The Glass Bird Girl

The Glass Bird Girl The first in the exciting new Knight s Haddon series Orphan Edie is sent by her artdealer uncle to Knight s Haddon School to investigate the disappearance of a precious glass bird belonging to his se
  • Title: The Glass Bird Girl
  • Author: Esme Kerr
  • ISBN: 9781908435996
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Glass Bird Girl
    The first in the exciting new Knight s Haddon series Orphan Edie is sent by her artdealer uncle to Knight s Haddon School, to investigate the disappearance of a precious glass bird belonging to his secretive client s daughter, Anastasia, an unhappy Russian princess But what Edie uncovers instead is a dangerous mystery that only the girls themselves can solve.
    The Glass Bird Girl By Esme Kerr,
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    Esme Kerr went to ten schools and studied History at Oxford and Cambridge She has three children, two dogs, three cats and four fish She lives between Oxford and London.


  • 11 year old orphan, Edith Wilson, lives on an English farm with her guardian, Aunt Sophia, and her dreadful cousins The boys torture her, her Aunt ignores her, and she longs to visit her grandmother, who resides in a nursing home One day, her much older cousin Charles, comes to take her to Knight s Haddon, an all girls boarding school Charles employer, Russian Prince Stolonov, needs Edie to spy on his daughter, Anastasia, who the prince believes is being bullied As Edie and Anastasia s friendshi [...]

  • This book was amazing I loved it so much although at the first half or so were quite slow the ending was brilliant it really took a turn and it surprised me at the end because it turned out soooo different than what I expected which I loved and I loved the way it was described and it really made me picture it in my head I read it with my friend at the same time and she loved it too so I definitely recommend this book

  • E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineEdie s parents have died, and her grandmother goes blind and is sent to a nursing home, so Edie must go to her aunt s house, where she is miserable, tormented by her cousins who do really evil things like catch and eat her large goldfish Luckily, her cousin Charles is doing business with the Russian prince Stolonov, whose daughter Anastasia is enrolled in the strict, Luddite Knight s Haddon school but having problems there Edie is offered a position she may [...]

  • There s an evil plot afoot in this boarding school and there are far too many suspects to count Who would want to harm the princess Anastasia Is it just a bully Or is a far sinister plot unfolding That is what Edie is charged to find out Edie is an orphan who has been raised by her grandmother But when her grandmother is no longer able to take care of her, her new guardian becomes her Aunt Sophia, her mother s sister Edie is miserable living with her cousins and Aunt Sophia really couldn t care [...]

  • Think of a 19th century all girls English boarding school Conjured the image in your mind Headmistress, matron, whippet thin and beautiful teacher, beds lined up in a dormitory,a rich girl and a poor girl You ve got it, only this time the old fashioned boarding school is smack dab in the 21st century Parents send their children to Knights Haddon to learn in the old fashioned way no cellphones, computers, televisions, or Kindles Edie is sent to the school on the ominous mission to spy on the Russ [...]

  • I was expecting something a bit adventurous and mysterious While I really enjoyed Edie s character she certainly doesn t do well as a spy, but it was fun to watch her attempt to sneak around I found myself drawn to the adults in the story With every turn of phrase, with every tiny scene alone in their minds, I was drawn to that aspect of the mystery than what the girls were up to This book also contains a lot of fears over mental illness as well, paranoia and the like, and I wasn t sure if it [...]

  • An incredibly charming book that still manages to have a real edge to it, this is a loving and pitch perfect update of the traditional boarding school story The world building is wonderful, it has a gripping mystery at its heart, its adult characters are brilliantly mysterious and fascinating, and its child characters are absolutely believable and, at times, very believably horrid to each other It rollicks along at times slightly ridiculously, but that s allowed I can t wait for the next install [...]

