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  • Title: Sacrifice
  • Author: Mayandree Michel
  • ISBN: 2940015238907
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Nook
  • Sacrifice
    Sacrifice By Mayandree Michel,
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    Mayandree writes young adult paranormal romance and historical fantasy When she s not writing, she s playing with her kids, reading or sketching Her first novel, Betrayal The Descendants, 1 2nd, Sacrifice The Descendants, 2 are available now The third novel in the series, Mercy, will release in September 2014.Websites mayandreemichelfacebook pages MayandrTwitter Instagram mayandreemichel


  • Sacrifice is the second book in Mayandree Michel s Descendants series The Series mainly revolves around the protagonist, Cordelia, a demi goddess who came back to rule her empire after being killed and sent to the future for a while Cordelia is now the empress over all the Ischero, but her new obstacle isn t memory loss any Hades isn t happy with the way Cordelia killed the Appoloun Queen by accident and now wants Delia s powers for himself.Now I have to admit that I had huge issues with Betray [...]

  • The first book was the best I fell in love with Evan from the very beginning, but I think I may like Victor a little too

  • A YA spectacular read full of Greek Demigods, intense romance and passion this book is just an AMAZING read As a avid reader and huge fan of the Young Adult genre I was excited to be able to read the second book in the Descendants series by Mayandree Michel, that follows on from book 1 Betrayal Character driven this is a tale that will have you glued to the pages, as you encounter the most exciting of adventures amidst perilous danger I love the character of Cordelia who is the equivalent of Bel [...]

  • I have no idea what happened First of all, I really really loved the first book I was so excited when I finally got this book and I couldn t wait to enter back into this world.Well it wasn t what I expected The cover I didn t like at all It doesnt do the series justice Then when it came to actually reading the book, I had trouble keeping interest for the longest time There were many may parts that I loved and couldn t put the book down Then it wouldn t be as amazing I really tried to finish the [...]

  • The books itself was very good Enjoyed it Their where so many twists and turns I didn t see coming However I thought the ending was cruel I see that it had to go down that way but it was cruel Brought tears to my eyes I disagree with that union Evander 3333 Besides that I thought the book was excellent The banter between Victor and Evander was hilarious 3 Go Evander Delia was brave, beautiful, and awesome just as usual She is becoming a good leader but at times there was moments that she relied [...]

  • Sacrifice by Mayandree Michel was a little disappointing for me The story immediately starts from when Betrayal leaves off Cordelia is determined to find her where her parents are buried, but meanwhile Hades forces are strengthening in power and in number daily Cordelia is also started to feel strong feelings towards Victor, and will have to choose between him and Evan.Here s the things I liked.1 The story picked right up where it left off There was maybe a sentence to sum up what happened in th [...]

  • Ok, so, I really liked Betrayal and was excited to read Sacrifice And I ended up kind of disappointed Halfway through the book I was screaming at the characters cough Cordelia cough for some of their decisions I liked some things in this book such as the rekindled friendship between Cordelia and Bethany, the frequent presence of the other Icheros, and, of course, the sweet moments between Evan and Cordelia.Things I didn t like Cordelia was starting to get on my nerves, with all the indecisions [...]

  • Greek Mythology Check Romance Check At first I felt a little disconnected with the characters and I think this was because its been a about a year ago that I read Betrayal which I fell in love with immediately However, once I got into the book I reconnected and really enjoyed Sacrifice The Love Triangle I wish had been settled earlier in the book I was expecting this hot moment when Cordelia and Victor finally hooked up and feel that it was actually kind of a boring moment I m glad that Evan has [...]

  • As a matter of full disclosure I haven t read the first book in the series and would likely have enjoyed this one if I had.The plot as I can make out is that there is a demi goddess named Cordelia who was killed and sent to the future, but now has come back to rule her kingdom Yeah, it is as crazy as it sounds Her biggest problem is Hades, her arch nemesis The biggest issue I have with this book is that I don t like Cordelia I feel like the I read the I m realizing in many cases it all comes [...]

  • expect ik spekt verb trans regard something as likely to happen we expect the best trans he expects the stock market to sink further with clause we expect that farmers will harvest 63 million acres of hay regard someone as likely to do or be something trans they were not expecting him to continue believe that someone or something will arrive soon Celia was expecting a visitor look for something from someone as rightfully due or requisite in the circumstances we expect great things of you require [...]

