Trai o Quando Evie Johnson entrou na Escola de Wyldcliffe Abbey para Raparigas a sua vida mudou de uma forma que n o lhe teria sido poss vel prever a descoberta da sua liga o a Lady Agnes os la os especiai
  • Title: Traição
  • Author: Gillian Shields
  • ISBN: 9789896573454
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traição
    Quando Evie Johnson entrou na Escola de Wyldcliffe Abbey para Raparigas, a sua vida mudou de uma forma que n o lhe teria sido poss vel prever a descoberta da sua liga o a Lady Agnes, os la os especiais estabelecidos com Helen e Sarah e a sua irmandade nos espantosos segredos do Caminho M stico Acima de tudo, o amor de Evie por Sebastian virou lhe o mundo do avesso.AgoraQuando Evie Johnson entrou na Escola de Wyldcliffe Abbey para Raparigas, a sua vida mudou de uma forma que n o lhe teria sido poss vel prever a descoberta da sua liga o a Lady Agnes, os la os especiais estabelecidos com Helen e Sarah e a sua irmandade nos espantosos segredos do Caminho M stico Acima de tudo, o amor de Evie por Sebastian virou lhe o mundo do avesso.Agora, Evie regressa a Wyldcliffe para outro per odo e mais perigo.Rodeada de inimigos, vive os dias com medo de que Sebastian caia nas trevas da servid o com os Senhores Invictos O conclave de bruxas de Wyldcliffe conspira para destruir Evie e usar Sebastian para assegurar a sua pr pria imortalidade Ela e as irm s t m de dominar o poder do Talism antes que seja demasiado tarde Mas Sebastian n o vir , em ltima inst ncia, a trair Evie Nesta continua o de Imortal, a magia e o romance arrebatador atravessam as fronteiras do tempo para gerar emo o e suspense de cortar a respira o.
    Traição By Gillian Shields,
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    Gillian Shields was born and brought up in Yorkshire, in the north of England As she grew up, she had two passions books and theater Gillian s love of books led her to read English at St Catharine s College, Cambridge After university she studied acting in London She then taught in a drama school, the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, for several years, becoming Vice Principal She recently taught English and Drama at Beechwood Sacred Heart, a girls boarding school.Having children gave Gillian an excuse to carry on reading children s books, as well as a motivation to write them She has a son and a daughter, and is married to Brian, who works for the New York Times Media Group.Hobbies, Interests, and EnthusiasmsI am currently learning Italian or trying to and have a secret fantasy about going to live on the beautiful island of Sicily one day, and having a little stone house with a lemon tree in the garden, and a view of the blue, blue sea I am lucky, though, because I do live in a fantastic part of England, full of soft green fields and rolling hills and cottages that date back four hundred years I like to go for long walks and see the changes that the seasons bring, and I try to imagine how it all must have been years and years ago, and how the people lived I was brought up in the north of England which is much rugged and wild the backdrop to Immortal I also enjoy being in the city although I wouldn t want to live there all the time, it s fun to go window shopping or to big new exhibitions or shows, or just hang out in a coffee shop with a cappuccino and a notebook and watch the busy world go by Something I enjoy is painting I have taken quite a few art classes and find it very creative to work with paint and charcoal and images instead of words, though somehow I can t help adding bits of poetry and scraps of words into my paintings, too When I was at school, I was completely obsessed by the Pre Raphaelites, and I love the way their art is so intertwined with poetry and stories My best friend is an artist and she is incredibly inspiring to me.I hate cooking but love the idea of being a good cook and welcoming all my friends and family to delicious meals So I have lots of beautiful cookery books but I never get past the first couple of recipes Every so often I get madly enthusiastic all over again, but it doesn t last When I am writing, I can t listen to music I find it too distracting, but I love to listen to the radio when I am driving I listen to pop music in the morning and classical music in the afternoon That just seems right somehow My son is really into music, so I enjoy sharing his enthusiasms At the moment we are listening to Eminem, Akon, NDubz, Chipmunk, Kanye West, plus Greenday, Michael Jackson the list goes on My current absolute favorite is Paolo Nutini.Another interest I have is this amazing charity called The Smile Train which carries out operations for disadvantaged children born with harelip cleft palate Sometimes I feel I don t realize how lucky I am, and so it s good to try and do something to help a child on the other side of the world who isn t so lucky My family also tries to support Sightsavers International, who do simple cataract operations to restore the sight of hundreds of people in the developing world.On a self indulgent note, I love to get to the theater whenever I can, and to the ballet, which I adore In another fantasy life I would definitely be a ballerina I can t imagine getting through a day without reading or writing I know it sounds a complete cliche, but there it is I go to a writers workshop once a week to meet other writers and exchange ideas and read work in progress, and that is hugely important to me And every spare minute of the time at home I am reading, reading, reading What would we do without stories EducationSt Catharine s College, Cambridge University MA in Englis


