The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax Louis Drax is a boy like no other He is brilliant and strange and every year something violent seems to happen to him On his ninth birthday Louis goes on a picnic with his parents and falls off a cl
  • Title: The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
  • Author: Liz Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780747571063
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
    Louis Drax is a boy like no other He is brilliant and strange, and every year something violent seems to happen to him On his ninth birthday, Louis goes on a picnic with his parents and falls off a cliff The details are shrouded in mystery Louis s mother is shell shocked his father has vanished And after some confusion Louis himself, miraculously alive but deep in aLouis Drax is a boy like no other He is brilliant and strange, and every year something violent seems to happen to him On his ninth birthday, Louis goes on a picnic with his parents and falls off a cliff The details are shrouded in mystery Louis s mother is shell shocked his father has vanished And after some confusion Louis himself, miraculously alive but deep in a coma, arrives at Dr Pascal Dannachet s celebrated coma clinic Full of astonishing twists and turns, this is a masterful tale of the secrets the human mind can hide.
    The Ninth Life of Louis Drax By Liz Jensen,

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    Liz Jensen was born in Oxfordshire, the daughter of a Danish father and an Anglo Moroccan mother She spent two years as a journalist in the Far East before joining the BBC, first as a journalist, then as a TV and radio producer She then moved to France where she worked as a sculptor began her first novel, Egg Dancing, which was published in 1995 Back in London she wrote Ark Baby 1998 which was shortlisted for the Guardian Fiction Award, The Paper Eater 2000 , and War Crimes for the Home 2002 which was longlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction She has two children and shares her life with the Danish essayist, travel writer and novelist Carsten Jensen.


  • Onvan The Ninth Life of Louis Drax Nevisande Liz Jensen ISBN 1582344574 ISBN13 9781582344577 Dar 240 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

  • Neko vreme vec zivim u ubedjenju da su mi dosadili trilerikon Luja kapiram da sam samo pravila pogresan izbor Fantasticna knjiga

  • The opening line draws you in on the instant I m not most kids I m Louis Drax Stuff happens to me that shouldn t happen, like going on a picnic where you drown Such an opening could, I suppose, head off in a number of different directions Downwards to cliched cleverness, upwards to bizarre stratospheric confusion, meander around the foothills in which wood and trees get totally indistinguishable or settle into a mixture of all three and from that melee produce a really fascinating reflection on [...]

  • My shallow self was immediately sold by the captivating cover Upon learning this was being adapted into a film, my interest was even further piqued However, this ended up becoming a puzzling yet ultimately forgettable read, for me.Nine year old Louis Drax is so accident prone that he should be dead nine times over He has continued to baffle doctors and scientists with his unfailing will to live, despite the accidents and mishaps that have plagued his young life The story commences upon his ninth [...]

  • Books are the bestest gifts Really Just a few months ago I gave away my top five books to five people who have been vital to my physical and mental health during the last year I made them take turns reading them and the reviews that I wrote of them Did I care if they really liked them Sort of Did I make them read them all You betcha Why Because, duh, it s all about me I believe all mine that there are only a few reasons to give books 1 You want the person to see what you loved about a certain bo [...]

  • O Rapaz Gato Eu n o sou como a maior parte dos rapazes Sou o Louis Drax Acontecem me coisas que n o deviam acontecer, como ir a um piquenique e afogar me De facto Louis Drax pouco ou nada tem a ver com a normalidade um rapaz com uma enorme tend ncia para acidentes que come aram logo com a sua chegada ao mundo nasceu como J lio C sar Ap s a sua conturbada entrada no planeta , novos acidentes com graus de fatalidade vari veis se sucederam, mas a alma colavasse lhe ao corpo, impedindo o de fenecer [...]

  • view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler Liz Jensen Seeing The Ninth Life of Louis Drax on screen is like meeting an eerie stranger br br br br br br

  • liz jensen has got to be the most imaginative writer ever this is the third book by her that i ve read in the last couple of weeks and none of them are remotely like the others.her writing is uniformly beautiful and her plots are unbelievably gripping.i read this book in one sitting,pausing only once to dash to the kitchen to get a drink is that unputdownable.i m not going to say a damn thing about the plot, you re just going to have to get the book and read won t be sorry.

  • Auch wenn Titel und Buchcover es nicht vermuten lassen, so ist die Geschichte um das neunte Leben von Louis Drax ein ausgefeilter Psychothriller mit einigen parapsychologischen Elementen Wenn man ein Freund von sachlich fundierten Krankheitsbildern in Psychothrillern ist, dann muss man schon ein sehr offenes Herz f r die Grenz berschreitungen haben Nichtsdestotrotz bewirken diese telepathischen Sequenzen im Buch einen enormen Spannungseffekt, der das sehr gut geschriebene Werk zu einem wahren Pa [...]

