Full Ride

Full Ride Becca thought her life was over when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement It didn t help when he used her as his excuse How else is a guy like me supposed to send his daughter to college She
  • Title: Full Ride
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9781442442795
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Full Ride
    Becca thought her life was over when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement It didn t help when he used her as his excuse How else is a guy like me supposed to send his daughter to college She and her mother fled their town and their notoriety, started over, and vowed never to let anyone know about their past.Now a senior in high school, Becca has spent the laBecca thought her life was over when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement It didn t help when he used her as his excuse How else is a guy like me supposed to send his daughter to college She and her mother fled their town and their notoriety, started over, and vowed never to let anyone know about their past.Now a senior in high school, Becca has spent the last four years hiding in anonymity But when it s time to apply to colleges and for financial aid, her mother gives her a rude awakening If she applies, her past may be revealed to the worldBut Becca has already applied for a full ride scholarship And as she begins to probe deeper into the secrets of her past, she discovers that she and her mother might be in danger of than simple discovery by revealing the truth about their past, she might be putting their very lives in jeopardy.
    Full Ride By Margaret Peterson Haddix,
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    Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with degrees in English journalism, English creative writing and history Before her first book was published, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis and a community college instructor and freelance writer in Danville, Illinois She has since written than 25 books for kids and teens, including Running Out of Time Don t You Dare Read This, Mrs Dunphrey Leaving Fishers Just Ella Turnabout Takeoffs and Landings The Girl with 500 Middle Names Because of Anya Escape from Memory Say What The House on the Gulf Double Identity Dexter the Tough Uprising Palace of Mirrors Claim to Fame the Shadow Children series and the Missing series She also wrote Into the Gauntlet, the tenth book in the 39 Clues series Her books have been honored with New York Times bestseller status, the International Reading Association s Children s Book Award American Library Association Best Book and Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers notations and than a dozen state reader s choice awards Haddix and her husband, Doug, now live in Columbus, Ohio, with their two children.


  • Becca has competitive nerd friends, hehalso, even though she s lower class poor for plot reasons, it s still nice to have someone who isn t run of the mill middle class and also not an abjectly impoverished plucky thief type characteralsooh mansoi quote But how is that fair, when the odds are so stacked against me Stuart asks He stabs his fork a little too hard against his cafeteria tray It used to be, if you were a decent student, you did okay on the ACT or SAT, you could go anywhere you wanted [...]

  • Becca is a daddy s girl whos world is turned upside down when her father is arrested during her 8th grade year From this branches a story of treachery, fear, and growing up After the trials, Becca and her mother move to a small town in Ohio and start a new life This book documents Becca s life after the trial and all of the dark details of the law and public Good points of the book Good characterization of main characters Interesting plot and take on the idea Moderately realistic Very easy to un [...]

  • Disclaimer I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.My Summary Becca thought it was the end of the line for her familly when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement and she and her mother were forced to pack up and move to Georgia Now with college application time looming, she has a choice to make use her past to her advantage and get into a good school, or keep quiet and stay under the radar like she s been doing for years As she di [...]

  • Haddix was my go to author when I worked with elementary and middle school kids so high hopes for a true YA book from her The premise had meaty potential But the relationships between most of the characters didn t ring true The consistently unpleasant dialogue between Becca her mother was equally unpleasant to read I don t think you have to like a character to enjoy a book but I found Becca quite off putting The scholarship interview and setup was odd, awkward and added nothing to the plot Just [...]

  • After Becca s father is convicted of federal money scamming crimes, she and her mother move to a small town in Ohio to start over anonymously, away from the cameras Becca begins her freshman year hoping never to be outed as her father s daughter Her mother even changes her appearance, always in fear of being found Now a senior, Becca wants to apply for scholarships to college Secrets are about to be revealed.I loved the premise of FULL RIDE, but the execution kept me rolling my eyes Margaret Pet [...]

  • This reminded me of every other experience I ve had with a Haddix book it was vaguely interesting as a concept, but the book itself bored me to tears There s just not a lot there to intrigue me, and nothing to the character, not really.

  • This review is also available on my blog, Okay, okay, enough examples My point is that I could totally own what Becca was going through, college wise, and that Full Ride came alive to me in a whole new way because of it But the really neat thing was that when I read it for the first time, I didn t have that angle and I still really enjoyed it Full Ride is multi focused enough that you could read it from quite a few different backgrounds, and get different things out each time This makes it a gre [...]

  • Full Ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix Simon Schuster, Nov 2013 ARC received for review Full Ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a realistic fiction book in which a girl named Becca is getting ready to apply for college The only problem is that her father is a well known criminal Ever since her father s scandal, she and her mother had to flee their home in Georgia and start a new life in Ohio Becca tries as hard as she can to fit in and stay under the radar, but with college applications coming u [...]

  • When it comes to reading Margaret Haddix, I either walk away with a win or a loss Rarely does her writing fit neatly in the middle My last couple of tries with her ended in losses, this one, however, was a pleasant surprise Full Ride follows the story of a young woman whose upper class life falls apart when it comes out her Dad embezzled all his money He goes to prisone and her Mom go into hiding For her high school years, she flies under the radar, trying not to get anyone s attention And then [...]

  • This book is about a innocent little girl named Rebecca She lives in a small town with her parents She is the only child Her father has just been convicted of burglary Becca and her mother lost all the friends they had Everyone is talking about her family Her dads picture is all over the news, tv, and magazines They are trying to excape their past with small notice and have to face a challenge.I disliked the fact that Becca had to go through something like that It s very tragic I like that she k [...]

