Poppet Mo Hayder has for years been a master of chilling seamlessly plotted thrillers that keep the reader glued to the page long after lights out and fresh off of winning the Edgar Award for Best Novel fo
  • Title: Poppet
  • Author: Mo Hayder
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  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Poppet
    Mo Hayder has for years been a master of chilling, seamlessly plotted thrillers that keep the reader glued to the page long after lights out, and fresh off of winning the Edgar Award for Best Novel for Gone, Hayder is at the top of her game Her latest novel, Poppet, is Hayder at her most terrifying a gripping novel about the search for a dangerous mental patient on the lMo Hayder has for years been a master of chilling, seamlessly plotted thrillers that keep the reader glued to the page long after lights out, and fresh off of winning the Edgar Award for Best Novel for Gone, Hayder is at the top of her game Her latest novel, Poppet, is Hayder at her most terrifying a gripping novel about the search for a dangerous mental patient on the loose.Everything goes according to procedure when a patient, Isaac, is released into the community from a high security mental health ward But when the staff realize that he was connected to a series of unexplained episodes of self harm amongst the ward s patients, and further that he was released in error, they call on Detective Jack Caffery to investigate, and to track Isaac down before he can kill again Will the terrifying little effigies Isaac made explain the incidents around the ward, or provide the clue Caffery needs to predict what he s got planned Mo Hayder is renowned for conjuring nightmares that sink under the skin, and in Poppet she has delivered a taut, unbearably suspenseful novel that will not let readers go.
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    Mo Hayder left school at fifteen She worked as a barmaid, security guard, film maker, hostess in a Tokyo club, educational administrator and teacher of English as a foreign language in Asia She has an MA in film from The American University in Washington DC and an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University UK Mo lives in Bath with her daughter Lotte Genevieve.Series Jack Caffery


  • ETA As a fan of Mo Hayder in general The Treatment is my favorite by her and really, really great , I am always excited to see another installment in her Jack Caffery series This one has been a bit of a disappointment, though the narrative felt a bit disjointed and even though it moved along quickly with short chapters, at times seemed vague and rushed I found there wasn t much of a mystery to begin with, the resolution was rather na ve simplistic weak and Flea s storyline felt like shoehorned i [...]

  • The cover of this book is creepy, but the book really isn t There is a nasty character that is revealed at the end There are some really nice, pleasant, kind characters that might be too lovable Then there s Jack and Flea, sorting things out, making progress, actually talking to each other Finally The chapters are short in this book and it was easy to tell myself, one chapter, one , OK, one .Something that irked me was the use, or overuse, of the word pad She padded to the bathroom, padded down [...]

  • Quite frankly, Mo Hayder scares the bejesus out of me The first page of her latest book Poppet grabbed me and just never let go and check out that creepy cover Poppet is the sixth book featuring Detective Inspector Jack Caffery of Bristol, England s Major Crime Investigation Team His unit is the one that gets all the murders and difficult cases The cases that need high level attention The opening chapter takes us to a mental institution Each and every resident is afraid of The Maude who will sit [...]

  • Ever since the publicaton of Birdman, still in the top 10 list of my favourite crime reads ever, I always await the next Mo Hayder title with bated breath Poppet is the latest in the the DI Jack Caffrey series and fear not if you have not dipped into these before as there is a cogent covering of back story for the new reader In this new book, Caffrey is drawn into a series of mysterious deaths at a pyschiatric unit, but are lives being lost by human or supernatural hand Are the patients and staf [...]

  • You don t know what it s like, not to have a body to bury Something is scaring the staff and patients of Beechway High Secure Unit in the West Country There is talk of The Maude, a dwarfish creature who sits on chests, whispering poison into vulnerable ears and hearts Is The Maude responsible for several deaths and self maimings, or is such behavior to be expected in a place that houses the dangerously insane AJ, head psychiatric nurse, wonders if the mischief might be human in origin He can t h [...]

  • Six installments into the Jack Caffery seriesd I m plenty hooked, but unsure if it s a guilty pleasure or genuinely a good read As always, the back story between Jack and MisPer diver Flea Marley is by far compelling than the main story in this case, centering onr a young adult man in a mental hospital accused of killing his parents, and diving his fellow hospital residents to kill themselves As always, the usual caveat applies THESE ABSOLUTELY MUST BE READ IN ORDER Ms Hayder is definitely wor [...]

  • Well, I think that s it for me.The Jack Caffrey series has yet to return to the punch in the gut intensity as the first two novels, Birdman and The Treatment I may have mentioned in those reviews that the crime fiction genre has become so saturated that it takes something very special to stand out from the rest Those two novels did that in spades In fact, they were so disturbing that I was very selective in who I would recommend them to yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition Leave me alone.T [...]

