Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time Wrong place wrong time Every few years Will Hardwicke runs into Rob Cunningham his first crush Unfortunately something always prevents them getting together As teenagers Will is too scared to pub
  • Title: Maybe This Time
  • Author: Eva Clancy
  • ISBN: 9781623803025
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • Maybe This Time
    Wrong place, wrong time Every few years, Will Hardwicke runs into Rob Cunningham, his first crush Unfortunately, something always prevents them getting together As teenagers, Will is too scared to publicly admit he s gay Years later, Will s out, but Rob already has a boyfriend It seems the stars are aligned against them Finally, Will gets another chance This time, wWrong place, wrong time Every few years, Will Hardwicke runs into Rob Cunningham, his first crush Unfortunately, something always prevents them getting together As teenagers, Will is too scared to publicly admit he s gay Years later, Will s out, but Rob already has a boyfriend It seems the stars are aligned against them Finally, Will gets another chance This time, when Fate decides it s time for his once a decade run in with Rob, Will wants to ensure things are different For the first time, Will and Rob are both out and available it s now or never.
    Maybe This Time By Eva Clancy,
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  • I liked this one It jumped in two 9 year increments which had me screaming after the second one DI really enjoyed Will and Rob and I adored how Will was with his best friend Fee The flow even with the time jumps worked for me and I enjoyed how the men lived regret free in that they accepted when the timing was wrong and embraced it when it was right.Great little epilogue as well.

  • 4.5 starsThere is a time for everything under the sun.This is a book about Will s and Rob s journey, with Will as the narrator It spans two decades The book is divided into four parts The first is when they re about to graduate from high school in 1992 Will was the goth boy while Rob was the golden boy rugby star and academic achiever Not to mention great looking The second is nine years later, in a friend s wedding Will was a successful programmer and single Rob was a successful engineer and ta [...]

  • 3.25 stars Nice and sweet novella with no angst nor big misunderstandings Will and Rob went to school together where Will had a huge crush on Rob Unfortunately, they were both in the closet at the time Eventually they meet again a few years later at a wedding but Rob was in a relationship They meet a third time a few years later at a club after Will came out of a long term relationship and decided to not let each other go It turned out their last encounter wasn t fate at all.

  • 3.35 stars The One That Got Away is one of my favorite themes in romance There are so many opportunities of making that theme intense and emotional and memorable This one is sweet but not quite there yet I think it is mainly due to the structure and length of the story The story contains three chapters and an epilogue, with each chapter set in 9 years apart 1992, 2001, 2010 In 1992, both Will and Rob weren t out yet, still teenager, and Will couldn t wait to leave his home and be proud of who he [...]

  • Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.4.5 starsThe blurb pretty much tells the story here and there is little for me to add to the overall summary of the plot Still, what seems like a somewhat unoriginal story from the blurb is made unique out by fresh prose and lots of attention to detail When the story first starts, set in 1992 at Shady Ladies bar filled with drunk 18 year old graduates, the setting is clinched immediately by firmly grasping the time and place of the scene Music, the style [...]

  • Beautiful just beautiful one of the sweetest love stories i have read this year and well deserving of 5 stars okay MAYBE i was a tad bit biased seeing as there was also mention of 2 Take That songs and God knows i LOVE D those boys IMO, ANY author that can work a Take That song, let alone 2, deserves kudos LOL

  • This was a very sweet story about the one that got away For those who like those types of stories will really enjoy this one I liked it a lot but I also felt like the lead up to their feelings and emotions was a bit lacking.It was interesting to see Rob and Will meet every nine years and how their feelings never actually dissipated I really loved those moments when they wanted to act on their attraction but something always got in their way I really wished this story had been longer, though Seei [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book Well, it s really a short story I found myself rooting for Will and Rob from the beginning The only negative besides the length of the story is that the story jumped ahead in increments of 9 years A little too long in between for me to really make it plausible, but it works here It s really a lovely tale being able to go home and again finding the one that got away.

  • The Man That Got Away We meet Will Rob, both 18 years old, celebrating their last day in their home town and taking off to different big cities to start their college life The book is told in three chapters, each depicting the moment they see each otherChapter 1 1992, 18 years graduating High School anxiously starting UniversityChapter 2 2001, 27 years and back home for the wedding of mutual friendsChapter 3 2010, 36 years when they meet again in a gay bar The story is told entirely from Will s [...]

  • 3.75Maybe This Time is a short and very sweet story about childhood acquaintances I really don t think you could call them friends running into each other every few years and finally finding each other There s definitely an attraction from the very beginning, them being 18 and freshly out of school, but there are always circumstances hindering them from being together until they finally meet at 36, both single, available, and the spark s sparklier than ever.Very cute and nicely written What I m [...]

  • Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews3.5 I actually went back after finishing this book and skimmed back through it, thinking that I missed a part of it The blurb states every few years they meet and something always prevents them from being together While that is sort of true, in actuality, they only meet three times twice before their final chance and it is nine years in between each time So I was expecting a little of a so close and yet so far kind of thing but really they hardly know each oth [...]

  • This book is a cute, enjoyable read The subject isn t too heavy and there isn t a lot of drama, which makes it a very light books which is easy to get through.The blurb of the book is a bit misleading, though It says Every few years, Will Hardwicke runs into Rob Cunningham Throughout the book they meet 2 times after high school The first time 9 years after school, the second time 18 years after school which is also the moment they get together So I expected a lot of cute random moments in which [...]

  • Reviewed by Lucy Genre M M ContemporaryRated 3.5 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • Wow they lost 20 years they could ve been together because misunderstandings That s why we better risk it than regret later

  • 3 3.5 star for me I enjoyed thislove how the years went on and the timing was just off for one of the two, until finally the timing was perfect Good writing And fun characters.

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