Spades Calise Thomas trains with Chris and his accomplices at a secret location in the woods The only thing that links them together is their identical spade mark But they re not alone Something unseen and h
  • Title: Spades
  • Author: KristyEvans
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  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spades
    Calise Thomas trains with Chris and his accomplices at a secret location in the woods The only thing that links them together is their identical spade mark But they re not alone Something unseen and heavy is in their midst, watching their every move, stalking their every turn If Calise wants in, she must figure out who she is and what she s capable of before the haCalise Thomas trains with Chris and his accomplices at a secret location in the woods The only thing that links them together is their identical spade mark But they re not alone Something unseen and heavy is in their midst, watching their every move, stalking their every turn If Calise wants in, she must figure out who she is and what she s capable of before the haunting catches her first.
    Spades By KristyEvans,
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    KristyEvans Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spades book, this is one of the most wanted KristyEvans author readers around the world.


  • Spades, Cave of Mirrors is the intriguing third book in a series that s filled with mystery and romance As the story opens Calise and her partner Chris are rigorously training so that she can harness her blossoming powers and prepare for their first mission together Alone, their housemates away on missions their romance begins to sizzle even when their ex s try to tear them apart But will the circumstances behind the mysterious death of a former Spade damage their love The characters infuse life [...]

  • The storyline in Spades is intelligent and unique Not like most young adult novels what i enjoyed most was the idea of the haunted house and Calise s struggle to fit in The cause for her hallucinations was unexpected I m curious to see what unfolds in book two Book one was a dark,sensual,pleasant surprise.

  • Most often these mysterious saga s often forget the most important element to pour a solidifed foundation of the main character s This author get s a total A in this department I will be honest I was taken back by how the main character arrived into her position as a budding adventure character.The book evolves brilliantly and the story has intrigue as well as some steamy sexual undertones to keep most of us hoping for even a little I was charmed by Spade early and often Occassionaly, I felt ov [...]

  • Review first posted on my blog thisisjustabookblog.tumblr This book incredibly disappointing and I feel really misled, because it has really good reviews It averages about 3.8 stars on , and there are only 5 reviews under 4 stars on US UK only had one review And I know tastes differ, but this book was just bad Poorly written, poorly edited, poorly thought out just plain poor.So, let s start with the story I really felt like I had started the book about a third of the way in, because nothing made [...]

  • This book was a very interesting read and not what I really expected or the outcome for that matter I normally read too many book than I should so I took a shot with this one after reading some other reviews.The whole story revolves around or main character Calise who lives in California Calise believes she has nothing to live after been saved from an attempted suicide He savior introduces her to a weird group of kids cult like and being intrigued by this strange band she is initiated in their g [...]

  • I m not a writer, I can only imagine how difficult it is to try to get your work out there I ve read self published, first book, first time authors and indi books But as a reader, my experience with this book was prettyd The writing was hard to follow, the words, phrases, sentences were so confusing that it didn t make sense at the end At first I thought maybe this author is from a different country maybe where she s from they speak that way Well I checked and she s from here the U.S.Some scenes [...]

  • Maybe this book just wasn t my cup of tea, I thought it was going to be a type of mystery love story between her and Chris But in my opinion it was just a story about nothing I started it and kept thinking something would happen, or be revealed, that it would pick up and it never did Got it for free on so can t complain too much.

  • Book Review Spades by Kristy EvansCalise felt her life was dark and no longer worth it She decided to end it However a stranger named Chris refused to let her He saved her life that night in many ways He physically saved her life then invited her to come with him and join his group.Chris is a thief and leads a group of young thieves Tre, Kevin and Blue are around Calise s age However, they don t like her being there Blue is down right hateful Calise is only there because of Chris She is drawn to [...]

  • Calise is a 17 year old who has become emotionally distraught by the demands placed on her by her new step mother In a moment of desperation, she decides to end her own life in an attempt to join her deceased mother in heaven She is rescued by Chris, a gorgeous older man who treats her slashed wrists and represents a new hope to Calise Most likely this is due to a combination of Florence Nightingale Syndrome and a schoolgirl crush where Calise develops feelings for him and hopes that he feels th [...]

  • I really enjoyed Spades by Kristy Evans I think the characters were well thought out and executed rather well The story was interesting and kept me reading The only beef I had with this book was the cliffhanger I was so into this story and then it just abruptly ended The good news is the second book is available so you can easily purchase it and keep reading I think Chris s character was very mysterious and interesting There were questions raised with his character instead of answered in this b [...]

  • This book was difficult to read at first because there seemed to be no logic to a plot that begins with a seventeen year old girl escaping her life with an unloving father and overbearing stepmother by slitting her wrists She is rescued by a mysterious stranger and is taken to his house instead of a hospital to have her injuries taken care of which doesn t seem plausible unless her injuries weren t severe or he had medical training neither of which is evident For half the book I was mystified by [...]

  • I m not sure the synopsis explains the story very well Basically, its about a girl who is pretty brave and depressed, unable to live with her horrible stepmom any longer and how her dad ignores her, she tries to kill herself in the bathroom at an opera they are attending A mysterious man by the name of Chris saves her and whisks her off to a secret cabin in the middle of nowhere, to train for a new profession with his friends This sounds pretty sinister, which it is, but not Chris himself He is [...]

  • Excellent read For a YA book, this is very well written and edited There are a few issues, but nothing that derails this well thought out story Kristie is right up there with Trish Dawson and K.S Haigwood The main character, Calise, is a typical messed up teenager Her mother died, her father remarried and she s mad as hell at the world Sound familiar I know, we ve heard this before, or have we Calise attempts to take her life but it saved by a mysterious man named Chris, who being the Knight in [...]

