Rise of the Destroyer

Rise of the Destroyer It has been five centuries since a well placed arrow put an end to the reign of terror brought by Sargon the Destroyer Time passed and the wounds of the land healed while magic was forgotten Now Ald
  • Title: Rise of the Destroyer
  • Author: A.R. Voss M.D. Bushnell
  • ISBN: 9781481816489
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rise of the Destroyer
    It has been five centuries since a well placed arrow put an end to the reign of terror brought by Sargon the Destroyer Time passed, and the wounds of the land healed while magic was forgotten Now, Aldrick and his family enjoy a peaceful journey to the Tournament of the King He could never have imagined on that beautiful spring day, that his life was about to change, orIt has been five centuries since a well placed arrow put an end to the reign of terror brought by Sargon the Destroyer Time passed, and the wounds of the land healed while magic was forgotten Now, Aldrick and his family enjoy a peaceful journey to the Tournament of the King He could never have imagined on that beautiful spring day, that his life was about to change, or that his destiny might be to face The Rise of the Destroyer.
    Rise of the Destroyer By A.R. Voss M.D. Bushnell,
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    A.R Voss 1970 Has been writing fiction since the young age of 8 his debut publication is the first book of The Key of Creation series, Rise of the Destroyer He graduated California State University, Fullerton with a Theatre degree, majored in Directing and is currently working on numerous projects including the remaining books of The Key of Creation series.Please Like and follow on Facebook for updates on upcoming books and events facebook ARVossfacebook KeyOfCreation.on author arvoss


  • Have you read a blog post in which an author admits, Yes, I know that the book starts slow, but I wanted to introduce the main characters before the plot really kicks in I hate that sentiment I think an author should grab the reader by the, uh, throat and make them BEG for the opportunity to read on, rather than fill their minds with a bunch of facts and hope that they ll stick around for the action.M.D Bushnell and A.R Voss apparently agree with me They open Rise of the Destroyer , the first of [...]

  • I had the pleasure of reading this one from my Read It and Reap group I found this one to be a good leading book for a series I plan to get the series and share it with my son This book is right down our alley Good set up for a series Great characters and interesting plot Thanks for the chance to read it.

  • Warning Spoilers ahoy I really shouldn t, but I can t help it it s pretty much a great story DSo Trope of the Trope Trope Trope Trope.Ohhhhh baby, I ve even been WAITING to do this Like, I ve seriously already written a review for it, lost it, then wrote this one It s not that the story itself is that good, although it IS goodd certainly worth a read What I mean is that I have the honor of actually havin met and talked to one of the writers of Aldrich Certifiable Badass, and I m at something of [...]

  • I thought this was an excellent book It had action, good vs evil, and it was fast paced I really loved the plot s twists and turns It kept me interested, which can sometimes be hard to do The character development was good, the scene setting excellent You could tell the author spent a lot of time getting those details down just how it was wanted.I will definitely be reading the next books in this series

  • Ok My rating is 4.5 5 It s excellent in nearly every respect, the only reason 4.5 5 instead of 5 is that is starts off a little slow and ends a little abruptly, otherwise it is an excellent read There is a great magic system with a lot in great fantasy fun If fantasy is your genre, be sure to check this one out You will probably like it even if it s not your genre I look forward to reading from this author.

  • Pros Convincing world building Page turning climaxCons Very slow for most of the book Flat, uninteresting charactersRise of the Destroyer follows, in essence, a royal succession in conflict It is told mostly through the eyes of Aldrick, a noble turned scholar who has returned to his home nation to help see his friend, the prince, to the recently emptied throne But before he even arrives, an assassination attempt nearly takes his life, along with his family s And the deadly intrigue keeps right o [...]

  • 2.5 starsWithin the first few pages I was confused about the target audience The writing, though not childish, felt like it was aimed at a young generation, i.e early teens I couldn t quite pinpoint the reasons why I felt this in the beginning, however, the prologue moved smoothly and swiftly and I was very interested in reading on after it.I loved how the author started off the main story, after all the chaos in the prologue peace and calm just a happy man traveling along with his family on a b [...]

  • This is part one of an epic fantasy trilogy Five hundred years after Sargon the Destroyer was defeated, ominous signs indicate he may have risen again A pyramidal artifact, possibly one of three created by the gods, turns up in a dead warrior s pack The hero, Aldrick, carries it to the city of Asturia, where he plans to witness the tournament selecting the next king of Asturia Someone is poisoning or assassinating nobles, and strange things are happening in the tournament The old king s son has [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The strongest point of the book to me was the world itself I found myself drawn into the setting and wanting to know about the history and mythos of the world I could clearly picture the place another strength of the book is that there is enough detail to imagine everything but not so much that I felt overloaded with images One area that I d liked to have seen even of was the history Aldrick, the main character, reminisces on [...]

  • Aldrick, an investigator from Ubarra, is traveling with his family to Akkadia for The Tournament of the King Aldrick is attacked on the road not far from Akkadia and discovers something very startling He hopes his father Tiberius can give him the answers he seeks Regent Brodan insists that he ll win The Tournament of the King without a doubt Yet Aldrick finds it hard to believe and hopes for the sake of his friend that it s true People with noble blood are being killed yet no one knows the reaso [...]

