Belfast Noir

Belfast Noir The works are short allowing readers to savor each snippet or devour the entire compelling book in a day depending on just how deliciously gloomy they re feeling Shelf Awareness Starred review All
  • Title: Belfast Noir
  • Author: Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Claire McGowan Sam Millar Garbhan Downey Eoin McNamee Arlene Hunt Alex Barclay
  • ISBN: 9781617752919
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Belfast Noir
    The works are short, allowing readers to savor each snippet or devour the entire compelling book in a day, depending on just how deliciously gloomy they re feeling Shelf Awareness , Starred review All the stories are compelling and well executedGreat writing for fans of noir and short stories, with some tales close to perfection Library Journal , Starred review The works are short, allowing readers to savor each snippet or devour the entire compelling book in a day, depending on just how deliciously gloomy they re feeling Shelf Awareness, Starred review All the stories are compelling and well executedGreat writing for fans of noir and short stories, with some tales close to perfection Library Journal, Starred review Belfast Noir zooms in on Northern Ireland s capital city, whose history surely than qualifies it as a breeding ground for noir Booklist The choices made by editors McKinty and Neville celebrate lowlifes, convicts, hookers, private eyes, cops and reporters, and, above all, the gray city at the heart of each story Kirkus Reviews Belfast, with its bleak, murderous history, at last gets an entry in Akashic s acclaimed noir series Publishers Weekly Belfast Noir is one of the strongest entries in Akashic s admirable City Noir seriesl stories are of exceptional quality Anyone with a fondness for noir, an interest in the past, in contemporary Irish writing, or simply an appreciation of excellent prose should snap this one up Reviewing the Evidence Singapore Noir, like Belfast Noir, once again proves that Akashic Books noir series is better than any travel guide MysteryPeople Belfast Noir equals the high standards set by its predecessors Book Chase Impossibly hard to put downBelfast shows its true colors ie bloodstainds in this gritty collection Barbarian Librarian It s almost like visiting Belfast Journey of a Bookseller A terrific collection Escape Into Life I was blown away with what I readThis is a great anthology of modern day noir Mom Read ItLaunched with the summer 04 award winning best seller Brooklyn Noir, Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies Each book is comprised of all new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book.Reflecting a city still divided, Belfast Noir serves as a record of a city transitioning to normalcy, or perhaps as a warning that underneath the fragile peace darker forces still lurk.Featuring brand new stories by Glenn Patterson, Eoin McNamee, Garbhan Downey, Lee Child, Alex Barclay, Brian McGilloway, Ian McDonald, Arlene Hunt, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Claire McGowan, Steve Cavanagh, Lucy Caldwell, Sam Millar, and Gerard Brennan.From the introduction by Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Few European cities have had as disturbed and violent a history as Belfast over the last half century For much of that time the Troubles 1968 1998 dominated life in Ireland s second biggest population centre, and during the darkest days of the conflict in the 1970s and 1980s riots, bombings, and indiscriminate shootings were tragically commonplace The British army patrolled the streets in armoured vehicles and civilians were searched for guns and explosives before they were allowed entry into the shopping district of the city centreBelfast is still a city dividedYou can see Belfast s bloodstains up close and personal This is the city that gave the world its worst ever maritime disaster, and turned it into a tourist attraction similarly, we are perversely proud of our thousands of murders, our wounds constantly on display You want noir How about a painting the size of a house, a portrait of a man known to have murdered at least a dozen human beings in cold blood Or a similar house sized gable painting of a zombie marching across a postapocalyptic wasteland with an AK 47 over the legend UVF Prepared for Peace Ready for War As Lee Child has said, Belfast is still the most noir place on earth.
    Belfast Noir By Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Claire McGowan Sam Millar Garbhan Downey Eoin McNamee Arlene Hunt Alex Barclay,
    • [Í Belfast Noir || ☆ PDF Read by Æ Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Claire McGowan Sam Millar Garbhan Downey Eoin McNamee Arlene Hunt Alex Barclay]
      411 Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Claire McGowan Sam Millar Garbhan Downey Eoin McNamee Arlene Hunt Alex Barclay
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  • Adrian McKinty Stuart Neville Claire McGowan Sam Millar Garbhan Downey Eoin McNamee Arlene Hunt Alex Barclay

    Adrian McKinty is an Irish novelist He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1968 and grew up in Victoria Council Estate, Carrickfergus, County Antrim He read law at the University of Warwick and politics and philosophy at the University of Oxford He moved to the United States in the early 1990s, living first in Harlem, New York and from 2001 onwards Denver, Colorado where he taught high school English and began writing fiction He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two children.AwardsHis debut crime novel Dead I Well May Be was short listed for the CWA Steel Dagger Award 2004.His debut young adult novel The Lighthouse Land was shortlisted for the 2008 Young Hoosier Award and the 2008 Beehive AwardThe Dead Yard was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the 12 Best Novels of 2006 and won the 2007 Audie Award for best thriller suspense.The Bloomsday Dead was long listed for the 2009 World Book Day Award.Fifty Grand won the 2010 Spinetingler Award for best novel and was longlisted for the 2011 Theakston Best British Crime Novel AwardAudible selected Falling Glass as the Best Mystery or Thriller of 2011


  • Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville have put together a terrific collection in the latest in the Akashic noir series, Belfast Noir This volume introduces readers to several writers they may not have previously known including Steve Cavanagh, Claire McGowen, and Garbhan Downey There are several authors included Alex Barclay, Arlene Hunt and Sam Millar who have a number of novels behind them but will be new to American readers This collection shows us the range of what can be considered noir and sto [...]

