The Continuance Agency

The Continuance Agency Daniel Sharpe survived the end of the world Now he lives alone fearful that he may be the last living person on earth It s too dangerous for him to venture outside to try and find other survivors wit
  • Title: The Continuance Agency
  • Author: Adam Light
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Continuance Agency
    Daniel Sharpe survived the end of the world Now he lives alone, fearful that he may be the last living person on earth It s too dangerous for him to venture outside to try and find other survivors with that ominous black cloud of death still looming in the sky above.When a manila envelope mysteriously arrives with an invitation to join The Continuance Agency , an orDaniel Sharpe survived the end of the world Now he lives alone, fearful that he may be the last living person on earth It s too dangerous for him to venture outside to try and find other survivors with that ominous black cloud of death still looming in the sky above.When a manila envelope mysteriously arrives with an invitation to join The Continuance Agency , an organization on a mission to save mankind, Daniel has to decide if it s worth the risk to try to join up, to see if he can help to save whatever s left of the world But deep inside he wonders is The Continuance Agency really what it claims to be
    The Continuance Agency By Adam Light,

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    Adam Light resides in northeast Florida with his beautiful wife and daughter, and their aptly named Walker hound, Walker He haunts a cubicle by day, writes horror stories at night, and virtually never sleeps.He is the author of several short horror stories, some of which have been published in his first collection, TOES UP His stories can also be found in the anthologies BAD APPLES, BAD APPLES 2, and DEAD ROSES.He is currently at work on several projects.Be sure to check out his Facebook page facebook Adam Light 1


  • What a great read Post apocalyptic fiction without a single utterance of the Z word can it be true Who s to say it will last as the rest of this dystopian saga unfolds, but THE CONTINUANCE AGENCY quickly pulled me into its intriguing world Full disclosure Adam Light is my brother as well as my frequent writing collaborator, so I may be predisposed to like what he writes But having that relationship with him also means that I get a close up look at the meticulous craftsmanship of his writing proc [...]

  • I read this book in one sitting, it was so compelling that around the fourth paragraph forgot to breath This story starts with a bang and ended with me gripping the virtual pages of my Kindle in a vice like grip My heart is still racing The story line is so well written with incredibly vivid detail it is like living inside it The characters are well developed, real and solid.I want of this story It has such a dramatic affect with elements of action, horror, paranormal, and even a lost and possi [...]

  • The Continuance Agency is a clever little short and the first in a series by Adam Light.The text itself is in need of a little polishing, it would benefit from a little re ordering in places, elimination of repetition and the excessive use of question marks in the protagonist s questioning of himself and his purpose I m aware that this last fault is a personal preference, but I d have preferred to have seen him question himself either questioningly out loud, or in a way that didn t need a questi [...]

  • I read this for the first time on June 11th, but because of computer problems, I wasn t able to get a review up right away So to refresh my memory for reviewing purposes, I decided to give it a re read I am glad I did The author made some edits that improved the flow of the story, and helped me feel for the main character I liked that As far as plot, I liked the mystery of what in the heck those black things are, where did they come from and why I m eager to read the next installment and maybe g [...]

  • This was a really good story The only shortcoming that I can see is that it ends far too quickly I want I m going to have to follow Adam to see if he ll continue this one, as it was really good

  • this was a great short story glad adam s making a sequel I have so many questions its freaky enough to make it worth the wait

  • This is a quick read, and just enough of a teaser that I will definitely read the next installment Like the other reviews, I was relieved that the story does not revolve around zombies.

  • this here is the 1st from light for me laterlater the 33 % mark on the kindletrying to catch up w what i ve been readingis story begins w a bangminds me of Cell from Stephen Kinge telling is nice and clean like king s stories aregins the threadbare basement couch was so inviting daniel had to lay down on it for a moment.daniel is cleaning the basement, a task he needs to finish and not just partially finish, in exchange for tickets to an nfl game , an offer from his dadhe will take his fiancee c [...]

  • The day the world ended, Daniel was sleeping.In exchange for some game tickets from his father, Daniel is cleaning the basement It s not his idea of fun, but he can t wait to see the look on his fiancee Colleen s face when he shows her the tickets.The only ventilation is from the door at the top of the stairs and it s hot as an oven The old sofa is calling his name and it s surprisingly comfortable, lulling Daniel into a deep sleep.Something wakes him up Daniel hears a horrible racket coming fro [...]

