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  • Title: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind
  • Author: Shunryu Suzuki
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  • Page: 441
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind
    Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind By Shunryu Suzuki,
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    Suzuki Roshi was a S t Zen monk and teacher who helped popularize Zen Buddhism in the United States, and is renowned for founding the first Buddhist monastery outside Asia Tassajara Zen Mountain Center Suzuki founded San Francisco Zen Center, which along with its affiliate temples, comprises one of the most influential Zen organizations in the United States A book of his teachings, Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind, is one of the most popular books on Zen and Buddhism in the West


  • This book was recommended to me by various persons in different phases of my life, but I clearly wasn t ready to read it till now Suzuki s talks on zazen are spare and direct, demystifying Buddhism as a religion or philosophy and continually bringing the focus back to the simple and perfect practice of sitting cleaning out your mind through meditation Though we all choose different paths according to our culture and temperament, the ultimate desire is the same for the soul or big I to freely exp [...]

  • In the zazen posture, your mind and body have the great power to accept things as they are, whether agreeable or disagreeable How do I put this into words This does actually work Simple Zen meditation on a nightly basis does help to put things into perspective It helps clear the mind and get rid of those false delusions and expectations it helps you move away from dangerous attachment and recognise the impermanence of everything Not to mention its benefits in reducing stress and actually allowin [...]

  • If and when you meet The Buddha, Kill him Then come back And sit Sit In Zazen Be Enlightenment is there,Before it arrives.

  • I know this is supposed to be THE zen book for beginners, by one of the most influential western zen masters, etc But it didn t set a fire under me at all I found myself trying to mine a few words of relevant wisdom from chapter after chapter of semi opaque discourse It s not that the book is difficult to read, but that the insights offered by Suzuki Roshi undeniably a great zen master are the insights of an old man who has been practicing zen for a long time and talking to serious zen students [...]

  • The most important things in our practice are our physical posture and our way of breathing We are not so concerned about a deep understanding of Buddhism p99 To cook is not just to prepare for someone or for yourself it is to express your sincerity So when you cook you should express yourself in the activity in the kitchen You should allow plenty of time you should work on it with nothing in your mind, and without expecting anything You should just cook That is also an expression of our sinceri [...]

  • One of the classic introductions of Buddhist Zen practice in America So many books on Zen written since this small jewel first came out forty five years ago Is there really to say than shikan taza just sitting When you bow, you should just bow when you sit you should just sit when you eat you should just eat When you do this, the universal nature is there We are achievers, us westerners Goal oriented Forever striving But what if what your heart most wants even if you don t know it is already th [...]

  • This book had been on my radar for a while, and then in his bibliography of Don t Be A Jerk review show , Brad Warner basically says You need this book Who am I to argue with Brad As the subtitle Informal talks on Zen meditation and practice implies, the essays in this book are transcripts of lectures Shunryu Suzuki gave to students, arranged by topics Suzuki is often described as a founding father of Zen in America, as he was one of the first to bring the teachings to the continent and to teach [...]

  • This is the best non academic introduction to Zen Buddhism that I ve come upon What caught me especially was a moment in the introduction when an interview with Suzuki was interrupted by his wife She was serving tea, overheard part of his discourse and remarked to the interviewer that, in essence, he was full of shit, having never attained satori all given and taken in good humor.

  • I read this book, learned a lot, and decided to do the exact opposite what is the opposite of Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind exactly I dunno Crazy Expert Mind

  • As a music performance major who is burned out and bitter going into her last year of her undergraduate career, this book was invaluable for its ability to have the notion of practicing zazen also be equal to practicing her instrument.I have taken a bit of a break from meditation and music for 3 4 months now, and these informal talks are exactly the kind of thing I need to get myself to head in the right direction It s a book that I recommend re visiting often, for it provides a perfect impetus [...]

  • Gham aur khushi mein fark na mehsoos ho jahaanMain dil ko us makaam pe lata chala gayaWhere there is no difference feltbetween Joy and pain,I kept bringing my heart to that realm,again and again Movie Hum Dono Lyricist Sahir Ludhiyanviyoutube watch v BCUUgy It is practice, is what enlightenment is And you won t be able to say it in words Words, they just confuse.

  • When you become you, Zen becomes Zen When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings.

  • This book is frustrating to read There is some wisdom here, and in Zen Buddhism generally, but the delight Suzuki takes in paradoxes and contradictions serves to obscure his meaning, rather than illuminating it, eg we prepare by being unprepared.The book gets its title from his contention that wisdom consists in being open to the present moment, with the eagerness of the beginner, rather than closing oneself off like the self styled expert A closely related concept is that of zazen, which, to th [...]

  • Short and to the point What I like about books about Buddhism, Taoism and so on, is that they make you feel really relaxed and accepting of yourself Although self improvement books on how to get rich, find love, loose weight etc are great, it s nice to hear that life can be uneventful and boring, yet completely satisfying if you just stop and relax PS On a personal note People who have been the happiest in their lives, who lived the longest and didn t get ill as often, were not the ones that wer [...]

