The Whole Package

The Whole Package It s a man s world but in this outrageous debut the girls aren t playing by the rules For lifelong friends Jackie Cheryl and Doris life hasn t turned out according to plan But after a drunken nigh
  • Title: The Whole Package
  • Author: Cynthia Ellingsen
  • ISBN: 9780425241349
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Whole Package
    It s a man s world but in this outrageous debut, the girls aren t playing by the rules For lifelong friends Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris, life hasn t turned out according to plan But after a drunken night sampling the delights at a strip club for women, the ladies stumble upon an ingenious idea and open up The Whole Package the world s first restaurant staffed exclusivelyIt s a man s world but in this outrageous debut, the girls aren t playing by the rules For lifelong friends Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris, life hasn t turned out according to plan But after a drunken night sampling the delights at a strip club for women, the ladies stumble upon an ingenious idea and open up The Whole Package the world s first restaurant staffed exclusively by very attractive men Mixing business with pleasure can be risky, but for these three best friends, getting a little bit outrageous just might be what it takes to make their mark in the world.
    The Whole Package By Cynthia Ellingsen,
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    Cynthia Ellingsen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Whole Package book, this is one of the most wanted Cynthia Ellingsen author readers around the world.


  • Three friends have lost it all Doris finds out her husband is having an affair, Cheryl lost her fantastic job, and Jackie is poor after her husband passes away and leaves her with debt When the three high school friends get together once again, now in their forties, they feel like everything is crashing around them When they get an idea to reclaim their lives, their independence, and their happiness, it comes in the form of an unexpected business venture a restaurant But not just any old restaur [...]

  • What a great idea and one that many of us women would whole heartily endorse a Hooters for women, a restaurant where women can go and be served delectable dishes by scantily dressed men and see a strip show every 15 minutes.And that is what Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris set out to do The BFFs start a restaurant together, The Whole Package Whether their business survives or fails is up to them And while interviewing sexy models, shopping with gay men, and dealing with picketers, each woman is dealing [...]

  • Three longtime best friends three lives in shambles an opportunity to rebuild their lives together Jackie, Cheryl and Doris have been longtime best friends through thick and thin When each of their lives takes a downward turn, they come together at the age of forty to pick themselves up off the floor and rebuild their lives together.Jackie had married into money, and when her husband Robert died, she took off for Paris to become an artist After living the glamorous Parisian high society life for [...]

  • Da leggerefantasticoTre donne, tre catastrofi in arrivo, e un sogno da realizzare Amori Impossibili e Fragole con Panna il nuovo frizzante romanzo targato Newton Compton dell autrice Cynthia Ellingsen E una commedia divertente e leggera che narra la storia di tre amiche, Doris, Jackie e Cheryl, alle prese rispettivamente con guai matrimoniali, economici e lavorativi Ormai varcata la soglia dei 40 anni, Cheryl, si ritrova improvvisamente senza lavoro Jackie, dopo la morte del marito e la fuga a P [...]

  • A fun read with romance and scandal all wrapped up in a pretty package.So your life is the pits You have lost your job, lost all of your money, lost your cheating husband Do you curl up with your tail between your legs feeling sorry for yourself Hell no You do what these three best friends do, pull up your big girl panties, go for a drunken and debauched night on the town and put it all behind you Then you start up a business showcasing drop dead sexy, gorgeous men whose only purpose is to creat [...]

  • Amori impossibili e fragole con panna un romanzo che tratta il tema dell amicizia, sia quella sempre esistita che quella ritrovata Tuttavia anche un romanzo in cui si fanno i conti con il tempo che passa, volente o nolente.Le tre protagoniste, Doris, Jackie e Cheryl, si conoscono dai tempi del liceo e alla soglia dei quaranta anni sono pronte a raccontarsi Un terzetto di cuori spezzati, teste rotte e sogni infranti.Doris la classica piagnona, una donna dotata di poco carattere e poco polso tirer [...]

  • Three friends, Cheryl, Jackie, and Doris are going through trials and tribulations in their personal lives and need something new When they go to a strip club following man troubles, they decide what their town needs is a male version of Hooters This story follows their personal troubles and the opening of their new restaurant.I was very impressed with this book The author developed strong characters with human characteristics, both good and bad The three friends are by no means perfect which sh [...]

  • I wasn t sure what to expect when I picked up this book, but I really loved it It took me about two evenings to read despite being insanely busy last week I loved the friendship between Jackie, Cheryl and Doris It s rare to share my name with a character in a book, so I was partial to Jackie from the beginning I have a set of girlfriends who I have been close with since elementary school, so it was easy for me to picture us in the lead roles a little later in life I loved the journey that they t [...]

