Rocks If there s one thing Karla Pietersen loves than sex it s diamonds and she knows how to use all her charms to get what she wants The Wallenstein diamond is the ideal match for an intrepid con artist
  • Title: Rocks
  • Author: M.J. Lawless
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  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rocks
    If there s one thing Karla Pietersen loves than sex, it s diamonds and she knows how to use all her charms to get what she wants The Wallenstein diamond is the ideal match for an intrepid con artist, as perfect as Karla herself, and she has devised a cunning scheme to make it hers.Unfortunately for Karla she s not the only one with her sights set on the WallensteinIf there s one thing Karla Pietersen loves than sex, it s diamonds and she knows how to use all her charms to get what she wants The Wallenstein diamond is the ideal match for an intrepid con artist, as perfect as Karla herself, and she has devised a cunning scheme to make it hers.Unfortunately for Karla she s not the only one with her sights set on the Wallenstein Charismatic Hayden Carter enjoys stealing other men s riches as much as he enjoys stealing other women s hearts, and his own plan to possess a flawless gemstone is not going to be hindered by a woman s ambition Nor is Hayden the type of man to fall for Karla s usual tricks if anything, he intends to take than the purloined diamond.Yet when the original owners of the Wallenstein hire a hitman to track down what is theirs, Karla and Hayden find themselves thrown together in the bizarrest of circumstances And when their passions are stimulated by than wealth they discover that maybe it s not only diamonds that last forever.
    Rocks By M.J. Lawless,
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    M J Lawless has worked as a journalist for over a decade, and in the past five years has pursued freelance work for a number of publications More recently, she has turned her hand to writing contemporary romance fiction, with her trilogy, Crystal Fragments, having been published in 2012 She also writes non erotic fiction as Miriam Lawless.She lives in the south west of England with her husband and two children.You can also find her on Facebook at facebook MJLawlessAuthor


  • Rocks stand alone A funny, suspenseful sexy romp about two con artists who keep falling into bed with each other while chasing after the same 20 carat diamond And I ll help you get clean, he replied Just after I ve made you dirty all over again Rocks is the story about two con artist, Karla Pietersen and Hayden Carter who, unbeknownst to each other are out to steal the same diamond, the very famous 20 carat Wallenstein diamond Needless to say it doesn t take long for them to fall into bed, for s [...]

  • ARC recieved for an honest review Rocks What a Gem I really enjoyed the plot of this book, it reminded me of some great films and drama genre which I love.The storyline was well thought out, told in third person from each of the characters perspectives.We meet Karla in the first chapter, she s a one time only, exebitionist, a real beauty with a sirens charm She s also a con artist who hustles for the love of it From the very beginning the book has some really hot scenes She uses her charms to pe [...]

  • ARC provided by author via SueBee in exchange for an honest review BR with SueBee 3.5 4 stars In the beginning we meet Karla Pietersen Karla is a strong, beautiful, confident, woman She is extremely fond of sex and diamonds She is a con artist who is constantly changing her appearance and uses her looks to get whatever she wants Karla is used to manipulating seducing men, and nothing can stop her or get in her way That is until she meets her match in fellow con artist Hayden Carter Karla s lates [...]

  • ARC copy from MJ Lawless for honest review.Great little gem of a read The story of Karla and essentially Hayden two people after the same thing, a diamond It s a bit of a cat and mouse story where s the diamond Oh there s a fake one around too thanks to Karla s persuasion of Maarten, the diamond cutter.The couple are playing chase the diamond as well having fabulous steamy sex with other.Hayden, when intercepted by Lars a hit man bought in to recoup the diamond, gets a guilt trip about Karla and [...]

  • ARC received for an honest review.Firstly I absolutely love the cover of this book, always tempted by a good cover.I have loved reading this book the sex is hot, there s a lot of humour in there and it makes a great change to read about places that are familiar to oneself, Snowdonia, Hollyhead, Heathrow.I did find the begining a little slow at first but I am a sucker for a HEA that s why I am going to give this book 4.Karla is a fantastic character knows exactly how to seduce men certainly can h [...]

  • ARC received for an honest review from author.I really enjoyed reading the book, it was a great mix of romance and drama The story is told from the pov of Karla and Hayden, with also some POV from other characters such as Maarten and Larrs This really added to the story as it helped provide background to the story Karla was a great, strong lead female who knew what she wants and how to get it The male characters are great to especially Hayden who is one hot man who like Karla knows what he want [...]

