Prince of Shadows

Prince of Shadows It s Forbidden for a Warrior of the Light to Love a Creature of the DarkValin has never quite fit in with the rest of the Paladin warriors His power to manipulate shadow has always put him at odds wit
  • Title: Prince of Shadows
  • Author: Tes Hilaire
  • ISBN: 9781402284885
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Prince of Shadows
    It s Forbidden for a Warrior of the Light to Love a Creature of the DarkValin has never quite fit in with the rest of the Paladin warriors His power to manipulate shadow has always put him at odds with their purpose of using heavenly Light to eradicate evil His warrior brothers have no idea how close he is to being lost to his dark nature.But Maybe He Was Never All ThIt s Forbidden for a Warrior of the Light to Love a Creature of the DarkValin has never quite fit in with the rest of the Paladin warriors His power to manipulate shadow has always put him at odds with their purpose of using heavenly Light to eradicate evil His warrior brothers have no idea how close he is to being lost to his dark nature.But Maybe He Was Never All That Light to Begin WithWhen Valin meets the vampire Gabriella, she awakens within him something he thought long buried But as he watched Gabriella s need for vengeance to drag her down into the same dark hell that he s living, he knows his only chance at redemption is bringing her out of the dark
    Prince of Shadows By Tes Hilaire,
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    Daphne Award winning author Tes Hilaire started creating whole new worlds to escape upstate New York s harsh winters before finally fleeing to sultry North Carolina Her stories are edgy, exciting, and bring a hint of dark fantasy to paranormal romance And no one ever has to shovel snow.From the author s website.


  • Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty A heartbreaking story about two people who thought they were never meant for True Love My only complaint was that the story wrapped up too fast for anything to be resolved.Opening Sentence Valin fought to breathe through the layers of dust shifting through the stale air of the cave.The Review Prince of Shadows appears to be the final book in the Paladin Warrior Series I have enjoyed how different this series has been from other paranormal books Ult [...]

  • Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookOne of my personal peeves in Paranormal Romance is in the need to be creative, in the need to add mythos, legend and fantasy, authors will not just invent gods, or even use the ones already invented, but they also work really hard to defame the one God concept Usually if there is a One God mentioned that God is petty, evil, devious, you name it It irks me, tremendously That is one of the reasons that Tes Hilaire s Paladin Warrior s Series intrigues me so These [...]

  • Since last seeing his mate run away from him all those months ago, the hero has dedicated his life to finding her again He doesn t care about the Paladin counsel, he s always been an outsider to those people and if it were up to them, his mate would have been killed simply because of what she is Yes, a Paladin and a vampire succubus mating is rare but this intense feelings of wanting her is honest and it s what drives the hero When he sees again he doesn t recognize her at first as she s disguis [...]

  • I really like Tes Hilaire s style of writing She s consistent, and I know what I m in for when I pick up one of her books The Paladin Warriors series is something I look forward to yearly, and I can t WAIT to read the next installment pleasepleaseplease tell me Bennett Annie are the next book There Now that the whining and begging are out of the way let s hit the good stuff First, I want to talk about Camp Half Blood Well, not really That s a different series, but it kinda works See, the humans [...]

  • Setting Paladin s mansion Paladin warrior wannabe s mansion park streets of city Theme worthiness vs unworthiness power of love for one another as well as for God s love Characters Valin Paladin can move melt into the Shade a kind of neutral zone on the battlefield of good vs evil, the shades of gray between His light and complete darkness doesn t quite fit in with the other Paladin has felt the loss of Gabby for 4 months since the cave in light infused destruction of Christos Angeline Valin s p [...]

  • This third installment of the Palladin Warriors series brings the story of Valin and Gabriella Both were introduced in the first book as minor characters and now they get to be in the spotlight as the hero and heroine A unlikely pairing would be hard to find with Valin being a Palladin warrior of light and Gabby, a part succubus part vampire who seeks to do what she can for good to make up for her dark heritage It was an exciting story that jumped right in with action and passion There is a pre [...]

  • 4.5 sMy recap Valin is a Paladin, one of His Warriors He protects humans from the evil that they aren t aware of and aren t capable of fighting.Valin is the black sheep among the Warriors He manipulates shadows to travel, whereas the Paladins are all about God s Light.Gabriella is a mixed breed, part succubus vampire Valin was attracted to her from the moment he met her He went a bit crazy when he thought she d died.In Prince of Shadows, Valin catches a glimpse of her with a group of part blood [...]

  • Review from Backchatting BooksI ve been patiently waiting for the Valin s story since we first encountered the Black Knight in Deliver Me From Darkness His ability was just so cool In Prince of Shadows he finally gets the chance to woo Gabriella, the vampire with a slightly tarnished heart of gold Both of them are seeking redemption from past sins which makes for quite a Byronic tale as they try to negotiate their relationship.Valin was no stranger to loss as his wife and best friend Angeline an [...]

  • Valin is a Paladin Warrior who remains on the fringes of the brotherhood His powers are shadows which puts him in the dark than the light of his fellow warriors He discovered his mate, but lost her in an explosion of light Once he finds her he plans on never letting her go again Gabriella was made into a vampire against her will, now she fights with breeds against the forces of evil Doing everything she can to keep from turning evil, Gabriella duels with her nature ever day When the sexy Valin [...]

  • Book Review Prince of Shadows by Tes HilaireGabriella is a vampire She was turned against her will and then used by her step father Christos She fights the vampire nature daily and refuses to feed from humans Since that day four months ago in the cave, she has disguised herself and hidden from the Paladin and Valin She blames herself for what happened and her part in it even though it was against her will She has found a place among the enhanced humans and helps fight against those that have all [...]