  • Ok the first book Didn t have me drooling, but I was intrigued So I stuck at it and read the second it was free after all I have to say this second book had me glued to my kindle for hours I couldn t put it down the characters enticed me in, getting to know them all I have a tendency to love the bad boys in books Cato from The Hunger Games, Draco from Harry Potter, Julian from The Forbidden Game But NEVER have I been so INFATUATED with a character like I am with Victor He s suave, sophisticated, [...]

  • This was a good addition to the storyline I liked the first better but this was still good Delia remembers who she is and now is trying to find her parents Victor is trying everything to get Delia away from Evan We meet a new old member of the Demigods family that will play a important place in Victor s role to get his powers back and have Delia as his own There is fighting, love drama, time traveling again and a good plotline I really did love the book and storyline was written great flowed nic [...]

  • I thought the second book was a disappointment, the author didn t explain a lot of things and also had a lot of details in the parts that contained action the it lagged on, once again just like in the 1st book I had skipped about half the book, authors when writing need to make every page important, they need to entwine important clues or information and that s what this author did not do, I could skipped it and I would still understand everything The ending was disappointing me then divergent [...]

  • I read this book and cried a lot I was deeply saddened by the ending I should be happy for all involved but I m not This book has lots of heartache and the battle with Hades was intense I felt the pain that Cordelia felt whether it was over Evan or her parents I will definitely read this one again and can not wait for Mercy I also wonder, was Victor s dream what happened in the Underworld or is it just about to begin at the end of the book If I were to guess, I would say that it is just about to [...]

  • This book was the 99 cent companion to a free book on It basically begged me to read it I liked the premise, but I really got annoyed here Because of the responsibility and lifestyle, you have to step back to remember these are 17 year old kids, not young adults in their early 20s They act like 17 year olds a lot here Cordelia, oh Cordelia I m sorry but I can t take her sometimes I just want her to fully accept her role responsibility in all ways, not just the ways she wants It s so irresponsib [...]

  • The story is still there just like it was in the first book Overall this story had much much better flow But the grammar is horrid I don t understand why this isn t proof read The creativity is there and that s why its gets the stars but my mind had to auto correct all the spelling and other issues Its sad because the makings for a good series is here But shes need to step it up a bit Overall good story and plot but terrible spelling and grammar.

  • Again, I read on because I wanted to know what happened but I wasn t desperate to read on I kept hoping I d get sucked into the story , but it just didn t happen The relationship developments weren t as big a surprise as I think they were intended to be I was hoping for Evan and Delia, but liked Victor Evangelia, however, I detested I ll read the next book, to find out how the series concludes.

  • This was a fast paced and engaging read and overall I enjoyed it I did feel like things became a bit difficult to follow towards the end.cially the fighting scenes I appreciated the feelings that Evan and Delia had for each other but they were so judgmental when they thought someone didn t have the good of the empire as their first priority when all they were doing was thinking about their own feelings.So, I liked it but I thought it could have been a lot better.

  • I loved this book I especially loved how Delia chose Victor In the previous book, yeah, victor was a total evil douche but he was so caring in this book I learned to love him and really hoped that Delia would choose him, which she did Overall, this is a book you should read and I can t wait for the last book to come out.

  • I do like this series this is the second book in it and find it quite entertaining and original and many ways However, the editing of this book is AWFUL Nevertheless, I would gladly read the next book in the series because this book did keep my attention despite the cringe worthy spelling errors.

  • Spoiler alert Ok this one gets 2.5 stars Good story but seriously, how could it end on this note Victor hasn t redeemed himself in the slightest and did such horrendous things to gain power, cannot make me want to think of him as a viable alternative to Evan Hoping the next book redeems itself.

  • Oh Gods This super duper amazing and awesome Everything is perfect and my heart is about to explode because the drama and romance is so freakin overwhelming I just can t wait to get my hands on the next book Dear Zeus, please make the publication faster D

  • NOOOOO i did not like the ending to the second book, as i wished that delia would end up with Evander i hate it when books turn out like that but overall very i mean VERY good story, as well as extremely detailed descriptions hooked the whole way through

  • SERIOUSLY I am so confused as to why the author even wrote the novel when it was all destiny and not will It seemed like all the pain was for nothing Yeah I finished the book but I am not getting back to it

  • eh, it was not as good as the first book in this series I still loved it and was captured by it, but i was heart broken when Evan just let her go and she just got over him in an instant still beautiful and totally reccomend.

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