Loving Hart

Loving Hart Destiny gave them each otherFrom the moment he saw her Spencer Cross knew that Delilah Hart was special Understanding that she needed him to be strong for her Spencer endured a childhood filled with
  • Title: Loving Hart
  • Author: Ella Fox
  • ISBN: 9781301534357
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Loving Hart
    Destiny gave them each otherFrom the moment he saw her, Spencer Cross knew that Delilah Hart was special Understanding that she needed him to be strong for her, Spencer endured a childhood filled with secrets, lies and abuse Delilah gave him a reason to live as she protected his heart and kept him from going off the rails.Delilah knew that fate had delivered the loveDestiny gave them each otherFrom the moment he saw her, Spencer Cross knew that Delilah Hart was special Understanding that she needed him to be strong for her, Spencer endured a childhood filled with secrets, lies and abuse Delilah gave him a reason to live as she protected his heart and kept him from going off the rails.Delilah knew that fate had delivered the love of her life to her at a very early age Spencer was her anchor and the reason she believed in true love She d never doubted that they were meant to be together forever.Until chance threatened to rip them apartWill Delilah be able to convince Spencer to let go of his demons, or will she be forced to walk away with only the memories This is an erotic romance.
    Loving Hart By Ella Fox,
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    USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Fox has learned a bunch of stuff along the way but the most important of all those things is that anything is possible when you try In 2012 she took a big leap of faith and published her first book, Broken Hart Since then she s written fifteen full length books and several novellas and every one is a reminder that you can live your dream as long as you work for it.Ella s favorite things are music, movies, traveling, The Foo Fighters and, of course, reading This isn t a surprise considering the fact that her mom is USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday.Stay up to date with Ella by LIKING her on Facebook she gives a ton of stuff away that you won t want to miss Facebook Page Facebook EllaFoxAuthor or join her Facebook Group for sneak peeks, teasers and excerpts of upcoming books,Fox s Fanatics facebook groups foxsfanaticsWebsite authorellafox


  • I m overflowing with happiness right now Spencer and Delilah are such a cute couple, my God This new Hart Family book had everything that keeps me hooked DRAMALOVESEXAND A HAPPILY EVER AFTERA few things which I didn t like as always 1 Ok, so we all know that Spencer is a man whore just like the Hart brothers were before they found the one And you know what We are all kind of ok with that We understand that men have needs and blah,blah,blah But Spencer,sweetie, after you said this Delilah no one [...]

  • 3.5 stars Spencer and Delilah s story definitely has the most emotion of the series so far These two had a connection from the moment they set eyes on each otherd I don t mean as young adults, or as teens or even as prepubescent kids.I m talking about a 4 year old and a toddler I love that Ella Fox started their story at the VERY beginning through Spencer s 4 year old eyes From the innocence of their friendship for the first dozen or so years of Delilah s life, and then her transformation into a [...]

  • 10 STARSI forgot I read this, must have blocked it out because I was so DISGUSTED by the cheating pig.They re in love and together in secret with an end plan after 2 years to come out in the open as a couple and be together forever.She s faithful, but this FUCKING BASTARD tells her straight out that he loves her only her, only wants her but during those 2 years he will continue to have constant sex with other women But of course, they mean nothing to him WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS RUBBISH Are [...]

  • Not my kind of story It s written for sex Not enough character and plot Did not finish.The beginning was interesting, young children being abused and raising each other But the story about their grown up love lives no The sex scenes are detailed and some very long For some readers that s good But I couldn t get into them I skimmed them I like books with sex, so that s not the problem.At 62% I couldn t make myself read any, so I skipped to the last chapter and was done.One part of the plot was un [...]

  • I love you than anything Spence I d die without you here You ll never ever leave me, right Spence My answer never changes No silly Love you best, always going to need my other half Spencer grew up as part of the Hart s family Having fucked up parents brought them all together Together with Dante and Damien, they raised the twins, Dominique Delilah Since birth, Delilah was attach to him than Dominique She cried every time his not around, and when she s hurt the only Spencer was the only one tha [...]