  • Valin and Gabby s story was definitely one of my favorites I have read the other two books in the series, and really enjoyed them as well, but this one kind of surprised me There was an intense darkness in this book, which I expected However, I expected it to be focused on Valin, so I found it very intriguing While he does have his issues, Gabby seemed to be the one really struggling in this book She is dealing with almost the exact opposite issues as Valin, but the two just work perfectly toget [...]

  • I have read every book in this series and this is one of the better ones although not the best one but even with that I have to say that Tes Hilaire writes some of the very best endings for all of these books in this whole genre.The story of Valin and Gabby was great, it is one of those where everybody thinks they are unworthy but not to the point of me disliking the book.There was a detailed setup for the next book and that heroine pushed the TSTL line really hard but hopefully when they get th [...]

  • Overall this story was one that left me crying, laughing, and thrilled We got to know several characters in the Paladin contingent as well as the troops of half human half Paladin warriors Valin and Gabbie are both interesting characters in their own rights, but seeing them working together, loving together, and finally finding their HEA, through a bit of terrifyingly heartbreaking and ultimately remarkable circumstances, far surpassed the greatness of their individuality The heat between them [...]

  • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I haven t read any of the other books in this series, but was able to pick this book up and dive right in It was a great blend of action, romance, smut, and unique paranormals While there were smaller storylines that I m sure will star in the next few books, this one followed Gabby and Valin Gabby is a half breed who was forcibly turned into a vampire After years of abuse, she still managed to hold her own and eventually broke free [...]

  • 3 stars I liked it Coming back into this series, I didn t remember a great deal about the past books but I did remember the two leads Valin, who is warrior for the Light but a second class citizen in the Paladin world due to his mixed blood, and Gabby, who is a part succubus vampire struggling against the Dark side of her heritage Since I remember all that Gabby and Valin had suffered in the past I was happy to see them get their HEA and I liked the way that they actually end up getting that HEA [...]

  • This is by far, my favorite book of the series I have always loved Gabriella and was really unsure how Tes was going to pull this off without the creepy factor she was turned pretty young even though she is super old Have no fears, at no point was there any creepoid factor and I actually loved Gabriella even then before this book by the time I was a few chapters in Add Valin, the super hot and slightly dark Paladin and the pages sizzled with chemistry as the two come together to fight on the si [...]

  • Valin hasn t given up his search for Gabriella and suddenly finds her when they are fighting the same group of vampires But something is definitely wrong Gabriella looks aged And she looks ill It turns out Christos isn t really as done as everyone thought and Senior has dispatched paladins to use any means to gather information on the gifted ones This read was a mixed bag for me and I fluctuated between like and like a lot Valin and Gabriella were a good couple and matched well, as were Bennett [...]

  • 3 1 2 starsI was really excited about this book, as I loved Gabby and Valin in Deliver Me From Darkness and was eagerly awaiting their story Unfortunately it didn t really live up to my expectations I couldn t really engage with either of their characters, the miscommunication between them drove me insane and I wasn t really all that invested in the outcome The epilogue also left me rather confused I assume that Annie and Bennett s story will be up next and I will probably check it out, I liked [...]

  • Tes is a great storyteller, and I love how she makes her characters so distinct I really hope there will be another Paladin book I must read Bennett and Annie s story I thought the storyline of Prince of Shadows was good There was real conflict and angst, but it moved at a nice pace No drawn out wallowing, which I appreciated I have to admit there were moments that made me uncomfortable in the story, but those moments accomplished its aim There was an evil force at play, and there was no sugarco [...]

  • The third book in the Paladin Warriors series is an intriguing and entertaining read with surprising twists The author has created a fantastic paranormal world that has lots of depth, steamy romance, and is wonderfully entertaining I was enthralled from the beginning and could not put this book down once I started it I can t wait to read the next story in the Paladin s battle against the dark See my full review at thejeepdiva review pri

  • I really liked this book although I was confused for some of it I mean, I read both previous books in this series, but it s been awhile so I totally forgot some of the issues going on in this one It was a really good follow up and once I remembered some things the book got even better Looking forward to seeing where the next book goes Hopefully I won t have to wait to long for the next one Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

  • Besides with being just a TINY bit confused with the reference to Logan s grieving I had to re read the ending of the last book to make sure I hadn t MISSED something , I realized that these characters aren t aware of what happened Other than that little confusion, I found a book I had trouble putting down I liked Valin and Gabby s story very much and look forward to in this series maybe Bennett s and Annie s story.

  • Prince of Shadows was a spectacular read If you enjoy fast pace adventurous mystery type paranormal romances you will defiantly want to read this book Val and Gabbys story is heart warming and sensual journey of healing that can be only achieved by one s true mate of the soul.I d love to read Bennets Ann s story

  • Because I ve been waiting for this book for what felt too long, I finished it in a few hours not only did it captivate my imagination, I swear I felt Valin s lips The way Tes tells the story of their love, I could have cried for Gabrielle and Valin Oh I just loved this book Action, revenge, danger, lust, betrayal, forgiveness, what could you need LovedIt

  • Woo HooI love this seriesValin and Gabbie s story is so intense and filled with so much angst that I felt it in my gut.This is a wonderful story filled with love and torment and sensuality.A must read.HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  • Paranormal romance at it s most diverse You ve got your vamps, telepaths, Warriors of God, nulls, and hybrids And you ve got sexy, hot men with a great love story This world works and I ve enjoyed every installment Recommend this series.

  • The story of Gabby and Valin was entertaining and enjoyable The series does get better with each book released I will definitely look forward to the next one

  • I liked this story a lot than I did the one of Deliver me from temptation I can t put my finger on the reason why but it just spoke to me a lot .

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