Call of the Jersey Devil

Call of the Jersey Devil Five suburban mall rats and a washed up Goth singer find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where they discover two horrifying truths The Jersey Devil hellspawn of folklore and leg
  • Title: Call of the Jersey Devil
  • Author: Aurelio Voltaire
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  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Call of the Jersey Devil
    Five suburban mall rats and a washed up Goth singer find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where they discover two horrifying truths The Jersey Devil, hellspawn of folklore and legend, is real and New Jersey as many already suspected is the gateway to Hell With the help of one lone witch, this small group must face off against their deepest fears anFive suburban mall rats and a washed up Goth singer find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where they discover two horrifying truths The Jersey Devil, hellspawn of folklore and legend, is real and New Jersey as many already suspected is the gateway to Hell With the help of one lone witch, this small group must face off against their deepest fears and the most unholy monsters in a battle where their very souls, the world they live in, and any chance of returning to Hot Topic in one piece is at stake The first novel by musician and horror media personality, Aurelio Voltaire, Call of the Jersey Devil is a hilarious and terrifying homage to 80s horror and genre films Like a mad doctor, Voltaire has Frankensteined together elements of Evil Dead, The Breakfast Club, Poltergeist, and This is Spinal Tap to create a creature feature that will have you laughing out loud when you re not glancing nervously over your shoulder.Early praise for the book Aurelio Voltaire continues his reign among the pantheon of Goth gods CALL OF THE JERSEY DEVIL is sly and sweet, nasty and naive, sulphurous and charming, witty, wooly, crackling with evil and stunning in its sincerity What a read Long live Voltaire Caroline Thompson The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, The Addams Family I LOVE it It s mental, and hilarious, and brilliant, and kind of gross Joanne Harris author of Chocolat, Runemarks, Runelight, Blue Eyed Boy
    Call of the Jersey Devil By Aurelio Voltaire,
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    Aurelio Voltaire Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Call of the Jersey Devil book, this is one of the most wanted Aurelio Voltaire author readers around the world.


  • Five mall rats AJ, Prudence, Aleister, and Ari find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey with the washed up goth singer Villy Bats only to discover that the legendary Jersey Devil is real, and he s here to bring Hell to our world With the help of the witch Caroline, they fight to close the gates before it s too late Will they succeed in resisting the calls from Hell and close the gates Or is the world doomed to be consumed by evil crawling out from New Jersey Excluding Jersey Sh [...]

  • I absolutely loved Call of the Jersey Devil, by Aurelio Voltaire It actually made me miss being a teenager I identified so much with the character Prudence It was a wonderful readFive goth kids head over to a poorly promoted festival concert featuring a washed up goth singer, Villy Bats When they arrive, they realize that besides the arrogant singer, lack of a stage, or any sign of a music festival they are the only ones there Unable to return home due to their totaled van about a mile or so dow [...]

  • I want to thank Spence City Spencer Hill Press for providing me with an ARC of this book I was very excited to be chosen to read this early Receiving this book for free has in no way influenced my opinion or review.Blurb from Five suburban mall rats and a washed up Goth singer find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where they discover two horrifying truths The Jersey Devil, hellspawn of folklore and legend, is real and New Jersey as many already suspected is the gateway to He [...]

  • Call of the Jersey Devil Review on K BooksThere are no words to explain just how excited I was when I heard about this book I instantly wanted to read it because of the publisher it was coming from The book from Spence City, the new imprint from the best publisher in the world Spencer Hill Press I will admit that I had never really come across Voltaire before I had heard his name around the web and stuff but didn t really know who he was and what he did Let me say that now I am a fully converted [...]

  • There are far worse things lurking in New Jersey than The Situation Like for instance, the gateway into Hell A witch who has taken to resealing this gateway when needed finds herself in the woods with a motley crew of assistance five misfit teenagers and one bitter has been Gothic singer It will take all the strength they have to get rid of the worst thing to come out of New Jersey since the Real Housewives the infamous Jersey Devil and not everyone will make it back alive This book is exactly t [...]

  • OkI liked the concept of the story But there were really so many gross out scenes that i skimmed most ofvthe book If you have a weak stomach for gross stuff I suggest you skip this book There is lots of gory details.