  • If you adored Enid Blyton s boarding school stories and her famous five series you ll love this book It has the boarding school setting complete with lacrosse but with a famous fiveesque mystery An enjoyable read

  • Underbar bok Rekommenderar starkt d handlingen var bra dock lite luddigt och utdraget i mitten av boken men sen kommer handlingen ig ng igen

  • The setting in this one was supposed to be contemporary but the language used throughout made it seem like the 1950s Little confusing There was plenty to keep the reader intrigued, perhaps a little too much at times, but nothing really to make it stand out from the other boarding school mystery series.

  • Edith is an orphaned girl living in England She is offered a place at a boarding school by her uncle, in order that she will be a spy for his employer The other student, a Russian Princess is being bullied in her new boarding school and her father, the Prince, wants to get to the bottom of it This book was thrilling and mysterious, had strong female characters and plenty of intrigue.

  • Nancy Drew set in contemporary England though it feels like 50 years ago It s a middle school read, but engaging nonetheless.

  • Eh I was not very enad by the characters, and I didn t find the storyline very believable I also found it annoying that I couldn t tell when the story was set Was it 1800 or 2016 Obviously later, because of cell phones, but the language was somewhat old fashioned Not a huge fan of this book.

  • Review by Ella Year 8The Glass Bird Girl is about Edie Wilson, who is living with her Aunt Sophia at Folly Farm along with her hateful cousin Lyle and his brothers However, when she gets an opportunity to go to a private school, Knights Haddon, far away from Folly farm, is everything what it seems to be As the story progresses you notice that there are two main characters, Edie Wilson and Anastasia Stolonov Edie is an adventurous girl, and always willing to go through trouble for her family and [...]

  • There s a lot of books out like this at the moment no bad thing ed The school story with a hint of mystery seem to be having a little bit of a resurgence like I said, no bad thing ed and that s clearly no bad thing at all finally ed The Glass Bird Girl is a very beautiful little book From the precise eloquence of that title, through to the old time feel of it, it s a book that harks back to the classics of the genre and one which both plays with and pays tribute to the genre itself.The first in [...]

  • Originally posted on booksforbirdsblog Being a big fan of boarding school novels I was excited to get into The Glass Bird Girl, especially when I read the back flap and saw that there was a kidnap plot I ll admit that whilst I was skimming over the first few chapters I became slightly skeptic towards how much I thought I was going to like it as the introduction wasn t very strong, but as I got further into the book I began to really enjoy it.I doubt I m really the target audience for the book, I [...]

  • I wasn t sure what to think about British boarding house mystery, but this has such an unusual premise I was swept right in I was kept guessing about some of the backstory, which was refreshing as well Strong young female characters, and both heroes and villains are women.

  • Raised by her grandmother then abandoned to her aunt and horrible cousins, Edie is rescued by her uncle to go undercover at a boarding school Her mission to protect a Russian princess from the fellow schoolgirls that seem to be picking on her In this brilliant boarding school setting that reminded me of a younger version of Night School, Edie has to navigate secrets, general bitchiness and tough lessons to get to the bottom of whatever Anastasia s problem is Which appears to much complicated th [...]

  • Edie is an orphan who lives with her grandma until Babka goes blind Edie is then sent to live with her aunt and cousins who torment her horribly Cousin Charles steps in an offers to send Edie to Knight s Haddon boarding school There is just one catch, Edie will have to act as a spy at the school Seems Anastasia, a Russian princess and Charles s goddaughter, is being tormented at school Her father Prince Stolonov wants to find out who is behind the thefts and injuries So Edie goes to school and b [...]

  • When Edie s grandmother has to go into a nursing home, she s worried about what s going to happen to her Her parents passed away when she was just a baby, and the only other family she has is her horrible Aunt Sophia Luckily, a distant cousin named Charles comes to her rescue He works for the family of a Russian princess, and she s having trouble at her English boarding school Charles wants Edie to go to the school and find out what the trouble is Edie s excited she loves to learn and doesn t wa [...]

  • When the blind elderly grandmother with whom she lives is put into a nursing home, Edie Wilson is sent to live with relatives who aren t particularly interested in her Her older cousin Charles is a business associate of a Russian prince whose daughter is having trouble at her boarding school Because Edie has no place to call home, she agrees to attend the boarding school as a spy to solve the mystery of who s been giving her a hard time The princess, Anastasia, and Edie become good friends, and [...]

