Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story

Joni and Ken An Untold Love Story It was not a typical Sunday morning for Joni Eareckson Sure she was in her regular place along the stage right aisle at Grace Community Church halfway backrked near a few others in wheelchairs And t
  • Title: Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story
  • Author: Ken Tada Joni Eareckson Tada
  • ISBN: 9780310336730
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story
    It was not a typical Sunday morning for Joni Eareckson Sure, she was in her regular place along the stage right aisle at Grace Community Church, halfway backrked near a few others in wheelchairs And the worship music had been glorioushymns Joni could sing along withwhich she did Enthusiastically and without consulting the hymnal All the verses Normal so farIt was not a typical Sunday morning for Joni Eareckson Sure, she was in her regular place along the stage right aisle at Grace Community Church, halfway backrked near a few others in wheelchairs And the worship music had been glorioushymns Joni could sing along withwhich she did Enthusiastically and without consulting the hymnal All the verses Normal so far The part that wasn t typical was that the pastor teacher of Grace Church, Dr John MacArthur, was away A pinch hitter was filling in And although he was giving it his best, it wasn tuhwell, it just wasn t John MacArthur Joni tried to focus on what was being preached, but her mind began to hopelessly slide Perhaps the past few days had been a little hectic than usual Maybe she and her ministry team had stayed out a little longer than they should have at dinner the night before Or maybe the volunteers who had come that morning to get Joni up, bathed and dressed had come a little too early Whatever the reason, Joni fought drowsiness Caught in a truly awkward situation and not wanting to make a scene, Joni began to pray It would be a worthy exercise to pass the time This is something she of ten did at night when she d waken with nowhere to go and no wakeful person on duty to help her Joni knew that the week ahead was going to be a busy one, including some air travel That s something I can pray about, she mused And so she did Next, Joni decided to look around.fully, of course, so as not to be accused of not paying attention, looking for folks seated in the congregation Lord, is there someone I should pray for she whispered almost loud enough to be detected by those close by She scanned the people sitting in front of her and spotted the back of a man s head a few rows closer to the front of the church Okay, Lord, Joni prayed, Please bless that man up there with the straight black hair Thank You for him, protect him and, if You will, please prosper him for Your glory She prayed for his family, his work, his friends and interests Oddly, she found it easy to pray for this man she didn t know which made her wonder, Lord, why have you put him so strongly on my heart I can t even see his face don t know his name This was the first time Joni would be thanking her Heavenly Father for Ken Tada It surely wouldn t be the last And since 1982, when Joni and Ken were married, Ken Tada has been a colleague and full partner in Joni s life and ministry He also prays for Joni.
    Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story By Ken Tada Joni Eareckson Tada,
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    Ken Tada Joni Eareckson Tada Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story book, this is one of the most wanted Ken Tada Joni Eareckson Tada author readers around the world.


  • What a love story This is the true story of a real romance, of a man who sacrificially loves his quadriplegic wife Joni can not even turn herself in bed she has to wake him to do it for her Ken has faced numerous challenges in being the spouse of a famous person with intensive special needs His struggle with the daily grind of it all honestly conveyed here My favourite part is when God speaks to him, and he chooses to love his wife with all he has I did find the storyline a bit jumpy here for so [...]

  • Even though a dear older friend at church loved this book about the marriage of Joni and Ken Tada, I never meant to read it Rather, Joni Eareckson Tada kept finding her way into conversations with a different friend at church That friend asked me to repeat Joni s name, asked what she wrote, asked for her name written down So I left for the used bookstore on Sunday, hoping it might have a book I saw there before or another of Joni s works Flipping through this, I thought it looked too full of suf [...]

  • Oh my goodness, they are the sweetest people with huge amounts of faith Read this just to be uplifted by how God uses them They aren t perfect they just have great perspectives on life And I really love that The only thing I wish the book had was the pov written in first person It would have made the stories seem personal I think with the way it was written, at times, it came across as cliched And I didn t always love how Ken was portrayed, I would have liked to hear his voice in first person r [...]

  • I ve read all of Joni Eareckson s autobiographical books Joni, A Step Further, Choices Changes, The God I Love and was really looking forward to reading this recent work about her 30 year marriage to Ken Tada I knew that it would cover the trademark transparency that marks all of her books, but I was wondering how much of Ken s heart we would hear Well, I needn t have asked the question because they are both so honest and courageous in sharing their ups and downs Joni s quadriplegia certainly br [...]

