Thirteen Born at midnight in London on the stroke of the new millennium Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year Twelve boys have bee
  • Title: Thirteen
  • Author: Tom Hoyle
  • ISBN: 9781447250449
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirteen
    Born at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year Twelve boys have been killed so far Coron, the crazy cult leader, will stop at nothing to bring in his new kingdom And now he is planning a bombing spectacular across London to celebrate the sBorn at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year Twelve boys have been killed so far Coron, the crazy cult leader, will stop at nothing to bring in his new kingdom And now he is planning a bombing spectacular across London to celebrate the sacrifice of his final victim Adam.
    Thirteen By Tom Hoyle,
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    Tom Hoyle Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thirteen book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Hoyle author readers around the world.


  • WOW.That was creepy and disturbing and kind of evil and utterly addictive I seriously needed to know what was going to happen next I m not even sure how to review this It was WILDLY different from most books I read There was a sticker on the cover saying for fans of Cherub and Gone which I m not 100% sure I agree with I definitely see the Gone similarities in the creeptasticness But it wasn t very CHERUB ISH SO Yes Review hard It s all about cults which, I admit, isn t my favourite topic Cults t [...]

  • JULY 2015 3.5 STARS CRAZY ADDICTIVE THRILLING.This book was so so addictive It was tense, exhilarating had me on the edge of my seat The secrets, reveals and twists were AMAZING, keeping me shocked throughout never knowing what was about to happen on this roller coaster of a story Brilliant.And I was questioning everything No one can be trusted everyone is so mysterious suspicious SO MUCH SUSPENSE The only disappoiment was the lack of depth to the characters character development therefore why I [...]

  • Thirteen is the last year of childhoode boy must be killed before he is a man this is a quote from Coron sGreat Book Coron is the deluded leader of cult known as The People The cult believes that 13 evil male children born at the turn of the millenium in 2000 AD must be kiiled in order for their Master to retain his powers and annoint Coron as the King.This is an addled excuse for a novel I really found it difficult to read as the narrative is all over the place Adam, the thirteenth boy on The P [...]

  • SERIOUS OPINION TIME I was disappointed with this because it s blurb was so good I love the idea and damn the cover but I had quite a few problems 1 As a fifteen year old I felt the book quite condescending I mean he is thirteen not an idiot 2 I didn t like Coron s character development Now I know this is a really picky thing to say but I just need to get it out there I felt like it was all too obvious, I wanted to question if Coron was right and have his past and acts reveal that he is just nut [...]

  • DNF at 44%I was really quite disappointed with this read Don t get me wrong, I wasn t expecting it to be a masterpiece but I really couldn t get involved with the characters or the plot at all There was basically no depth or background to any of the characters, and it seemed like new ones were being introduced every other chapter The story was really quite original and a good idea, but the way that it was written ruined it for me It was also weird to read about a main character with the same nam [...]

  • I read Thirteen because my daughter had asked to read it and I wanted to make sure it was appropriate I just don t understand what age group this is aimed at The way it has been written is so basic that it seems like a Enid Blyton level but the plot line is too scary for them If it s meant for teens then it s an insult The dialogue is stilted, clich d and the teen speak is cringeworthy There is no character development or description and the plot jumped all over the place and was pretty cartoon [...]

  • I received this book via Netgalley in return for an honest review Unfortunately this book just wasn t for me at all It reminded me of the, imo much better, Numbers series, and although this was a quick read, it fell flat in many ways The plot was very fast paced and it seems like we are so caught up in the action that there is no opportunity to get to know the characters I therefore didn t find myself rooting for them as the story unfolded In fact, by the end I really wasn t interested at all Al [...]

  • The very first thing that hit me as I started reading this book was that it was not at all YA material, or if it is then the very young YA readers The main character Adam and all his friends are thirteen years old or there about A lot of the issues he deals with asides from a crazy cult hunting him down of course are therefore very I want to say innocent I found it almost cute with the way he looked at life and how he felt about bullying as well as his best friend kind of sort of turned girlfrie [...]

  • I am not embarrassed to admit that I practically only picked this book up because its pretty yeah, I was being superficial and all that but you would be lying if you hadn t done the same thing before We all do it Its an occupational hazard Unfortunately it makes us look pretty stupid afterwardsThirteen could have been good The idea is perfect by itself It has crazy cults and heroes and assassins and mysteries That s right up my alley It just didn t work out though I liked Adam and Meg well enoug [...]

  • This is a scary book for a young teen to read Cults do exist though and this is an intense chase through London by 2 13yr olds to stop The People coming to power I would recommend it as something different to the dystopian fiction out And for fans of The Cherub series.

  • A good story but it was written for teenagers i guess not for my age, maybe people between the ages 13 16 would enjoy it .

  • Actual rating 3,5 stars It was easy and exciting, but it fell a bit short on some aspects and I felt that the characters were a bit weak The cult aspect is very interesting.

