P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man

P K Pinkerton and the Petrified Man The second book in a rip roaring adventure series set in the wild west After escaping the ruthless desperados P K finally feels safe in Virginia City and is ready to set up a new private eye business
  • Title: P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man
  • Author: Caroline Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780147510334
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man
    The second book in a rip roaring adventure series set in the wild west After escaping the ruthless desperados, P.K finally feels safe in Virginia City and is ready to set up a new private eye business But all the mysteries in town seem to be pranks until the day P.K meets a young maid named Martha Martha s employer has been found dead and now the killer is afterThe second book in a rip roaring adventure series set in the wild west After escaping the ruthless desperados, P.K finally feels safe in Virginia City and is ready to set up a new private eye business But all the mysteries in town seem to be pranks until the day P.K meets a young maid named Martha Martha s employer has been found dead and now the killer is after her The mystery takes a grave turn when Martha disappears, so P.K consults Poker Face Jace, an expert at people reading With his help, P.K inspects saloons and billiard rooms, and even tries sneaking into the coroner s office But time is quickly running out for P.K and Martha s life has never been in danger.
    P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man By Caroline Lawrence,
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      103 Caroline Lawrence
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    Caroline Lawrence won a scholarship to Cambridge to read Classical Archaeology, then did a degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies at University College London She now lives in London with her English husband and teaches Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Art and French to children.Series Roman MysteriesWestern Mysteries


  • I loved The Case of the Deadly Desperados so couldn t wait to catch up with our young detective P.K Pinkerton as he goes about solving his latest mystery in The Case of the Good Looking Corpse I mentioned in my review of the first book that I wasn t sure of P.K s gender and now having read the second book I have to admit that is still the case so I m going to continue to refer to him as male as that is the way he spends most of his time acting I have to applaud the author for making me change my [...]

  • P.K Pinkerton and the Petrified Man is set in the wild west in Virginia City P.K Pinkerton, an orphan twelve year old child, is recruited to find the murderer of Short Sally P.K finds that this will not be an easy task as many men look the same.This book was a very easy read, about three hours, but it was very fun to read It makes up for length in it s invigorating storyline I would recommend this book to people who want a quick, entertaining read.

  • A wonderful story with a wonderful character by a wonderful author MY full review is here jetowey 2012 06 case o

  • If you like mystery or western this series is definitely for you Even if you don t like either, it is well written and action packed and great for those who like amazing well thought out plot twists.

  • You know how there are certain authors whose books you feel sure you re going to enjoy, because you always do Caroline Lawrence is one of those for me She just gets stories And this one didn t disappoint.Pinky was a wonderful character in the first book and he she continues to be a great narrator in this one Pinky is a twelve year old, half Sioux, autistic child living in the American Wild West in 1862 The first book had some deliberate confusion as to whether Pinky is a boy or a girl, which was [...]

  • The random books Penguin sends me makes me happy None of the other publishers tend to send me off the wall stuff But Penguin does and I ve found some real gems that way Let s be honest, a middle grade western mystery Pfft.But P.K PINKERTON AND THE PETRIFIED MAN was terrific Let s face it, mystery series live and die based on the personalities of their detectives P.K is most definitely a personality He s twelve years old and recently orphaned He s started a detective agency where he uses his skil [...]

  • Great story, told in an amazing voice Strongly recommended for 10 This book does a fabulous job of bringing the Wild West to modern kids without shying away from unpleasant details, at the same time not overloading them Having P K narrate means that we get a child s eye view which is at once naive and realistic There are shootings, men of extremely dubious morals and prostitutes in this story, set against a background of Civil War, slavery and crime And yet, this is a children s book which I wou [...]

  • P.K Pinkerton and the Petrified Man is set in 1862 out in the wild west It s the second book in the series and has thrilling shoot outs, mystery, and comedy Theres many reasons why this book is exciting and tells a great story beyond itself P.K Pinkerton is a 12 year orphan, and detective with asperger s, he has trouble reading people s faces and still a really good detective nonetheless It was mid day in Virginia City, Nevada, and Pinkerton was encountered by a former slave girl named Martha Ma [...]

  • If anyone wants a lesson in world building, they can t get better than a Caroline Lawrence book.Her Roman Mysteries are so well crafted they re used as part of the Romans curriculum in many junior schools, and her PK Pinkerton Mysteries paint an equally compelling portrait of the American West of the 1860s.I read The Case of the Good Looking Corpse on a warm afternoon in the United Arab Emirates, sitting on the terrace, gazing out over scrubland and scorched earth, and as I turned the pages I wa [...]

  • Billed as a book for children, of what age range I can only hazard a guess one site puts it as low as ages 5 to 9 though I m pretty sure it must be for older children children aged 11.I don t know perhaps I m out of touch as to just what is suitable reading material for this age range or perhaps I m just shying away from them reading unpleasant details BUT there were several elements to this particular novel that concerned me various gruesome descriptions, men of fairly doubtful morals, the ment [...]

  • 1862 Virginia City Twelve year old P.K Pinkerton has just launched his detective business His first client is the ten year old servant, Martha, of recently murdered Short Sally Martha is hiding from the killer because she can identify him P.K must protect Martha s whereabouts during this investigation.This is a delightful mystery with lots of action, bad guys and disguises Poker Face Jace continues to teach P.K how to read a person s body language, and P.K is able to use these skills not only in [...]

  • Loved this one It s a western mystery, something that I think will have good appeal to kids, especially boys In 1862, after killing one desperado and ridding Virginia City of two others, twelve year old P.K Pinkerton opens up a detective office and waits for a mystery to solve One enters in the form of young Martha, a maid who witnesses her employer s murder Afraid of being found by the murderer, Martha leaves before giving P.K one small clue that makes no sense Undaunted, P.K carries on to gath [...]

