The Taming of the Tights

The Taming of the Tights Gadzooks It s another term at Dother Hall for Tallulah and her mates But can they keep their minds on the arts with all those boys about After the thing that will never be mentioned last term Tallula
  • Title: The Taming of the Tights
  • Author: Louise Rennison
  • ISBN: 9780007323920
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Taming of the Tights
    Gadzooks It s another term at Dother Hall for Tallulah and her mates But can they keep their minds on the arts with all those boys about After the thing that will never be mentioned last term, Tallulah is keen to put all thoughts of Cain behind her But that seems like that the last thing he wants.Their performing arts college may have been saved by Honey s mystery benefGadzooks It s another term at Dother Hall for Tallulah and her mates But can they keep their minds on the arts with all those boys about After the thing that will never be mentioned last term, Tallulah is keen to put all thoughts of Cain behind her But that seems like that the last thing he wants.Their performing arts college may have been saved by Honey s mystery benefactor, but for how long is anyone s guess So will Tallulah finally get to wear those golden slippers of applause or will Dr Lightowler swoop down on her glory days And with Seth and Flossie forever snogging, Vaisey and Jack loved up and Phil and Jo fondly biffing each other can Tallulah resist the call of her wild boy Don your craziest tights and Irish dance your way to some surprising and hilariously unexpected answers
    The Taming of the Tights By Louise Rennison,

    The Taming Official Path of Exile Wiki May , The Taming is a unique Prismatic Ring Prismatic Ring Requires Level % to all Elemental Resistances. The Taming of the Shrew Summary, Characters, Facts The Taming of the Shrew, comedy in five acts by William Shakespeare, written sometime in and first printed in the First Folio in The play describes the volatile courtship between the shrewish Katharina and the canny Petruchio, who is determined to subdue Katharina s legendary temper and win her The Taming of the Shrew The Taming of the Shrew Study Guide SparkNotes The Taming of the Shrew is a comic play written by William Shakespeare around and first published in Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire play or The Taming of the Shrew Mar , Directed by Franco Zeffirelli With Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Cyril Cusack, Michael Hordern Brutish, fortune hunting scoundrel Petruchio tames his wealthy, shrewish wife, Katharina. The Taming of the Shrew No Fear Translation SparkNotes The Taming of the Shrew is a comic play written by William Shakespeare around and first published in Read The Taming of the Shrew here, with side by

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    Louise Rennison was the bestselling award winning author of the phenomenally successful Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, translated into over 34 languages and to the stage and big screen as Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging She has won the Nestle Smarties Book Prize, the Michael L Printz Honor Book and the Roald Dahl Funny prize for Withering Tights Louise sadly died on the February 29, 2016.


  • I ve been thinking about how to review this book adequately and I m really struggling I rarely review Rennison s novels because it s hard to explain what I mean beyond throwing inane phrases like really funny and laugh out loud hilarious around But I did receive an ARC for this so I m going to write something here And, who knows, maybe I will be able to convince new readers to try out the ridiculous, wonderful and yes utterly hilarious would of Louise Rennison It s delicious, well written sillin [...]

  • YOU ARE TOPS WOMANCAN YOU BE MY MOTHER NOW AND RAISE BABY OWLETS INTO WILD AND FREE ANIMALS TOGETHER WELL LET ME BE HONEST WITH YOUCAINISMYMANyes sure Charlie s sweet and oh my makes me melt with Tallulah all the waybut Cain there s something about himbut knowing you and your perfect writing and plottingi think charlie won t be the onebecause in georgia s series dave was our man hmm Alex hello how are you mate or maybe the dark twisted animal in pants will be the male version of kate hmm hmm hmm [...]


  • I can never get enough of Louise Rennison and when I heard that there was a new Tallulah Casey book I ordered it immediately then started reading when it arrived in the post the next day And then finished it that night.And I was right to I grew up with the Georgia Nicholson books, reading them time and time again, so much so that the spines on many of them aren t really spines any And at 18, eight years after discovering them, I still read them and they never fail to make me laugh The Taming of [...]

  • Tallulah Casey, despite any sign of talent or acting ability, is back at Dother Hall in Yorkshire learning to be dramatic in a school with barmy teachers whose credentials are dubious But school doesn t matter, only boys do Tallulah is denying that she had a moment with the Dark Black Crow of Heckmondwhite, Cain, and instead thinking about the unattainable Alex and the taken Charlie Sadly, her moment with Cain has led to the Bottomly sisters threatening her, but what can they do really I mean, t [...]

