A Fúria de Sharpe

A F ria de Sharpe Richard Sharpe the former private in His Majesty s army who now commands a company of riflemen finds himself fighting his old enemies the French in Sharpe has been sent by Wellington on a mis
  • Title: A Fúria de Sharpe
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell Paulo Alexandre Moreira
  • ISBN: 9789727312306
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Fúria de Sharpe
    Richard Sharpe, the former private in His Majesty s army who now commands a company of riflemen, finds himself fighting his old enemies, the French, in 1811.Sharpe has been sent by Wellington on a mission to Cadiz, now the capital of Spain, to rescue the British ambassador who happens to be Wellington s brother from a spot of undiplomatic trouble The city has been bRichard Sharpe, the former private in His Majesty s army who now commands a company of riflemen, finds himself fighting his old enemies, the French, in 1811.Sharpe has been sent by Wellington on a mission to Cadiz, now the capital of Spain, to rescue the British ambassador who happens to be Wellington s brother from a spot of undiplomatic trouble The city has been blockaded by the French but is supported by the British from the sea It contains a rare mix of pro and anti British citizens, diplomats, courtiers, adventurers, and spies Sharpe s mission complicated, undercover, and political turns out to be completely different from the one on which he was sent It brings him through the besieging enemy army to triumph in the Battle of Barrosa, where the British, deserted by their allies, defeat an overwhelmingly stronger French force.
    A Fúria de Sharpe By Bernard Cornwell Paulo Alexandre Moreira,
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    Cornwell was born in London in 1944 His father was a Canadian airman, and his mother, who was English, a member of the Women s Auxiliary Air Force He was adopted and brought up in Essex by the Wiggins family, who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict Protestant sect who banned frivolity of all kinds and even medicine After he left them, he changed his name to his birth mother s maiden name, Cornwell.Cornwell was sent away to Monkton Combe School, attended the University of London, and after graduating, worked as a teacher He attempted to enlist in the British armed services at least three times but was rejected on the grounds of myopia.He then joined BBC s Nationwide and was promoted to become head of current affairs at BBC Northern Ireland He then joined Thames Television as editor of Thames News He relocated to the United States in 1980 after marrying an American Unable to get a green card, he started writing novels, as this did not require a work permit.As a child, Cornwell loved the novels of C.S Forester, chronicling the adventures of fictional British naval officer Horatio Hornblower during the Napoleonic Wars, and was surprised to find there were no such novels following Lord Wellington s campaign on land Motivated by the need to support himself in the U.S through writing, Cornwell decided to write such a series He named his chief protagonist Richard Sharpe, a rifleman involved in most major battles of the Peninsular War.Cornwell wanted to start the series with the Siege of Badajoz but decided instead to start with a couple of warm up novels These were Sharpe s Eagle and Sharpe s Gold, both published in 1981 Sharpe s Eagle was picked up by a publisher, and Cornwell got a three book deal He went on to tell the story of Badajoz in his third Sharpe novel, Sharpe s Company, published in 1982.Cornwell and wife Judy co wrote a series of novels, published under the pseudonym Susannah Kells These were A Crowning Mercy, published in 1983, Fallen Angels in 1984, and Coat of Arms aka The Aristocrats in 1986 Cornwell s strict Protestant upbringing informed the background of A Crowning Mercy, which took place during the English Civil War In 1987, he also published Redcoat, an American Revolutionary War novel set in Philadelphia during its 1777 occupation by the British.After publishing eight books in his ongoing Sharpe series, Cornwell was approached by a production company interested in adapting them for television The producers asked him to write a prequel to give them a starting point to the series They also requested that the story feature a large role for Spanish characters to secure co funding from Spain The result was Sharpe s Rifles, published in 1987, and a series of Sharpe television films staring Sean Bean.A series of contemporary thrillers with sailing as a background and common themes followed Wildtrack published in 1988, Sea Lord aka Killer s Wake in 1989, Crackdown in 1990, Stormchild in 1991, and Scoundrel, a political thriller, in 1992.In June 2006, Cornwell was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen s 80th Birthday Honours List.Cornwell s latest work, Azincourt, was released in the UK in October 2008 The protagonist is an archer who participates in the Battle of Agincourt, another devastating defeat suffered by the French in the Hundred Years War However, Cornwell has stated that it will not be about Thomas of Hookton from The Grail Quest or any of his relatives.


