The Boy from Brighton

The Boy from Brighton Seven year old Charlie thinks he is invincible He is convinced he has a clock for a heart which makes it impossible for him to die or feel the sort of heartache his mother always feels every time she
  • Title: The Boy from Brighton
  • Author: Geoffrey Knight
  • ISBN: 9780987479709
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • The Boy from Brighton
    Seven year old Charlie thinks he is invincible He is convinced he has a clock for a heart, which makes it impossible for him to die or feel the sort of heartache his mother always feels every time she and Charlie must flee another abusive loser who doesn t deserve a woman like Charlie s mum But yet again Charlie and his mum find themselves at Aunty June s in Brighton onSeven year old Charlie thinks he is invincible He is convinced he has a clock for a heart, which makes it impossible for him to die or feel the sort of heartache his mother always feels every time she and Charlie must flee another abusive loser who doesn t deserve a woman like Charlie s mum But yet again Charlie and his mum find themselves at Aunty June s in Brighton on the south coast of England And while Charlie s mum seeks refuge, Charlie himself lets his curiosity get the better of him in his latest attempt to prove his own immortality That s when he meets him.The boy who saves Charlie s life.The boy from Brighton.
    The Boy from Brighton By Geoffrey Knight,
    • [E-Book] ¸ The Boy from Brighton | by ↠ Geoffrey Knight
      135 Geoffrey Knight
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    From palace hopping across the Rajasthan Desert to sleeping in train stations in Bulgaria, from spinning prayer wheels in Kathmandu to exploring the skull gated graveyards of the indigenous Balinese tribes, Geoffrey Knight has been a traveller ever since he could scrape together enough money to buy a plane ticket Born in Melbourne but raised and educated in countless cities and towns across Australia, Geoffrey was a nomadic boy who grew into a nomadic gay writer When he s not travelling the world, Geoffrey is travelling the world of his imagination where the adventures, thrills and romance are limitless He currently owns his own advertising and design agency in Sydney, Australia, and can t wait to buy his next plane ticket whether it s real or imaginary.


  • When it s true, it s true.CharlieOh my God What a wonderful story that I ll remember for a long time This is the pure definition of big things coming from small packages This story has it all And when I say all I mean ALL Wow I m speechless I could literally feel the emotions and the sincerity and purity and everything good in the world flowing through me This story has the kind of love we all wanted to have for ourselves And just reading about it happening to two people who really deserved it, [...]

  • Ding, ding, dingWe have a winnner There s something wonderful about finding joy and hope and happiness and wonder in a book that also shows you sadness and struggle and despair I think it s all about the balance and tipping the scale in favor of the real, true emotion that you want to convey Geoffrey Knight left me feeling very pleased and satisfied and happily knowing that it was all going to be okay.This was just perfect for a short Saturday morning read It gave an uptick to my dayE CHARACTERS [...]

  • 4.75 starsI saw Danni s review for this one on my feed yesterday and was instantly curious After clicking on the book page and seeing Madison and Andrew s reviews I knew I had to read this So I did night What a sweet and romantic story Lots of great reviews already posted so no need for me to go there Read the reviews then read this adorable story.

  • Full review at madisonparklove.Seven year old Charlie is wandering alone at the pier one morning when he takes a tumble that would ve been deadly were he not rescued by an older boy named Ant Unfortunate circumstances led each boy to be at that unusual place at that unusual time, but fate smiled upon them that day Charlie is instantly enad by the older boy, and they proceed to spend the day together, palling around and having a bit of an adventure until it s time to part ways Their interaction i [...]

  • In the middle of the night, seven year old Charlie and his mom leave another abusive man and head for shelter with Aunty June in Brighton Next day, when not terribly comfortable around kids Aunty June sends Charlie out to play with instructions to stay away a while, Charlie wanders down to the pier and decides once again to test his invulnerability You see, Charlie had heart trouble as a lad of four and the doctors took out his heart and replaced it with an alarm clock Now his heart can t be bro [...]