  • For the first time since being on I wish we had a half star This book is probably of a 3.5 rating than 3 but no where near a 4 The story starts again with some familiar characters and the relationship between them I love the two main characters in this book and their relationship and dynamic is what keeps me reading the series I have to say if you are reading this as a standalone you will not have this connection and may find this a tedious part of the story There is a nice conclusion of what h [...]

  • Intensely creepy, compelling and beautifully written, with a truly surprising twist Nice to see the continuation of the Caffery Flea story from Gone too The poppets that feature in the book I don t want to give anything away are a truly inspired creation It s my favourite Mo Hayder novel since The Treatment Everyone who s waiting for it is in for a real treat.

  • There s a palpable sense that this is the book Mo Hayder has been building to with her Jack Caffery series It s at once darker and creepier than the rest of the series, but it ends on two notes of ineffable beauty and optimism, as though Hayder s offering some relief after spending six novels examining humanity s bleakness Set in and around a mental hospital whose patients and staff seem to be experiencing something decidedly supernatural, Poppet follows the pattern of Hayder s other books by bu [...]

  • Anyone who follow my blog would know that I am a huge fan of Mo Hayder Whenever she has a new release, I d rush out to get it and read it the moment I receive it No kidding So when I knew her latest Jack Caffery thriller, Poppet, is out, I was so excited that I don t even mind the image of the cover, no matter how creepy it looks If you have read Mo Hayder s Jack Caffery s series, you d know that Jack is a brilliant detective of the Bristol Major Crime Investigation Team What I like about him is [...]

  • I have completed Mo Hayder s Poppet and I can t help but wonder where she s been all my life This is the first book I ve read by Hayder but the sixth in her highly acclaimed Jack Caffery series Jack Caffery is a detective for the Bristol Major Crimes Investigation team and is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a high profile model named Misti While on the other side of town, an insane asylum is being haunted by something, or someone, named The Maude A little man that sits on the ches [...]

  • I read The Devil of Nanking last year or the year before and it blew me away I don t think I slept at all the first night I started it I wasn t expecting as much of this one but I also didn t realize it was part of a series I knew it took place in and around a high security mental institution which is what hooked me, and after I figured out it was a detective series it was better than I would have thought possible I definitely saw the twist coming, and I pegged the baddies before the middle of t [...]

  • The hysteria is rising in the Beechway high security psychiatric unit A spate of self harming incidents and the death of a patient had stirred up stories of The Maude, a ghostly dwarf who haunts the halls Left to cover for absent colleagues, senior nurse AJ starts to piece together some troubling facts, leading him to call the in the police And DI Jack Caffery s superior is looking for just the thing to pull him from the fruitless search for the missing Misty Kitson.I ve always known Mo Hayder c [...]

  • I wasn t actually familiar with Jack Caffery before picking up this book the creepy blurb enticed me nonetheless and I wouldn t recommend starting with this book for reasons discussed before however I would thoroughly recommend this horror ride detective tale.The story starts slightly awkwardly, on the one hand we have Jack pursuing a series spanning plotline, while AJ an institution attendant starts a cute romance with his boss Melanie their storylines don t cross until almost 1 3 into the book [...]

  • Another instalment on Mo Hayder s Jack Caffery series that I cannot give than 3 stars I don t understand what this woman was doing with her books.It sounded very promising, with a high security psychiatric ward delving into the realms of fear and hysteria with the rumour that a dwarf like creature, called The Maude, was set on punishing and killing the patients For whatever reason.But the potential was thwarted by the execution The story drags along the pages, and DI Jack Caffery still has not [...]

  • In het kort even een paar punten waarom ik dit boek niet hoger waardeer De spanning komt te laat op gang Om en nabij pagina 200 lijkt de auteur pas zin te krijgen in het verhaal, dat deels voortborduurt op een oude zaak met Jack Caffery en Flea Marley Met perspectiefwisselingen is niets mis, integendeel Maar om dat na elke pakweg anderhalf twee bladzijden te doen en daar dan ook nog kinderachtige hoofdstuktitels aan te geven is buitengewoon irritant.

  • C ma trong b nh vi n t m th n C th g i g n b i c nh quy n ti u thuy t n y c a Mo Hayder v o trong c u n i M t b i c nh th t h p d n cho m t quy n thriller AJ, nh n vi n trong b nh vi n t m th n n m m th y m t con ma qu i d ng i tr n ng c v b p c ng V khi m t b nh nh n trong b nh vi n t m th n c ph t hi n ra l ch t trong ph ng th t t c m i ng i u tin r ng con ma y ng i n y i n ch ch t AJ ph i nh Detective Inspector Jack Caffery k n o i u tra, ng i ho n to n kh ng tin v o ma qu C u chuy n m u h t [...]

