Seducing Simon

Seducing Simon Toni Langston certainly has her share of problems She s in love with one of her best friends Simon Firemen Simon lives with Toni and her brother and another fireman they re best friends with The four
  • Title: Seducing Simon
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seducing Simon
    Toni Langston certainly has her share of problems She s in love with one of her best friends, Simon Firemen Simon lives with Toni and her brother and another fireman they re best friends with The four have been friends since high school and Toni has been in love with Simon for seemingly forever.The night Simon broke up with his girlfriend, Toni offered a shoulder and soToni Langston certainly has her share of problems She s in love with one of her best friends, Simon Firemen Simon lives with Toni and her brother and another fireman they re best friends with The four have been friends since high school and Toni has been in love with Simon for seemingly forever.The night Simon broke up with his girlfriend, Toni offered a shoulder and so much The problem The next morning Simon remembers nothing of the previous night, nor does he recall calling out his ex girlfriend s name in the heat of passion, effectively putting a damper on what Toni had hoped was the culmination of her heart s desire.Just when Toni thinks she can put the night behind her and come to terms with never having a chance with her best friend a man she s still in love with a pregnancy test changes everything Now she faces the most difficult decision of her life Does she tell Simon he s going to be a father when he has no memory of the event Or does she try to make him fall in love with her first so she can be certain he isn t with her out of a sense of obligation.And the biggest question of all How will Simon react when he learns the truth about who the father of Toni s child is About the Author Maya Banks is a 1 NYT and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Southeast Texas with her husband and three children When she s not writing, she loves to spend time with her family, travel, hunt and fish and reads everything romance she can get her hands on She LOVES dishing books with her readers and invites you to pop in on her Facebook Fan page or follow her on twitter for all the latest book dish and scoop on what Maya has coming down the pipeline.
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    Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.


  • I was looking for something light hearted and not too deep or intense Shebang This book was it, turned out to be a very cute, quick read.

  • Toni, our heroine, has been in lurve with Simon the Stud ly Fireman forever One night, she catches Simon drunk and on the rebound and has drunken but orgasmic all the same sex with him Simon was so friggin drunk that he doesnt even remember that he took Toni s maidenhead the morning after Except, ooops, Toni the Stupid Virgin was not on the pill and is now preggers What s a gal to do At 202 pages, this book reads like a reject from the Harlequin Presents line It would have to be retitled The Fi [...]

  • Seducing Simon is a standalone, adult contemporary romance novel written by author Maya Banks I chose to listen to this simple romance due to the fairly short length of the audiobook which was pretty perfect for my tasks for the day The synopsis sounded sexy with just the right amount of drama to keep it interesting and it was for the most part There s a friends to lovers romance, lots of anxiety and secrecy, a touch of drama involving an ex, and a hold your breath climax near the end Of course, [...]

  • This book was too boring and predictable I could hardly keep turning the pages, so I just gave up After reading Toni s pathetic and so overused in Romancelandia that it had my eyeballs rolling attempt at seducing Simon with a dress makeover, I decided enough was enough.

  • How could I ever forget about a gem like this I have had this book since 2010 and my what a read it is It has everything you need Humour A sexy fireman An unplanned pregnancy Hotness And so much You will fall in love with this little read.SimonBabeHunny Booboo You have set me on fire I am in definite need of assistance I would definitely have your babies Seriously anyone in the mood for a novel that s steamy and has an unrequited love interest THIS IS FOR YOU

  • Simon is Toni s best friendd her secret love for many years now When he shows up crushed by the betrayal of his almost fiance, Toni consoles hima little too well Simon takes her virginity, and then calls her by his ex s name The next morning he remembers nothing Six weeks later Toni discovers she is pregnant.This is one of Ms Bank s earlier works and not as steamy as her usual fare There were actually very few sex scenes, but that was just right for this book.Although there were several over use [...]

  • I love the set up for this she s been in love with him for years, he only sees her as his best friend s little sister She comforts him by seducing him into givng her one when he s heartbroken and drunk one night and not only does he call her by his ex s name, but also he doesn t remember doing the deed with her Then she realises she s up the duff.Oops.I didn t exactly get the feels from this, it might have been the third person narrative style, Idk, but I wished a couple of times as I was readin [...]

  • a few minor spoilers This was my first book by Maya Banks The pregnancy theme is one of my favorites in romance which is what prompted me to pick up this book I liked the main characters, I just didn t love them, didn t feel their love story It all seemed a bit meh to me I expected a little passion between the two of them and the love scene really just fell kind of flat to me.Also, I thought A.J s character was a bit annoying His jokes were meant to be funny but they just seemed silly to me The [...]

  • You re an idiot, Simon Truly, me thinks twas was the best part about this book and the only part worth my time reading Talk about a jerk royalle May this fictional story serve as a real life lesson for all us gals and boys please, don t fall for someone with a negative I.Q No good can come of it And the brother should have been disowned And the heroine really needed to take a TSTL relief pill And what is up with that cover Ugh.

  • 3.75 Stars I truly enjoyed this secret daddy pregnancy book It was a quick read that kept me glued to it.It was perfect for what I needed to read at the time and filled my book void Toni lives with three guys her brother and his friends but secretly has been crushing on one of them, Simon She gets a shot at him one night, problem is, he can t remember the whole night She ends up pregnant and not sure what to do However, she s in love with Simon and decides to come up with a plan to win him over [...]

  • so i gave this book 4 stars and heres why few spoilers okay so you already know whats going to happen in this book because of the description one night one of tonis best friends Simon comes home kinda drunk then continues to drink so Toni takes the once in a lifetime opportunity seeing as shes been in love with him forever and sleeps with him losing her virginity to him and everything except he calls her by his ex girlfriends name and doesn t remember in the morning so she decides to let it go a [...]