  • Absolutely enchanting love story A quick read but one I ll remember for a long time.I was surprised to see that the author also wrote Boy Scout which is completely different but one I also loved I m happy to have found a new favourite author Only downside I wish I d written this story myself Adorbs

  • Eat your heart out, Edgar Allen Poe, and that pun was very much intended who needs the heart beat in The Tell Tale Heart when you have the tickety tock tock tock from Geoffrey Knight s The Boy From Brighton The short story a quirky one It is mainly focused on a Charlie a young boy of seven and his mother leaving their drunken father to stay with Jane , the woman s sister from Brighton This young man, all of seven, thinks he is invincible, as he is adamant that the surgeon s operating on his hear [...]

  • Tickety tock That s my heart beating happily after reading this beautiful little gem Neither Charlie nor Ant come from a privileged background Charlie s mum is fresh out of an abusive relationship, and they re living with a relative until she s able to pull herself together When little Charlie takes off on his own for the day, a freakish accident almost takes his life A good Samaritan in the form of Ant, a dreamy 17 year old, steps in to save the day and Charlie s young life Actually, both boys [...]

  • Much different than I expected, but it went from a three star beginning and middle to a five star ending once it jumped ahead in time.This is a story that is sweet and makes you smile It s about the love between a mother and son, between a boy and another boy, fated I m not going to give anything else away.I ll just say that it was perfect how it was, utterly charming, I love the time frame, and I am still smiling so widely.And I just have to add this beautiful, defining quote If you love em, yo [...]

  • I have never read Knight s books before, and after this short story, I am planning to do so, as soon as my time permits It is wonderful how he can get me to fall in love with the main characters so easily, in such a short work I like how Knight makes Charlie different any other normal kid, and I like the bonding formed between Charlie and Joe Dare I say enchanting Really captured my attention and I want .

  • The Boy from Brighton is a short but sweet story that is full of hope I ve never read anything by Geoffrey Knight before but after this one I am definitely reading of his books.The Boy from Brighton is little Charlie s story as he falls in love and grows into a man His innocence and tickety tock heart stole my heart from the very first page.

  • The Boy From Brighton was a strange read It was a great story It just took me to the very end to figure out where it was going At times it seemed to be going nowhere and everywhere, but that didn t keep me from loving it From laughing and crying and feeling empathy for every single character in the story Geoffrey Knight created characters in forty three pages that I feel like I know better than some in novels ten times that length.Charlie and his mother are leaving again Another in a long series [...]

  • Such a compelling story.From Charlie s tick tock heart to Ant s spontaneity, both characters jump off the page Each are compulsive in their own way, and that leads them to meet under dire circumstances A day that could have ended horribly turns out to be the best ever, a day that influences the rest of their lives These boys are in different stages of their adolescence, but they are both able to see exactly what they need to see Not only is it sweet and endearing to read, it s quite beautiful Th [...]

  • This was a cleverly written short, providing a solidly voiced character in Charlie, it is easy to feel the admiration and awe he has for Ant Though the stories shared by Charlie about his life are well written and voiced, I am still at a loss as to the point there was no great aha moment in the story when he felt completely himself, or accepted in fact the whole story seems to lead to a second meeting where they are on equal footing Other than that, and an epilogue that shows a happy ever after [...]

  • So sweet This is the story of a young boy, Charlie, who meets an older boy while he is out by himself at the beach Charlie is instantly enad by the older boy and they end up spending the day together It is all very sweet and innocent and very touching I would love for these two to meet up again when Charlie is older and understands his feelings better I love the author s voice The characters and their surrounding really sprung to life despite how short the story was I will definitely read from [...]

  • I didn t like the writing format that Knight used, however, the story was short and sweet It would be nice to see what the characters were up to when they grew up Star crossed lovers and all that.

  • This story is so cute and kind of gave me nostalgic feeling about the UK during the end of the Cold War It made me smile now and then I wish it was longer

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