  • This book was lent to me by my Voltaire fan friend Joe as I also like Voltaire and I like mythology of all sorts with the comment It s not very good They were correct in my estimation The only thing really to recommend it is Voltaire s name and authorship, and I m sure hardcore fans of his will probably love it judging from the reviews on here I guess I m right He seems to have a knack for creating diverse yet cardboard stereotype characters and giving them interesting back stories, as well as h [...]

  • Looking forward to Voltaire s first novel.From the previewed excerpts I can tell is going to be an excellent book.

  • I was given an Advanced Reader Copy This book is due to be published May 28th.The idea that the gateway to hell is in a forest in New Jersey is a pretty enticing way to base a novel As soon as we begin the story we are thrown into the world of this creature and what it is capable of doing, then as we move on to a different world entirely we know it is just a matter of time before two worlds collide and creates the trouble this causes for those involved Call of the Jersey Devil tells the story of [...]

  • I rate this book 3.5 stars.Sorry I didn t post the review here months ago, I just forgot I thought I already posted it here, but apparently I didn t.To view the full post and other reviews, click here Call of the Jersey Devil by Aurelio VoltaireGore Yes, lotsMagic YesRomance NoAction YesPacing 3 starsPlot 4 starsCover 4 starsNote I was going to review this book yesterday, but I still had 30 pages left, so I figured that instead of a early review where I didn t finish the book is not fair, even i [...]

  • Well, I finished it, sort of The last few chapters I or less skimmed But this book is just really bad I had sort of hoped for better from Voltaire I love his music, and the brand of humor he brings to it I hoped to find that in his book, along with a thoughtfulness that comes from being a long time victim of bullying, which he speaks of often, including in the afterword of this book.But no He descends into the same brand of nastiness he says he was the victim of Can he do no better than having [...]

  • Let me start by saying that I really loved this book I m a slow reader and it only took me three days to read it because I had a hard time putting it down The book itself is a very easy read which is nice when compared to some of the other books I ve had to struggle through like Hunchback of Notre Dame Not that the two have anything in common mind you The book itself is a Horror Parody Let me tell you that I am the type of person that never laughs or chuckles at any sort of joke or scene in book [...]

  • Full disclosure I ve known Voltaire for 15 years and worked for a company that worked with him for the past 6 years I was a fan of his comics before I met him and I ve been a fan of music since I first heard him play live I own a lot of Voltaire memorabilia including rare stuff like a Oh My Goth clock and a Chi Chan hot wheels car that was only sold at a trade show in Japan I ve read his previous nonfiction books about the goth lifestyle Paint it Black and What is Goth and I enjoyed both of them [...]

  • Review AJ, Prudence, Stuey, Ari and Aleister are on their way to a Goth festival they see advertised at the mall Villy Bats, the musician is stranded there As the Goths minivan crashes, they get stranded in the Pine Barrens and soon discover that the Jersey Devil is real, and that in New Jersey there is a gateway to Hell As monsters start to pick them off, it s up to the Goths, and witch Caroline, to battle their way out.Having been a fan of Voltaire s music, I ve been waiting for this since the [...]

  • I was so not thinking this book was going to turn out the way it did HEH, you know, when you sometimes have expectations, you are slightly blown away when it s not that, but better I had that here There are so many great things about this book, and I will have to say, one of my favorite parts is the fact that everything was so easily believable I could literally picture everything that was happening as it happened Plus, it s very detailed, so you never feel like you are missing something from th [...]

  • This review was originally posted at Graveyard Picnic Aurelio Voltaire s Call of the Jersey Devil tells the story of a couple of mallrats who crash their car on their way to a non existent goth festival there they discover that the horrifying legends of the Jersey Devil are true and that the gates of Hell are in fact, located directly beneath New Jersey The teenagers run into washed up goth singer named Villy Bats and a strange woman who claims to be a witch in the end they all need to work toge [...]

  • Aurelio Voltaire describes himself as a musician, filmmaker, author and gothic horror personality While I am not sure what a gothic horror personality is, I suspect it involves large quantities of black clothing and makeup This assumption is based on the very heavy laden prose in his debut novel under the author moniker.Call of the Jersey Devil centers on a group of teens off to see their favorite band This venture turns into a nightmare when, stranded in The Pines of New Jersey, they find that [...]

