Turned Away

Turned Away This dramatic story tells of year old Devorah s efforts to help her cousin and pen pal Sarah emigrate from Paris before the Nazis deport the Jews to internment camps Devorah learns that Jewis
  • Title: Turned Away
  • Author: Carol Matas
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  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Turned Away
    This dramatic story tells of 11 year old Devorah s efforts to help her cousin and pen pal Sarah emigrate from Paris before the Nazis deport the Jews to internment camps Devorah learns that 5,000 Jewish children in France have visas to leave the country, but the Canadian government will not let them in, leading Devorah to desperately lobby the government to change its poliThis dramatic story tells of 11 year old Devorah s efforts to help her cousin and pen pal Sarah emigrate from Paris before the Nazis deport the Jews to internment camps Devorah learns that 5,000 Jewish children in France have visas to leave the country, but the Canadian government will not let them in, leading Devorah to desperately lobby the government to change its policies Turned Away illustrates the restrictions on the life of Jews in Paris via letters from Sarah who is living in German occupied France It also reveals Canada s dismal record on Jewish immigration during World War II and depicts the impact of the war in Canada In Winnipeg, one intriguing response to the war was If Day, when local people posed as Nazis and staged a mock invasion to illustrate what it would be like if the city was occupied Also included are fascinating period documents and photographs, many from the Holocaust Memorial Museum The historical consultants for Turned Away were Dr Irving Abella, co author of the ground breaking book None is Too Many, and Terry Copp, author of the remarkable book No Price Too High.
    Turned Away By Carol Matas,
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    Carol Matas Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Turned Away book, this is one of the most wanted Carol Matas author readers around the world.


  • It s 1941 Manitoba and the war is only just getting underway This is a story of the war through the eyes of a Jewish girl on the home front It touches slightly upon several major concerns the Winnipeg Grenadiers, Canadian pows in Hong Kong, Canadians fighting in the RAF over Europe, Japanese internment camps in BC and many other topics are touched upon However the main subject in Turned Away is a very shameful episode in Canadian history which is barely known about these modern days Myself I onl [...]

  • This is the last book that I thought I would be pulling off the library shelf, but I m glad to say that I really enjoyed it Turned Away is one of the books in the famous Dear Canada series I have read one other Dear Canada book, but I didn t like it, because I was to young to understand the importance of history and events from the past in the story This book shows how the jews were treated in World War II, by having a girl make regular diary entries while the war was going on It taught me alot [...]

  • I m reading this book at school for reading thinking circles,and I really enjoy this book,it really grabs my attention about the world war 2 which is the war that this story kind of explains the story about

  • Eleven year old Jewish girl Devorah Bernstein has her two older brothers fighting in World War Two, plus her cousin Sarah in France to worry about Before her brothers left she worried about nothing, but now she is Her friend Elizabeth is always so happy all the time, while her friend from her old school, Marcie shares her endless worries with Devorah, about her own brother who is working with the medical corps, and the plight of Jews in Europe In spite of this, Devorah is trying all she can to h [...]

  • Dear Devorah our worst fears came to pass.Three huge bangs on the door Mommy ran to my room and told me to keep the door closed and not to come out Within minutes she came back and sank down on my bed weeping They ve taken him, she said to drancy.Arrested TURNED AWAYthe world war 2 dairy of Devorah By Carol Maya s genre true events sometimes the book ,since it is a diary, has some boring days where dovorah doesn t write much while compared to others days Dovorah s writing and thoughts are expres [...]

  • The book Turned Away By Carol Matas is a historical fiction book I recommend this book to people who like to read diary formed books about what has happened a longtime ago but may be a very sad book for some people It is about an 11 Jewish girl that lives in Winnipeg during World War II Her brothers are fighting in the war Her cousins are living in Franceand cannot immigrate to Canada The girl Devorah and her family do everything they canto help the war effort and hope every day that their famil [...]

  • I m not much of a fiction fan However s Dear series are always books I can t put down Turned Away was no exception Because this was from the Dear Canada series, I learned things about WWII I never heard as an American I didn t know Canadian troops were stationed in Hong Kong and the statistics about them through the book were very interesting Also, I had never heard of If Day where they participated in one day that might be what life would be like if the Nazis were to invade Canada Of course, th [...]

