Tying You Down

Tying You Down Jo Burke hasn t had it easy in life and that includes her history with men She s resigned herself to the fact that she really knows how to choose em Not So when Tate McBride comes around she doesn t
  • Title: Tying You Down
  • Author: Cheyenne McCray
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  • Page: 467
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  • Tying You Down
    Jo Burke hasn t had it easy in life and that includes her history with men She s resigned herself to the fact that she really knows how to choose em Not So when Tate McBride comes around, she doesn t trust her instincts for a minute because those same instincts have proven faulty time and again He can t be nearly as great a guy as he appears to be on the surface.TateJo Burke hasn t had it easy in life and that includes her history with men She s resigned herself to the fact that she really knows how to choose em Not So when Tate McBride comes around, she doesn t trust her instincts for a minute because those same instincts have proven faulty time and again He can t be nearly as great a guy as he appears to be on the surface.Tate McBride enjoys being around the feisty redheaded but can t quite get her to trust him He s not worried, though, because one way or another he s going to win her over.When Jo s life is in danger, Tate comes face to face with the possibility of losing the woman he loves He s not about to let that happen
    Tying You Down By Cheyenne McCray,
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    Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author who is a rare native Arizonan but refuses to be put behind glass as an endangered species In her spare time she loves to torture characters whether they re misbehaving or not and kill off deserving individuals She also totally gets off on blowing things up All fictionally, of course She d rather chew glass than write sweet and sugary Give her a hideous demon or particularly nasty villain to slay any day.Cheyenne enjoys creating stories of love, suspense, and redemption in some cases She enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in Hopefully they ll find their way out, but stranger things have been known to happen.If you would like to find out what odd and unusual things Cheyenne is up to these days, cruise her website any time, take a look at the bizarrely normal yet strange FAQs, and even drop her a line or two You might even learn a few things about that kinky author, Jaymie Holland Just don t tell Cheyenne s mom


  • Insert my frustrated sigh here This chick, Jo She s having lunch with Tate Tate s ex shows up and invites herself to join them, sits down at their table, ignores her, flirts with Tate, etc So Jo tucks tail and runs away Tate doesn t make his ex shove off, doesn t make Jo stay, just sits there dumbfounded as his ex takes his place of his date Fuck both these characters, but whatever I can forgive once.Okay so, in a scene later on, the ex shows up during Jo Tate s date and demands a dance with Tat [...]

  • The cowboys just get hotter, the gals get beautiful, the love explosive, and the peril dangerous.Tying You Down features another of the McBride men This time it s Tate, and he s got his eye on Jo who he hasn t seen since she was 11 years old At that time, Jo s stepmother had sent her away to school and this is the first time she s been back in 15 years.But true love doesn t always run smooth There s an old girlfriend of Tate s who keeps popping up, making her presence known as much as she can [...]

  • A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review This book is about Jo Burke and Tate McBride.Years ago when Jo was a pre teen, she knew Tate but her wicked step mom sent her away to New York City to school Now that her step mom is dead, Jo is back to help her younger half sister out and that puts her back into Tate s world.When this book starts, we see Jo and Tate together coming from Tess and Gage s wedding Tate is making some veiled comments about how he wants to get into Jo s l [...]

  • Where s a fan when you need it Talk about a hot and sexy romance wow And this isn t only a romance, there s plenty of tension to be had and danger to be faced.I loved the way Jo and Tate s chemistry just burned the pages And Tate is a definitely an alpha male, but he is also caring which is a rather brilliant change from so many of the alphas out and about in romance books He treats Jo the way she deserves.I was holding my breath through a number of places in the book, not knowing if, how and wh [...]

  • Man oh manpoor Jo, once is enough to have someone try to kill youter two times I would be looking over my shoulder but three times reallye should be cowering in the house and afraid to leave Geesh.I was looking forward to reading Jo s and Tate s story and it didn t disappoint had suspense and action but it didn t lack in romance or steamy sex scenes Not to mention the fact that you don t see stories where the heroine suffers from anorexia It s a subject that isn t talked about and needs to be.ci [...]

  • So, I think the last book and this one has changed my mind about this series It started out kinda flat but the last two books have really turned it up.The danger and darker elements that the author is incorporating into these now is really keeping me interested I just hope they don t start becoming repetitive.With all that being said I thoroughly enjoyed this book I found myself yelling at some of the characters and wanting to slap some sense into them I think I even wanted to crawl into the boo [...]

  • I m loving this series, the Mcbrides are hot Tate and Jo s story is just as good as the rest Jo left her hometown when she was 11, her stepmother sent her to boarding school She left everything she knew, including Tate She started modelling so she had money to live on and was hurt time and time again by men so when she comes home and Tate asks her out, she s too afraid that he will hurt her.


  • It s all about trust.Jo, a woman with poor judgement in men is attracted to Tate but can she really trust herself with her assessment of him After all, it s always backfired in the past, right Tate decides that he ll prove to her that he s the right man for her Once realizing that he s in love with the woman, her life is in danger but he can t lose her.In this HEA read, McCray succeeds at a little suspense, some heat and passion and a wonderful cast of characters.

  • Jo and Tate make a good couple Both have been hurt in the past and have some issues especially Jo now The one element that I found most interesting is Jo s issuees with food and How she deals with it So many times those things are not talked about and kept hidden Food issues are real and a problem in our society More important is to know they kill.I recommend this story, although there are a couple of explicit scenes I would, with discretion, allow a teen to read.

  • Another great book with a good amount of action all wrapped up in good old fashion cowboy romance Cheyenne McCray is a superb author who puts lots of detail into her book to make you feel like your right there with the charaters Towards the end usually the last couple of chapters it gets a littel rushed and a lot of the details get missed Would love to dive in to of these characters once they get thier happy ever after Can t wait to keep reading.

  • 3.25 This is a great series and I would highly recommend it to everyone I cant wait to see what comes next However I enjoyed this book but it wasn t as good as the rest of the series It just felt like it was missing something Jo and Tate were good together and I m hoping to read Charlee s HEA I d also like to read about the McBide cousins.

  • Just like Jo, I had a feeling David was a no good scoundrel but I had no clue how evil the man would become Jo lucked out and managed to evade death not once, but three times courtesy of David s scheming ways I m sure it ll be no surprise to the readers to see good overcame evil It usually does in romance stories and that s what we all want to see happen.

  • 3.25 RATING This was my least favorite of the series so far While I enjoyed both the main characters, the heroine s sister hit on a major pet peeve I have in my romances, females that are pathetic or naive Although a secondary character, she planed a major role in the primary story of the book and I wanted to shake the shit ouf of her throughout Moving on to book five.

  • What a series of books If you want a book that has excitement, love, heartache, laughter, family bonding and so much Then read Cheyenne Mccray books I have read a lot of her books and they are so wonderful I say READ THESE BOOKS.

  • Tate is the epitome of hot cowboy I loved him in Tess and Gage s book and hoped he would get his own happy ending He went through hell, but finally it worked out I loved how they worked everything out

  • I was glad that Joe got her own story because of getting to know her in the previous books It was also nice to see of the McBride family and how welcoming they are Now that all of the brothers are taken, I m curious to see who the next book will be about.

  • Loved Jo and Tate.Damn this poor girl was almost murdered 3 times I hope in the future her sister gets her hea.This is the first book I ve read that deals with Anorexia.I love all these brothers and cousins.

  • Ah Jo and Tate this was a wild ride My favorite of all the books in this series This is what true love is all about That or Tate is one crazy cowboy In love with Tate

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