Heir of Darkness

Heir of Darkness Stella Day will one day be the Protector of Earth but right now she s focused on other things Surviving high school having a winning soccer season and balancing the two guys in her life all vie for
  • Title: Heir of Darkness
  • Author: Rachel Higginson
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  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Heir of Darkness
    Stella Day will one day be the Protector of Earth, but right now she s focused on other things Surviving high school, having a winning soccer season and balancing the two guys in her life all vie for her attention She isn t ready for her future or the massive destiny waiting for her Unfortunately for Stella, destiny isn t patient Stella s life becomes complicated whenStella Day will one day be the Protector of Earth, but right now she s focused on other things Surviving high school, having a winning soccer season and balancing the two guys in her life all vie for her attention She isn t ready for her future or the massive destiny waiting for her Unfortunately for Stella, destiny isn t patient Stella s life becomes complicated when the Darkness won t leave her alone She s plagued by Shadows at practice and in school Seven, Seth s deranged sister, is stalking her And Aliah has made it his life s mission to destroy her before she turns eighteen and comes into the fullness of her powers In a risky effort to save her life, Seth makes a deal with the devil that changes everything Suddenly, it s no longer her own life that Stella is desperate to save She must find a way to protect her Counterpart before he becomes the worst threat of all As Stella grapples with the intensity of her feelings for both Tristan and Seth, her choice might just be made for her While the Darkness demands her attention, humanity and the high school life she loves will fade into the background as she embraces the purpose she was given and the most complicated battle yet This time it s not just her life on the line, but her heart as well Choosing which boy to love might not mean a happily ever after Choosing between Seth and Tristan might just lead to a heartbreak she never imagined Sunburst is the second installment in the Starbright Series.
    Heir of Darkness By Rachel Higginson,
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    Rachel Higginson is the best selling author of The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, Bet on Us and The Star Crossed Series.She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart Now she spends her days writing stories and raising five amazing kids.


  • Sunburst is a true testament of how Rachel Higginson has grown as an author Stella has depth and the story flowed better than Starbright I found it hard to put down I liked that the love triangle was brought to an end in a way that wasn t cheesy or exhaustive I loved the introduction of Jude to the cast of characters He added some mystery which I enjoyed There was also great witty banter which has become a signature in Higginson s books If you read Starbright and were on the fence about reading [...]

  • I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I was totally Team Tristan in Starbright Why Because Seth was boring and demanding He expected Stella to be his, like she was just his property or something And I despised that I don t like men who think they are entitled to have a woman And it isn t romantic when a guy says, You re mine, which I feel Seth said to Stella like five times in that last book.If a guy were to give me the You re mine line, I would tell him he was insane I [...]

  • Well, that was speechlessness inducing Wow I mean, my heart doesn t really know what to do with itself right now Seriously, I finished this in the wee hours of the morning, and then couldn t go to sleep b c I just kept thinking about it all I enjoyed Starbright, but this book was.just, perfect I can t even put into words how many different emotions went through me while reading this book This is Ms Higginson at her finest Her characters are so well developed that you can t help but love them, ev [...]

  • Truth be told I really disliked Starbright I read the first version when it came out, and was left shaking my head and beyond annoyed with everything about that book And I just tried to re read it and only made it 1 4 of the way through before calling it quits.So honestly, I felt like Sunburst just had to be better nothing could be much worse.Well Rachel blew my freaking mind with Sunburst I cannot believe how much I freaking LOVED it I mean, everything about this book worked perfectly The epic [...]

  • 3.5 stars This book was fabulous While not much happened, I feel like EVERYTHING happened at the same time.Talk about ANGST Talk about chest pains and butterflies all at the same time.I love the twist that the author decided for the plot I love the new characters There are so many new questions and theories in this story you really don t know what s going on at all.The writing has matured so much from book 1 BUT BEWARE the editing and formatting is still TERRIBLE But like I said previously, I st [...]

  • I love Stella so much, she just has too many things on her shoulder, and I feel bad for that But, she is a great fighter, and she can get through this hard time I believe in her Can t wait for the third book This is a must read trilogy.

  • Great Author Such a great author I would give this book stars but the editing is horrible As many books as she s written, I m surprised that she hasn t asked for a better editor.

  • Rachel picks up Sunburst where she left us in Starbright Stella and Seth are still training hard with Jupiter to learn how to keep humans safe from the darkness Aliah and his army of Fallen Angels aren t waiting for Stella and Seth to take on their rolls as protectors of the Earth and has decided to close in on the humans and bring an outrageous amount of Fallen into his twisted plan.Meanwhile, Stella begins to realize just how perfect Seth is not that I don t scream that at my iPad every few pa [...]

  • ONLY HALFWAY DONE THIS BOOK I WILL BE DONE SOON AND THEN I WILL DO AN EDITED VERSION SPOILER ALERT not big ones though this book is an improvement but honestly some characters annoy me For starters, Seth yeah he s ridiculously hot and in that brooding sort of way that every YA book has, but hes all like Stella I love you and im super desperate and you have no choice but to marry me no pressure And then he leaves and Stella pretty much turns into Bella swan for a few days Another character I find [...]

  • I will start by saying I read Starbright a long time ago I remember that it was a good, fun read, but the storyline was hard to follow Sunburst is not that way I could not put the book down By the end I was emotionally attached to each character and wishing I could peak into Rachel s brain for a moment to see what will happen to them in the end.Sunburst was amazing The story starts where Starbright left off, but immediately takes a twist that is very unexpected As the plot unfolds you grow to lo [...]

