The Invisible Hands - Part 2: Castling

The Invisible Hands Part Castling Anaxantis prince of Ximerion Lorsanthia the giant southern enemy has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Anaxantis s oldest brother Prince Tenaxos but it is far from beaten If anything it
  • Title: The Invisible Hands - Part 2: Castling
  • Author: Andrew Ashling
  • ISBN: 1230000101731
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • The Invisible Hands - Part 2: Castling
    Anaxantis, prince of Ximerion.Lorsanthia, the giant southern enemy, has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Anaxantis s oldest brother, Prince Tenaxos, but it is far from beaten If anything, it has become dangerous now that a warlike regime has taken over the reins.The warlord fears his own dominions will come under siege if his father and older brothersAnaxantis, prince of Ximerion.Lorsanthia, the giant southern enemy, has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Anaxantis s oldest brother, Prince Tenaxos, but it is far from beaten If anything, it has become dangerous now that a warlike regime has taken over the reins.The warlord fears his own dominions will come under siege if his father and older brothers don t manage to keep the behemoth in check To make matters complicated he isn t convinced the settlement of the Renuvian Plains is going all that well In the Highlands the proud nobility starts plotting to regain its independence And, as always, there is the love of Anaxantis s life, Ehandar.Meanwhile strife breaks loose between the independent city states of Rhonoma and Naodyma In the latter city, Lexyntas still has a difficult time adapting to being Thenoclon s slave in a household where dark secrets weigh on both masters and servants In Rhonoma, Yorn falls and under the beguiling influence and nonchalant charms of his adopted cousin, Antybion.Concerned about the vulnerabilities of his dominions, and amidst the intrigues of his family and the nobles of the Highlands of Great Renuvia, Anaxantis starts looking for allies.Should he return to the fold and join forces with his father
    The Invisible Hands - Part 2: Castling By Andrew Ashling,
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      223 Andrew Ashling
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    I write mainly gay, m m, slash, yaoi stories I suppose, with a few exceptions, I should call them novels really You can read the first twelve chapters of the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series on my website,Ximerion If you d like me to send you an email when I release a new book, you can subscribe to my New Releases Newsletter I have no great literary ambitions I just tell stories, and I try to do it as good as I can, hoping other people will enjoy reading them.Most of them have explicit scenes in them, often of a rather kinky nature But they re only the raisins in the pudding, because as I already said I actually enjoy telling stories That means there always is a plot, or, often, several plots.I love exploring what makes people tick, what makes them do the often quirky things they do Also, I enjoy playing with expectations, boundaries, taboos even.I don t think I m going to send out friend requests myself I write stuff and people get the impression that you only want to befriend them to get them to read your work and write reviews.That s not to say I don t want friends or reviews, for that matter If you want to befriend me, just send me an invitation I will almost certainly accept.If you have questions, or remarks, or you need to contact me for another reason, you re very welcome to do so through this contact form.Andrew


  • As with the others in the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series, this book was excellent When I first started reading these books I wondered how the author kept track of all of the characters, but now that I see each of them very clearly and have since book one I get it They are developed so well that one can t help but see remember each of them.I would have liked to have of Anaxantis and Ehandor in this book, but that is just because I love Anaxantis a lot and had been impatiently waiting [...]

  • I can t get enough of this series The storyline is definitely grandiose centering on machinations, duplicity, and romance Not much focus on Anaxantis and Ehandar s romance here but I really liked the story development on Lexyntas and Thenoclon as well as Antybion and Yorn I can t wait for part 3 Mate to come out

  • 3.5 So the parts I liked, I really, really liked Unfortunately I had to skim through too much to get to them There were entirely too many storylines in this one I don t know if there were always that many didn t feel like it but I felt like it took me FOREVER to get to the people that I care about Not much development on the Anaxantis Ehandar front they had all of one sex scene with no further clarification as to what s going on with that power dynamic but I was pleased to see a certain someone [...]

  • Maybe one day when I actually read this series instead of skipping for Anaxantis Ehandar parts, I ll write a real review and rate it

  • Nothing slow about this book The first chapter starts off in Tyleme, the capital of Lorsanthia, with betrayal, murder, an additional plot or two and an evil manipulator Finally, a bad guy I m ready for someone I can hate Loreko and Timi arrive, start spying, and discover an awful secret weapon that could destroy any ship or fleet But can they do anything about it Even sending news of it to Anaxantis may be too late I m worried one of these two, or both of them, are going to be killed off Ashling [...]

  • I really really love this series I can t await for the next book, Mate.At the first LexinthasThenoclon and AntybionYorn didn t seem very interesting This time I love them Living in Rhonoma or Naodyma is very different from Ximerion Ryhunzo and Rahendo secret agents ahahahahaha very funny Poor Obyann I feel sorry for Portonas I didn t expect his death About Lorsanthia I liked very much the new slightly mad king yes, slightly And why not start a war against pirate Or against Mukthar Territory Sirn [...]

  • Fantastic, although that hardly surprising Cant get enough of this series and i waiting with bated breath for the next one

  • This review doesn t contain any spoilers for this book but an abundance of spoilers for the previous books Reader Discretion Advised.This book in essence is the calm before the storm And I guess the fact it doesn t contain any high voltage battles does put it at a lower rung than the previous two books which have both ended with some well fought battles.But this book is overall still very interesting even though it does have a meandering pace On the whole I personally feel that this book just br [...]

  • Please, please, please, be careful, he whispered You re carrying two hearts in your body yours and mine Don t be reckless with them Villainsllainsere are a lot of them in this book I wanted that Rianna bitch dead Argg And I still couldn t help my rolling my eyes over Boduwald for his delusions and hopeless ambitions The power hungry people in this book makes me want to puke If only the little warlord was out of the picture Ehandar shouldn t be at the beck and call of his younger brother It shoul [...]

  • I ve enjoyed all the books of the Ranfamor the Recluse series thoroughly, and I m quite obsessed with the story and characters by now It never stops getting better, whereas in other sagas you can feel there severe ups and downs The fifth volume deserves the five stars imho The plots and subplots are intricate, the political intrigue is fascinating, characters seem to come alive and stare at you through the page, their fates intertwine and what at first may seem as different plot lines in differe [...]

  • I enjoyed this second book of the Invisible Hands series These books, so far, have been quick reads and very interesting My only complaint still is that there are just too many characters with difficult names to remember There should have been a Cast of Characters page to go along with the maps that the author made for the series But nonetheless, I am enjoying the series and look forward to reading the next book.

  • Another great read The further development of multiple storylines s interesting and I feel overall adds to the storyline Often when this is done there will be one or two storylines you want to skim over to get to the ones you like Here that is not the case with me, I enjoy them all The equally further development of relationships is masterfully done.The Only problem with them is they can t go on for ever Great development of characters All in all hooked well done Andrew

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