  • It is 1862 Follow the clews as 12 year old child detective P K Pinkerton tries to solve the mystery of who killed Short Sally Sampson, a Soiled Dove in Virginia City Martha, Short Sally s maid, is a witness to the murder She describes the killer as tall slim blond with a billy goat beard Do you know how many men in Virginia City fit that description Trouble lurks around every corner Poor P.K can t trust anyone Fairly short chapters are written to keep you guessing The plot flows along quickly th [...]

  • P.K s trouble does not rest He escaped the deadly desperados, but soon is placed under arrest for the murder of Short Sally P.K wants to solve the crime, but surprisingly is arrested for the crime Now he sits in jail and writes his story before the trial What an action packed sequel to The Case of the Deadly Desperados P.K did set up his detective business and found a client, but his adventure turns foal P.K remains strong under the pressure, mystery, and disguises of his profession I love that [...]

  • Though Thieves Of Ostia was an assured and confident debut, this, the second in the PK Pinkerton series of western mysteries, is the delightful, well crafted work of an experienced author After all, I guessed the culprit early on in Thieves, but The Petrified Man kept me guessing till the final showdown Hired by by a terrified serving girl to find the man who murdered her mistress, a Soiled Dove ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo, the redoubtable, indefatigable but far from invulnerable PK cuts a [...]

  • After dispatching three deadly desperadoes in The Case of the Deadly Desperados, 12 year old detective P.K Pinkerton is again on the trail of the next villain to come to the hot blooded Wild West town of Virginia Young Martha, a maid in a house of Soiled Doves, witnesses a murder and hires P.K to find the killer Enlisting such oddly matched skills as identifying than 100 types of tobacco, brilliantly assuming a number of disguises, and speaking with a dry, clever wit, P.K hunts down clew after [...]

  • I don t think it s quite as strong as the first book, but it could be that it s just not as novel Nor quite as funny But it s still incredibly entertaining and I still find P.K to be such an interesting character And, for so many reasons, I think it s pretty ballsy sorry, crude, but it s the best word I can think of for Lawrence to be writing a series like this for kids and for Penguin for publishing it What am I referring to It s spoilery which maybe I don t care that much about and I need to g [...]

  • Maybe it s just me but I can t see that this book was meant to be read by children, even though it stars a 12 year old child It contains the violence of the Old West with shootings, saloon fights, murder, and references to soiled doves 12 year old P.K Pinkerton opens a detective agency in Virginia City in the West It s 1862 First case involves the murder of a lady of the night and the young negro girl who served her witnessed it Now Martha, the girl, is missing and someone the murderer is out to [...]

  • 12 year old P.K Pinkerton Master of Disguise, has vanquished the Desperados in the first book and has now set up business as a Private Detective in Virginia City, Nevada 1862 His first real client has witnessed a murder and fears for her life Can Pinky solve the case before he kills again This second book in the series stands easily on its own The old west feel is still there gunfights, saloons, jail and a deputy marshall The seedier aspects of the western experience are told through the voice o [...]

  • P.K Pinkerton and the Petrified man is about a 12 year old boy in Virginia city in the 1800 s.I kept on reading the series because I liked the first book so much.The plot continued with P.K being a private eye, at the beginning of the book He was in jail for killing someone in the first book.When he got out he opened his own private eye business and the story continues with him investigating Sally Sampson s murder.You will have to read it to find out who did it.P.K gets a lot of clues during the [...]

  • So much fun and a real page turner, this second book in the series takes up right after the first Tween detective P.K a boy who is half Lakota and half white living in Virginia City, NV, in the time of the Wild West, tries to find the killer of one of the soiled doves Hearing him describe how he puts together his list of suspects, uses observation and deduction to find clues, and the distinctive characters and setting, combine for a mystery novel with thought The narrative uses archaic language [...]

  • A decent story, though some of the affected style I thought blah blah blah I said, blah blah blah or the silly use of ampersands for most of the occurrences of and starts to wear thin in this sequel Another sore spot is the could of or would of in dialogue No one ever says that or hears that It s could ve or would ve Even with vernacular, doing it correctly would hurt no one Who could ve took it Also, clews instead of clues And no, I refuse to believe in the contrived notion that this book was w [...]

  • Boys have enjoyed these two books by Caroline.This one had a lot of tie backs to the first mystery, so I m glad we read them in order.There is some profanity, but also references to the Bible and how it relates to life Had Soiled Doves but did not elaborate only inferred of their life style The processing of the twelve year old detective makes me laugh, because it is so truee obvious sometimes eludes them, yet the mystery still continues even for me.

  • This is the first of the Pinkerton series I ve read and I loved it I think this is just the sort of book I d have loved as a child slightly naughty though moral and with lots of crime Brilliant setting.One thing it s wasted on children Hey Caroline, I think you should write an adult novel One other good thing too many books end too soon after the killer is unmasked, but this tied up all the ends in a satisfying way.

  • The second installment in the P.K Pinkerton mystery series P.K has set up as a detective and lands his first case, but when he is fingered as the prime suspect and threatened with hanging, the pressure is on Lawrence delivers another exciting mix of historical detail, unique characters and frontier town grit.

  • not as riveting as first but still great Love the setting but could wish for a better map of Virginia City Caroline Lawrence s books are full of period color and grit and remain too good for just kids Keep em coming

  • I m still reading first book but I so far love it Hopefully there will be from where that cane from Also wondered if the roman mystery series was for children I m 10 and I love mysteries action and some romance

  • P.K certainly has his hands full with this second case and he s only been in business as a detective for a few days This series continues to be full of shoot em ups, outlaws, and guest star historical figures The Nevada Territory is no place for the faint of heart.

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