The Circle Girls

The Circle Girls God will give you blood to drink An ordinary teenager finds out what witch hunting is all about in her own everyday world When Deliverance Delli Willis an ordinary almost sixteen year old finds her
  • Title: The Circle Girls
  • Author: Anya Novikov
  • ISBN: 9781611162585
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Circle Girls
    God will give you blood to drink.An ordinary teenager finds out what witch hunting is all about in her own everyday world When Deliverance Delli Willis, an ordinary, almost sixteen year old, finds herself dreaming wild dreams, she s amazed when some of the stuff appears during her classroom unit on the Salem Witch Trials When a dream girl of 1692, who shares DelivGod will give you blood to drink.An ordinary teenager finds out what witch hunting is all about in her own everyday world When Deliverance Delli Willis, an ordinary, almost sixteen year old, finds herself dreaming wild dreams, she s amazed when some of the stuff appears during her classroom unit on the Salem Witch Trials When a dream girl of 1692, who shares Deliverance s name, finds herself entranced by a mysterious man in the woods, Delli finds a new neighbor walking through her family avocado grove Eager to share the handsome newcomer with her circle of friends, she doesn t realize the danger of someone unique entering the closed loop Fingers point, jealousies surge, lies are cast, sides taken and people are out for blood It s a modern day witch hunt that collides with 1692 in ways Delli never dreamed It will take lessons from her dreamscape and a stand against bullies to tighten Delli s faith in our omnipresent God.
    The Circle Girls By Anya Novikov,
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      388 Anya Novikov
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    Anya Novikov Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Circle Girls book, this is one of the most wanted Anya Novikov author readers around the world.


  • DNF at 27%.This was just not my cup of tea.What I did read felt a little inconsistent and jumpy, and very slow.

  • This is the story of a teenage girl who begins having vivid dreams of the Salem witch trials Coincidentally, she is studying that very topic in school The dreams parallel her life as the names of the people in her dreams are the same, or very similar to her own name and the names of the people in her life As the dreams progress her fear of her own destiny becomes nearly overwhelming In her dreams is an elusive young man who claims he will protect her from harm, and in reality a young man who rec [...]

  • I honestly wasn t sure this was a book I would want to read, or enjoy but was encouraged to do so by the head of our reading group, Fred St Laurent , and I am so glad I did.The thought of reading a book on witches was not something I would ever have considered, but as previously stated was about so much .The story takes place in a California prep school where Deliverance Willis, Delli, is there on a scholarship, coming from an interesting family to say the least, and yet is immediately embraced [...]

  • 4.5 starsDeliverance, or Delli as her friends call her, is having strange dreams about the Salem Witch Trials And now the events of 1692 seem to be coming alive in her modern day life as girls at her school turn against each other and lies spread Now both Delli and the dream girl with the same name will have to learn a lesson the hard way.Anya Novikov s debut novel mixes religion, relationships and humor in a fast paced story of lies vs truths, darkness vs light It keeps you on the edge of your [...]

  • The tongue runs wild, a wanton killer James 3, the Message I didn t expect to like this book However, it drew me in like a vortex in the ocean, drawing me deeper and deeper into the spiral of the story until there was no escape and the story and I were one.Delli travels between her world of snobbish California prep school and the Salem witch trials via dreams She and her friends are the main characters, good and bad Realizing history first hand gives Delli a different perspective on both histori [...]

  • I recently read, The Circle Girls Once Upon A Witch, by Anya Novikov and thoroughly enjoyed it I came across the book browsing the Pelican Book Group website The book is written in a very interesting way The main character, Delli, short for Deliverance, is living a life that parallels that of another girl, also named Deliverance, from the 1692 Salem witch trials Delli has dreams about this other Deliverance and blames it on the fact that she s currently studying about the witch trials This fact [...]

  • The Circle Girls Once Upon A Witch is an intense story that captivated my attention throughout and has a great ending which leaves the reader wanting As Delli travels through her dreams, she is catapulted back in time to the Salem Witch Trials Not only does she witness the insane injustices but she is also consumed by the terrorizing fear of being named the next witch Like a horror movie, she wants to run away but finds herself smack in the middle of it all A mysterious man entices her and she [...]

  • Seeing the truth beyond the surface What a riveting story, right from the start The story throws you right in the midst of the turmoil in Salem, Massachusetts during the famous witch trials You feel the anxiety and dreadfulness of that time when an entire town gets caught up in a few girls fanciful stories But, the author does a fantastic job bringing the reader back and forth between that time and a present time when prejudice and greed influence another time and place The story shows us how hu [...]

  • This book was a very interesting reading concerning a girl from 1992 dreaming about the 1692 Salem witch trials The author really makes the settings in both times detailed and very believable There was definitely some creepiness in this book as we are right along with Delly trying to figure out why she is having these very vivid dreams and the events that are happening in the present that almost mirror those in the past It is hard to believe that people could be so ridiculous in their superstiti [...]

