Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets Dusty has always been a hothead far impulsive than her twin Nick the calm cool and collected one of the pair But Nick is dead found murdered in their local cemetery and Dusty simply can t rest u
  • Title: Buried Secrets
  • Author: Emme Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781609827472
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • Buried Secrets
    Dusty has always been a hothead, far impulsive than her twin, Nick, the calm, cool and collected one of the pair But Nick is dead, found murdered in their local cemetery, and Dusty simply can t rest until she finds out who or what has killed her brother.Sure the local authorities aren t being straight with her or anyone else about what s been going on in their littleDusty has always been a hothead, far impulsive than her twin, Nick, the calm, cool and collected one of the pair But Nick is dead, found murdered in their local cemetery, and Dusty simply can t rest until she finds out who or what has killed her brother.Sure the local authorities aren t being straight with her or anyone else about what s been going on in their little upper Michigan town, Dusty delays going off to college for a semester, defying her father and stepmother and taking a job in the local bar to start doing some digging.Her focus soon fixes on Shane, her brother s best friend and the town bad boy The tension and rivalry between Dusty and Shane has always been palpable and sparks fly as the two collide Dusty finds herself sinking in deeper with Shane and the mystery of what happened to her brother and a lengthening list of victims grows even stranger.When everything comes to a head, Dusty focuses on one thing What happened the night her brother was killed in the cemetery She s sure Shane is keeping a secret and she s determined to find out what it is, one way or another.
    Buried Secrets By Emme Rollins,
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    Emme Rollins is a NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of New Adult Mature Young Adult fiction She s been writing since she could hold a crayon and still chews her pen caps to a mangled plastic mess She did not, however, eat paste as a kid She has two degrees, a bachelor s and a master s, one of which she s still paying for, but neither of which she uses out in the real world, because when she isn t writing, she spends her time growing an organic garden to feed her husband and children and far too many rabbits and deer where they live on twenty gorgeous forested acres in rural Michigan.She loves tending her beehives and keeping up with her daily yoga practice and going for long walks in the woods with her boxer dog, who loves chasing squirrels almost as much as Emme loves writing Emme loves hearing from fans, so feel free to use the contact page on her site to connect with her emmerollins


  • Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksBuried Secrets was one tough book to label New adult, mystery suspense, romance, paranormalThat last one I didn t expect and it s probably what bugged me the most.Storyline So, we meet Dusty, eighteen year old girl, on funeral of her twin brother Nick She s inconsolable and can t get over the fact that her brother was killed Who jumps in Nick s best friend Shane Of course Dusty tries to find out what happened and soon enough find herself in the arms of town s in [...]

  • ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.I loved Dear Rockstar, so when given a chance to read Buried Secrets I jumped on it Knowing only that it was going to be a much different kind of story I had no idea what else I was going to experience reading this This story was so much different than what I would normally read, but I found myself completely sucked into it within just a few pages Emme Rollins created a whole new world within this story filled with friendships, love, [...]

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  • Firstly i would like to thank Emme Rollins for giving me the honor of reading her latest book I have read her first book Dear Rockstar and loved it and i knew this would be no different, even though this book was different than the first i loved it just the same.Dusty is a fraternal twin, while she is the hotheaded on of the two Nick is the calm and collected one Then one night Nick is found dead at the local cemetery and of course Dusty has to find out why and how and if it was murder by who sh [...]

  • WOW This book had me hanging on the edge It exceeded the expectations I made for this I ve been going through books like it s chocolate, trying to find something new and different, and let me tell you, Buried Secrets is it I loved the characters and how they developed through the book, it was a breath of fresh air Shane s and Dusty s relationship was so cute, I fell in love with it in a snap Shane sigh I do love my bad boys, especially this misunderstood bad boy, how could I not An autism boy I [...]

  • Back to the shallow booksUGH Dusty is annoying I got that she is grieving the death of her brother and she is looking for the truth, but the storytelling it sucks unfortunatelly, waste of my time and money S

  • I discovered Emme Rollins when I read her fabulous book Dear Rockstar, which I loved So I was really excited when Buried Secrets was announced I was aware that it was a totally different kind of book no rockstars and I wondered if I was going to like it as much as the first.As there have been so many awesome reviews previously written which include a lot of information of the story summary, I have decided to just write down my feelings and thoughts after finishing reading the last page.Emme Roll [...]

  • ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I am once again blown away by the quality of Emme Rollins workwell and truly blown awayWhile NA YA is not usually a genre I read, I do make exceptions, and after having read Dear Rockstar I was than happy to pick this one up to review After reading an author and loving a book there s always a bit of apprehension in picking up a secondwill it be as good, or was the first a fluke Thankfully I needn t have worried In this romantic suspens [...]

  • Is there anything youcan t do Miss Rollins First off, I loved Dear Rockstar AND Dale sooooo much I mean, who wouldn t lol But I had no idea she was capable of this I am a really picky reader so I didn t really know what to expect going into this book I tend to stick to the dark romance genre, but Emme managed to keep me intrigued Okay, so this book had me feeling like Sherlock Holmes at times I was right there next to Dusty trying to figure out the mystery behind her twin brother s murder Nothin [...]

  • Okay let me start out by saying that I was torn on how to rate this book The cover is HOT, the story immediately grips you right from the beginning, and Shane and Dusty s story is amazing, torrid, and sad That being said Nick, the drug company, the things destroying things and people, the unexpected flash backs you didn t know you were in, the sideline with Sam, threw me and made me rate it lower.The author would take parts of the past and insert them into the story line but you didn t realize i [...]

  • OK, wow, so that was freaking cool.Let s see if I can get through this review without any spoilers Let me start by thanking the author and for providing a copy for an honest review.Emme Rollins literally had me in tears within the first chapter We meet Dusty in a closet, at a funeral We learn the funeral is for her twin brother not a spoiler, see the book blurb Her grief is raw, and real If you have ever lost someone important to you, Dusty s pain feels true It was actually painful to read Enter [...]

  • This was a great book The writing was excellent I thought it was going to be one thing and turned out to be something completely unexpected I like it when an author can catch me off guard most of the time and this was definitely one of those times This book is about love, loss, grief, acceptance, pain and the horrible things that can happen in life I laughed, I cried than once, and I laughed some , I was afraid of what would happen sometimes It was the first book I ve read by Emme, but certainl [...]

  • Emme Rollins has a way of grabbing the readers attention from the very beginning and keeping it throughout her amazing novels Starting the story at the brother of the main characters funeral really makes the reader want to carry on reading and find out how Dusty and the people around her will cope with their grief As we watch Dusty grow and mature we as the reader feel as if we are taking the journey with her, watching how she deals with not only her own sadness but also everyone around hers rea [...]

  • Freebie 26th August 2013This was a quick short murder suspense type book Unfortunately I found myself skimming and just wanting to get to the end to find out how Dusty s twin brother was murdered.My reaction to what happenedThen there was Shane, her brothers best friend who was hiding something from Dusty.Sometimes black is white Sometimes white is black Sometimes we re really not who we appear to be at all.The romance between the two of them was nice but maybe this genre just wasn t for me.If I [...]

  • Dusty s The main character pain seemed so real it kept you turning the pages from the start, I had to try real hard not to read it all in one sitting A mystery that needs solving before too many people and pets get hurt will keep you turning the pages Including the death of her twin brother and school football quarter back.The romance between Dusty and Shane as well as their tight knit group of high school friends is believable This would be great for teens but it does contain some sex scenes n [...]

  • 4.5 stars I LOVED this book It has a little bit of everything in it Romance, heartache, suspense, and even some horror I ll write soon but don t pass this one by

  • I want to thank the author and the Never Too Old For YA Books group for this free copy Here s my review WARNING It may contain spoilers There were things I liked and things I didn t like much in this book The story was good and the characters too But some moments were too slow and boring and I found myself not very interested Other moments were good, some were very hot, some cute and sweet, some creepy and a little horror style, and others made me almost shout Noooo Don t you dare Not him like i [...]

  • First of all I would like to say my thanks to Emme Rollins for an opportunity to read Buried Secrets just for the honest Review Let me start this review from my opinion in general I gave this book 4.5 stars It was easy, entertaining and exciting read, though there were some parts that left me with questions, I still enjoyed the book very much.The story begins from very sad moment and keeps that mood for a while That s what actually went hard for me first several chapters, because nothing was rea [...]

  • AWESOME After Dear Rockstar , an other totally different masterpiece I was riveted to the book.It goes straight to the jugular First scene the burial of Nick, Dusty s twin brother Heart wrenching scenes, intense grief I took it all I felt Dusty s pain and anger in my soul, her need to put the blame on someone I recently experienced the death of a loved one and remembered all the pain and the loss Each kind word offered is difficult to Dusty The quote killing someone with kindness , is so true.Th [...]