  • Let me first start by saying that this is not my normal genre.It took me 3 days to read this book Normally, between working multiple jobs and raising a family, it will take me at least a week before I can fully dive into a story The great thing about this book is that it MADE me give it time I even found that I was thinking about the book after I had put it down.My only complaints were that I felt like, because I read the prologue, it caused me to get a bit lost and confused in the middle of the [...]

  • I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange of a honest review In a land where magic has been forgotten, Aldrick and his family finds themselves being attacked while traveling to see the reign, and childhood friend compete to become king But there attackers are 3 men who are trying to hide there idenity with magic Is Aldrick just seeing things or has magic not been forgotten at all He finds 3 items on one of there attackers that may hold the key to why nobles are getting attacked, so Ald [...]

  • I had the pleasure of reading this book as part of the Read It and Reap group, receiving a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Personally, it took me much longer than I anticipated to finish this book It took a long time for me to get into the story, as it started kind of slowly and the characters were not that interesting It was also superfluously wordy, in a sort of pretentious way at least that is how it came off to me Eventually, it became an easier read, with a bit of mys [...]

  • I ve got 2 words for this book CLIFFHANGER ENDINGI really loved the overall plot and the characters even though I kinda saw view spoiler Brodan s betrayal hide spoiler coming I can t wait to read the next book, and find out what Aldrick chooses to do about view spoiler Brodan s betrayal hide spoiler.

  • I received this book from the author for an honest review Actually, I received it in a compilation of the trilogy, but I like the idea of breaking the large compendium into its separate parts for this review That said, let me beginThe Key of Creation is a fantasy trilogy The first book, The Rise of the Destroyer, centers on Aldrick, an investigator from a small town.What I liked about this book is that there is a number of mysteries added with an interesting world As a reader, you aren t going t [...]

  • I m not sure what the intended audience is for RISE, but I struggled with seeing it as an adult read It read like a story for the juvenile crowd, but for the fact that the main character, Aldrick, is an adult, for Aldrick s relationship with his wife, and the occasional glimpse of violence It was almost as though it was an outline of bone, waiting for muscle to be added and blood and cartilage and sinew and skin and So, I would give it a 2.5, rounded up to a 3.0 for ranking purposes It might ra [...]

  • I did like this story, it kept my attention Although it was pretty slow throughout, it somehow still kept my attention I hated the ending That was a really stupid way to do it Even liking this, I m not going to be continuing with this series.I did have a few questions comments though 1 The mention of Kind Hermanus having served for 20 summers was mentioned a bunch of times How is being 70 years old considered not very old 2 Now I don t know anyone lacking a tongue, so based off of that, I m pret [...]

  • First of all, I wanted to say thank you to the author to sending me a copy of this book It was asked me to be true about my review of it.Well, the plot is interesting but the story is too slow to develop The dialogs are too shallow The interaction between the characters are too weak Aldrick and his father, doesn t seems to be son and father Aldrick relationship with his wife and son, it s too forced , too perfect It seems like something is missing in the characters None give a great impression.I [...]

  • This was an interesting world, and I would have liked to see of it I understand that it was meant to kick off the series, and that is how it comes off Also, the writing style makes it seem like it was intended for a young adult audience which may add to the difficulty for me to read it, as YA books are generally harder for me to read than adult books.Unfortunately, I found the characters to be rather flat and the dialogue to be forced Both the guards and the assassins were inefficient, and I fo [...]

  • I was given a free copy in exchange for an unbiased review So this book was a very promising start, but it finished so abruptly that it simply felt a bit incomplete It feels like so many things were left unresolved It was like a good start without a finish I just really don t get the ending obviously , and the assassins aren t fully explained and I am confused Sorry, I wish I could be eloquent, but I just don t know what to say.Don t get me wrong, it is a good start, and maybe the next section [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review This book is the first of a trilogy as I understand I did enjoy the different characters however I thought that the plot moved along a little slowly The story line was entertaining but I disliked where the book ended I felt that there wasn t any resolution of anything going on in the book.Overall this was a nice book but I feel like perhaps than one book of this trilogy could have been combined.

  • i am waiting until i read all three I brought this 1st book but then A R Voss sent me all 3 books to read I am really liking this series very entertaining love the Characters but i am not supposed to do the review until i read all 3 so time will tell I have a really great feeling about this series can t wait to begin the 2nd book was going to start now but i don t want ot be up all night Tomorrow i will begin peaceAngel

  • This was a very good book This action packed book kept me interested It was exciting to see what Aldrick would face next in this story I would have given it 5 stars but there were a few typos and grammatical errors Those errors aside, I would recommend this book to action junkies No spoilers here but definitely worth your time.

  • I received the e book from the author for an honest review.The story was interesting and enjoyable I think it lacked in action and sometimes there was too much dialogue However, since it is the first book of the series, it is fine to have a background of the story, the characters etc Hopefully the second book will be engrossing I am already curious to continue reading the next book.

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