  • It was great for a book that Voltaire gave me free of charge Seriously, though, it is fantastic This book was much better than a misadventure in a Mos Eisley cantina involving a lot of angry, sex starved outlaws However, for those looking for a scary book, I should mention that when I opened it for the first time, not a single bat flew out of it Not a one Ooooh, sca ary Pfft.The reading material printed in it, though, was quite spooky and, at times, chilling There s a good bit of humor in there [...]

  • I ll admit, it took me two tries to get started on this book I simply wasn t in the right mindset the first time, but once I was ready I finished it in what Two days And every moment I was forced to do something productive instead of inhaling this book was painful I decided to buy this book because I m a fan of the authors music, and I m not Goth although I am very much fascinated with this sub culture Alternative culture Underground culture Who cares culture AND I m not the biggest fan of horro [...]

  • I can t say much that hasn t already been said This was a rollicking fun read If this were a movie it would be the brain baby of Kevin Smith, Wes Craven and Tim Burton With Bruce Campbell as Villy sorry Voltaire and Jay Mewes as Aleister It was just the right mix of comedy and horror with a few touching moments to round out the experience I m glad this book was good because I had the chance to meet Voltaire at BEA, where I got the book and he was a terribly nice fellow I would have felt really b [...]

  • This book began like any good book should nice and solid, but able to be put down when I needed to do something else for the rest of the day The characters were believable teenagers god, remember when we were like that Villy and Ari were my favourites Then when the action picked up, I had to keep reading til they could take a breath Then it came time to just keep reading or else everyone would die Great pace, great story I just wish someone had faced the Jersey Devil and said, Who s a good boy W [...]

  • Wow Just wow That s all that came to mind, every time I ve read this I am currently in my 7th reading of this book, and it never fails to move me tears, to anger, to fear, to laughters, that s right, I said laughter The gut wrenching, side splitting, jaw aching, deep from the toes, dying in tears type of laughter that only comes from raucous debauchery This was such a joy, and I am quite sure that I will only enjoy it and with every reading, as I find even little nuances that lend it color an [...]

  • This is a 3.5, but since they don t have that as an option, I m giving it a 3 I liked the book for it s subject content and I thought the characters of Villy, Ari, and Caroline to be interesting I think what bothered me though was the in my opinion overuse of similes Yes, I realize that is something odd to be picky about, but it did get to me Don t let that deter you from reading the book though If you re in the mood for B grade horror mixed with touches of comedy, then this is the right book.

  • I ve never laughed so hard at a book It was exactly what I needed to top off my day Now, if you re looking for a book that s edgy, deep and thought provoking, you will be horribly disappointed The plot, narration, dialogue, characterization and descriptions all have flaws that speak of a screenplay that didn t make the full transition to novel Clearly Voltaire is experienced with writing songs than novels, but I laughed until I cried If you like Monty Python style humor wrapped up in an homage [...]

  • If you re a fan of the gothic renaissance artist musician animator, Voltaire, then this is a must read, must have for your collection It contains homages to some of his other works and those of others in the goth community It s a love letter of his enthusiasm for 80s horror films and the goth community, told with his usual dark humor, grotesque imagery and signature flair for the dramatic I fully enjoyed and will read it again.

  • Well, that wasn t the ending I expected Despite the macabre elements, this book had a lighthearted tone to it I laughed many times, and even though the ending wasn t what I expected, I still had a smile on my face after I finished the book.I m not sure what else to say If you like horror that s on the funny side, read this.

  • This is a fun, fast paced book with lots of gore, lots of genuinely funny lines, and an ending that surprised me I can t decide if it s a sly send up of horror tropes or if Voltaire was just having a blast throwing everything in that interested him Maybe both It s a bit overwritten in places but very visual apparently it started out as a screenplay It would make an awesome movie.

  • Hilarious, stupid funny, and spitefulness Captures the feeling of being an outcast in high school with only few friends to understand you with a nice splash of magic thrown it to it all Gross enough to be entertaining but not vomit causing or nightmare fuel It s a keeper, I ll never trade it or give it away unless it s to my own kinds when they re old enough.

  • When I started reading the book I could not leave it aside until I finished it and I didn t want it to end I really enjoyed it and re read many parts that were touching for me Loved the characters and dialogues because they felt real and remind me of people I met I would definitely love to read novels from Voltaire.

  • Macabre, funny, dark, and a side of black eye liner was nothing short of what I expected this book to be Once again, Aurelio Voltaire blends genres in that whimsical Goth was of his I definitely recommend it to everyone, experience something new.

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