  • This is a weird book, I had it in my TBR because of a s recommendation but I have 1000 books in it and I forgot it until Yesterday that I saw that a trailer for the movie came out I didn t watch it then , and I went and read the synopsis and got this urge to read it, and so I did I read this in two days, that s very rare for me, I m not a fast reader and I usually read than one book at a time, so this means I was really invested in the story, I just couldn t stop reading it.I knew nothing about [...]

  • I feel like I know people like this in real life People who are always having BIG HUGE ISSUES and DRAMA and everyone should feel sorry for them all the time That s part of the reason I don t get on FB any I think that colored my opinion of the book but I really did like the writing.

  • Oh my God Spent the whole day reading this and oh my God.The reason I d bought this book in the first place was because it was ridiculously cheap, at a Popular books clearance sale I hadn t thought much of the book, since I ve never heard of the title and the author before Books which I buy without actually wanting to buy them are books that are normally left on my shelf for a long time until I go through my booklist But this was different, and after finishing The Fault In Our Stars, I decided t [...]

  • Having read my first Liz Jensen The Uninvited recently, I expected The Ninth Life of Louis Drax to be equally difficult to categorize It is definitely original, but conventional in regard to the story than I anticipated The answer to the mystery of why a nine year old boy is lying in a coma is just a matter of connecting the dots I did that early on, but figured Jensen would turn everything upside down and present me with a totally unexpected mind bending alternative When she didn t, I grumbled [...]

  • Louis is extremely accident prone, having almost died eight times His parents have a troubled relationship On his ninth birthday, at a picnic, some horrible accident occurs Louis s father disappears and Louis ends up in a coma Here enters the other narrator, Pascal, a doctor specializing in coma recovery After a series of stange and creepy discoveries, Pascal learns that Louis s mother, whim he has fallen in love with, killed her husband and attempted to kill Louis basically because she is patho [...]

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  • 4.5 Loved this my third book by Liz Jensen and one that s been on my shelf ages why Couldn t put it down, loved the style of writing and the characters including little Louis You could see where it was going but it was still a great story.

  • I don t really read this kind of book, but Jamie Dornan will play as the doctor so I wanna give it a try LOL edit JAMIE JUST POSTED THIS ON HIS INSTAGRAM I M SO GOING TO READ THIS ASAP

  • Um livro surpreendente.Surpreendentemente negro.Surpreendentemente inteligente.Supreendentemente rico.Concluindo nada do que estava espera Pensei que seria um livro bem humorado, leve que me faria sorrir e rir um pouco Nada disso.Fez me pensar, e muito.

  • Read this It was awesome A little boy gets hurt and ends up in a coma this book is about what happens to him, his doctors and his family while he s under A little bit bizarre, and of course, that s what makes it fun.

  • the boy came back to life, two hours after being pronounced officially dead.I m never been a fan of this genre in a book I mean NEVER.Not until I was reading my Glamour Magazine There s an interview there, of Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey and there s a On Their Future thingy and Jamie answered I m filming The9th Life of Louis Drax So yeah I got curious and I found out its based on a book grin Glamour 2015 Pg 275 It was so good Few days after I finished reading it, I m still fe [...]

  • I honestly don t know what to think of this book The premise is good, really good, it has the potential to be epic But the story feels rushed, the relationships between characters aren t built well enough for us to be sympathetic toward them, especially between Natalie and Pascal Add to that, the solution of the mystery is obvious from the beginning, but I think the author was being transparent on purpose She wanted us to know, maybe to make us feel smart that we solved the mystery before anyone [...]

  • Perturbador e cruel Seriam estas duas as palavras que usaria para descrever este livro.Este livro veio parar me s m os sem estar espera Uma amiga que o aconselhou, e mesmo sem ter lido a sinopse peguei nele.As impress es iniciais foram contradit rias Se por um lado n o me estava a cativar, pelo outro queria saber o que tinha acontecido ao Louis e a verdade por detr s do acidente.N o de todo o meu g nero de leitura, no entanto gostei

  • The Ninth Life of Louis Drax is the story of nine year old Louis Drax, a boy who is accident prone and believes he is living his ninth life after losing the previous eight due to his accidents Louis is very intelligent, precocious and deceitful for reasons you will find out Following a tragic accident when Louis falls into a ravine, at the time he and his parents were enjoying a picnic when the accident occurred, now his father is missing, his mother is in shock and Louis is in a coma Louis is a [...]

  • After reading The Rapture I was expecting something along similar lines but was pleasantly surprised that it was quite different It was well written, with nothing suerfluous at all, pretty fast paced and uncomplicated Loved the story, loved the twists, could have been explored in much depth but I think it would have spoiled the sense of the book A delight

  • This book kept me at the edge of my seat It reminded me some of Gillian Flynn s Sharp Objects with the dark and sinister tone of the book However I have to say once I figured out what was happening I was a little let down I was hoping for something .

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