Book Fair Day

Book Fair Day It s Book Fair Day when every class gets to visit the book sale in the library Dewey Booker can t wait He LOVES reading than bubblegum baseball cards and bike riding In fact when Dewey s nose isn
  • Title: Book Fair Day
  • Author: Lynn Plourde Thor Wickstrom
  • ISBN: 9780525476962
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book Fair Day
    It s Book Fair Day, when every class gets to visit the book sale in the library Dewey Booker can t wait He LOVES reading than bubblegum, baseball cards, and bike riding In fact, when Dewey s nose isn t stuck in a book, he s dreaming about adding new books to his collection But Mrs Shepherd s class isn t scheduled to go to the fair until the end of the day Not waIt s Book Fair Day, when every class gets to visit the book sale in the library Dewey Booker can t wait He LOVES reading than bubblegum, baseball cards, and bike riding In fact, when Dewey s nose isn t stuck in a book, he s dreaming about adding new books to his collection But Mrs Shepherd s class isn t scheduled to go to the fair until the end of the day Not wanting to miss all the good offerings, Dewey tries every which way to get into the fair early Mrs Shepherd always catches him, though Will he make it before all the best books are taken
    Book Fair Day By Lynn Plourde Thor Wickstrom,
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      170 Lynn Plourde Thor Wickstrom
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  • Lynn Plourde Thor Wickstrom

    I write kids books talk about a FUN job I worked for 21 years as a speech language therapist in Maine schools When I got married, I got 3 4 year old stepsons as part of my ready made family I read the boys picture books at bedtime They fell asleep after 2 or 3 books, but I kept reading stacks and stacks of picture books and started to dream maybe I could write picture books I was already writing educational books listening speaking ideas for the classroom , but PICTURE BOOKS that was different Different, and sloooooow I had 13 years of rejections before getting my first book published, Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud, and I still get rejections than acceptances even after having than 25 books published So I m still an author in training learning to be a better author all the time I LOVE writing, the whole creative process I also LOVE sharing my books with kids at schools doing interactive readings, turning one of my books into a play, and teaching students how to plan and write different kinds of stories i.e problem stories, character stories, graphic novel scenes, fables modeled after my books I love to try new kinds of writing such as poetic stories, a biography, a graphic novel, and Writing new kinds of stories is a challenge, but it makes writing fun and keeps me interested in the process.


  • Story 5 starsIllustrations 5 starsMrs Shepherd is one of my favorite fictional teachers, and Mr Opus the librarian rocks too It s Book Fair Day at school, but Dewey Booker, who has been saving his money all year for new books, can t wait until last period for his class s turn All day long he schemes to get to the book fair, but he can t fool Mrs Shepherd that easily Sweet, funny story that celebrates books and reading Love the inclusion of the book buddy program Illustrations extend the text and [...]

  • Cute story for the kids who live for the book fair I always worry about the last class to come to the book fair will their favorites still be available

  • Who doesn t love a book about a kid excited by books Dewey is at school on Book Fair Day and is super excited to use his money and buy new books It s all he can think about All throughout the day he sneaks into the library, but not during his library time His is at the end of the day and it is torture for Dewey to wait that long Each time he sneaks in, his teacher finds him and brings him back to class Finally Dewey is able to go and buy his highly awaited books Good way to introduce the Book Fa [...]

  • I like the fact that Dewey, the avid reader, is black He wants to buy a whole wagon load of books at the school book fair, but his class only has half an hour at the end of the day to visit the book fair All day he tries to sneak into the library with various excuses, but his teacher always finds him and hurries him back to class before he can buy anything Finally his class gets their half hour visit, but his friends keep him busy recommending books to them and the visit is over before he can ge [...]

  • Book Fair DayLynn PlourdeIllustrated by Thor WickstromPicture Book PK 3Just Awesome BookBook Fair Day is about a little boy named Dewey Booker He loves books and is looking forward to the once a year book fair This year his class has to wait until the end of the day This horrifies Dewey and he decides to do whatever he can to get to the book fair early Dewey is so well read that when the class finally does get to go to the fair, he is the expert who can help his friends find a good book This boo [...]

  • This is the best book to read with students before your school hosts its yearly book fair No one can get students excited about books than Dewey, a boy whose passion for books is contagious Dewey has saved his money all year for this day, his wagon is empty and ready for the great quantities of books he plans on purchasing at the book fair There is only one problem, Dewey s class is scheduled to attend the fair at the end of the day What if there are no books left All day Dewey attempts to infi [...]

  • This is such a great book The story of a young boy trying his best to get to the school book fair he just LOVES books will surely warm a teachers heart The facial expressions shown through the illustrations just captivate the moment in time with the text This is a great book to read to students during book fair time at schools A good story about how being last doesn t mean you don t get what you really want, and to trust your teacher they really are looking out for you

  • I was almost going to give this a four star review because the writing is what adults would think that kids would like than really the way kids think, but the illustrations are cute and appealing, and at the end when Dewey was sitting on the sidewalk reading his book because he was too excited to wait until he got home I thought, I love this little guy.

  • Yes, this is a picture book, but I m totally counting it for my yearly goal because I had to read it very slowly and point out all the little details to my godson It s quite a fun read actually and it brought back memories of school book fairs to me Also, the hero is totally going to do readers advisory when he s a grown up.

  • I LOVE this book The main character, Dewey Booker how cute is that , saves all of his pennies for books, spends all his time plotting on how to get books, and which ones to get When book fair day comes, he is distraught after finding out that his class is the VERY LAST class to visit the book fair Will there be any books left I completely relate to Dewey, lol

  • The illustrations and bright hues win the day, here Hooray, too, for the positive caricature of a male librarian Then, it was almost too much when I realized that the protagonist is an inquisitive boy of color Wow Also, the large and whimsical text format is pleasing to the eye and, may draw new or struggling readers in Over all an excellent production team effort

  • Dewey is ready for the book fair at his school He has been saving his money But his teacher signed the class up for late in the day and Dewey can t wait that long as he fears that all the books he wants will be sold before he gets to the book fair.

  • I loved the book This book actually made me laugh The book was filled with puns about each book that Dewey wanted to read, and it kept me wanting to read This is a great book that illustrates what a good teacher or librarian is able to do to help their students.

  • Cute idea and understandable, as a book lover myself, how much trepidation Dewey felt being last to go to Book Fair Day However, Dewey is not the one who solves his problem.Written by Lynn Plourde, illustrated by Thor Wickstrom, published by Puffin Books PB library

  • I loved this book I really liked the circular way that author kept bringing up the lost theme with each new scene and ends with it again I ve also been in Dewey s situation, being the last class in the book fair and being disappointed by it

  • What is there not to love about book fair day I loved going to the book fair when I was young and I still love the book fair

  • Really enjoyed this book Show kindergarten students who are very excited about reading and going to their school book fair to purchase their own books to read Nicely illustrated as well.

  • PandaBat loved it as a day before first day of kindergarten read, since she d already been to book fairs at the school, she was looking forward to going with her class

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