The Christmas Carol Murders

The Christmas Carol Murders It s the holiday season in Dickens Junction Oregon Local bookstore owner Simon Alastair is getting ready for the community s annual celebration of Charles Dickens well known story But when a myster
  • Title: The Christmas Carol Murders
  • Author: ChristopherLord
  • ISBN: 9780985323608
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Christmas Carol Murders
    It s the holiday season in Dickens Junction, Oregon Local bookstore owner, Simon Alastair, is getting ready for the community s annual celebration of Charles Dickens well known story But when a mysterious stranger shows up in the Junction and is murdered hours later, Simon begins to suspect that his little community has been targeted for destruction by a shadowy organizaIt s the holiday season in Dickens Junction, Oregon Local bookstore owner, Simon Alastair, is getting ready for the community s annual celebration of Charles Dickens well known story But when a mysterious stranger shows up in the Junction and is murdered hours later, Simon begins to suspect that his little community has been targeted for destruction by a shadowy organization.With the support of Zach, a dashing young magazine reporter, Simon decides to investigate the crime himself When a second murder follows, Simon must confront the worst question of all which of his friends and business associates is a ruthless murderer The Christmas Carol Murders is the first of an exciting new cozy mystery series combining the atmosphere of a classic Agatha Christie puzzle, the deft touch of Charlotte MacLeod, a hint of Oscar Wilde s humor, and the literary spirit of the great Charles Dickens
    The Christmas Carol Murders By ChristopherLord,
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    I have been a Dickens fanatic since I read Our Mutual Friend at age fourteen I also love classic cozy mysteries A native of Astoria, Oregon, I now live in Portland with my partner of twenty years and our Devon Rex, who bears a strong resemblance to Simon s Miss Tox In future Dickens Junction mysteries I promise even juicy and unusual ways for characters to meet their unfortunate ends.Visit dickensjunction to read my blog and Simon s book reviews, and follow me on Twitter dickensjunction.The second Dickens Junction mystery, The Edwin Drood Murders, will be published late summer early fall 2013.


  • Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says It s the holiday season in Dickens Junction, Oregon Local bookstore owner, Simon Alastair, is getting ready for the community s annual celebration of Charles Dickens well known story But when a mysterious stranger shows up in the Junction and is murdered hours later, Simon begins to suspect that his little community has been targeted for destruction by a shadowy organization.With the support of Zach, a dashing young magazine reporter, Simon decides to investi [...]

  • I liked the premise of this one, a town founded on the charitable principles of author, Charles Dickens All the businesses around Dickens Junction, Oregon, are named after Dickens characters and the major events in town are based upon Dickens books So, just before the Christmas Carol tableaux is held, a recent arrival in town is found murdered followed by another murder but this time of a local townsperson and then one murder occurs Yikes Enough already What could possibly be the motive The onl [...]

  • I found this book delightful It s a cozy mystery, but of a mystery It takes place in the town of Dickens Junction where the people want to keep what they consider Dickens values All of the shops are named from the characters of Dickens books The events take place at Christmas time although I would not say this is a Christmas cozy as it works for anytime of the year Simon is the amateur detective who is looking to solve the murders of three people He also has a little romance starting which adds [...]

  • Originally posted on my blog Guiltless Reading Please pop over for a visit, reviews and lots of bookishness Charles Dickens and Ayn Rand Christmas and murders Have a merry one The book in one sentence A battle of between two schools of thought Charles Dickens vs Ayn Rand results in a string of murders in a quaint literary town.My two cents This is a murder mystery decked out Dickens style with a huge dose of literary ness I enjoyed it and since this is just the first book in a series of mysteri [...]

  • First Line No one was dead to begin with.Like everywhere else in the country Dickens Junction, Oregon, was hit hard by the economic crisis Everyone is hoping that there will be lots of shoppers spending lots of money this Christmas season Some business owners have already given up and left others are hanging on by a thread.The only exception to the rule is Simon Alastair, owner of the bookstore Pip s Pages His great grandfather and grandfather were timber barons and built the small town of Dicke [...]

  • In this storywe are introduced to Simon Alastair, who is the proprietor of a bookstore in the hamlet of Dickens Junction, near the Oregon coast The town was founded by his grandfather as a tribute to Charles Dickens and the ideals he espoused in his literary works Naturally, in the town center there is a statue of the author, and most of the businesses in the square have either Dickensian motifs or are named after one or another of the characters that Dickens brought to life Simon s store is cal [...]