  • I love this series I really do It s pretty much become my go to for when I need something that will make me laugh without requiring any brain power Tallulah s just so great I love how un angsty she is she s genuine and innocent and fairly na ve, and while those things don t always work for me, they work for me here because Tallulah is straight up hilarious, and I adore her optimism and how she s not the moody, annoying type of teenager I cannot stop smiling when I read these books Especially any [...]

  • I must admit, the withering tights series is my guilty pleasure book, the one I go to when I really just need to laugh I had been waiting for this book to come out since I finished the last one and was not disappointed I hope this is not the last in the series mostly because I really wanted her to end up with Cain, he sounds hot, mysterious and you can tell Lullah is drawn to him just as much as we are The writing is basic, the language a little silly at times but its perfect because though it c [...]

  • Tallulah Casey is just like with a bit knee action.Tallulah reminds me so much of the confusing things that come with being young and being around cute boys Acting silly is something that happens often then not I am so happy with this ending Thank you Louise Rennison s for making the final Tallulah Casey installment to give me the ending I wanted it Love love love

  • This review was originally posted at Fluttering ButterfliesI absolutely adore Louise Rennison I loved her Georgia Nicolson books so much and when I started reading the Talullah Casey series it was always in the back of my mind that Talullah was just not quite as funny and mad as her cousin, Georgia And then I read The Taming of the Tights the third book by Louise Rennison in the Tallulah Casey and you know what I ve completely changed my mind I ll always have a soft spot for Georgia, but my hear [...]

  • I decided to read the book The Taming of the Tights because I have read the previous books in the collection and the other Louise Rennison series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson and thoroughly enjoyed them This is because I love romantic comedy books.The category on the bingo board this book completes is a book written in 2013 This was interesting because I am now reading a classic book from 1915, The 39 steps, so I got to see the vast differences in language, sayings and ideas between them.My f [...]

  • I m going to make this extremely short since I am horrid at writing reviews YOU KNOW HOW HARD I M FANGIRLING OVER THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW CAIN, OH MY GOSH, CAIN GET IN MY BED PLEASE.Cain sounds so dreamy, and mysterious You re torn, really, between choosing the sweet boy or the bad boy I understand why Tallulah hates Cain so much, but I think Charlie is too nice And Alex is an asshole, leading her on like that Charlie is sort of the Prince Charming, but he s just not my type Or Tallulah s I think Ta [...]

  • The latest installment of Tallulah Casey s adventures at performing arts schools in the heart of Yorkshire is, as expected, is laugh aloud funny and as weirdly winsome as its protagonist In this book, Tallulah continues to seek artistic greatness despite magisterial disapproval, counsels and is counseled by her Tree Sisters, enjoys all the culture that rural Yorkshire has to offer, and is confounded once by romance.I know YA romantic comedy isn t everybody s cup of tea, but Louise Rennison is o [...]

  • Well, this book was ok In relation to the series, I d say it was the weakest of the 3 But this series in no way compares to the Georgia Nicholson series, of this being a spin off of sorts It s really not as funny, there seems to be a lack of focus and story in the story It feels like nothing much happens except for a few somewhat dramatic scenes ok, dramatic to a teenager There is an ending of sorts, but it all felt very safe and a bit boring So not a favourite from Rennison but at least she kee [...]

  • I love this series The first and second book was amazing, but this third one was quite off, really but I still loved it I was a little dissapointed that I didnt get to see Cain in the first half o the book Speaking of which, can we just take a moment how amazing Cain is I love him in this book because I get to see real emotional side from him I wanted to hug him I even hugged the book too.For CharlieNo comment I mean he s sweet butbutjustJUST NO TALLULAH AND CAIN MUST BE TOGETHER.I really hope t [...]

  • Is this the last book in the series I can t figure out if it is or not and my opinion on it greatly depends on whether it s marked as third in series or last of trilogy Because if this is the last one, it s kind of a huge let down for me for various reasons.

  • This one was definitely my favourite of the series, Tallulah really became her own character instead of being an imitation of Georgia Nicolson The side characters were so random but it fit really well and Louise Rennison is hilarious as always.

  • I don t think I ll ever get tired of reading about Tallulah and the Tree Sisters and all the wild things they get up to I m definitely too old for these books, but I ll never actually outgrow them They re such funny and relatable characters, and even as I get older I find myself connecting with them I will definitely read these books again and again.

