Dragões de um Crepúsculo de Outono

Drag es de um Crep sculo de Outono Anos ap s terem optado por seguir caminhos diferentes um grupo de companheiros reencontra se na sua terra natal apenas para descobrir que o mundo de Krynn mudou Rus de guerra e sombras dominam as con
  • Title: Dragões de um Crepúsculo de Outono
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9789896374907
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragões de um Crepúsculo de Outono
    Anos ap s terem optado por seguir caminhos diferentes, um grupo de companheiros reencontra se na sua terra natal apenas para descobrir que o mundo de Krynn mudou Rus de guerra e sombras dominam as conversas de estalagem e monstros e criaturas m ticas que s existiam em lendas voltaram a ser avistados E nenhum companheiro se atreve a confidenciar os segredos que ocultAnos ap s terem optado por seguir caminhos diferentes, um grupo de companheiros reencontra se na sua terra natal apenas para descobrir que o mundo de Krynn mudou Rus de guerra e sombras dominam as conversas de estalagem e monstros e criaturas m ticas que s existiam em lendas voltaram a ser avistados E nenhum companheiro se atreve a confidenciar os segredos que oculta no cora o e que descobriu em viagens cheias de perigo.At ao dia em que um encontro ocasional com uma bela mulher, que det m em seu poder um bast o de cristal, arrasta os companheiros para o caos e muda as suas vidas para sempre Ningu m esperava que se revelassem her is Muito menos eles Mas conseguir o arranjar a for a, honra e coragem para enfrentar os Deuses da Luz e Trevas no momento em que a Guerra da Lan a est prestes a come ar
    Dragões de um Crepúsculo de Outono By Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman,
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      498 Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
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    Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I ve written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds These include Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two paranormal romance novels, Fallen Angel and Warrior Angel, with my daughter, Elizabeth Baldwin I graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia and now live in Wisconsin with dogs, Max, Dixie, Joey the Thug and Clancy the Hooligan I am currently working on the third book in the Dragon Brigade series, the Seventh Sigil The first book is Shadow Raiders The second book is Storm Riders, coming out from Tor in July 2013 My hobby is flyball racing with my dogs, Dixie, a border collie, and two crackhead Shelties, Joey the Thug and Clancy the Hooligan I am the owner of the company, Margaret Weis Productions, publisher of RPGs Our newest project is creating the RPG for the wonderful TV series, Firefly Shiny


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  • I first read this book about the time it came out, when I was about 10 or 11 and recently found an identical, battered paperback copy at a thrift store Dipping back into it twenty odd years later, it has many shortcomings However, it still takes me back to that time when I d read under the covers at night with a dying flashlight, and fell asleep dreaming of wizards, warriors and strange, forgotten lands.

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  • Great start to an all time classic fantasy series I loved the colorful characters and fast moving plot based on an interesting story line of reunited friends with secrets and a mysterious and gorgeous, of course stranger who drew them into danger and excitement The negatives were mere niggling at best, however they did exist I was about 13 or 14 years old when I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight and even then I knew Weis was leaning a little too heavily on stock phrases the same emotion is describ [...]

  • When I read this DD was all the rage, and this series gave lovers of high fantasy exactly what they were craving I thought it very good at the time, not nearly as good as Brooks or Donaldson and naturally not Tolkien, but still an entertaining adventure trilogy I think Weis Hickman s Rose of the Prophet series along with their Darksword books are also better due to their originality In this opening novel of the trilogy, friends of different ages and races are reunited after a lengthy absence The [...]

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  • It has been nearly 25 years since I read this book and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first time I was a little hesitant to reread because I have gone back to some books I read as a teen and found that I didn t enjoy the nearly as much as I did the first time around I am really glad that did not hold true for this book It was like revisiting an old friend I hadn t seen in a very long time I found that I remembered the characters decently well, however, I found tha [...]

  • Every so often I do this to myself I pick up an old, classic High Fantasy novel because I think it will be fun and a throwback to being in middle school, and then about 100 pages in I can t do it any The prose is wooden, the characters cringe worthy cliches and I still have 800 pages to go Dear god, when there are so many good books out there, how can I possibly slavishly force my through one of these These books also remind me that I shouldn t be such a snob by only having a weird fiction she [...]