  • Exceptional, and highly surprising Really helpful in clearing up obstacles to motivation, and why we sometimes cannot practice complete tasks.Some quotes Keep your practice pure In the beginner s mind, there are many possibilities In the expert s mind, there are few When our mind is compassionate, it is boundless The most important point is to own your own physical body when we have our body and mind in order, everything will exist in the right place, in the right way When my teacher was 70 he s [...]

  • You don t have to understand it to love it I bought this book eighteen years ago When I bought it, I understood little of it but for the past 18 years it has been my favourite companion book helping me to calm down before I went to sleep I have never read a new age book and pride myself on being hard headed, but nonetheless the soothing, calm prose was reassuring even if enigmatic 18 years on, I now actually understand quite a bit of it and read it not only for the prose style but for the meanin [...]

  • This book was put together from a series of lectures by Shunyru Suzuki who was one of the first Zen Buddhist teachers to share Buddhism with Americans in the middle to late 20th century I met Suzuki when I was a teenager, and was influenced by him a great deal Because of him I found that I was very attracted to meditation practice and to his particular style of teaching He was a good spiritual friend In this book Shunryu expresses the heart of Zen in the simplest but most profound ways His style [...]

  • As an introductory book to Zen Buddhism, this is quite daunting or useless The publishing industry seems to have cashed into the misconception that this this is a book for beginners because it has Beginner s Mind in the title This book is really not where you should be starting as the first point for any sort of reading on Buddhism Zen or not I d recommend reading something else first, actually attending a zazen session somewhere and then reading this book to get the full impact.Suzuki s talks a [...]

  • This book is a classic to be read from time to time At present I am not reading it but have convinced my 15 year old sn to read it hoping that it, together with long conversations and care, will immediately help him with his teenage angst Even , I hope the ideas in the book can be planted now to bloom later.Those are just some thoughts about some present concerns The main reason for the posting is to pass on something I read that as not in a book It is this powerful Zen koan Count the stars in t [...]

  • I am not the only Westerner to be moved by this, the first Zen tract aimed specifically at an American audience And maybe to the Zen true believer Western or otherwise it s Zen lite, I don t know I m not a Buddhist or anything, much less a Zen master But reading Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind helped me realize that Zen is not so much about religion as it is about discipline of all kinds it is, in fact, a discipline about discipline Not so much the rap your knuckles kind More the fall down seven times [...]

  • Some take aways Right attitude is to have strong confidence in our original nature Repetition Concentration on our usual everyday routine When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself Study yourself and forget yourself When you become you, Zen becomes Zen When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings Big mind is something to express, not something to figure out Big mind is something you have [...]

  • Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind by the late Shunryu Suzuki is the most interesting book on Zen Buddhism I ve read so far I thought it was a pleasure to read, and unlike so often, I just took my time reading it, taking one chapter a day There is something calming about reading it, and I think that has to do with the author voice It is a bit like sitting somewhere, listening to a knowledgeable man talking about the subject.Partly that is because it s not written It is a collection of talks Shunryu Suzuk [...]

  • Is it strange that this book was essentially my father s manual for child rearing The best way to control people is to encourage them to be mischievous To give your sheep or cow a large, spacious meadow is the way to control him So it is with people first let them do what they want, and watch them This is the best policy To ignore them is not good that is the worst policy The second worst is trying to control them The best one is to watch them, just to watch them, without trying to control them. [...]

  • The title Beginner s Mind could might mislead a few, as it refers to the idea of maintaining an open, childlike mind, and never acting or feeling as though one has ACHIEVED enlightenment Beginner s mind in this case refers to the state of mind we have when first jump into any endeavour Be always searching, always growing Each chapter is just the right length for a cup of tea or coffee Crooked Cucumber is a biography of Suzuki and a wonderful intro to Zen Mind.In this world of Space and Time Trut [...]

  • Simply just one of the best books I ve read about Zen I have been practicing for a while and have heard this book referenced by teachers and students for a long time, and finally got around to reading it I think this is a book with an extreme amount of depth, one that will reward many rereadings Despite the title, I don t think this is a good introduction to Zen practice This is a book that will mean a lot if you have been practicing zazen meditation for a while In many ways, this book seems li [...]

  • Ksi ka napisana jest w formie przepisanych wyk ad w jednego z najwa niejszych mistrz w zen XX wieku Przez to ksi ka traci troch na odbiorze mistrz nie pr buje czytelnie wyja ni o co mu chodzi, to p ynnie wychodz ce z jego ust s owa, kt re na papierze brzmi jeszcze bardziej enigmatycznie Samo zen r wnie , przynajmniej w taki spos b jak zosta o wyja nione tutaj, nie przemawia do mnie mimo, e wcze niej czu am wi z t filozofi ide Ksi ka polecana jest jako dobry wst p do praktyki, ale mnie zdecydowan [...]

  • This is one of the first Zen books I read or attempted to read I understand it, but then I don t understand it So, it works but does it Let your mind be a blank slate Try it.

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