Kissed by Moonlight

Kissed by Moonlight Bringing the Fairy Queen s murderous brother to justice was supposed to give Morgan Bailey a little peace and quiet at least as much as a vampire hunter ever gets But two murders a jail break a pric
  • Title: Kissed by Moonlight
  • Author: Shéa MacLeod
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kissed by Moonlight
    Bringing the Fairy Queen s murderous brother to justice was supposed to give Morgan Bailey a little peace and quiet at least as much as a vampire hunter ever gets But two murders, a jail break, a price on Morgan s head, and rumbles of paranormal war don t bode well for rest and relaxation Mix in the reappearance of mysterious soul vampires, and Morgan s emotions areBringing the Fairy Queen s murderous brother to justice was supposed to give Morgan Bailey a little peace and quiet at least as much as a vampire hunter ever gets But two murders, a jail break, a price on Morgan s head, and rumbles of paranormal war don t bode well for rest and relaxation Mix in the reappearance of mysterious soul vampires, and Morgan s emotions are on the verge of melting down.The hunt for the origins of the soul vampires takes Morgan and Jack, the local Sunwalker and former Templar knight, from the depths of the famous Shanghai Tunnels of Portland to Area 51 and finally the streets of the City of Lights The truth they uncover in Paris leads to a new confrontation with the Fairy Queen, and the very real possibility they won t get out of this one alive.
    Kissed by Moonlight By Shéa MacLeod,
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      474 Shéa MacLeod
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    Sh a MacLeod has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon She totally blames her mother.Her favorite poem as a child was Jabberwocky , and Her favorite authors were Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe Which probably explains a lot.After a six year sojourn in London, England, a dearth of good donuts has driven her back to her hometown She now resides in the leafy green hills outside Portland, Oregon where she indulges in her fondness for strong coffee, Ancient Aliens reruns, lemon curd, and dragons.Because everything s better with dragons.Sh a is the author of the SUNWALKER SAGA a fast paced urban fantasy series with a kick ass heroine published by Montlake and DRAGON WARS a post apocalyptic series with dragons as well as the Cupcake Goddess novelettes.


  • Much of this book felt like it should have been the final act of the book preceding it.First, I m going to say this I like Shea s accessible writing style, I like all of the supporting characters, and there s a lot of interesting mythology in this world I also enjoyed the steamy romancey bits of the previous books.But this book has put the series on probation for me After what happened to Inigo, the emotions fell totally flat I had to force myself to finish it, only to be rewarded withother clif [...]

  • Can t put book downFrom one paragraph to the next you don t know what s going to happen next You get to the end of the book and you have to start another one immediately Ms MacLeod is definitely going to have to send someone or come herself to help me I am having trouble getting to doctor s appointments and testings because I can t stop reading I have never written a review on any book before, and I have read loads of books But damn this is a series that everyone needs to read.

  • EnjoyableThis series improves with each installment As Morgan grows into her power she also grows as a person, as do the supporting characters, making them engaging The plot twists and turns, leading towards a conclusion that appears to be several books in the future A good solid paranormal romance urban fantasy series.

  • Good storyI am interested in seeing where the story is going from here Not being fond of elves, if Morgan destroys them I won t lose any sleep over it.

  • Loving this series I was only going to read the first book, but I get to the end of one and immediately start downloading and reading the next.

  • After the horrible, awful cliffhanger in the last book, I pounced on this book like a cheetah I have to say I like MacLeod s writing style It s easy to read and access Morgan is an awesome character She s down to earth and feels very real I love her constant stream of self depreciating humor and sardonic remarks Jack is a flat character I miss Inigo A lot That meant a lot of the chemistry was missing from this book It also had a lot of a then this happened, then this, and then we did this feel t [...]

  • This started immediately where the last bok ended, Morgan was brought before the Queen of the Sidhe Morgana.She had to watch as the queen struck down her boyfriend Inigo We follow Morgan as she has to deal with all What the queen throws at her, she learns how to control her new superpower, earth Her journey takes her to Paris, where we find that along with Jack she is looking for some stolen items, between her and Jack they discover who the thief is.There are other areas that need solving, like [...]