  • Either this is one of the better entries into the series, or the longer pause I ve decided to take between installments has made me indulgent towards this slightly formulaic and hero worshipping historical account of the Napoleonic Wars The books have this advantage of being in general self contained episodes, so a new reader could jump in at any point I preferred to start chronologically, and there are advantages in this also, mainly in background stories for secondary characters.Before I jump [...]

  • Another enjoyable, if formulaic, entry in the Sharpe series, although the title is a misnomer We ve seen a lot fury from Sharpe in other books this one would have been aptly named Sharpe s Aggravation.Along with the usual gripping battle scenes, all the ingredients are here Terse, facetious dialog between Sharpe Harper and the riflemen A pompous commanding officer who dislikes Sharpe and nearly gets the company killed A Wellesley with a secret assignment although it s the Duke s brother instea [...]

  • There isn t a great deal of fury going on in this eleventh chronologically Richard Sharpe novel, but at this point it must have started getting difficult to come up with titles Maybe At any rate, Sharpe s Fury is, well, another Sharpe novel, in which much the sort of thing that happens in other Sharpe novels, happens again He survives the nearly fatal incompetence of yet another highly placed British officer and manages to distinguish himself in doing so He gets suckered into a decidedly non mil [...]

  • Another decent Sharpe offering One has to realise that all these books are written to a similar formula Sharpe s involved in treachery and corruption, makes lots of enemies, faces defeat and suffering before winning despite overwhelming odds, and then the whole thing s topped off by a massive battle SHARPE S FURY is no exception, providing the reader with a weasel of a villain, a great set piece involving a half ruined cathedral and its crypt, an effective big battle at the climax which is full [...]

  • Tougher to read than previous volumes While the battle scenes in the final 50 pages are the most gut wrenching and poignant that I ve yet encountered from Cornwell, the middle third of political intrigue drags on forever and tarnishes the overall experience There are also several uncharacteristic conversations between Sharpe and his men about this battle not being their fight that border on forbidden current political commentary in historical fiction I ll give the author the benefit of the doubt [...]

  • This book is a huge step up from the previous couple The typical pieces of every Sharpe book are there, villain, rescued lover, man to man battle, and major historical conflict but the way they are put together are much better than the typical, at this point tired same old way The description of the battle at Cadiz is just excellent Although much of the remainder is just average, that battle is Cornwell at his best.

  • This Sharpe novel I thoroughly enjoyed and it felt like a proper journey, one guided by duty and lust and revenge It was quite pleasing to meet Lord Pumphrey again and I enjoyed the dynamic between the pair of them, though that seems to be at an end due to a certain revelation Harper s words of It s not our fight were oddly welcomed because so often Sharpe steers his men off track but they follow, for they are loyal I did like that Vandal had thought Sharpe dead when suddenly he was confronted b [...]

  • Nat rlich wieder 5 Sterne, weil ich Sharpe liebe, auch wenn es vielleicht nicht das beste Buch der Serie ist Aber warum eigentlich nicht Besonders ist vor allem, dass der Roman dreigeteilt ist Erst ein Abenteuer zum Reinkommen und Antagonisten vorstellen, dann ein Spionage , Geheimauftrag in der Mitte und dann nat rlich Schlachtenbeschreibung, ohne die Sharpe nicht Sharpe w re Durch diese drei eigentlich unterschiedlichen Teile hat die Geschichte nicht ganz den Fluss, unterscheidet es aber auch [...]

  • I ve been meaning to review these for ages, I read all these books a long time ago and I think I would have to re read them to remember every story line That s the problem with trying to review books you read over ten years ago When I read these books it was a happy time for me as I received all the collection including the short stories as a wedding present ten years ago and as I celebrate my tenth anniversary of being married to my beautiful wife, I wanted to save my overall review of the seri [...]