  • Poppet is the next instalment after Gone in the Jack Caffery series and is a terrific high octane read It starts with strange things happening in the high security unit for mental health patients, Beechwood Things that are difficult to explain away, nightmarish fables that have truly caught the imaginations of patients and staff alike It s here we meet head nurse AJ Le Grande who is a big character within the book, so much so that Caffery doesn t really take centre stage for a fair chunk of the [...]

  • The latest in the Jack Caffery series finds strange goings on at a psychiatric center Patients are into self mutilation, claim to have seen a creature called The Maude, and after two deaths, one of the nurses is concerned He asks Jack to look into it quietly since involving the police doesn t sit too well with the owners AJ s main concern is the recent release of Isaac Handel who had murdered and mutilated his parents years ago Isaac makes little voodoo like dolls called Poppets Melanie Arrow is [...]

  • To be honest, I initially picked this up because of the scary cover Luckily, the book turned out even better than I had hoped.My past experience with detective series has been mixed I ve wanted a dark series to sink my teeth into, but with the ones I ve read, I couldn t fully get behind our main character I m sick of detectives with substance abuse problems, social problems, and relationship problems Why can t we just have a normal person that does his job I don t need a hero, just someone relat [...]

  • Mo Hayder has mastered the art of gothic crime novels my favourite one of hers so far is Tokyo, but Poppet comes next I was delighted to get it early on the Kindle and I read it fast Well paced, with a plot split into three parts which eventually all come together, the novel features one of Hayder s favourite characters, DI Jack Caffery Police Diver Flea Marley is not far, as usual, but don t think you need to have read the other books, this works well as a standlone novel The plot is unnerving [...]

  • Rating 4.5 5 It might have been a five, had I not found it took a bit of time to get into it After a few bad books I was slightly unsure what Mo Hayder would bring to the table I ve read her before, but except for Tokyo , I ve not been particularly taken in I am now I want of her creepy, disturbing and bizarre mysteries.Strange things are going on at a local mental hospital The patients talk of a ghost that creeps the corridors Some of them maim themselves and then there is death Put down to he [...]

  • Like Mo Hayder s other books I really enjoyed reading this Her twists and turns and psychological details kept me gripped and not wanting to put it down She had 2 plots running through the book one concerning the issues at the psychiatric hospital and the other continued on from the last book where Jack Caffrey is still trying to solve the murder of a tabloid celebrity The only part I felt slightly disappointed in was that the very end of the book happened very quickly unlike the detail in the r [...]

  • Just love the writing here, it is a book I sat and read in one sitting As with a lot of books with recurring characters, you should start at the beginning, this one follows on from previous books in so much as different story lines are carried through.The story is set in hospital for the mentally ill, where strange things are happening to the patients and the whispers among them is that The Maude is on the loose AJ, is the senior psychiatric nurse and he is desperate to protect those under his c [...]

  • This is the second Jack Caffery book that i have read and i really wish that i had started at the beginning of the series.I loved this book although i must admit that the back and forth between the different characters did get a bit frustrating especially when the chapter ended on a really interesting cliff hanger and i really wanted to know what was going to happen next but i was really good and did not skip forward to find out.I really like Jack Caffery and i also thought that the poppets were [...]

  • Another terrific Jack Caffery thriller from Hayder, this time focusing on the strange goings on at a mental health ward that may involve a supernatural being known as The Maude The writing, as usual, is top notch and the ending is surprising and tensely drawn out The only qualm is that the sub plot involving Flea and her secret which Jack knows of doesn t get enough attention, IMO, and ends up feeling like a distraction than an important focus of the book Still, the main story never disappoints [...]

  • Man I had a hard time getting into this book I usually really enjoy Mo Hayder s stuff, but this one just didn t grip me The second half of the book was better, but I kept finding myself hoping for interaction between Jack and Flea because the mystery in the book really didn t interest me.Looking forward to the next book, as the final chapter seemed a set up of things to come

  • So I started out with this book as an audiobook, which did not do it any favors The narrator made all his female characters sound vapid and whiny, and it realllly annoyed me I did get to read about the last hundred pages or so after I gave up on the audiobook and checked the book out of the library.I have not read the previous books in the series, so the proto romance between Caffery and the police diver Flea wasn t really convincing There was mostly talk of Caffery s limbic system going all mal [...]

  • Mo Hayder has been one of my favourite authors for a long time She seems to go through peaks and troughs with her productivity, but for the last few years has got back to releasing books on a regular schedule.She is a rare author in that her standalone books are just as strong as her series The reviews for, Poppet, have been mostly favourable Some were unhappy with the ending whilst others loved the new direction To say I was intrigued was an understatement.The Blurb Everything goes according to [...]

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