  • I really enjoyed where this book went after we left off with the last book Seeing Morgan s response to Inigo s death was visceral and raw and felt incredibly realistic I really enjoyed Tommy s role in this book He makes an excellent teacher for Morgan The scene change to France was also nice to give the book some added atmosphere and a search for the mysterious object Still confused on how all of these subplots are going to come together but I m sure it will happen in the remaining books I do wi [...]

  • I love the Sunwalker Saga, I really do, but I will be honest, this was not the book I expected at all.The hardest reviews to write, in my opinion, are the ones where you love the series, like and admire the author but, you re not crazy about the book Of course, this review is just my thoughts, and others may completely fall in love with this book.See the rest of my thoughts here justtalkingbooks 1 pos

  • Fast paced adventure This series has been a whirlwind of excitement The characters are fun and the occult details are an interesting twist on old themes I like how quickly the book reads and the building adventure and mystery Although the writing style is a little simplistic and occasionally the depth of the characters seems to be a little forced, overall the plot and snark of the characters and their quirks than entertains.

  • Ok i was all set to be really mad at this whol series for what happened to Inigo at the end Without giving anything away, ill just say that the author redeemed herself some This definitely was a good book with Morgan learning about her new power, anf what she can do with it Her going up against Morgana was greati loved it Now i have to wait until the next book gets writtengh.damn cliffhangers

  • I didn t feel like the story moved smoothly and it was hard for me to get into it until it was almost 3 4 over Then, surprise, another cliff hanger I really liked the story and characters in books 1 and 2 Maybe if they are read back to back it would be better I am going to guess there will be 2 books in this series since she still has 2 powers to gain Maybe when the series is done I will start over at book 1 and see if I am inspired to continue.

  • I m not really a fan of Jack He seems to have no desirable redeemable qualities about him.Morgan is pretty dumb sometimes Gee, Morgan I wonder how you could move that big pile of rocks Maybe by using your new power Morgan is also easily beat up Not a single encounter with a vampire who she supposedly hunts for a living without getting sh t kicked out of her.But, they re pretty fun anyway.

  • I liked the plot of this book better than the plots of the three books However, I did not like the ending very little was resolved, and it felt very rushed It seemed designed to make sure people read book 5, and it irritates me when authors give few answers in order to try to make sure the next book sells a lot of copies I also found that I liked the main characters a lot less in this book than I had in earlier books they all seemed less sympathetic for some reason.

  • Great ReadMorgan is constantly evolving and being run ragged She must figure out how her enemies are putting souls into vampires, controlling them, the connection to the Queen, her new powers and her heart The characters are interesting and intelligent and there s a great deal of action and adventure Great Read.

  • I loved the first three books in this series and have been anxiously waiting for book 4 In my opinion, it fell flat I felt like it went in too many directions and was mired in self pity which is understandable given the storyline, but still not an emotion we ve cell to expect from this character I felt like I finally was drawn in to the story at the very end And now I wait for the next

  • This series It s only getting better and better Holy crap I am in love w this series Twists, turns, nonstop edge of my seat reading good I am devouring this series in one sharp, swift strike Each new book Morgan only continues to grow and w each new adventure something even treacherous lurks ahead I can NOT wait

  • Interesting books and storylines however I found it a little confusing and jumbled as they rushed to put everything together at the very end of the book Another thing I noticed that irritates me is the main character morgan only ever calls her friends when she needs something it seems like she has a lot of one sided friendships.

  • Can t wait for next book in series Hopefully wait isn t long would recommend these books to anyone who likes this type of book to read Once you start reading you don t want to put it down

  • A nice read in the urban fantasy department including one of favorite themes, Atlantis It s number four in the Sunwalker Saga, fae, vampires, dragons, immortals, and other things that go bump in the night.

  • Great ending, now I must buy the next book The plot twists are very well done Great read with quite good plot twists The ending makes buying the next in the series a must, not an option

  • It s been a long time since I listened to book 3 and I d forgotten how much I liked Morgan But now they are out on audio book I ll be reading the next one asap

  • I LOVE this series I LOVE this author s writing style But I had to downgrade the rating because of the cliffhanger ending I HATE THOSE

  • nonstop action if you liked the others in this series, you ll like this one as well looking forward to the next one.

  • Sunwalker Book 4The plot thickens Things are brought together here clarifying and exposing the players What a wild trip it has been Off to book 5

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