  • This was fairly a new concept, for me at least, and I enjoyed every part of the book The writing style was easy and the action fast placed The romantic part of the story flowed normally I always appreciate when there isn t instant love in a book and it is clear from the start that there might be just physical attraction Calise Thomas, the main character, is that kind of teenage girl that gets thru enough She gets to experience grief, despair and depression and with the help of Chris she slowly l [...]

  • Calise is a young lady, who has had a few problems in her life The biggest one is she hates living with her father and step mother But she found a way out Through her new friend Chris and the group he belongs to All of the members of the group have a mysterious spade tattoo that Calise wants to know about But the answers are not coming quickly And there is a mysterious person telling her to RUN This is the second book in a series, and I really enjoyed reading it The book focuses on Calise, who [...]

  • I got this book on for free, which is why I read it at all I m a sucker for teen fantasy type of novels This book needs a good editor There were some very obvious typos and awkward sentences I also noticed multiple continuity issues with both this book as well as its sequel Yes, I did purchase the second book and paid money for it because I actually did get pulled into the story enough to want to see how the story would play out The main character, Calise, needs much development and perhaps som [...]

  • I found Spades to be a fantastic, interesting addition to the world of YA fiction available today The author has a real knack for creating characters that are unique and stand on their own, even if they are support characters Chris himself is written to be quite a cool guy, Chris friends come through as written with a lot of personality, and Calise is a refreshing heroine that works well in the setting.The dramatic storyline dabbles in depressing, suicide, crime, and an almost forbidden love bet [...]

  • This book was okay It had a lot of grammatical errors, especially towards the end I just could not understand Calise s obsession with Chris Besides the fact that he saved her and he was apparently hot, what else They didn t really have any special moments after that There really wasn t a build up towards anything special between them The other thing that bothered me was that she called her mom, mom mother Diane, it was just weird, stick with one.It was an easy read with good descriptions I almos [...]

  • Spades Book One is a solid, well written story I found it to be completely intense The characters are thoroughly developed and are very realistic The details and the setting are so descriptive that I felt like I was actually in the scenes myself I always read books before I let my daughter read them, and this book is totally suitable for a young adult The main character, Calise, is a strong, young woman, who pulls the reader into the story In reference to the other reviews that complained that t [...]

  • t didn t take too long for me to get hooked right into this book, the story is really intriguing and put together in a really clever way and the characters all have a solid foundation and personality to them The writing is excellent and put together in a way that puts a really good visual in your mind and transposes the authors expression very creatively So the writing and wordplay is good but what about the plot The story itself is really different than usual in a completely positive way, this [...]

  • I really enjoy book series, so when I stumbled upon Spades by Kristy Evans, I was quite excited It lived up to all my expectations It was a fast, riveting young adult novel that I would share with anyone We follow 17 year old Calise who is going through the hardship of just having lost her mother During this, she finds her safe haven in the woods with the guys she trains with They all have a Spade tattoo, and she wants to find out why One of the tattooed guys, Chris, appeals to Calise than the [...]

  • I m glad I had this book recommended to me I read it through in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it and went to look for the next book It is well written which makes for an easy read but it captivates you enough to keep reading After a few pages I was immersed in a world mixed with drama, thriller, and a hint of romance The lead character Calise is very complex and it s interesting to see how she evolves throughout the book after the loss she suffers and hitting rock bottom Written the way it [...]

  • Spades is a delightful mystery full of intrigue and interesting characters Evans chooses an appropriate setting deep in the Arkansas woods, as teen Calise Thomas is struggling with the recent death of her mother.And her relationship with her father is strained by his decision to remarry She isn t alone though as she has her male companion Chris to comfort her She even attempted suicide before coming here, being saved by Chris The plot is at times riveting and intense Even a bit complicated But t [...]

  • I found Spades to be an entertaining new young adult novel from Kristy Evans It centers around Calise whose mother has recently died and she feels lost and hopeless At this point she meets the handsome older Chris who saves her life and offers her a new start in life She is taken to an isolated cabin in the woods where she begins training for her mysterious new career The book has a nice dose of romance and mystery which make you interested to read Calise finds out about the missing member JE [...]

  • Spades by Kristy Evans, was a bit of surprise read for me It did take a chapter or two to really get me involved, but once it did, it s a fun and fast read and one I didn t want to put down I found the story to be thoroughly developed and the characters easy to connect with and fun to get to know The dialogue was a bit stiff in the beginning but again once the story picked up, so did the dialogue The story has a bit of romance, a bit of thriller and a bit of paranormal to it I just love that Thi [...]

  • I was a bit skeptical starting in on this book Seemed like nearly generic YA feel good.However, any time you throw in an over sized feline into the mix with ghosts, attempt at suicide and a murder mystery I m hooked This being the first of it s kind that I read, I must say Kristy did a lovely job with the whole thing.The only thing that drove me bugs is expression pick locking instead of lock picking but then I m bit of a Blue when it comes to silly things like thatAll in all awesome read and I [...]

  • All three books were AMAZING I don t understand who could NOT love these books Seriously I read all of them in two days and couldn t put my kindle down It starts off intriguing and mysterious and suddenly the plot just takes me over bY book three, I m addicted The characters are so natural I want to be there with them this world really comes to life, and I love how they gradually start taking Calise in I can easily see SPADES being a movie or maybe on Tv Might even be my favorite read this year. [...]

  • Calise Thomas trains with Chris and his accomplices at a secret location in the woods The only thing that links them together is their identical spade mark But they re not alone Something unseen and heavy is in their midst, watching their every move, stalking their every turn If Calise wants in, she must figure out who she is and what she s capable of before the haunting catches her first.Full review here cynsworkshop.wordpress 20

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