  • Although I am much too old to be enjoying this book, I found it very funny As soon as my library got this book, I went and got it I was the first person to check it out JDon t read ahead if you don t like mild spoilers I ll hide the major ones Favorite Quote from the book But for all that, you and I know there s summat between us I want to kiss you and you want to kiss me Cain pulled me to him suddenly And as he looked at me with his dark wild eyes he brought his mouth down on mine Read at the b [...]

  • Tallulah is back She s off to Dither, um Dother Hall constantly in pursuit of the golden slippers of applause, if only her knees would cooperate and not bust out into spontaneous Irish dancing The same cast of characters is back and they are all bonkers as ever.Back with her host family, the Dobbinses, she finds them as mad as ever Dibdobs has taken to making food out of what she forages which includes cake made out of moss and bread made out of snail shells The lunatic twins are as out of contr [...]

  • In this, the final instalment one supposes of Louise Rennison s Tallulah Casey trilogy, Lullah returns for the second half of the winter term at dear old Dother Hall Dear old Dother Hall, which is slowly falling down around them and by them , I mean, of course, the artistes But no matter Bob the handyman the best character in the entire book is always on hand to leave helpful messages for the schoolgirls, such as Listen up, dudes.Appliance out of action.Bad scene with a vole.On it.Bob The Iron P [...]

  • Tallulah Casey is back at Dother Hall for round 3 of performing arts school Nothing seems to be going right for poor Lullah, the village girls all hate her, she can t decide what to do about Cain the bad, her teacher Dr Lightowler hates her for being untalented and silly and to top it all off she doesn t know if Charlie likes her or not Ever her little owlets have left the nest, leaving her alone At least The Tree Sisters, Ruby and her bulldog Matilda still love her Right Follow Tallulah as she [...]

  • It s possible I have read and rated this with my heart than my head, knowing that it was Louise s last book It doesn t seem like she was finished, as I suspected all those years ago, after no less than ten Georgia books, and this being only Tallulah s third outing It kind of reaches what can be called a conclusion, but I can t say I m particularly satisfied with what now has to be Tallulah s happy ending by which I mean, he is a douche There was certainly to do with a couple of the characters, [...]

  • Third in the Mis Adventures of Tallulah Casey series, The Taming of the Tights begins with Tallulah returning to college, high school as we would call it Tallulah attends a boarding school whose focus is the dramatic arts As the dorms are full, Tallulah rooms with a nearby family, the Dobbinses who have preschool aged twins, and a penchant for doing anything out of the ordinary, such as crafting hats made from leaves or bread from snail shells Needless to say, Lullah spends quite a bit of time i [...]

  • This review can be viewed in all it s bloggy glory, here I m going to have to wait now for the next book in this series grumbles I hope there is another book I can t actually find any information on whether there will be or not because it has made me laugh so much that it s definitely become one of my favourites Then again, nothing beats a book that makes you laugh out loud.The Taming of the Tights definitely made me do that again In my review of the 2nd book I pointed out that I thought that it [...]

  • Recommended return return This is the third book in the Tullulah Casey series, with is a spin off of the Georgia Nicolson series Tullulah is in her third term at Dother Hall, a performing arts college in England She has her group of friends that she is excited to see and the boys from Woolfe Academy located on the other side of the woods from the girls school The setting of this series is in Yorkshire and the reader will learn a lot about the dialect and some customs Tullulah stays with a local [...]

  • image error The Misadventures of Tallulah Cassey are while not better measure up to the quality I expect from Rennison The book was absolutely hilarious while staying relatable, which is quite hard to do When you re having a bad day or just feeling crummy, this book will make you smile, laugh and want to hug everybody within walking distance Also made me want to move to the English countryside to do drama or danceThis review is going to suck but there s nothing I can say that won t ruin or compl [...]

  • I m so sad that this is the last book in the series, I mean it s such a wonderful series Louise Rennison is just an amazing author with a flair for creating such loveable characters So in this book of the series, Tallulah is back at Dother Hall, and things are great Except for the fact that the school is running out of money But to fix this, Ms Sidone Beaver, headmistress, decides to put on a show in the woods for the whole village How wonderful But not for Tallulah The dreaded Dr Lightowler is [...]

  • Okay, so I m rounding up a bit, but Tallulah is too funny and cute, even when the story is repetitive to round down A solid 3.5 stars.It s a new school year at Dother Hall and Tallulah arrives back in Heckmondwhite ready for the next term, still as boy crazy, quirky, and self conscious as ever But this time, she s hiding the fact that Cain kissed her.Most of the hijinks were covered in the previous two books, so a lot of it seems old hat or redundant, but there were still plenty of laugh out lou [...]

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