  • Anastasia is a Russian princess who simply wants to experience life as a normal school girl Edie is a lonely orphan, desperate to get away from her horrible, abusive cousins Their paths unexpectedly cross when Anastasia s worried father sends Edie to the boarding school to determine if someone is out to get Anastasia.This was a fun, light read Princesses, English boarding schools which always make me think of A Little Princess , espionage, mysteries what s not to like It s not a particularly dee [...]

  • Ever since Edie s grandmother had to go into a nursing home, she s had to live with her awful cousins and aunt at Folly Farm She hates it there Then, through mysterious channels, a ray of hope She s offered the chance to attend a girl s boarding school, all expenses paid, in order to spy on or look after depending on who you ask a Russian princess.Even with Anastasia s family history of mental instability, she s determined to make her boarding school experience work Except that someone keeps tak [...]

  • Sammanfattning Boken flickan med glasf geln handlar om f r ldral sa Edie som skickas till internatskolan Knights Haddon f r att h lla ett ga p den ryska prinsessan Anastasia.Prinsessans pappa r orolig f r henne och vill g rna att n gon som sm lter in ser vad som egentligen p g r.Men snart f rs r Edie att ingenting p den str nga skolan r som det verkar Vem kan hon egentligen lita p Och vad kommer hennes nya v n Anastasia s ga n r hon uppt cker att Edie bara r d r som hennes pappas spion sikt Jag [...]

  • My 11 year old daughter told me I HAD to read this And I m so glad she did I loved this novel It is the story of Edie Wilson an orphan who is sent to Kinght s Haddon to be a spy She is to spy on Anastasia Stolonov, a wealthy Russian girl, who has strange things happening to her at school Edie takes her quest seriously but also comes to love her new school and friend, Anastasia The plot really picks up when Edie finds out Anastasia s life might be in danger I thought this was riveting and such fu [...]

  • So, I liked this book It had a good plot, and some twists I didn t see coming I finished it I also love Edie and I hated Lyle which means he was well written and I loved that Mrs Fotheringay happened to be the old friend of Edie s mother I also loved her house.But it was also a bit bleh ish Because hey, obviously Esme Kerr had read the Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton I m not Blyton s biggest fan You know, a boarding school with a midnight feast and girls who play lacrosse and get theatre ro [...]

  • I would have loved this story as a kid The version I read was titled, The Girl with the Glass Bird It was a great mystery with a wonderful protagonist Edie She is no great shakes as a spy, which made the story all the interesting and believable As an adult, what I could not find believable were the actions of many of the adults in the book I think it really works as a story for children, though I like bording school stories, so I may just have to read the next book in the series when it is rele [...]

  • This was a very great book The author made it very simple to understand and she made sure to make it super good I never got bored of this book because right as you think Edie s hunch is right, something disappears I very much appreciated this book and would recommend it to anyone 4th any grade Very great detail I felt it was a little to slow, so guess I did get a little bored, maybe just a little, which is why I gave it four stars All and all, this was a great book and would recommend it to anyo [...]

  • Edie is an orphan forced to leave her blind Polish grandmother in London and go to her aunt s home where she is tortured by her psychotic cousin Lyle After a failed attempt to escape, Edie finds herself in an equally dangerous situation when she s told to spy on a Russian princess at a throwback boarding school Thankfully she likes Anastasia and wants to protect her from forces that would harm her while finding out about her own mother from the highly impressive headmistress The heroine reminds [...]

  • Upper elementary girls in particular will love this tale of a Russian princess Anastasia Stolonov is living at a boarding school The initial problem is that Anastasia thinks someone is trying to steal her thing but that as it turns out is not the worst problem she and her classmates face The font is about right for upper elementary as is the length of the book The ending has a twist that the reader will find to fit the text and the conclusion with the idea of, shades of gold.

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