Trixie Belden And The Mystery Of The Phantom Grasshopper

Trixie Belden And The Mystery Of The Phantom Grasshopper Trixie and her friends investigate the disappearance of Sleepyside s beloved weather vane
  • Title: Trixie Belden And The Mystery Of The Phantom Grasshopper
  • Author: Kathryn Kenny
  • ISBN: 9780307615893
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trixie Belden And The Mystery Of The Phantom Grasshopper
    Trixie and her friends investigate the disappearance of Sleepyside s beloved weather vane.
    Trixie Belden And The Mystery Of The Phantom Grasshopper By Kathryn Kenny,
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    The Kathryn Kenny pseudonym was created by Western Publishing House in 1961, three years after Julie Campbell wrote her last book 6 of the Trixie Belden series There were several ghost writers who wrote Trixie Belden stories under this pseudonym Some have been identified and later credited but some are still unknown.


  • Growing up, I loved reading these books I liked Trixie Belden much better than the Nancy Drew mysteries, probably because I could relate easily to Trixie and her friends The cases they worked on seemed realistic, and they didn t have an endless supply of money and cars at their disposal to chase after the villains This is a really fun series The books were out of print for a long time, but I heard that they ve released a new edition of most of the books I m excited to start collecting them.

  • This is one of my favorites in the series Partly because it takes place in Sleepyside, but also because I enjoy the lore over Hoppya copper grasshopper weather vane over town hall This book has a lot of sweet elements in it and is just a good, fun, read.

  • Of the three Trixie Belden books I read over the past couple of days, this was by far my favorite and in my opinion the best written of the three.

  • a HUGE and most dedicated fan of Trixie and her crew This is odd, of course, because they were MEANT for teen and pre teen girls, but I was a young boy that read everything he could get his hands on and when I first stumbled on my first TRIXIE BELDON book I was instantly hooked I immediately sat about reading them all, as quickly as I could get my greedy little paws on them Trixie is the star, or lead character, followed by Jim and Honey who quickly became the love of my young life, I had a tota [...]

  • A childhood favorite re visited.Is the story as good as I remember YesWhat ages would I recommend it too Ten and up.Length Most of a day s read.Characters Memorable, several characters.Setting Real world, pre computer and pre cell phone.Written approximately 1977.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Ready to read .Any issues the author or a recent publisher should cover Yes A slight mention of the time frame of the story as the teens are given far freedom to come and go as they p [...]

  • I really did enjoy this book, none of the Kathryn Kenney books have quite gotten five stars from me yet, though The mystery really was there, and that was the entire focus of the book I m glad the mystery was enjoyable for me, even if it was a bit of a strange plot And Trixie has this sudden obsession with a metal grasshopper sitting on top of town hall I found that a little weird, but whatever Four stars out of five I would read this book again And I have actually this is my second time reading [...]

  • 10 2 12 I needed a quick read before picking up a new book that comes out today and a Trixie always fits the bill for that I picked this one due to its autumn setting I enjoy the characterizations in this one All the BWGs working together, Mart and Trixie not bickering but still getting in good natured jibes at one another, and Trixie and Bobby s relationship is sweet, too The mystery is pretty good, although the way the BWG s suddenly figured out the songs on the radio signal clue was a little [...]

  • If I am looking around for a fun, comfort read, there is none better than the Trixie Belden series In this story the town hall weather vane, Hoppy the Grasshopper, is stolen and it is up to Trixie and her friends to solve the mystery What I learned from reading this story is that weather vanes were popular in the northeastern part of the United States and to be on the lookout for them on programs such as Antiques Roadshow as examples of folk art Trixie is back with her best friend Honey and her [...]

  • When a violent storm blows through Sleepyside, the antique weather vane vanishes, and Trixie Belden sets out to find it and bring it home Lots of fun with great characters, although the mystery is a bit straight forward.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • 10 21 10 10 22 10 Oh, I can t say it enough I love Trixie Belden As I m reading these, Bobby seems to be taking on a bigger role, probably because he s getting older He was very important to the mystery in this one and the one before it Of course Trixie solved the case, but as to how, I m going to let you figure that out.

  • Although the description of this book makes it sound ridiculous, Trixie and the Bobwhites are actually looking for an antique grasshopper shaped weather vane It s not a bad addition to the Trixie Belden Series at all.

  • Trixie Belden was one of my earliest great media obsessions I absolutely adored all of the books and desperately wanted to be Trixie.

  • Bobby Belden is paramount in this plot woo hoo baby Belden He is an adorable character and it is nice to see him growing up.

  • A solid trixie, though having something new in town never mentioned before in any 17 previous books was rather odd But I guess they do what ideas they could.

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