  • This is an interesting book very much fiction, with some facts from 1692 Salem written in The story goes back and forth from present to 1692, sometimes its like you are really there, in the minds of the two girls named Deliverance Question, is everything real in the present, or real in 1692 Sometimes its all to real The writing is done very well, the characters are well rounded with several secondary characters that you could also believe and the pulls back and forth between good and evil can de [...]

  • I was drawn into this story with Delli Two worlds colliding seemed crazy until the parallels became clear Delli has vivid dreams with a girl named Deliverance She begins to connect with the struggles the girl in her dreams has The love of her mother, the need to save someone wrongly accused, those strengths she has now, how can she help the Deliverance of her dreams Then she meets a dark stranger both in her dreams and now and the need to protect him from the lies is stronger than the need to ke [...]

  • The Circle Girls by Anya Novikov was an interesting read The story begins in 1692 at the time of the Salem witch trials Chapter 2 opens up with a teenage girl in 1992 who has just dreamed the events of the first chapter Thus continues a back and forth between the two times with the main character Deliverence in 1692 but called Delli in 1992 There are other similarly named characters from the 2 times The book really is about people s prejudices and selfish reactions to those who are different Peo [...]

  • I loved The Circle Girls Once upon a Witch by Anya Novikov It is two parallel stories, Delli is having dreams of being a girl named Deliverance during the Salem witch trials In present time she is studying the witch trials in school The dreams seem very real People events from her dream life real life seem similar In both places she is learning the harmful effects of gossip lies and lead by her strong faith Wonderfully well written with great characters.I was fully immersed enjoyed every minute. [...]

  • Wow What an ingenius book This book was very entertaining and very easy to read The author has a present day Deliverance and a Deliverance from the Salem Witch Trials coinciding together Deliverance who is called Delli has dreams about actually being at the the Salem Witch Trials She is trying to figure out her own life and why she keeps ending up in Salem during her dreams I kept wondering how the author was going to solve this dilemma and how the book was going to end This book kept my attenti [...]

  • Historical fiction.I love novels that have a touch of history This book is a little hard to review, although I actually read it through TWICE, one after the other The story is of a girl who seems to be living in two lifetimes Deliverance lives in the past during the Salem Witch Trials, and in the now through similar trials of her own Luckily, she has the Lord to fall back on, and from whom to get wisdom She has a wonderful, supportive mother, in both eras I couldn t put this book down, read late [...]

  • I loved this story so much that I did not want it to end The plot and characters were wonderful I fell in love with Gabe and I hope Anya will consider giving us of Delli and Gabe.I could not stand how Abby was willing to lie to get what her and her dad wanted but I love how others were will stand up for the truth and how they trust and relied on the Lord.Great story and I want me , so I guess I will have to wait to see what Anya writes next.I received a free copy of this book courtesy of The Bo [...]

  • The Circle Girls is an interesting and exciting read The story starts with the Salem witch trials It then travels back and forth between the present and the trials The story revolves around the prejudices and bullying taking place towards people who are different Different meaning something different to each person The book encourages families, and respect of self and others This book is able to be read and enjoyed by teen and adult reader.I recieved this book from the Book Club Network for my h [...]

  • I received this book from bookfun in return for my honest opinion This book was not at all what I expected, in a good way Deliverance Willis, Delli for short, is having bad dreams about the Salem witch trials Only there is a Deliverance way back then too and whenever Delli enters the dream, she becomes Deliverance Things begin to get really weird when her real life starts to mimic what s happening in her dreams Can Delli sort things out and find the truth before she finds herself hanging from a [...]

  • The Circle GirlsI felt like it was a slow getting into Not my normal kinda of read Starts with Salem witch trials Delli is having dreams of the Salem witches To the point she is seeing things in her life happen like that of her dreams In the time of Salem witches I believe a lot were killed that were innocent because of lies Shows we need to watch what we are saying Our tongue can be deadly.

  • I don t usually read this kind of fiction but the book cover caught my eye I found myself intrigued by the story and when not reading I was wondering where the author was taking the plot Although I was interested in the story I had to read it in short sessions as the author has a gift when describing the thoughts and feelings of the characters especially the girl in Salem during the Witch Trials The book ending was very unexpected but I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Fascinating story of a modern day girl who doesn t just dream of the Salem witch trials era, but seems to live in that time while she sleeps This story grabbed my attention from the start The way modern day begins to mirror olden times is pure genius This story is masterfully written I look forward to from this author I received a copy for my honest review.

  • Wow, what a story Dreaming of the Salem Witch trials and studying them in school at the same time Kind of a spooky read but gives a different, personal kind of diary read about a horrific time in our history A good book which I recommend to those who are interested in the Salem Witch trials I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • This book literally kept me up all night reading it I started it before bed big mistake thinking I was only going to read a few chapters But I kept laying in bed thinking about this book Finally I gave in, got up and finished it around 4 am Excellent book

  • The Circle Girls is an interesting read I loved the Salem Witch trials theme to it It bounces back and forth from present day to 1692 It is definitely a must read.4 1 2 stars.

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