  • Probably the most I have ever cried reading a book Almost all were tears of joy I am partially the Christian I am today because of Joni Eareckson Tada I would have rethunk all of my theology based on her I was blown away when I discovered that she and John MacArthur are friends and that she has attended HIS church for decades How did I NOT know this Her lack of healing has caused me to be skeptical of the Charismatic movement for many years Also her ministry and who she supports has inspired me [...]

  • This book was good, but it was sort of disjointed it read like a series of diary entries all scrambled up, with one entry being from 1985, then it jumps to 2000, then back to 1991, etc I also wish, as another reviewer mentioned, that there would have been about Ken and his struggle with depression As it was, the trials mentioned were only touched upon, and in this sense the book lacked some depth One of the difficulties Joni faces, and she says so herself, is that people idolize her and put her [...]

  • This was just OK I admire Joni so much and she certainly testifies to the beauty and glory of Christ in powerful ways But this book s style voice struck me as kind of cheesy I also didn t like the way it was organized jumping all over the place in time, from their dating years to the early 2000s back to the 1980s I might give it only 2.5 stars, but I ll round up.

  • I loved reading Joni and Ken s story What an amazing couple I enjoyed it so much I wrote them a personal letter and got one in return Like Ken and Joni s my marriage improved dramatically through my husband s bout with cancer.

  • As someone living with chronic illness, requiring my husband to be my caregiver, I was excited to learn that Joni and Ken had shared their story I have been greatly blessed by her ministry and previous writing In some ways this book was a great encouragement to me, and in others it was very disappointing.In a number of places it has the familiar style of Joni s writing particularly the many humorous comments about Ken s thick black hair But I agree with some of the other readers here that the th [...]

  • I agree with many of the other reviewers that the book was disjointed and confusing due to how the book was set up similar to diary entries not even chronological So you really have to pay attention to those dates It was also not as raw as I expected it to be but perhaps that kind of vulnerability is expecting too much As others have said, there was a great deal of Joni s view of Ken s experience of their marriage but Ken s own voice was lacking at times Some questions the book itself raises are [...]

  • Ken Tada and Joni Eareckson Tada are remarkable Unfortunately, this book is not.For those who may not know her story, Joni Eareckson became a quadriplegic after a 1967 diving accident when she was still a teenager Despite her disability, she came to fame as a writer, preacher, evangelist and motivational speaker, eventually earning world wide renown Ken Tada was a high school teacher and coach who met Eareckson when she was in her 30 s, fell in love with her and eventually married her This book [...]

  • an untold love story, written with realism and raw vulnerability Ken Tada and Joni Eareckson married in 1982 after their two year friendship turned into loving courtship Their authentic Christ centered relationship taught them the meaning of sacrificial commitment in the months prior to their wedding where Ken learned to help with Joni s care Still the true cost of their mutual commitment was one time would test This book is their untold love story Joni Eareckson Tada, immobile from the shoulder [...]

  • This book is not only a love story of Joni and Ken Tada it is a love story of God and us Through Joni s tragic diving accident that left her paralyzed when she was only a teenager, she became unable to do most things we take for granted However, God has not left her Not only does He provide many helpers for Joni to help her get through the daily tasks of life, but then goes a step further to provide her a helpmate in Ken Their marriage is filled with many challenges that most marriages never hav [...]

  • Don t you love how you have a book on your to read list for some time, and then when you finally do read it, the timing is perfect I am also reading the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas with our small group this spring, and this story is the perfect illustration of how God uses marriage not necessarily to make us happy, but to make us like Him There are two parts of this story I love one is Ken s change in attitude towards his wife s health concerns when she develops breast cancer, and the o [...]

  • I don t know how to encapsulate it, but it was a beautiful story a story of a marriage with its ups and downs It managed to be very real and open and personal, without being overly open and uncomfortably personal I think any married person would be encouraged by it, and any unmarried person would see what the inside of a marriage looks like beyond the once upon a time and the happily ever after It s also a testament to how God can work in the hard places and how He can bring beauty and good from [...]