  • FYI this review contains small spoilers I really didn t know what type of book this was going to be, it ended up being mystery, romance, and paranormal kind of, I think It was not what I thought it was, I thought it was going to end up being a werewolf type of thing, thank goodness it wasn t My reactions while I was reading this book were apparently so dramatic that my husband asked me to tell him about the book At the point where Dusty finally finds out, he was like really is it all that and I [...]

  • I love Emme She writes amazing books and this one blew me out of the water I was guessing the entire book, I had like 100 theories by the time it got to finding out the secret and who or what was causing this chaos, some of my theories were right in a way Some secrets you would of never guessed, it was like what.I never would of guessed I don t know what I can say about this book without giving anything away I m happy after Nick s death Dusty and Shane were able to give their relationship a shot [...]

  • Oh Emme Rollins, how I love thee Let me count the ways I ll start with the heroes in your books sigh I wish they were real First it was Dale in Dear Rockstar and now it is Shane in Buried Secrets a new addition to my book boyfriend shelf.Next it s the stories, the ones that leave us entranced for a few hours as we run away to this world you ve created They give us the inability to actually put the book down when we should be doing something else like sleeping who needs sleep I can t forget your [...]

  • If you have not read anything by Emme Rolllins, do yourself a favor and discover this gem of a writer I read Dear Rockstar, a new adult contemporary romance novel, and I loved it She has now written Buried Secrets, and I LOVED it It s completely different than Dear Rockstar it s a new adult dark suspense novel Once I started reading it, I couldn t put it down It s horror, suspense, and a HOT romance This may sound crazy, but it reminded me of Stephen King s Silver Bullet but with a lot of romanc [...]

  • 3.5 StarsThis book starts out with Dusty in the closet at a funeral home Her twin brother Nick was murdered in the local cemetery She is determined to solve his murder but in the mean time her long time attraction for Nick s best friend gets in the way This book really confused me There were so many things going on and until the end of the book I didn t understand how everything fit together I really had a hard time deciding on giving this one 3 or 4 stars and unfortunately doesn t allow half st [...]

  • Reviewed by Whit Shooting Stars ReviewsBuried Secrets starts out with Dusty s twin brother being murdered Everyone says it was an animal attack, but Shane her brother s best friend acts differently when it comes to questions about that night So Dusty is bound and determined to find out who or what murdered her brother Her whole world is turned upside down now She doesn t want to go to college, and she doesn t want to be around her parents any longer either Not only that but the feelings she s ha [...]

  • I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would love to thank Emme Rollins, author of Buried Secrets for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.This story is really great, full of emotions and truly soul touching The author did justice to the characters and the plot as well and I really loved the development and blossoming of Dusty through out the book.I cried and felt sad for Dusty and I couldn t even imagine the [...]

  • This was a great story I loved it and will for sure be looking for books by this author.This is the story of Dusty The books starts out with her in a closet at a funeral home thinking about her mothers death funeral You think she is reliving it, but come to find out her brother has been killed Her brothers best friend, Shane, finds her in a closet and is trying to coax her to come out She is not dealing well with Nicks death, but it is her twin and I am sure that would be hard She knows that th [...]

  • WOW Emme Rollins has done it again I loved Dear Rockstar and totally loved this one It has a little suspense, romance and death This one will pull you in from the beginning with Dusty hiding in the coat closet at the funeral home at her twin brothers funeral and will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride until the end How does she go on living without Nick, her mother died when she was 14 and she doesn t know how much she can take And trying to get people to tell her who or what killed h [...]

  • Ok so I had this book sat on my ipad for a couple of months, I grabbed it when it was free, and Ive got to say I should of read it when I first got it I really liked Dusty, through the first part of this book she was a grieving mess, trying to figure out what killed her twin brother Nick Then she turned into a woman on a mission and it was good to see a determined side to her Shane was a brilliant character, I liked him from the start, nothing wrong with liking a hot bad boy lol.I couldnt put t [...]

  • This book was provided by the author for an honest review For a moment there at the end I didn t want to finish it, I was so afraid to finish it, but I ve done it.This book was so full of mystery and drama and tragedy I felt so sorry for Shane and Dusty, for what they had to live through And I feel so sad about Nick To have your life in front of you and lose it just like that.This book was so mind opening I got to think of our feeble existence, our ephemeral existence and I realized that we don [...]

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