  • I felt this novel moved a little slow at first but got better as I got further into it Karla is one strong, sassy, confident sexy lady and she knows what she wants and goes for it.Hayden is every girls dream guy he is mine anyway Buff, good looking and excellent in the bed department My favourite scene in the book was when Hayden got handcuffed to the bed The sex scenes were hot.Would of be nice to know how Karla and Haydens beautiful future gets on I can t decide between 3 or 4 stars so for thi [...]

  • ARC from author in return for an honest reviewKarla Pietersen is a girl of many.ny names, many faces, many nationalities and many hair colours An in bred hustler, Karla has her eyes set on something quite fabulous the Wallenstein diamond and she will stop at nothing to make it hers Karla is feisty, fun and can charm the pants off any guy Although just the once, she never looks back, never returns for secondsEnter Hayden Carter.d buddy personified He could than match Karla in the charm departmen [...]

  • Think along the lines of an x rated version of Hustle used to be on the BBC if you re not familiar and you re not too wide off the mark With a great storyline, interesting characters we have a lady who uses sex as a weapon, a man whore, a hypochondriacal wuss and a hitman, plus an abundance of horizontal and vertical activities, it s a book that will make you laugh, hold your breath and reach for the fan.Admittedly I found it a touch slow to start with But we re only talking a couple of chapters [...]

  • ARC for honest review.I read this book in a day and was sorry it came to an end As usual with this author s writing, her character development is excellent and I was pleased that most of the characters, even the minor ones, became likeable as the book progressed At times I felt the narrative was uneasily perched between a thriller and a farce and I think I preferred the thriller aspect I didn t find the plot terribly amusing as the story was always overlaid with some menace in some cases it was [...]

  • This started off so good A hot heroine that knows how and when to get what she wants , exactly how she wants it She s my kinda gal and I love her personality The hero was also going good in the first half of the story,they had chemistry and everything was intrigue and cool UNTIL the middle ,I have no idea where this was going and it turned into a shit storm I felt this had no direction , was all over the place and I had to scratch my head a few times Figuratively inoder to figure where this was [...]

  • It took me some time to get into the story, as it progressed there were some steamy sex scenes to keep my interest I would have like to feel from the relationship of Hayden and Karla as I felt the storey ended a bit quickly for me t o feel the lurve However there was a HEA.I think 3.5 stars sums it up for me.

  • I received an ARC for a review I loved the Crystal Fragments Trilogy so I was really eager to read Rocks I really loved this book it was kind of like Snatch meets The Tourist I was hooked from the first page and i truly loved Karla and Hayden I read from start to finish I don t want to give anything away so you should just read it.

  • Get your rocks off baby I received Rocks as an ARC from the author in return for an honest review.Rocks Diamonds certainly are not a girls best friend when we can have Hayden Carter instead.Where do I begin Well MJ Lawless has once again sucked us in to her imaginative naughty world, with descriptive scenes spanning across Europe where you can immerse yourself in the settings she has provided Thrilling storyline Think patriot Games mixed in with a bit of Oceans 11 with a leading man to rival Har [...]

  • ARC received for honest review.I m amazed Karla finds time to steal anything considering the amount of time she spends on her knees or on her back This book has twists and turns, two different robberies, and a psycho hit man It s one of those books you could actually imagine as a film,if you toned down the sex that is.The book starts with the robbery, or robberies rather and then it s like a game of ping pong as the treasure passes from one thief to the next There are laugh out loud moments, ho [...]

  • I liked the book, if it had been a film and you had blinked you would miss something The first few chapters are really fast and you need to pay attention or you will lose the plot with saying that it had some hot smouldering scenes and the banter was good and really funny in places It was a cross between Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Entrapment, and I gotta say the plot was refreshing and original, I really like this author check out the Crystal Fragments Trilogy too D

  • ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewI really liked this book There was good banter and sizzle between Karla and Hayden.I also love my books with humour too and this didn t disappoint

  • Received a copy of Rocks from the author M J Lawless to reviewWhat can I say I Loved it A raunchy fast paced story, fun and naughty the way I like it reminded me of a much sexed up version of Hustle I recommend this as an easy fun flirty read.

  • Loved this book, a good mix of humour, sexiness and drama, something to appeal to everyone.Karla is an amazing heroine, nothing phases her in fact she thrives on adventure and in Hayden she has met her matcha fun storyline that I enjoyed from beginning to end and happily recommend

  • I loved the banter between Karla Hayden very amusing The story has a good mixture of humour, drama and sizzles.Poor Marteen I felt for him.

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