  • This book was such a good combination of a story with substance heart Yet it still was hot And so far out of the Hart Family series I have previously read, I think this one Loving Hart was my favorite I just loved Spencer Delilah together I thought they were such a sweet couple And their background story of how they grew up together just touched my heart and felt like their were so bonded meant to be right from the start.This one actually made me get choked up and cry concerning Spencer remember [...]

  • I just love this family and this series This is the story of Spencer and Delilah The reader gets to live some of the heartbreaking backstory in this book that all of the Hart Cross family lived And let me tell you it completely broke my heart It made you love these characters even for all they had endured as kids It s so romantic that Spencer got to look over Delilah her whole life I loved that he was her first everything.When Spencer and Delilah were together everything was perfect From everyt [...]

  • 5 GLORIOUS STARS YET AGAIN FOR ELLA FOXI m almost sorry I ve gone through the first 3 of this series so quickly but they have all been such complete page turners Delilah and Spencer have loved each other since they were children, always being there for each other but have never taken the next step since Spencer grew up with Delilah s family and he alwasy felt like it would be wrong Delilah however had no problems seeing them together in every since of the word and man did they get together whew [...]

  • I love you Delilah, and that s forever DAMN IT Where do I get myself a Hart family member, a cousin, heck at this point I ll take an old ass uncle So far this is what I have looked like reading the Hart Family series.A little bit of blushingd little bit of oh you did not just say that d a whole lot ofI love this freaking love family and I am only on book 3 I love how each book talks about each family member For example, in the first two books Broken Hart Shattered Hart you get a gimps into what [...]

  • I really have very little to say about this I had a hard time finishing this, and I really cant say why I have read the first two in this series, and enjoyed them much The repetitive style of writing from both POV really annoyed me, and both of these characters just left me uninterested and uncaring.The only problem left facing me now is if I care enough to be bothered reading any of these books The new characters mentioned toward the end of this one have piqued my interest, but I am not sure [...]

  • If its possible to give ten stars I would This Book is also amazing bc the books that came before it bring it all together The author writes so well The Hart families back story is just so sad and she really does a good job giving each character their own identity The sex is out of this world Ella fox writes a damn good blow job among many other things The love between Spencer and Delilah is so believable and their bond is breathtaking I didn t want this book to end Totally downloading the next [...]

  • Spencer and Delilah s story brought many emotions out of me It s a beautiful story on its own, I think it s my favorite of the series It gives a better understanding about the past of the Hart family.5 stars for the story, 5 stars for the scorching HAWT scenes D

  • Hot Hot Hot 4,5 stars I really liked this book Great pacing, great story and lots of lovely dirty talk and sizzling hot sex coupled with a wonderful love story My favourite so far in this series definetely.

  • These are my thoughts feelings while reading this book WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS view spoiler 0.0% May start this today, busy today so may not get a chance till tomorrow Looking forward to getting Delilah and Spencer s story, I ve read some great reviews 34.0% Amazing so far, I m loving seeing Spencer and Delilah s relationship from them being little kids 44.0% Why Delilah, why when you were so close 48.0% I take that back They just need to bloody talk 100.0% Really loved this book, I m really [...]

  • Ella Fox has done it again I LOVED this book for sooooo many reasons When I think I cannot love the Hart Family Series any she comes out with a new book and I fall in love all over again I am speechless, because I do not know where to start my review I loved the developing relationship between Spencer and Delilah I love how they always had their way of connecting to one another from the beginning such a beautiful story I liked that we learned what happened in the beginning between the children a [...]

  • I love the a Hart family Im becoming a social worker and because of this I have learned that parent aren t always the best choice to raise children, that their others that can and will love you better, Ella Fox had made this clear in all of her three books The love between Dante, Damien, Spencer, and the twins Delilah, Dominique and Aunt Sandra is so beautiful it tears me up Dante, Damien, Spencer and the twins have grown up to have each others back, we get to know a little of their back story [...]

  • I m so excited that I get to review first This book was incredible I ve loved each book in the series but this was the best in the bunch to date There was so much story and I fell so in love with Spencer I fell in love with Dante and Damien too because they played in this book Especially Dante All the things he went through made what happened in Broken Hart even better and now I m going to go back and read that again Hearing from Spencer and Delilah where they came from was gut wrenching This w [...]

