The Templar’s Relic

The Templar s Relic The Church Helped Destroy the Templars Will a twist of fate let them get their revenge years later The Vault must be sealed but a construction accident leads to a miraculous discovery an ancient
  • Title: The Templar’s Relic
  • Author: J. Robert Kennedy
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  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Templar’s Relic
    The Church Helped Destroy the Templars Will a twist of fate let them get their revenge 700 years later The Vault must be sealed, but a construction accident leads to a miraculous discovery an ancient tomb containing four Templar Knights, long forgotten, on the grounds of the Vatican Not knowing who they can trust, the Vatican requests Professors James Acton and Laura PalThe Church Helped Destroy the Templars Will a twist of fate let them get their revenge 700 years later The Vault must be sealed, but a construction accident leads to a miraculous discovery an ancient tomb containing four Templar Knights, long forgotten, on the grounds of the Vatican Not knowing who they can trust, the Vatican requests Professors James Acton and Laura Palmer examine the find, but what they discover, a precious Islamic relic, lost during the Crusades, triggers a set of events that shake the entire world, pitting the two greatest religions against each other.Join Professors James Acton and Laura Palmer, INTERPOL Agent Hugh Reading, Scotland Yard DI Martin Chaney, and the Delta Force Bravo Team as they race against time to defuse a worldwide crisis that could quickly devolve into all out war.At risk is nothing less than the Vatican itself, and the rock upon which it was built.From J Robert Kennedy, the author of six international bestsellers including Depraved Difference and The Protocol, comes The Templar s Relic, the fourth entry in the smash hit James Acton Thrillers series, where once again Kennedy takes history and twists it to his own ends, resulting in a heart pounding thrill ride filled with action, suspense, humor and heartbreak.
    The Templar’s Relic By J. Robert Kennedy,
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      441 J. Robert Kennedy
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    With over 900,000 books sold and over 7000 five star reviews, USA Today bestselling author J Robert Kennedy has been ranked by as the 1 Bestselling Action Adventure novelist based upon combined sales He is the author of over thirty five international bestsellers including the smash hit James Acton Thrillers He lives with his wife and daughter and writes full time.


  • Tries to keep it full of action, but the 1 dimensional characters and black and white view of good guys vs bad guys Muslims turned me way off I slogged through to the end, but it wasn t worth it.

  • I think this entry is best read by those who are invested in the series and are reading them in order I don t think it works well or despite the author s note saying the opposite serves well as a stand alone This series, a lot of the character development and plot, much like a TV series, follows through and is picked up by the next book I didn t like this one as much as the others, but I did finish it The violence depicted, I hope never happens in real life, because it would be a horrible bloodb [...]

  • This was a hard book to read It was different than what I thought it would be A researcher and his girlfriend go to Rome to look at a relic that was found under the Vatican From there trouble begins The way the book is written, it kind of makes the reader hate all Muslims In the end, their is a peaceful compromise I don t think I would read another book by this author.

  • Okay, not believableSort of a clunky adventure novel, not at all much about the Templars, they re just fuel for the storyline The action scenes are not that clear, and much of the dialogue and events are very cliche Good idle time reading if you have nothing better to do, but I wouldn t go out of your way to read this.

  • A book of our timesThis books although written as an action melodrama is truly well written look at our current state of affairs regarding Faith

  • Felt like it was being told to a stupid class by a poor primary school teacher It DID improve a bit but still not exactly what I expected from other reviews It was okay

  • A disappointment and again the Muslims made into villains and Catholics saintsrt of like the old movies of black hats and white hats cowboys and Indian movies Too simplistic and contrived.

  • While digging for a new sewer line in Vatican City the workers uncover a buried crypt Vatican officials call in a pair of American archeologists that they have worked with before to investigate and record the find They find sarcophagi, one belonging to a Knight Templar and buried with him a sealed tube When the tube is opened they find it contains a document very old containing a text from the Koran purportedly with several phrases the contradict the wording of the present day text that terroris [...]