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this funny story of three high school girls who grow into women full of hope to make all their lives what they dreamed it could be Dissolved relationships, failed business ventures and their ingenious idea to open a women s restaurant one staffed exclusive with very attractive men lead these women down the path of risky pleasures and the possibility of their friendship dying right along with their business Fast paced, couldn t put it down a wonderful read for a woman that reme [...]

  • Il libro una mezza rottura di palle e non vale nemmeno la pena star qui a raccontare la rava e la fava Per su non c era e, non avendo voglia di inserire il libro, l ho inserito in inglese.Qualcuno mi deve spiegare come The Whole Package possa essere diventato Amori impossibili e fragole con panna No, non ce la faccio a capire Non capisco manco che centrino le fragole con panna.

  • I love books about old friends that explore not only their relationship with each other, but also their relationships with others in their lives This book had all that Three 40ish women, long time friends with various major events going on in their lives, go into business together ina totally unexpected way I enjoyed this book.

  • I thought the characters in this book would be interesting than the twenty somethings that populate chick lit but, unfortunately they were just clueless forty somethings The friendship between the three main characters was the strongest part of the story.

  • I won this book through a Giveaway This was a great story of friendship, loyalty, and the difficulties of relationships It was a nice, easy read Only thing was the ending was a little predictable Saying that, it didn t really take away from the rest of the book.

  • This was a perfect little beach read Sweet, fun, relatable characters There was one tiny little disappointment at the end or at least I think it was, it wasn t totally clear what happened , but otherwise a very fun book.

  • A great read and a great story about friendship And yes, the idea is brilliant But this book goes beyond a brilliant catchy idea The friendship between these three women is tested, and as a result I can t help putting down the book and calling up my bffs just to say I love you.

  • I won this from a giveaway I usually dont like books that have multiple main characters but the balance between these women worked together nicely I actually liked all of the characters equally This is a fun, quick read I may have given it 3.5 stars if that were an option.

  • An old friend of mine from high school wrote this The reviews look good I guess I will need to track down a copy.

  • I received this book free from the giveaway I loved this book It is about time someone came up with this idea Can t let the men have all the fun.

  • This was a fun book to read Loved how Cheryl my fav , Jackie and Doris were introduced to the reader The storyline is a fun and orginal idea.

  • What a fun book Definitely a good book for a book club or vacation Thanks Cynthia cant wait to see what s next

  • It s a man s word, but in Cynthia Ellingsen s debut novel, The Whole Package, these girls aren t playing by the rules Ever since high school Jackie, Doris and Cheryl have been the closest of friends Now, 40 years later, they reunite, and life has not turned out the way they planned After Jackie s husband dies, she takes off to Paris to restart her artist career When she gets a call from George, her husband s lawyer, saying all of her husband s money has been depleted, she returns home, broke and [...]

  • 3.5 stars Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris are longtime friends whose lives haven t exactly turned out as planned Jackie s discovered that she s broke because of her late husband s financial decisions Cheryl s worked hard to rise to the top at work, but a devious coworker has ruined this and Doris is dealing with a bratty teenaged daughter and a husband going through a midlife crisis The three of them decide to go into business together, opening up a Hooters ish restaurant catering to women, where the [...]

  • Money problems Love life in the dumps Just lost your job Then sit back and relax with Jackie, Cheryl and Doris in The Whole Package These three fantastic ladies know exactly how you feel, but these are not just any three ladies, no These three are best friends who are not about to let life kick them to the curb, they are going to show the world how women roar Jackie was the beautiful and popular high school cheerleader who married a man she loved who happened to have tons of money But after her [...]

  • Okay, a volte anche io ho voglia di leggere qualcosa di stupidamente dolce e stupido, ma questo demenziale Mi rendo conto che non faccio parte del target a cui pensava la scrittrice, ma poverette le donne di mezz et in crisi esistenziale che invece sono il target per questo libro Se devono leggere roba cos sono proprio messe male Cosa mi ha attirato di questo libro Sar sincera, la copertina Mi piace molto Quando si dice l abito non fa il monaco

  • Il titolo italiano Amori impossibili, fragole con panna non centra assolutamente nulla con il libro.Tre donne , tre amiche alle prese con un ristorante per sole donne con camerieri poco vestiti Un marito traditore, un collega sexy e l amico del marito morto Banalit dopo banalit il libro scorre abbastanza ma non mi ha colpito

  • Loved it It was a fun read, with a great mix of characters that we can all relate to from characters in our own life There were times I cheered for them and other times saddened by their mistakes, but in the end they triumphed as a group of friends but importantly in finding their own strength Inspiring for women today

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