volume 1 of Georgiana s diary There are still a few loose ends that I assume will be taken care of in Kitty s diary The novel still seems to try to apply today s standards, customs, and behaviors to situations of English aristocracy of 150 years ago It may be a staple of this genre, but the pregnancy of one of the single women was wholly unnecessary, especially since once she married the father, her role in the story was ended Still a good read, and I would re [...]

  • I didn t want to rate the book well, I feel silly enjoying this series so much It just cracks me up to hear the voice of the characters I know so well, in diary form, telling the rest of their story I love it when everything works out well in the end, but this is not a romance novel I will try to pretend it is historical fiction, because I did learn a little about the Battle of Waterloo Did you know it is not just an ABBA song

  • And now we get serious Kitty and Georgiana find themselves in Brussels on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo And Kitty s suddenly hit with a dose of reality like a bucket of cold water and that at the Duchess of Richmond s Ball before they even have to cope with the aftermath of battle.

  • Great follow up to book 2 and a fun read Some of your favorite characters make appearances and I believe Elliott gives them great story lines of their own Battle of Waterloo is towards the end.

  • GeorgiannaI was hoping someone would write about her I was not disappointed but this would not be a page turner for someone who has not read Adams books previously.

  • View this review on my blog here sukriti810 2014 1Author Anna Elliott annaelliottbooks No of Pages 276Publication House Wilton PressDate of Publication 25th December, 2011Genre Classic RomanceSeries Pride and PrejudiceBuy Go Ahead Borrow Don t miss the chance, it s emotionalSummary from Can their love withstand the trials of war Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into [...]

  • 3.5 stars Volume II of The Diary of Georgiana Darcy picks up shortly after the first book s triumphant end, and immediately throws cold water on the main couple s joy of course, otherwise there wouldn t be a book Napoleon has escaped his exile, and Col Fitzwilliam has decided not to leave the army after all his services have specially been requested by Wellington, and he wants to see the fight through And off he goes to Belgium.I can t, just can t rate this one as highly as the first one, for th [...]

  • Alors, le second tome est fid le au premier il ne respecte pas un seul des personnages de Jane Austen D entr e de jeu on a le coeur serr pour Lizzy et Darcy qui semblent ne plus se comprendre Parall lement a Caroline Bingley revient Pemberley on se demande r ellement pourquoi elle passe son temps les polluer Sans compter le fait que Jane et Bingley sont eux, compl tement absents Kitty Bennet fait aussi son retour dans l histoire et, alors que la fin d Orgueil et Pr jug s tablissait clairement qu [...]

  • Great companion for part 1 and a good guilty read series Waterloo only comprises about the last 30% of the book and it does wrap rather quickly However, the pace was still good, it wasn t boring, and I enjoyed it Well done.

  • This pair of novels by Ann Elliott was a fantastic weekend read Told from Georgiana s perspective, the novels follow Georgiana as she gains strength, courage, and love The first novel, Georgiana Darcy s Diary, begins with Lady Catherine pushing eligible suitors upon Georgiana, when the only one she has ever loved since the age of six is her guardian and cousin, Colonel Edward Fitzwilliam After coming back from war Edward is scarred with the terrors of his past In efforts to protect Georgiana he [...]

  • I so enjoyed this hoping the author writes about Edward and Georgiana characters are based on Jane Austen s PP but the author has given each their own or a continued story.

  • I enjoyed Anna Elliott s Georgiana Darcy s diary It was among the first books I downloaded on kindle It was a fun look into the world of Jane Austen.We look further into the lives of the other characters of Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are happy together Elizabeth is expecting her first child, Jane Bingley has a daughter and is happy in her home.Caroline is still haughty and aloof, but visits Pemberley from time to time Georgiana is engaged to Col Edward Fitzwilliam They a [...]

  • An enthralling read that completely draws the reader into the narrative Elliott s skills have matured well since the first volume and all of the qualms I had about whether or not the diary form really worked for this tale with the first volume have been dispelled here The characterisation is strong enough to provoke the appropriate emotional reactions joy, sorrow, shock and wanting to slap Edward Fitzwilliam when he is full of self pitying pomposity Once again this adds greatly to our understand [...]

  • This is a continuation of the first novel Georgiana Darcy s Diary and I think it s crucial that you read the first one first to understand how Georgiana became the outspoken woman she now is and to understand the references to Caroline s disappointment and Kitty s indiscretion I loved this book because It gave me a glimpse into the happiness Darcy and Elizabeth enjoy while concentrating on Georgiana s relationship with Colonel Edward Fitzwilliam We now understand Edwards nightmares first hand as [...]

  • Pemberley to Waterloo picks up where Volume 1 leaves off, with Georgiana and Edward happily engaged But Edward soon receives orders to fight Napoleon, and Georgiana arranges to travel to Brussels with Kitty Bennet to be closer to him What starts out as an adventure soon turns into an experience of the horrors of war The balls and social reveling on the eve of battle are soon contrasted with the gritty reality of fighting, as Georgiana and Kitty realize that they are just a few miles from the fig [...]

  • I read the previous book about Georgiana Darcy and was interested enough to buy Pemberley to Waterloo and find out how her story continued I really enjoyed it and thought Georgiana a brave, thoughtful and caring young girl I was surprised that she had to qualify why she was marrying Edward, her cousin In England it has, and still is, legal to marry one s cousin I don t think Georgiana would need to justify it as it was an accepted part of society However, I did enjoy the truisms about the Regenc [...]

  • Another installment of the love story between Georgiana Darcy and Col Fitzwilliam It s off to war for the dashing Fitzwilliam, in the midst of a very long engagement Georgiana follows him to Brussels and the Battle of Waterloo , but not before giving full accounts of Elizabeth and Darcy, their new addition, Caroline Bingley and her uncharacteristic escapades, and tales of silly Kitty Bennett I liked this book The diary format got a little tiresome Because of the commitment to diary entries, Geor [...]

  • There have been so many romance novels about Waterloo that it s hard for an author to do something new with the situation Consequently, even though I enjoyed this book, I didn t enjoy it as much as the first in the series, simply because the Waterloo entries seemed like such a tired old story Also, the impulse to have everyone live happily ever after is a little too much for my taste.The real strength of this book is the way it examines the situations and motivations of Kitty Bennet and Caroline [...]

  • The course of true love has it s own obligations to meet FitzWilliam has developed an interest in aiding returned soldiers their need for their service to be recognized supported In keeping his commission after proposing marriage he has left on Wellingtons Staff called for war asNapoleon escaped Elba.Kitty Bennet has received an invite to stay in Brussels and Georgiana decides to travel along be close to her love They arrive just before the battle and in time enough to attend the Ball Just after [...]

  • This wasn t as good as the first one, but it was pretty good I liked the first half and the last quarter, but didn t love the part at war It just wasn t engaging to me But the other, gossipy parts I liked The only other issues I had with this were and the first is sort of minor 1 I find it unlikely that Elizabeth would not have a wet nurse or additional help the amount of care she provided her son seemed inconsistent with the times and her wealth, and 2 There is NO WAY Edward and Georgiana would [...]

  • I found this book enjoyable, engrossing, and impressive As with Volume 1, Elliott continues the stories and the personal growth of a number of the characters from Pride and Prejudice, from the viewpoint of Darcy s younger sister Georgiana I can t say much without spoilers, but as in the first volume, we see what Jane Austen never showed us the effect of war the Napoleonic Wars on the bold young soldiers about whom Austen so often wrote.Elliott s development of both the story line and the charact [...]

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