  • The central idea of the novelette, though not original, was promising a mysterious agency seeking you out when you re one of the few survivors of an unexplained apocalypse is creepy enough And yet, the execution leaves something to be desired.First of all, the first few paragraphs are amazingly executed graphical, horrifying and well written, they set the tone for what promises to be a nail biting story The narrative is swift, not overly detailed, yet graphic enough But somewhere down the line, [...]

  • I am going to give this 3.5 stars, I really wish GR allowed for the addition of that half star Please remember the rating and not take what I have to say in a negative light I enjoyed the story and the concept, what will follow in my review are just my opinions and how I felt while reading the story It is not meant in any way to be a negative review only some constructive feedback from one reader s point of view.This is a short story and the first in a series I liked it, the writing seems raw, a [...]

  • 3.5 StarsI really enjoyed this story It was a new twist on the currently very trendy post apocalyptic tale My criticisms are nothing the author hasn t heard already it felt a little rushed, and I felt the ending came a little too abruptly, but I felt the potential for greatness in this story I understand there are installments in progress I would love to see a little world building in the next one I love post apocalyptic landscapes, and I find it frustrating when we re only given glimpses of t [...]

  • I like this story, honestly, I wasn t sure if I wanted to read because I normally don t read apocalyptic stories because they all seem to have the same premise.They make good movies, not necessarily good books But this author has always creates content I thoroughly enjoy so I gave it a shot The idea is very creative and intriguing I have no idea what to expect next and as much as that excites me, it frustrates me because I want to have it figured out also Ha But that is my own issue and that is [...]

  • The story was great, that s why I m disappointed the story finished so quickly I got into to it and and suddenly it was over I read it on my phone and I didn t pay too much attention to the pages lolI understand the concept of short stories and I really like to read them sometimes, but I would have loved to have this story in one piecee then it s not short story but like a first part of the book But I may be bubbling, I m no writer However if I get it right, this is the first volume and the ot [...]

  • I really liked this story It s dark, suspenseful, terrifying and well written Either the ending is open ended or I m missing something Either way, it left me wanting to know What happens to the characters Who is the mysterious young girl What traits were the doctors testing for Is Daniel a hero or a villain Will the author be continuing the story Continuance Agency is a gripping tale that left me craving and hoping I get it.

  • There are post apocalyptic aspects to this story, but there is much here too After reading the first installment, I am anxious to read I am not quite sure where the author is taking us because the story is complex The lines are blurred right now to what is in fact reality I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only because I m just not sure yet where I am headed.

  • This was a great story which started with a bang and kept me reading until the end There were some cool descriptions and the black cloud was an intriguing and frightening villain The cliffhanger at the end was cruel though I wanted

  • This short story just wasn t for me The premise was intriguing but for me it felt like a draft than a final version.

  • A fascinating well written story about the end of the world Daniel Sharpe survived In fact he fears he maybe the only one So when a mysterious enevelope arrives at his door with an invitation to join the Continuance Agency Daniel must decide is it worth the risk to find out if it is real or should he ignore it and continue on as he has been I don,t give spolers so if you want to know what Daniel decided i highly recommend you read the book.

  • This story dragged me in with it s horrifying beginning kicking and screaming and just threw me into it s creepy world It was a very well written story and had a fresh feel to it The ending is where I lost a star, maybe even two, in my rating I wanted and it just ended for me This story would work great as a series and I hope to read about this dark creepy world in the futurehint hint.

  • Wow, I was grabbed into this story from the beginning And truthfully, I am not especially fond of end of the world stories But I like stories by Adam Light And it was short so I figured I could do it Well, by the end I was wishing it was longer Great job Adam, now I m waiting for a sequel

  • I would love to give this story a higher rating I mean it is exceptionally well written on all levels and has a very intriguing narrative and premise But the tale just ends with no rhyme or reason It appears to be the first in a series according to other reviewers, but there was no real indication of that in the book the narrative just stops It is just too jarring and unsatisfying.

  • Clever short story and well written for the most part but I feel it needs a little tidying and polishing I enjoyed the mystery element that Light weaves throughout and I will carry on reading the serial so I can find out what exactly the evil is that killed the majority of mankind.

  • This is the only story I haven t cared for by the Light brothers I have enjoyed all the others this one, not so much Felt like it stopped in the middle, or else I didn t understand where they were going.

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