  • 5 10 Sharpe is back, and he s furious, although it seems like a grudge than fury It has the history It has the humor It just feels different than the typical Sharpe novel.Sharpe spends much time off the battlefield doing things you might find in a crime thriller The author might realize this because there s an almost unrelated battle stuck in the middle It also seems to focus on other characters than other Sharpe novels I was also slightly annoyed that it refers to events that happened seven 7 [...]

  • Highly enjoyable, especially the first half in which Sharpe foils a malevolent Spaniard s plans to expose a British diplomat s dalliance with a comely prostitute by publishing his foolish letters to her this all takes place during the Napoleonic era Plenty of action and fighting as the British and the Spanish join forces sort of against the French bastards , as Sharpe and his trusty riflemen refer to them.

  • Eleventh in the historical military fiction series revolving around Captain Richard Sharpe and the Peninsular War It s March 1811, and the British Army is intending to keep C diz.My TakeTypical It is interesting that Cornwell makes all the incompetent generals assholes and all the competent ones are either down to earth or realistic about war Moon s biggest problem is his class and his own selfish, racist, myopic character All that befalls him serves him right.Oh man, I just don t understand the [...]

  • I have been reading the Sharpe series in chronological order, so this is my 11th adventure with Richard Sharpe I ve followed him from a private soldier in India, to his present rank of captain as he continues to fight under Lord Wellington in the Peninsular Wars against France in the early 19th century The Sharpe series does settle into a very definite formula He always appears to be embroidered in an internal conflict with established figures within the British army, as well as having to deal w [...]

  • This is my second Sharpe book, and I liked the plot of Sharpe s Escape better Like Sharpe s Escape, this book had a very intense and amazingly detailed battle scene In both books, though, I had a hard time following exactly what was happening, especially with all of the different officers and military maneuvers Sometimes I couldn t tell which side the author was talking about British or French.The author s knowledge of history and warfare in the early 19th century is very impressive He tells a g [...]

  • Still marching through the career of lovable rogue Richard Sharpe In this episode he gets accidentally stuck in the Spanish city of Cadiz when Napoleon has taken over the rest of the country, puts his skills at thieving to good use, hooks up briefly with another beautiful woman, and finds himself in a battle Sharpe is improbably at the center of every major action in the Napoleonic wars, but no less fun for all that.

  • Questo libro comincia abbastanza male, con l ennesimo ufficiale che ce l ha con Sharpe e che sembra anche abbastanza arrogante e incompetente.Poi andando avanti la cosa migliora, incontriamo anche il fratellino di Wellington e Sharpe riesce ad avere una storiella romantica ai limiti dell assurdo.Sharpe ha una parte fondamentale nella storia finta , dove ormai tra le alte sfere riconosciuto come l uomo da cercare quando ci sono lavori difficili e non proprio legali da fare.Poi con uno stratagemma [...]

  • It gets worse Started April 26 This one was awful This Sharpe is unbelievable He is like a cat with 9 lives He is shot in the head recovers bombed in a cathedral escapes fights the French at incredible odds wins charged with several war crimes exonerated by an officer who dislikes Sharpe but now has a wife prostitute who feels beholden to Sharpe This will be my last Sharpe novel.

  • All these later publication Sharpe novels have a much bleaker tone and an angrier, ruder, violent, less tsundere noble Richard Sharpe, which I m not a huge fan of Even so, Sharpe s Mild Annoyance is splendid Spycraft, swashbuckling, and intrigue complementing Cornwell s usual terrific battle descriptions.

  • Probably my favorite Sharpe book so far, despite being light on character building and heavy on military strategy, exactly the opposite of what I tend to be looking for in this kind of historical novel But the battle is extremely well written and involving, filled with interesting historical characters, and I found myself unable to put it down once the bullets started flying.

  • I found the last third of the book very interesting in the extensive descriptions of the battle preparations, geography and actual battle s In addition Sharp was not present very much in this section of the book Cornwell continues to bring to life the struggles of battle from both sides and weaves an entertaining story in presenting history.

  • Even heavier than usual on the battle scenes, which tired me out a tad, but I ll never get sick of Sharpe s adventures.

  • More of the sameVillainous villains, Distressed Maidens, Intrigue, plots and this time all with a Head Wound.Will our Hero survive Of course he will, there are 10 books to go yet

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