  • This novel was my favourite in the series to date I absolutely love that Delilah and Spencer were soul mates from the time they were children Ella begins the novel all the way in childhood and explains how their relationship grows and matures throughout time I enjoy how their relationship progresses and how it becomes clear that Spencer and Delilah are meant to be together, but I felt that the two year wait time the they imposed on themselves was a little much, I mean in reality no one would eve [...]

  • Actual rating 4.5I actually think I loved this book the most out of the series so far up until the last few chapters Why couldn t it have just been a story about Delilah and Spencer s love without that twist at the end I mean yes, I obviously am going to buy book 4, and probably even book 5 since the author already let out that Dillon s story is coming too, but I just wanted to read about Delilah and Spencer They had a truly great love story going on, so the whole thing with the families at the [...]

  • So far, from the 3 books this is the one that I liked the most by far In fact I hated the second book so I was reluctant to read this one SO glad I did read it after all Spencer and Delilah are truly soulmates I found the character development very deep I loved how the author gave Delilah a strong and loving spirit She was true to herself and what she wanted and that was Spencer and her baby Spencer was also an amazing character My heart broke for him He had to fight with his demons, overcome hi [...]

  • First of all, let me start by saying that Ella Fox has made me feel like i belong to the Hart family She writes the best families EVER It was difficult reading every new book that came out specially because she made me fall harder and harder with a new Hart couple Okay, so this book has been my favorite so far I loved the Delilah and Spencer I felt like there was the most emotion and connection between these two than any other Spencer has been part of the Hart family for so long its like he is a [...]

  • I think this was my favorite one out of the three so far Spencer just makes your heart break and melt all at the same time You get a much in depth look into their childhood and appreciate their family unit and love all that much Can t wait for the next book and to meet Dillon.

  • to follow the journey of Spencer was like trying to run while pulling a truck.Okay, every story there is definitely a live in it life problem it is a live as well as with Spence oh let alone Spence His ordeal was began even since he was born His parents were the king and the queen of parties Not the usual parties which there were children in there And his father was a son of bitch I mean it who s happy to came to the Spence s room in the middle of the night just to stripped him naked and thenn o [...]

  • The first half of this book we go back in time with the Hart Family There is a lot of retelling and catching up Which is good for readers that have spaced out the series Some parts seemed a little too redundant like we didn t need to know the back story because we have been following the series reading order However one good thing about this I would say if you accidentally start this series at book 3 you will be okay There s enough character profiles that you get a good idea of what s going on h [...]

  • Title Loving HartSeries The Hart Family 3Author Ella FoxGenre Contemporary RomancePages 267Heat Level 4 out of 4 flamesOverall Star Rating 3 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch KayThis is the third book in the series but I felt it could be read almost as a standalone I didn t feel lost but I usually read in order and if you are one of those people that have to read in order, I get it.The Hart family is a group of siblings and a neighbor that formed their own family of sorts They were a [...]

  • So far, from the 3 books this is the one that I liked and frustrated me the mostI liked the style in which it was written it really helps to understand Spencer and get familiar with him so far he was just the adopted brother friend but there was not much in the other books about him except the end of 2nd book.e fact that Ella tooks us through the history of their childhood was a good touch, and helped me to get familiar with him and like him since the beginning.No child should endure such treatm [...]

  • I m almost pissed off that this book has the rating it does It s discouraging to see that such terrible writing is getting such praise I m literally incapable of not finishing something so I ve read all three to see if the writing would improve with time It didn t I m at a loss because I can t find the words to describe how awful these books were There was no emotion in them whatsoever The sex scenes alone were enough to drive me crazy Not only were there too many, but Delilah and Spencer would [...]

  • It was difficult to rate this book.There were several things I really loved view spoiler seeing the connection Delilah and Spence had right from when they were kids was just beautiful I loved that they have always loved each other best for all of their lives.Also loved reading about the other couples and their relationships with each other hide spoiler But there were several things I didn t like and got a bit annoyed with view spoiler I didn t really understand why Delilah Spencer had to wait t [...]

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