  • The first half of the book leaves a lot to be desired, and Weis Hickman try to cram way too many characters into the story leaving many of them pretty under developed and one dimensional That said, it really picks up near the end, and left me wanting to jump into the next book in the series The reason I got into the book in the first place was because I was in the mood for dragons, and Dragons of Autumn Twilight does not disappoint.

  • Definitely enjoyable I liked the characters and have some major questions about what had happened to them before the beginning of this book I thought at times, it could be convenient and it seemed like one small problem after another over and over, but I did enjoy the story and the world I ll definitely continue on and see what is going to happen next.

  • Solid three star rating for this one, but I m giving it an extra star just because this book lured so many young readers into the fantasy genre.

  • Five years has passed Five long years since they have seen each other They have decided to split up before to search for their truth The story behind the Cataclysm The story behind why the Gods abandoned the land, leaving men in utter confusion and cloaked in darkness Tanis Half Elven leader of the companions , Sturm Brightblade an honorable knight , Caramon Majere, twin brother the mage Raistlin Majere, Flint Fireforge, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot my favorite character were among the major characte [...]

  • Persuaded to read this trilogy by a good friend of mine, I expected some mind blowing, trail blazing plot devices The Dragonlance Chronicles has run into than ten volumes I was slightly underwhelmed Taking into account that this is the first book in the series, I realize there must be heavy focus on backstory and character development before action can take place however, it wasn t until the last ten chapters or so before I became truly invested in the story Until then I felt like I was just bi [...]

  • This a book I have to judge by two standards.Just like any new fantasy book It is a bit predictable, the characters are easy to understand, and very black and white Even the one character that is supposed to be grey, and unpredictable for the reader is quite obviously not a bad guy I felt to safe in the story, and as it is a clear quest even if you missed a minute or two of the audio book, you still had no problem to follow the story 3 starsAs a book that was published in 1984 A gem This is a re [...]

  • En su propuesta, que engloba muchas cosas, un hito G nero Narrativa Fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta Un grupo de aventureros de diferentes razas y or genes une sus fuerzas contra el mal s , bueno, podr a ser m s preciso en cuanto a las razones, los motivos, pero en realidad para qu Primer libro de la saga Dragonlance y primer libro de la trilog a Cr nicas de la Dragonlance Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite librosdeolethros

  • This is fantasy at some of its best Not only is this the first book in a wonderful saga, some of its characters are enduring and captivating, still memorable so many years later Even though it wasn t written to be YA fiction, it s an easy fit for young readers Dragons of Autumn Twilight is what all YA fiction should strive to be like Morally uplifting and evocative.

  • An average classic fantasy book with bland characters and plenty of action.I can t say it was a disappointing read because I didn t expect it to be good I m a huge fan since years of the Death Gates Cycle, I love its characters and worlds, but after many re reads, I m also really aware of its flows average writing and pretty bad pacing at several points This first Dragonlance wasn t boring to read, but also not truly enjoyable, it was really at an average level saved only by many things happenin [...]

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  • I would say this book is of a guilty pleasure than an outstanding read The authors have whether knowingly or not written a story with all the cheesily cliche elements of a fantasy story, while also falling into the trap of unnecessarily over describing as is often characteristic of the genre Even so, I gave the book three stars because it retains the ability to hook the reader The characters of the book, however stereotypical they may be, are interesting enough to make you care about what is go [...]

  • I last read this book in Junior High, and fondly remembered the Dragonlance novels as epic fantasy set in a DD inspired world I was feeling nostalgic lately, and decided to pick it up again and see how it held up.Not well.While the plot is as I remember, and does indeed have an epic scope with some interesting ideas, it s mainly full of standard fantasy tropes like the outcast half elf, the stupid warrior, the weak wizard, the journey through the haunted forest, the flight from a destroyed home [...]

  • Her eyi ba latan kitap Soluk kesici, temposu hi d meyen, hem a latan hem g ld ren e siz bir macera uras kesin, bug ne dek pek ok Ejderha M zra kitab yaz ld ama hi biri ilk kitab n yerini tutamaz.Huysuz c ce Flint, do u tan lider Tanis, iyi y rekli sava Caramon, kahkaha makinesi Tasslehoff, cesur valye Sturm, gizemli Kitiara ve tabi ki Raistlin Hepsi de bir fantastik edebiyat okuyucusunun mutlaka ama mutlaka tan mas gereken karakterler Kitab bitirir bitirmez ikinci cildini almak i in kitap ya ko [...]

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