  • The cover says Your Heart tells you to trustYour head tells you to run I wish i would have listened to my head I should ve put this book down and Run Forest Run Doing this would have been less painful than reading This Garbage I m going to follow the Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto youI m telling you right now, DO Not read this book More Graphics Comment click here I m such a little Angel

  • I just finished this book and I know that the ending will stay with me for days to come It is one of those endings that completes the story whether or not you like it It ends the story as it is meant to be ended and yet still breaks your heart I love this book for everything that it stands for and for everything that people will learn from it Life is precious and yet you should always live life to its fullest Embrace heartache and love and pain and joy I recommend this book for those who loved t [...]

  • their love become stronger even as evie, separated from sebastian, tried to find a cure for him reading the entries of sebastian s diary made me sad because he was dying and his last memory of her was fading, still he wanted to protect her i don t like josh he has no business butting into evie and sebastian s relationship it would have been better if he fall for sarah, who wanted his attention he and evie made a horrible pair in the end, evie and sebastian found out that agnes s real power was l [...]

  • This is a not so good book.The series wasn t that strong and it lack a lot of things It has a great potential but the author blew it.I couldn t feel the romance between Sebastian and Evie It s just difficult to follow It s like they were not really meant to be together What s annoying is that Evie is just so desperate to find answers and for me, it seems like she just used her sisters for her own benefit Seriously She didn t even consider others and she just want to make out with Sebastian Sebas [...]

  • Trust me, stick to the first one All Evie and Sebastian talk about is how much they miss and love each other for 3 4ths of the book It s annoying I still don t like Sebastian, the cute stable guy is much likeable Sebastian does a 180 followed by a 360 in his personality Skip his private letters they repeated what Evie has already said All the flaws in the first book, become maddening in the sequel I strongly dislike this book

  • Summary Picking up where the first book ended, Evie and her friends attempt to find a way to free Sebastian from the pact he made over a century ago As Evie struggles to learn the secrets of the Mystic Way, Sebastian rapidly degenerates and begins to descend into darkness Complicating things for Evie is the evil sisterhood hoping to gain power through their bond with Sebastian Evie knows she must win this race against time, or lose Sebastian forever.Rating 3 1 2 starsReview In some ways this seq [...]

  • When Evie returns to Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies for another term full of magic and danger, all she wants to do is save Sebastian, her love, from the fate he has brought on himself On the way back, she meets Harriet, a young girl who clings to Evie innocently except for her flashes of temper and dangerous sleepwalking habits The Coven of Sisters, who are Sebastian s followers and helped him earn with his fate, are determined to secure immortality, at any cost Evie must suffer throug [...]

  • Betrayal is better than Immortal I think I might give Betrayal a raise ever since Gillian Shields killed off Oh Sorry Spoilers But if you do want to know, then read the next paragraph in parentheses If not, then skip the paragraph Spoilers are never kind on the soul or heart Or the mind The mind always tend to remember the most annoying things of all details Sebastian dies Can we open the bottle yet After that wonderful plot twist, I think I can relax now However, I still remain disappointed in [...]

