A Pilgrim's Progress (Classic Stories)

A Pilgrim s Progress Classic Stories On his journey of a lifetime to the City of Gold Christian meets an extraordinary cast of characters such as the terrible Giant Despair Together with Hopeful he survives the traps but will he find
  • Title: A Pilgrim's Progress (Classic Stories)
  • Author: Geraldine McCaughrean John Bunyan
  • ISBN: 9780340727546
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Pilgrim's Progress (Classic Stories)
    On his journey of a lifetime to the City of Gold, Christian meets an extraordinary cast of characters, such as the terrible Giant Despair Together with Hopeful he survives the traps, but will he find the courage to cross the final river to the City of Gold and his salvation.
    A Pilgrim's Progress (Classic Stories) By Geraldine McCaughrean John Bunyan,
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      383 Geraldine McCaughrean John Bunyan
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  • Geraldine McCaughrean John Bunyan

    Geraldine McCaughrean was born in 1951 and brought up in North London She studied at Christ Church College of Education, Canterbury and worked in a London publishing house for 10 years before becoming a full time writer in 1988 She has written over 120 books, 50 short plays for schools, and a radio play.Her adult novels include Fires Astonishment 1990 and The Ideal Wife 1997 , but she is best known for her children s books She writes for children of all ages, from first readers, picture books, and younger children s books, to children s novels, which include A Little Lower than the Angels 1987 , Gold Dust 1993 and Not the End of the World 2004 , each of which have won the Whitbread Children s Book Award, making her the only writer to have won this award three times.Geraldine McCaughrean has also written several collections of stories, including bible stories and fairy tales She specialises in the retelling of classic tales such as The Canterbury Tales 1984 , The Odyssey 1993 , Moby Dick 1996 and El Cid 1989 and of myths and legends from around the world These books include The Orchard Book of Greek Myths 1992 and The Orchard Book of Roman Myths 1999.Geraldine McCaughrean lives in Berkshire Her book, Not the End of the World, is currently being adapted for the stage White Darkness 2005 , was shortlisted for the 2005 Whitbread Children s Book Award In 2005, she was chosen to write the official sequel to J M Barrie s Peter Pan Peter Pan in Scarlet was published in 2006.


  • First sentence I had a dream last night Like moonlight through the window of my cell it fell on me not so big as to fall one night large enough to fill the rest of my life.Premise plot This is an adaptation a retelling of the classic allegorical novel, Pilgrim s Progress Christian, in this version, is a young boy Hopeful, Christian s companion along the way, is a young girl The book has been completely rewritten as prose And most if not all the names have been changed For example, Obstinate and [...]

  • I can t say that I really disliked this book or that I liked it either It was a nice read, like you would have a nice break during work The first line of the book was my favourite part which was why I picked it up and read it Like moonlight through window of my cell it fell one me not so big as to fill one night large enough to fell the rest of my life.The metaphors were good, the embodiment of the ideas, that are spoken of but never seen, I thought were subpar Where I enjoyed some of the charac [...]

  • Just read that this book won a Blue Peter award, I think that made me want to read it when I was about 10 I am now 24 and have just re read it in advance of starting teacher training I felt the same knowing sensation upon completion of reading second time around This truly magical and adventurous tale gives children a great introduction to philosophical biblical teaching and allows them to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning through its use of immersive allegorical story telling Embedded [...]

  • It is perhaps based on John Bunyan s Original work, but does NOT follow the plot or story line Portions are rearranged and others omitted entirely The whole tone of the book is different and makes Christian seem two faced and wishy washy And although it is not written in Olde English , it is by no means written in a modern vernacular I was hoping for a modernized version of the original, since it was published in this millennia What a disappointment

  • Nothing compares to the original but this is a beautifully written abridgement as a simplified overview for children and some adults Do go and read Bunyan s book for much depth and meaning though.

  • This is an interesting and thought provoking allegorical tale retold in simpler language for older children I borrowed it from the library and decided to buy one for the home because I would like all my children to have the chance to read it.

  • It s a bit cheesy, but somehow it works for helping kids understand how to do the right thing which is often the hard thing Geraldine McCaughrean s edition of the classic is the palatable way to go.

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