  • Unlike many of the other Dear America Dear Canada books, this book dealt equally with historical narrative and philosophical dialogue, in a way which I found realistic and accurate, especially for a pre teen living during World War II As a Jew, I grew up learning about the horrors wrought upon European Jews by the Axis powers, and the role of non Jewish French people in the Holocaust Yet while the background of Devorah s story was not unfamiliar, it was refreshing to read the letters between Dev [...]

  • I always enjoy the books from the Dear Canada series and this one was no exception It is written from the perspective of 11 year old Devorah Bernstein who lives in Winnipeg Manitoba She has two brothers fighting overseas one as a pilot and one in Hong Kong Many Canadians are not familiar with the story of the men who served in Hong Kong and the deprivations they faced during captivity as POW s so it was interesting to read ar least a little on this subject and know it will help children to lear [...]

  • Matas, Carol 2005 Turned away The World War II diary of Devorah Bernstein Toronto, ON Canada Ltd.Written in a diary format, Devorah, a Canadian, records her significant moments and perceptions of World War II Her two brothers have signed up to fight in the war and her cousin lives in France and is facing first hand the horrors of war Devorah shares her understanding or lack of understanding of the conflict in a preteen style.This book is full of factual information with maps and pictures at the [...]

  • Heartattack in WinnipegPicture this,your in winnipeg across the Atlantic ocean from your cousin in France.With the Nazis outside the door This story is about a girl in Winnipeg she finds out that 5,000 jews have visas to come to Canada but is turned away by the Canadian goverment.One night in France they hear three loud knocks on the door read the book to find out what happens.I enjoyed the book i would like to now a bit about what happend to sarah her cousin.This book is great if you like holo [...]

  • This is the first of the Dear Canada diary series that I have read I wonder if they are all this good The fictional diarist is charmingly spunky, as I imagine most of the other diarists in the series must also be As she is growing from child to young woman, she is also dealing with the absence of family members some fighting overseas and one particularly loved cousin trapped in France She is bewildered by the unfairness of Canada s meagre response to those who wanted to escape, and this unfairne [...]

  • Another book in the Dear Canada series, Turned Away is a book worth reading The author, Carol Matas, has created a story that shows many sides to World War II, which I have yet to read about myself Along with her ability to create characters that feel so real, she is able to show the dark side of the War and the heroism of individuals during that time Like all Dear Canada books, I have learned so much about Canada s history.

  • By far the best Dear Canada book in the series I really helped me understand the Holocaust and the effect it had not inly on the population of Europe but also on the North American population I was very realistic and helped me get a perspective on how people had to deal with the cruelties of WWll and how we can find ourselves in the darkest of times.

  • this is undoubtedly one of my favorite dear America Canada books Devorah explores some deep existential questions far too challenging for her age, but what can you do they are the questions we all end up asking, and it would have been interesting to have read this as a kid I wonder what I would have thought then.

  • My favourite part was when Devorah s brothers both survived the war The worst part was when Devorah s cousin Sarah died because of pneumonia My favourite character was Devorah because she was mostly nice and was mostly always happy The worst character was Hitler because he was mean to people and started a war Auryn 12 years old, 2015

  • Turned Away is another book from the Dear Canada series which focuses on World War II and the treatment of the Jewish people around the world This story follows the life of a young girl, Devorah Bernstein, and how she deals with the war and ways to help her cousin, Sarah, who s living with her family in Paris at the time.

  • I ve read this before and I liked it then and I liked it now It was very well written and introduces those of younger generations to the Holocaust without traumatizing them but highlights the dangers of war and prejudice.

  • Very dramatic and sometimes heartbreaking This is what happens when a story is told in first person point of view A person can truly understand what the main character is going through The story is told through a diary format to make it personal.

  • I read this as a MYRCA book Not one of my favourites from the list but Carol Matas is a terrific author and it s always interesting to hear a different perspective on the Holocaust Guarantee that anything by Carol Matas will be worth the read.

  • I really enjoyed this book, it was about a girl who lived in Winnipeg during World War 2 The book was the diary of Devorah and it was very interesting, she talked about how her brother was in Hong Kong fighting And about her life, and everything that was happeing in it

  • This was a compelling book about what it was like to be Jewish in Canada during WWII I always enjoy books that bring a new perspective to people s experiences during the war, so this was very interesting

  • Maybe I would ve liked it if it was set in occupied France, but it is Dear CANADA after all Still really sweet and sad.

  • It was very sad but I would recommend it for every age this coming from the person who hates hearing about war.

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