  • I read the first book a lllloooonnnngggg time ago, way before I was a blogger I liked it and when Waldenbooks AKA Borders went out of business, I end up picking up this book I hoped that since the first book fell a little flat for me, the sequel will pick up.Plot This plot remains the same as the first with a few differences Evie is back at the border school, picking up what is left of her life We all know that in a border school no secrets stay hidden And before you know it, Evie is back into t [...]

  • YAY Josh is in this book Besides thaT, the book is similar to the first While good, I find some things irritating Gypsies I did not know that they still existed, and I find that they just happen to be there odd Miss Scratton I won t give away the big thing here, but it seems that Gillian Shields just made something up to make it seem plausible that she would be helping It was a plot twist that was just dropped on me and I found it annoying Harriet How does a person possess a person when they ha [...]

  • Betrayal This book was far better than the last book I really liked the dairy of Sebastian It was absolutely wonderful reading his pov The romance and good writing keeps you going The suspense was kept in till very end which made it interesting compared to previous part What s good This book shows us what does a true love mean To what extent can someone go to save his love What s badThe book is very rushed at the areas where we require details when fighting against coven and stuff Everything j [...]

  • I really, really, really liked Immortal, and I thought this was brilliant until Josh came into the picture I wasnt happy about him as a possible love intrest, but i figured that a Evie s whole one true love mentality would win out and that b she wouldnt do that to her friend, who obviously really liked him Looks like I was wrong on both accounts as she not only screws over Srah, her soul sister but she muderers the love of her life And then walks off into the sunset literally with the new, and v [...]

  • Don t get me wrong, this was a good book My mom read the book before I did, and she started to cry a bit towards the end, and kept saying It s good, it just doesn t end how you want it too , so from the beginning of the book I knew it wasn t going to work out I m glad that Sebastian didn t become a demon I m glad he and Evie got to spend one last day together, but when they talked about all the things they would do when they got older, and thier children it was just depressing Trust me, if I had [...]

  • The storyline looked so promising Evie, A haunted academy, an evil coven, a secret love that combs through time as an immortal but has now been bound to be devoured by a demon, puzzles to unlock, and a talisman that links it all Say that really fast I felt as though at times I had to force myself to stick with this book Unfortunately, Ms Shields can create amazing sentences and paragraphs, just to leave you hanging wanting for that magic again for another chapter or two to find it again If you h [...]

  • So boring, I was having a difficult time reaching the end of the book And I mean, SPOILER the story looses everything when Sebastian dies He was the one making me read it in the first place Then he died and BOOOM, I m not even reading the next two books.

  • As I have mentioned previously, I have a habit of going to the library that my mom works at and getting a giant stack of books and then slowly reading through them while interspersing my own books periodically in between This way I am able to read books that are recent releases as well as my own TBR which is mostly backlist books because of my financial situation at the moment, I am not able to buy many books so I don t have many new releases on my shelf Thank God for libraries Anyway, Betrayal [...]

  • Se h coisa que eu raramente fa o desistir de um livro e por isso, embora o primeiro t tulo da s rie Imortal n o me tenha convencido, l dei eu uma oportunidade a Trai o e ainda bem que o fiz Embora esta narrativa continue a ser de um g nero liter rio restritivo, para um p blico alvo espec fico, s o not veis consider veis melhoras no seu enredo e existe, definitivamente, uma interessante motiva o relativamente ao desenvolvimento da hist ria e aos seus intervenientes, devido ciclo que se fecha em t [...]