  • The most interesting part of this collection of short stories was the introduction by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville.As with many collections some stories were intersting to me than others I ve read many of the longer length novels from some of the author s presented here and enjoyed them immensely Out of a diverse collection only two stories stood out from the others I very much enjoyed Poison and Ligature and felt that the author s delivered a well thought out comprehensive story With the [...]

  • I m not much of a fan of short fiction Often I find that authors either don t know when to bring the story to a close, or, they end them too abruptly But I do like to discover new authors through collections, and the series of city based Noir tales published by Akashic soon they might run out of cities I doubt we ll see a Pelican Rapids Noir can occasionally be a gold mine for finding new authors How many I discover will affect my rating.Edited by two favorite authors, Adrian McKinty and Stuart [...]

  • Strong, but not quite noir enoughBelfast was my birthplace, and my only idea of a big city for the first ten years of my life I lived nearby or visited regularly until the mid seventies, well after the Troubles began I remember the barricades, check points, and peace walls that Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville describe in their excellent preface to this collection of fourteen stories set in and around the city Before that as a child, I recall the grey buildings, grimy alleys, and ill repaired b [...]

  • I received this Advance Reading Copy ARC through the LibraryThing Early Review program.I really enjoyed this collection of short stories from authors born in Belfast Northern Ireland, some famous, and others not so much.Each story held my attention at least for the first 10 pages The stories I liked the most of the sixteen were Wet With Rain by Lee Child, Poison by Lucy Caldwell, and Pure Game by Arlene Hunt The other stories were ok, but the writing styles didn t grab me as much as the three me [...]

  • BELFAST NOIR was a real treat to read It is one title in the Akashic Publishers noir series I have read several now and each one is interesting, unusual and radiates a great sense of placeLFAST NOIR edited by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville is no exception.It consists of an introduction by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville a foreword by David Torrans a Table of Contents a map I love the map a section about the authors contributors a sneak peek at USA Noir series titles Akashic Noir series awa [...]

  • This is the first of the Akashic Noir series that I ve read, and given my interest in all things Belfast, it wasn t a big surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.The collection is edited by Adrian Mckinty and Stuart Neville but features stories from neither of NI s probably best known crime writers instead we get the opportunity to read crime shorts from established literary fiction writers like Glenn Patterson and Lucy Caldwell, local and international crime writers such as Alex Barc [...]

  • I love noir films dark, atmospheric I was excited to read this one, not sure why Belfast is particularly noir but willing to find out The first stories in this series of short stories set the scene Before, during and after the troubles in the 80s, Belfast has been a city of ghosts In struggles against the English, between Catholic and Protestant, Belfast is full of pubs, allies and squares where this one was martyred and those died for no reason or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time St [...]

  • 3.5 starsSince 2004, Akashik Books has been putting out the Noir series Each is a collection of short stories set in a specific city with most contributors being natives With than 60 volumes published 20 on the way, it s a great way to sample new authors.When I saw this book listed as the 1 Best Seller in Great Britain Travel Guides on , I thought someone screwed up Now I m not so sure.In these 14 stories, all neighbourhoods of Belfast are well represented so you get a sense of its ethos, from [...]

  • A compilation of short stories which generally avoids the pitfalls of many such volumes all the stories are written by people who know what they are writing about the sense of place is entirely convincing almost all the stories are good and some are very good indeed My personal favourites are Ligature by Gerard Brennan, the story of an apparently hard bitten female prisoner in Hydebank Women s Prison, The Reservoir by Ian McDonald, a clever story of revenge involving Loyalist drug gangsters and [...]

  • These short stories are what I am looking for when I think noir Deliciously odd and bordering on the creepy Belfast as a setting is always a factor As an example, a character wakes up from a drug bender and not knowing if she s in a friendly sector because she can t see any walls or graffiti Definitely a treat in audio with the wonderful authentic Irish narrators Fans of Karen Slaughter would not be disappointed.

  • The forward and intro to this are a great intro to the city of Belfast I found this collection to be less strong than the others I ve read in this series because a lot of them were a little formulaic I realize it s noir, but how many alcoholic detectives can fit into one book I found this to be less violent and supernatural than other books in the series, too.These anthologies are a great way to find new writing, but since I read a lot of Irish writers, there weren t too many new names here The [...]

  • Very, very good I really enjoyed a few gems in this collection, and even those that weren t on par were still good Love reading about Ireland, Belfast especially Was hoping for a short story from Mr McKinty, but it was not to be Some heavy hitters in there, Lee Child, Ian MacDonald, Gerard Brennan.