  • Templar s RelicExciting action Not sure there are that many Muslims in Rome to take over the Vatican.Characters are colorful and book has non stop action.

  • While the first book I read by J Robert Kennedy had a fair amount of intrigue as well as action, this book was very much focused on the action side of things as James Acton and his fianc e Laura are called in to deal with a situation which ends up the Vatican being stormed by tens of thousands of Muslims Very much what I d consider to be an aeroplane book , with a linear plot and lots of action to keep you interested, the book is nevertheless a fun ride which I went through very quickly If you [...]

  • it started off great the professors are called in to use their archaelogical skills to depict a scroll find out its history and date it then it turns into a war of not religion as such, but muslims against the world for me i found it very racist, very bloody, and too savage for my liking i think if you minimise the muslim references and stick to the religion of islamists v christians rather than muslims for the world ut would of been a better story saying that i still couldnt put the book down a [...]

  • Another entry into this fun series This one revolves around a discovery of a tomb of Templar Knights under the Vatican during a construction dig Acton and Laura are called in to investigate, and they discover a secret within the tomb that could change the whole volatile relationship between Christians and Muslims If you can accept how quickly this plot escalates, then this is a fun book All the usual characters in this series return, with the typical how do we keep getting into these messes dial [...]

  • So soThis was not an enjoyable read It was not very plausible and some of the side stories were gross It started out well with the scroll being sent out and the hopes that the story would follow it However, the story jumped ahead and the Haasan character was very unbelievable It was also unbelievable that so many would be that stupid and have no regard for their lives to follow him and put their lives at risk Sorry, I did not like it.

  • No, I can t finish it It started out great with the story back to 1191 and the parchment that had to be delivered to the imam in Jaffa But skip to the present and the scenes are graphic and bloody with thousands on Muslims rising up to take the Vatican There is no reasoning with fanatics and I liken them to an unruly horde of angry hornets just waiting to be poked in their nest So I suppose the story is a nightmare waiting to happen for me and I just can t plough through to the end.

  • The James Acton books are always a good read Fast paced, full of action and really likable characters The books are well written The plots flow nicely, no loose ends or disconnects As I read these books, it is like a really awesome action movie is playing in my head I don t want to put the book down until I am finished I highly recommend these books to anyone who likes a great action adventure story.

  • Interesting premise of what might happen if a relic was found which changes the idea of Islam when a Templar tomb is found abd a manuscript discovered which rewrites part of the Koran, suddenly Muslims are descending on Vatican city and St Peter s square The idea was interesting but the ending was a bit tame.

  • Action packedThis book was the first of the Acton books that I have read It was very interesting and brings you back to read the book often I ll be reading additional books in the series based on how well I liked this one If you like action stories that are not real easy to predict then this may be for you.

  • Pick this book up as a free ebook not knowing what to expect First time that I have read a Robert Kennedy novel and will not be the last Very good read with historical references and today s cultural ongoing made this a very good book The way that events are describe makes you stop and think of actual events that have taken place in the world for similar reason in the past few months.

  • This could happen The expansive tale of Crusade seeds that came to bear awful fruit in the present The delicate balance of co existence between Christians and Muslims tips and pent up fear, anger and hatred burst out in a matter of hours in awful, but completely plausible ways, around the globe A fearful read with an overly optimistic ending.

  • First book for this authorVery enjoyable read, good pace Looking forward to reading his other books Pretty much a Clive Cussler fan, but now Cussler will have to share some book shelf space with J Robert Kennedy.

  • Wow Wow WowTalk about leaving no stones unturned, the author really did a excellent job using his imagination, keeping it close to possible and keeping me so wanting to read I was floored.

  • One is a series of stories, suspense with a couple who are archeologists being the main characters.Apparently they get in a lot of trouble whatever they are doing.The interesting thing about this story is the slant on Muslim vs Catholicism and how it is handled.

  • Quick easy readThis is a pretty good book There is action from the very beginning which makes the chapters just fly by.

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