  • I ve spoken previously about, how sometimes, I can look at a book and read it s synopsis and just know that I will enjoy the book It s a rare gift and is something both my Nanna and Mum can do too, we can all just look at a book and know that it ll be for us I recall the day I stared at Thirteen in Asda, willing myself to buy it, yet I did not, and I recall receiving it on NetGalley yet not being able to read it before it was archived, but when that third chance came knocking on the door in the [...]

  • Born at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the last and final target from the thirteen innocent children Twelve boys have been killed so far Now Coron is planning a celebration as bombing London whilst they kill Adam Adam and Megan are now all on there own to face Coron and his men, whilst the police will not help

  • When I read the summary, I automatically thought that it sounded a lot like I Am Number Four which I was excited about Being chased by a clan who wants to kill you and being the chosen one Definitely has an I Am Number Four vibe However, when I read into it, it became evident that this book has its own flare.I loved the storyline of thirteen kids being born on the 1st of January 2000 and a clan of crazy ass people chasing after them to kill them before they hit the age of 14 so that their leader [...]

  • I received this book via a First Reads giveaway.This review can also be found on my blog.My Thoughts For a Young Adult book, I m pleasantly surprised with the subject matter and how it was handled It s pretty full on for a book at the younger end of the YA scale the characters are thirteen Cults are something I ve never read about fictitiously before, so I thought it was a very interesting story.My gripe is not with the actual story, which I think is relevant and really good it s with the style [...]

  • Perhaps I m being too harsh in giving it such a low rating However personally as a reader, I felt that this book did not love up to the expectations I had for it It has an interesting premise, definitely sinister in some places, but it lacked a true connection with the characters I wanted to cheer on Adam, defending himself against this cult I wanted to sympathise with Simon Instead frustration took over me, especially as some scenes became too ridiculous for me to comprehend It was as if the cu [...]

  • The reason of which I decided to read this book was because the appearance of the book hooked me into learning about it Its yellow covered captured my eye Then I read the back of the book and even tho it didn t have many words on the back it still made me want to know about what happens Thirteen by Hoyle was probably the best book I have read I like how it has so much suspense near the end of the chapters and throughout the book and the suspension makes me want to read the next page and the ne [...]

  • I read thirteen as I wanted to try and read some books by people I hadn t read anything by before I love the cover, the spines, the way the book is set out in like a diary entry type style I was intrigued by the concept of the book and I was some what satisfied by the book as a whole The book is about a cult who believe that the people born on midnight on the turn of the millennium are all evil and must die and so the cult set out to kill them all They manage to find 12 of the children but there [...]

  • First of all, I must admit I bought this book because of it s cover and nothing else not something I do while choosing books It turns out, I could not decide whether this book is for teenagers or not It seems too scary for a teenager to be reading this tbh and for adults, I don t think it has the language to keep an adult impressed focused The story is about this psycho, Coron, who believes that he s going to rule the world, if he killed thirteen specific children, with the help of his cult The [...]

  • A problem which Adam had was that he was born on the millennium and that there was a cult after all thirteen children that were born on the millennium Adam was the last that needed to be killed He could make it past the age of thirteen.I disliked the ending of the book because I felt that it all happened very suddenly and that it was very confusing.Adam by the end of the story had come across a lot of challenges and was now wiser Adam was still called special but all Adam wanted was a normal lif [...]

  • I m going to be honest, there were three reasons as to why I picked up this book 1 It was only 3.50 2 It was a unique, bright cover that would look great on my bookshelf.3 It was everything I wanted in my own book cover if I were to ever be published I did not connect with this story at all, and in all honesty, it was boring This is definitely not a YA book, if anything as others have said it is a very young YA book, which I guess is to be expected when the Heroes of the story are thirteen years [...]

  • I saw this in a book shop and picked it up because the cover really stood out to me The book sounded amazing so I brought it home with me However, I was not that impressed I feel like the the story was too rushed and I felt like there wasn t enough character development The characters were thrust into the situation and had to deal with it but didn t seem to lean much from it I didn t feel like there was enough suspense to keep me hooked However the story was very good and imaginative, it was eas [...]

  • Don t judge a book by its cover This book has an awesome cover.A whole lot of stuff happens to characters you don t really care about for reasons that aren t really convincing.Tom Hoyle obviously believes that boys only want to read action because that s all this book is Boys don t They want to read about characters they care about You need character development for that That s also what keeps them coming back for the sequels.A waste of a good premise.

  • This was a really good book with an amazing ending however it was not satisfied with the ending but I won t spoil that for you

  • 4.5LOVEd It I gave it 4.5 because there was something missing I can t put my finger on it And also I m not that eager to read the second book I don t know Still thoroughly enjoyed it though

  • I loved this book it is truly one of my favorite books in the world although I thought it was something like I am number four that didn t really matter

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