  • Belfast Noir is just the latest in the wonderful series of short story collections from Akashic Books that I first discovered back in 2010 Each collection contains fourteen or fifteen stories that fit comfortably in the genre of noir crime fiction And, because each of the stories is written by someone from or very familiar with the city or region in which all of the stories are set, the collections are long on setting and mood I have already read and enjoyed Boston Noir, Mexico City Noir, Long I [...]

  • I put of writing this review for ages because I don t have much to say about this book It is just veryaverage Especially the first half There was only one story that really stood out for me and which I quite enjoyed The second half was diverse in the positive and the negative sense It had stories I really liked but also some that simply weren t my cup of tea at all Overall the way the stories were sorted also confused my slightly They are divided into four sections City of Ghosts, City of Walls [...]

  • A collection of stories that packs a punch Each crime thriller mystery short story is beautifully crafted and readers will lose themselves in the powerful and engrossing prose The setting is the dark underbelly of Belfast All the grime, murder, and violence found in Belfast shows itself in these stories I can honestly say that there is not one story I didn t like, the dog fighting one was a little rough, but overall, I found myself totally digging all the stories Some of the contributing authors [...]

  • Four stars on average, as this is a collection of short stories Once you get past the idea that referring to the Troubles and swearing a great deal classifies a story as noir , some of these are excellent I particularly enjoyed Lee Childs, Glenn Patterson,Brian McGilloway, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Gerard Brennan and Arlene Hunt I wouldn t say I enjoyed Garbhan Downey s contribution which was possibly the most noir, but it was clever and well written and will unfortunately linger Some of the others, [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing in exchange for a review and, as an American, I m now interested in reading Akashic Noir s collection of USA Noir because of my familiarity with the locations The stories in this anthology have in common with film noir than the hardboiled detective stories that everyone expects when they see the word noir Don t get me wrong, there are a couple detective stories here but it s nice to see a wide range of noir work I didn t know what dirt to ex [...]

  • As with most anthologies, some of the stories I really enjoyed and some, less so I think the only negative I truly have for this book is that I have never been there, never mind lived there As much as I ve read fiction and non fiction about the area, I don t have the same connection with the place as I did with Boston Noir That isn t the fault of the writers, it just is It s staying in my permanent collection though I ve also been introduced to a couple of writers I wouldn t otherwise know I ll [...]

  • Story anthologies are usually a mixed bag, with the bulk tending toward the so so This one, however, maintains a remarkably high level of quality More than a few of the stories here offer compelling visions of post troubles Belfast through fine plots, memorable characters, and excellent writing Even the few that are predictable genre exercises contain striking turns of language All in all, a great collection, well worth the treasure and time of anyone who likes good fiction, whatever the genre.

  • Not a set of stories for the faint hearted, most of these are truly noir.As with most short story collections, there are some that are very good, clever, or amusing, but there are others that tempt you to skip to the next.They do make the reader appreciate that Irish noir fiction is alive, well, and strong.Surprisingly, apart from the introduction, there is not a contribution from either of the editors.Read a feature on Stuart Neville, Adrian McKinty, and Lee Child at the Wall Street Journal.Lis [...]

  • Listening to these short stories confirms that I don t do well with short stories Perhaps it s ADD, but each time when the story suddenly ended, I was brought up short no pun intended and caught off guard Granted, listening, rather than reading, may be problematic when you can t see the number of pages that are still left to read Of the 14 stories in this book, only 2 are memorable to me From now on, I ll stick to full length novels.

  • BELFAST NOIR is the latest smart collection of stories from Alashic Books As with the few others I have read in the series, Belfast offers gray stories about a troubled city.This collection offers a bevy of writers, mostly new to me, who pony up the lowlifes, the killers and uber religious fanatic of both stripes While one or two stories disappoint, most satisfy.This is a nice book to while away the time before church I won this book through.

  • Most of the stories are well paced, and cover the gamut from strictly crime noir to esoteric story study WARNING If dogs being injured is a trigger for you, then there is a story at the end that you ll want to skip I ended up stopping at that point, as I felt I d gotten the gist of it Overall, a decent collection of story stories centered around Northern Ireland.

  • I don t often read collections of short stories, but the authors in this one tempted me, and it was so enjoyable My favourite was the 18 year old detective, but all of them took me back to familiar, atmospheric places Lisburn Road, City Hall, Netownards Roadd in succinct, tight crime writing Really enjoyable, if sometimes macabre, and often with a twist in the tail.

  • A top notch look at the state of crime fiction in Northern Ireland I ve read some of the writers before, but all the stories were new to me A nice leavening of humor to lighten up the darker parts My full review isHERE.

  • Read this on the bus from Belfast to Dublin, after a largely history and food focused visit A series of short stories located not only geographically, but culturally in Belfast A few focused on the troubles, but one memorable one about the regrets of a teenage infatuation stood out As a whole, deepened and enriched my experience of Belfast.

  • This is a great collection of stories I thought they captured the grittiness and history of the city while introducing well developed characters I was familiar with several of the authors included, but will definitely be looking into others that I haven t read before.

  • I would give this book closer to 2.5 stars than 3 It was a good collection of stories but pretty light on the noir I was expecting grittier and darker tones, especially since the introduction described Belfast as such Nicely edited.

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