  • I didn t sleep last night Not because this book was so good that I couldn t wait to finish it, let me make that clear But at about 5 am I stumbled across a copy of this, started it and a few hours later was done With it Forever.There were not memorable lines or characters I could relate to and the ending left much to be desired people don t have to almost die for others to realize what they feel for them The story started all well and good, right away being a tad bit scandalous but it was all do [...]

  • I had to think about how to rate this book I went with 5 stars because I really did love it I was glued to the pages erum, screen But that doesn t mean I couldn t spot a couple of faults I just loved it in spite of them.Sometimes the dialogue got a bit corny And sometimes Simon bordered very heavily on TSTL But despite all of that, I was hooked on the emotional journey.I felt that Toni s actions were realistic and justified And if Simon was quick to judge her, that just means his groveling was e [...]

  • 2.5 stars for the story.1 star for the narrator.I read this years ago and liked it No idea now why I would have liked it so much before.I struggled to finish this audio version, but audiobooks are pricey and I made myself listen to the whole thing.If there had not been a narrator s name listed on the packaging, I would have sworn this was a result of a text to voice program No emotion at all It just about put me to sleep and that is not good when driving

  • I ve had my eye on this book for quite a while So, I decided to splurge and buy it This was everything I thought it would be A great friends to lovers book, plus the hero Simon was Toni s brother s best friend Those relationship dynamics are always fun My only complaint came toward the end of the book I was on board throughout the whole story until Toni and Simon had a huge fight I was even fine with him being a jerk What I didn t like was how as soon as he said sorry she took him back I felt li [...]

  • Fun little book Sweet heroine and clueless hero All in all it unfolded in a pretty seamless way Classic romance story telling I need to check and see if any of the other men in the book have their own stories.

  • This is the first book I have read by this author She is an excellent storytellerright from the start I was engrossed by the premise for this book and tore through it to find out what would happen I also think she did a fantastic job describing the emotional POV of the heroine But the way things played out at the end of this book killed it for me First of all, there were too many typos confident and confidant about using spell check , the ending was horribly abrupt and unsatisfying, the big blac [...]

  • OH MY GAWD O speechless Antonia or Toni, is living with her older brother, Matt and his two bestfriends, Simon and A J after her parents gone She s content and happy, mostly because she s having a big crush to Simon Until one day, she find out that she s pregnant With Simon s child Simon, betrayed by Starla, his long time girlfriend, gone drinking and when he come home, he see Toni And everything went blur I Have Nothing To say But WOW Seducing Simon is everything I want in book Mostly the angst [...]

  • This book was like a little soap opera i had so much fun reading this one Toni gets knocked up by one of her brother s best friends Simon who she s been in love with like forever, but wait Simon has no idea that he slept with his best friend little sister because he was so drunk when it happened How does she tell him about the baby when he doesn t remember their night together.

  • Meh I usually like Maya Banks stories but this one was just okay Might have given it a 4 star rating if Simon hadn t used the endearment little minx GAG REALLY What guy ever says that Sorry, that s one I just can t handle The story overall had that harlequin feel to it which is another detractor factor for me.

  • Okay, this book has been in my TBR pile for a while I was torn Anything by Maya Banks is great, but a secret pregnancyally, I mean seriously And so Seducing Simon languished near the bottom of the pile, patiently waiting for me to come to my senses Of course, as I read this book little snippets like oh ye of little faith floated through my mind Toni lives with her brother and their two best friends I know, that s what I thought, just breathe through it and remember that it s a Maya Banks novel S [...]

  • Awesome Story i LOVED every line, every word of it view spoiler The story is about basically about Toni Simon s story but in general it is about a girl Toni who had a crush on a boy Simon since forever and one the night he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Toni spend it alone at home crying her eyes out ,and that s when Simon return home angry cause he found out the woman he wanted to marry was cheating on him d that s exactly the same night he took comfort in Toni s arms they had sex and he c [...]

  • I m so surprised at how much I liked this book The premise is so much like a Jerry Springer episode except regular, normal people are involved LOLAnyway Toni is living with her brother Matt and his firefighter buddies A.J and Simon Toni has been secretly in love with Simon since forever She s afraid to tell him and knows that he just sees her as a friend.Simon has just broken up with his cheating girlfriend He comes home and gets drunk Apparently he s a light weight so it doesn t take any time a [...]

  • i had been wanting to read this book for a while and i finally bought the audio book several weeks ago i wasn t overly impressed with it the story line seemed interesting at the time, but it was a bit ridiculous when i read it a brother and sister inherited their parents home and have their two best friends live with them the sister is in love with one of the room mates and has sex with him when he s drunk and he doesn t remember she gets preggo and it s his cause of course she was a virgin now [...]

  • Simon and Toni s Love journey Toni lives with Simon and two other male roommates one of which is her brother They all get along very well the only problem is Toni loves Simon and Simon has no idea Toni wants to tell Simon that she loves him or at least wants to have a relationship with him but the timing is never right Then one night all the stars align and they hook up The only problem is on this fateful night Simon breaks up with his girlfriend gets drunk and has unprotected sex with Toni Now [...]

  • Toni has been in love with Simon since she met him, but as her brother s best friend and one of three other roommates she has been shelved to the little sister shelf Another glaring problem was his girlfriend, but on the eave of his proposal he catches his girlfriend in bed with another man and comes home drunk, drinks some and when Toni believes her dream has come true and they share an intimacy, she is elated until she calls him his girlfriend s name.Two months later Toni is pregnant, Simon d [...]

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