  • Plot This is the sequel to Immortal and I was excited to finally get my hands on Betrayal I was a bit confused when I started to read it I haven t read Immortal in almost a year and Betrayal took some time to recount what happened Evie would just say that she couldn t believe what happened and how horrible she felt for what she had done and I m staring at the book trying to remember what happened in Immortal I did, however, love the concept of the book It was a nice take to see the heroin trying [...]

  • Betrayal is the companion novel to Immortal by Gillian Shields The story continues by following Evie Johnson and her sisters, Sarah, Helen, and Lady Agnes as they fight to heal Sebastian James Fairfax from the darkness through the Mystic Way.From Evie s first days at Wydecliffe Abbey school for Young Ladies she realizes that things are not as they seem Now starting the second term of the year 16 year old Evie has found that she cannot trust anyone but her sisters and possibly one teacher, Miss S [...]

  • Betrayal Katherine Tegen Books, 2010, 357 pgs 16.99Gillian Shields ISBN 0061375845Evie Johnson, a teenager who attends Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies had a surprise last semester She discovered that she was apart of something that s beyond normal She had the power to control the element of water Herf friends or Sisters, had the element of Fire and Water They were destined to meet and destroy the evil dark magic that the mistresses of the school had possessed just to love life eternally [...]

  • Thank heaven, I have finally finished this book And if I thought that Immortal was bad, Betrayal is so much worse I only finished it because I hate having unfinished books and series And I definitively won t read third and fourth I hate reading this series so much that I decide to create the bookshelf hall of hell This book is just so cheesy, characters are flat and I don t care what will happen with them next I know that there are fans of this series, but I don t recommend it Seriously, do not [...]

  • I just finished this book and though I liked the first IMMORTAL book, but I had a lot of high expectations for BETRAYAL Unfortunately, I was utterly disappointed in this novel, not because of the novel s writing since that was very well done, but because the storyline seemed pointess, especially in its ending From the beginning towards the middle cut of the book it had started off great, you know it was all fast paced just the way I like it, but as the middle cut passed through I felt that the n [...]

  • I was kind of disappointed with this book This is the sequel of Immortal I was disappointed to find out that this book is not that interesting as the other one Though I love all the magic involved and the sisterhood between Helen, Sarah and Evie, still I want something I want to know about Sebastian.I love the twists of this book Those mistresses that was involved in the coven, Harriet, Miss Scratton being a guardian though at first I was furious to find out that she betrayed Evie, thank God s [...]

  • It seems like the series is only getting better, even though I had a rough start The first few chapters seemed a bit boring and dragged out, but once events started to happen, it instantly drew me in again The first book was a bit exciting, but Betrayal is mature with inner development of the character, which was very nice to see I look forward to reading the third book in this incredable series Betrayal is mature with inner mental development of the beloved heroine, Evie As she tries to fig [...]

  • Gillian Shields continues Evie Johnson s journey through her past to save her future at Wyldcliffe Abbey But Evie Johnson is not just trying to save her own future, she is trying to save the future of her new found sisters, Helen and Sarah, and true love, Sebastian In her journey to find a cure to keep Sebastian from forever becoming part of the darkness, Evie also learns about her past and the past of the Talisman She also learns who is her enemy and who she can trust Gillian Shields sequel to [...]

  • Your real power s love, isn t it A great follow up to Immortal Surprising, suspenseful and shall I say a bit disappointing Don t get me wrong, the story was great filled with all the artful details as was in the first book however the outcome was not what I had expected and left me feeling a little empty Once again we spend our time with Evie, Helen and Sarah These sisters are fun and inspiring with just the right amount of awkward imperfection Gillian again enriched us with such wonderful detai [...]

  • Looking back on my review of the first book in this series, I m not sure if I was being overly harsh or if what I said really had been the case The review I gave went along the lines of rushed at times, slow at others characters weren t fleshed out, etc I d have to read the book again to see if that were the case, or if I was just in a bad mood at the time, lol Nevertheless, this second book was pretty great And none of my earlier criticism of the first book apply to the second.The pacing of Bet [...]

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