  • This book was sliiiightly better than the first one, at least as far as relationship drama goes but then Seth decides to do something COMPLETELY stupid view spoiler like bargain his soul and things take a turn for the worst Seriously Seth THAT is your solution How completely stupid are you By the end of the book, the Seth that Stella has come to know is all but gone and her Counterpart seems lost to her forever.Love triangle update There is still plenty of drama with the whole but, I love Trista [...]

  • Ohgoodness This woman has done it again and written a beautiful, perfect book I finished this book in less than 2 days, which is quite an accomplishment with a newborn What did I love about this book Where to startFirst off I am a HUGE Seth and Stella fan I was in love with their stories and their lives from the first teaser that Ms Higginson released for them Stella is everything I wish I was strong, witty, funny, beautiful, confident and yet, she is also unsure, sometimes fragile and needing p [...]

  • Absolutley Amazing Rachels writing is just awesome She connects you to her characters, and you are hooked instantly Out of this world does not even to begin describing this sequel to Starbright Once I delved into the world of Stella and Seth I left reality until I finished it I couldn t turn the pages fast enough, but wanted each page to last longer the closer to the end I got Stella is a fierce strong protector to our world , and Seth her partner Can they beat the odds set against them Fight th [...]

  • I d actually give this book about 3.5 stars.I started reading the Starbright Series after I finished the Star Crossed Series This series is good, but I thought Star Crossed was fantastic Sunburst was better than the first book Starbright , but there were a few issues.I love the concept of angels and stars as they re portrayed by the author The darkness seemed somewhat vague though and I would have liked to learn about the Fallen and the shadows It was confusing how the shadows would freeze them [...]

  • I ended up reading Sunburst Heir of Darkness pretty quickly The the story goes on the and I really like Seth I understand he was acting the way he was because of what happened to him, but at the same time I feel like he s getting borderline abusive I find it disgusting how Stella is pining after him now that he s being even possessive and controlling.I thought that Jude was a really interesting character I hope we get a lot information on him in the third book If there was a separate series [...]

  • I really found the first book in the series thrilling and very interesting I also had no clue what to expect as I had downloaded it on my kindle with a big random selection in the same pack but I was very much surprised I however felt this book was slightly repetitive and was very irritated with the main character as her emotions kept bouncing around all over the place In the first book I was completely team Seth but in this book I was not very sure as he went to a completely different character [...]

  • Let me start by saying that I love Rachel Higginson s stories and plan to read every single one of them.This book was the second in the Starbright series I enjoyed the story very much, but I did not enjoy being in Stella s head She was so dramatic in this book and everything in her head seemed so so epic and world changing Her head made me tired I did love the character development view spoiler And it s about time that Stella s on team Seth hide spoiler The secondary characters were well rounded [...]

  • I put off writing my review for a little while but here goes I started reading this before I moved and did not pick it back up until about 2 3 weeks later and holy bologna did the crap hit the fan When I left off feels like the calm before the storm and storm was a mighty hurricane that me heartbroken I will leave the spoilers out but holy macaroni this book is full sadness then tiny bits of hope that are squashed just after This book should come with a warning It left me wanting .

  • Totally lost I not only love this series, I can t get enough Besides Seth moving to the dark side, in walks Jude, and I mean literally A new guy that Stella can t quite figure out There are so many turns to this book and actions Wow I m excited And when I say, I m lost Literally, I ve read this book cover to cover in one sitting I couldn t wait to get to the end The only problem, I have to go get the next book.

  • Although the inner dialog of Stella still kind of drives me crazy because it s overly repetitive The speeches from some of the the characters were flawless I finally fell for Stella and I love the new character Jude He is unexpected and witty and charming and mysterious in his own way I enjoyed this book so much then the 1st And I really can t wait for the next book

  • Okay, so I started and finished this book without looking away from it for than ten secondsRachel Higginson has the amazing ability to make you connect with her characters even some of the ones you want to hate This book made me frustrated, heart broken, excited, and a large variety of other emotions.I feel like I m in pieces right now I need the next book to put me back together

  • I think this is going to be my most favorite series from Rachel Higginson I loVe it Love it Love it of course, so far I ve loved everything she wrote but this has some truth to the fiction and she digs in deep and shows all of the feelings and gets you involved Love it

  • I loved this book so much than the first, and if we have to pick teams, I m totally Team Seth Sunburst put me through an emotional wringer I felt all of their emotions through Rachel s writing the pain, the heartbreak, the love Waiting for book three is going to be killer

  • Gah This book was so emotional and gripping for me I loved itch a differnt feel than the first novel, but in all the right ways I can not wait to see what happens in this world of light and darkd how Stelle and Seth will make it thru So, so great

  • So much better than book 1 Couldnt put down the book and immediately purchased book 3 and started reading it Not sure if one touch kindle is a blessing or avcurse but this was a wonderful, gripping, entertaining read.Highly recommend

  • Amazing Oh my heartI didn t think I would enjoy this as much as I did Rachel is getting better about making the characters you love go to hell and back and keep you wanting to fight right beside them So much deeper then the first one.

  • I am enjoying this series the characters that are within I felt Stella s pain cinfusion here whenever Seth would come visit I am hopeful that they will get their HEA in the next book.

  • I liked this one much better than the first Not sure why The same things that bugged a bit about the first one were still annoying But, I loved it Now WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE

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