  • Everything about Joni Eareckson s life has been anything but ordinary since she became a quadriplegic at 19 Because we are such curious people, I m sure we ve all had questions about their married life what a huge commitment Ken was willing to make This book is a transparent, boldly honest account of their marriage and how God has blessed them in the midst of their difficulties and caused them to fall in love again Ken has always been in Joni s shadow, but this book allows him to be his own pers [...]

  • I loved this book This love story is told in third person about 2 people who are fully committed to their wedding vows I was inspired by the way Ken chooses every day to serve his wife, through every trial and suffering that she has endured Joni s love for Christ and her husband amazed me She is nominated for an Oscar this year, and I hope she wins God has an amazing plan and purpose for their livesd for my life, too I was encouraged to find ways to selflessly love my husband, and be grateful fo [...]

  • This was a very courageous and important book Joni and Ken undoubtedly wish for and not less privacy for their marriage, but instead they sacrificially recounted the difficulties of suffering side by side together and the triumph that has been theirs because their marriage is centered on the person of Jesus They have suffered in this life than most people ever will, and they call it a gift.I read this book in less than a day.

  • I found this book very interesting from the care givers point of view They were open and honest about the struggles that they face in being someone that is famous as well as having a major disability As a wife of someone with a disability and a full time care giver, I especially found this encouraging that it is not always easy, and it is okay to admit that I loved the love story

  • Beautiful story A love story between husband and wife as well as a love story between your Savior and you What an encouragement of taking the trials God bestows on us and using them to honor God and grow closer to him and our loved ones through our darkest times

  • This was inspiring I d recommend to anyone who s romantic, or who s interested in how people s disabilities impact them.

  • I was put off by the 3rd person writing and the lack of Ken s perspective in the book The writing was poor but the story of redemption was valuable.

  • Before reading this book, I already knew who Joni Eareckson Tada is Many years ago, I had read the book she wrote entitled, Joni That book chronicled the journey that began with a diving accident she had at the age of 17 As a result, she became paralyzed from the shoulders down a quadriplegic in a wheelchair She submerged into suicidal despair Joni was unable to kill herself because of her disability, so she pleaded with her visitors to help her Despite the dark time she sunk into, she walked th [...]

  • Picked it up, started it just to have something going on my Kindled couldn t put it down I wasn t crazy about the writing style I like her first person ones better but what a story The difficulties of marriage with such a massive disability between you, the love and commitment, what worked and what didn t, and the grace of God

  • From the preface We all dream dreams and know very well that they don t always work out Life is particularly hard on high expectations Things hardly ever fall together the way we would have scripted them The fact is, if we put our hope in a certain set of circumstances working out in a certain way at certain times, we re bound to be disappointed because nothing in this life is certain So what s the solution To give up on dreams No, it is to realize that if we belong to God, there are even bigger [...]

  • Joni and Ken Tada have been a couple that have inspired me for years I was first introduced to Joni Earkenson in the movie she made of her diving accident where she broke her neck as a teen She reenacted her part in the movie where her life fell apart and in the recovery she found Jesus He gave her so many talents from painting with her teeth, to singing, speaking and writing books She encouraged me and many others in her radio show Joni and Friends Her passion for what the Lord called her to do [...]

  • In their autobiography JONI AND KEN AN UNTOLD LOVE STORY , Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada live out their beautiful lives for the whole world to see Here is faith in action, a rare and treasured glimpse into the courageous lives of two faith filled people who are faithful to God and to each other Joni has traveled an amazing journey of faith across the tough terrain of life Her remarkable resilience has birthed hope in millions of people worldwide Theirs is a faith that weathers the worst of storms [...]

  • At 36, Joni Eareckson felt that marriage was probably not in God s plan for her, not only because of her age, but because of her paralysis resulting from a diving accident in her teens Who would be willing to take on all that would be involved After Ken and Joni met at church, then got to know one another, then started dating, Ken felt he could He knew he loved and her and he felt their marriage could work.Joni was afraid he idealized her He had read about her before meeting her, accompanied her [...]

  • At seventeen Joni was in a swimming accident and broke her neck, becoming a quadriplegic Because of her faith in Jesus Christ, she is now an inspiration to an entire Christian world She travels the world, bringing her message of hope and love, she paints with her mouth, she sings beautifully, and she writes books about her experiences This book is about her marriage to Ken Tada Ken is someone who received a football scholarship to the University of Hawaii and turned it down because he knew he wo [...]

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