  • Becca Jones had a fabulous life She was popular in school, and had lofty yet reachable aspirations Her Daddy went to Vanderbilt, and she had every intention to follow in his footsteps that is until the day she found out that all of it was a lie When her father was arrested for major embezzlement, her life was turned upside down She was forced to flee from her hometown with her mother, and the two of them started over, like nothing had happened The problems come when Becca decides to apply for co [...]

  • Best Haddix book I ve read in the past few years After her last few middle grade novels, I had begun to think I had outgrown her writing Game Changer and the Found trilogy were interesting and had some good ideas, but their writing was just so simplistic But Full Ride reminded me of Leaving Fishers or even Uprising in tone and style realistic and thought provoking with excellent pacing Her depiction of the college entrance phenomenon is spot on As someone who has recently lived through the stres [...]

  • I really enjoy the fact that Ms Haddix writes YA with female protagonists that are not love stories I enjoy love stories as much as the next person, but there s something refreshing about the fact that she tackles interesting and intriguing issues with female leads that doesn t end with a kiss or center around a boy Stress about college and the future is something very real and I found myself identifying with Becca s fear and anxiety about it all, even if my life is nothing like her circumstance [...]

  • I ve been a fan of Haddix s books since I read the first few pages of Among the Hidden With Full Ride, she did not fail to impress me once again Becca, the main character, made you love her and support her fight to become a college student The problem, or joy for the reader, was the surprises in store behind every attempt Becca made to continue her education I never expected the various turns of events that happened throughout the book, and in turn found the book hard to put down I ll admit,the [...]

  • After her father is arrested and tried for embezzlement, Becca and her mom go into hiding They already happen to have a generic name, but they leave their home state and relocate to a small town in Ohio Terrified that someone will recognize her, Becca spends the next 3 years with her head down, making few friends and studying than is normal But can she ever escape the damage that her father did As time comes to apply to college, Becca realizes that she may have to reveal her secret.

  • So I think this book was pretty well written out, but I would have liked less depression in the middle because every time Becca runs into something good, it turns into something bad The ending is the best part because Mr Trumbull, their lawyer, is finally exposed and his true colors are revealed Although depressing throughout most of the book, the mood ends up happy in the end for all.

  • Sorry, I just couldn t get into this book The main character was very annoying and whiny The premise was just too unbelievable.

  • Book ReviewDecemberFull RideMargaret Peterson Haddix Full ride is a story about Becca Jones and her troubled life from the summer between eighth and ninth grade forward Becca s dad was arrested for embezzlement, and her whole life fell upside Her father supported his family by owning a computer software company, but in truth he found scams, and call innocent people tricking them into giving money to some relative or friend Becca had always been closer to her father than her mother, she acted jus [...]

  • I read Full ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix You think the book is about a girl getting a full ride scholarship but it s much than that, like the title has a deeper meaning to it You realize that you re about to go on a full ride of a girl named Becca Jones life when reading this You ll read a lot about what she s thinking and how she s dealing with her situation I kind of feel like most of the things she says to herself was just a bunch of filler but some of it does add to the story This story [...]

  • How easy would it be to go to college, when your father is one of the worlds worst felons Rebecca Jones was a happy, rich teenager, because her father had a good paying job One day her father was taken away and so was all of her and her mom s money Rebecca is a very bright girl, and she is very strong, but she has a few problems One is, she can t go to college, because her dad is a felon, and they don t have enough money When Rebecca left her home, she was moved far away, to a little town, where [...]

  • At first, I thought the book was pretty boring But as I kept reading, the desire to keep reading pulled me in bit by bit I think that this book is really relatable, especially with teenagers who are in high school The author has a interesting way of describing the pressures of high school and balancing that with the difficulties of family problems that the majority of the population has I think that this book is realistic and the only thing that I dislike about the book is the title of the chapt [...]

  • Margaret Peterson Haddox is one of my favorite authors My enjoyment of her previous work is what lead me to read Full Ride Full Ride manages to distinguish itself from the rest of Haddix s lengthy catalogue while still maintaining what makes her works great The book follows Becca, a teenage girl whose entire life is turned upside down her father, a wealthy business man, is arrested and found guilty of embezzlement Becca and her mother must give up their wealthy lives and move far away from their [...]

  • Becca and her mom are hiding out in rural Ohio after Becca s dad is sent to prison for fraud and extortion Becca is trying to live the life of a normal teenager while, at the same time, keeping her family secret However, when Becca becomes a senior and starts filling out college applications and applying for scholarships, she realizes it s difficult to keep her past hidden.Realistic Fiction This book will appeal to most teenagers, especially those with an incarcerated parent I thought the overal [...]

  • I am a huge Haddix fan I really enjoyed this novel, because it seemed to provide a bit character development than Because of Anna An intriguing ride for conspiracy folk Becca s father was sent to prison for scamming folks and companies She and Mom have been in hiding for three years with new identities, which is working all right until Becca starts trying to apply for college Suddenly, all sorts of things don t make sense, including a mysterious full ride scholarship offered at her school Numer [...]

  • I bought this book and I m glad I did Three years ago, Becca s father was arrested for scamming people into giving him money Becca s family s lawyer told Becca and her mom that they had to disappear and not tell anyone that Becca s father is a criminal Becca and her mother move to Deskins Ohio They basically start a new life, but they don t have a lot of money The first winter that they spend in their apartment it is always cold and they don t enjoy themselves During Becca s freshman year, she m [...]

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