  • Everyone in Dickens Junction is gearing up for Christmas Zach Benjamin works as a reporter for the magazine, Rainbows He is in town to write about Dickens Junction Mervin Roark is the owner of Mervin Enterprises He is interested in purchasing property in Dickens Junction Some people are not interested in selling Mervin has pissed off several people with his bully tactics but who did he piss off enough to want to murder him The Christmas Carol Murders reminded me some of author, Gail Fraser s Lum [...]

  • I really like all of Lords characters and his descriptions of the town, the people and the foods being prepared The characters that are killed off, are done in creative ways and I did not expect the murderer to be who it wasI had my suspicions, but not of this person I look forward to Lords next installment.Quotes My stories don t have to be strictly true, they illuminate character.

  • Eww I couldn t stand this story Way too many characters and so much slop in between Maybe would be better as a made for tv holiday movie Yuck.

  • Reviewed by RobinBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMost often I choose my books by what genre they are in or what type of storyline A while back a mass e mail was sent out with a list of books we could review Within that e mail, there was a list of books yes, with descriptions that needed to be read I looked down the list going on title alone I really didn t read the blurb I chose The Christmas Carol Murders and quite frankly I am glad that I [...]

  • Dickens Junction is a town near Astoria, Oregon, dedicated to the spirit of the author after whom it was named So Bleak House is a popular bed and breakfast Micawber s Investments went under in the recent financial crisis The town s economy at least partly depends upon its appeal to tourists.Simon Alastair is the somewhat wealthy scion of the founders of the town He s also the gay owner of Pip s Pages, a bookstore stocked only with books he s read and can therefore recommend to his customers Whe [...]

  • Dicken s Square was built in 1950 as the central civic attraction of the newly incorporated Dicken s Junction It has a pedestrian areas lined with shops, a central fountain and a statue that was suppose to be Charles Dickens It was later learned that Dickens hated memorials and wanted to be remembered for his work only so the statue was modified with an ability to change the head at different times of the year Dickens novels were stories of social commentary In a New York address, he expressed h [...]

  • This book set high expectations for itself from the beginning It claimed to be Agatha Christie, Charlotte MacLeod, Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens all rolled up into one I can t fairly judge its comparison to Oscar or Charlotte, seeing as I ve never read any of their works While this book had some hints of throughout, I can t say that it was really a classic Agatha Christie puzzle The ending, where the main character Simon Alastair reveals who he believes to be the killer, certainly did remind m [...]

  • Murder mysteries are getting a lot interesting They have always offered up corpses and eccentric characters But they are now offering literary conceits of clashing philosophies Think Matthew Pearl.Christopher Lord s first novel The Christmas Carol Murders offers some of the same literary devices to good effect.The Christmas Carol Murders is based in the fictional Oregon village of Dickens Junction A community founded on the charitable principles of Charles Dickens.Just as the community is prepa [...]

  • Also reviewed on my blog mysterysequels the chrWhen I was approached by the author s PR company MindBuck Media with a request to review Christopher Lord s two books The Christmas Carol Murders and The Edwin Drood Murders I had absolutely no idea what the novels were about, except that they are both cozies I said yes, afterall, no real bookworm will say no to receiving a free book or two btw this was my first freebie asked to review, everything before was either bought or traded with other bookre [...]

  • Dickens Junction is a small town supposed to be founded on the principles and values of Charles Dickens I do not know what these principles and values are Do these include a liberal attitude to homosexuality and male striptease The main character Simon is a gay who keeps a male lover in his house He has the habit of sexually appraising males he sees There is also a lesbian couple A resident, in order to raise money, participates in a male erotic dance All these activities raise no eyebrows and a [...]

  • Simon Alistair ist ein Nachfahre der Gr nder von Dickens Junction , einem kleinen Ort in Oregon, der sich dem Gedenken an Charles Dickens verschrieben hat Er selbst besitzt einen Buchladen, der ausschlie lich B cher f hrt, die er selbst gelesen hat Als wohlhabender Erbe ist er nicht auf die Eink nfte aus dem Laden angewiesen, weswegen er sich diese Extravaganz leisten kann Abgesehen davon scheint sein Lebensinhalt darin zu bestehen, daf r zu sorgen, dass der einzigartige Charakter von Dickens Ju [...]

  • It s Christmas time in Dickens Junction, Oregon but all is not as peaceful as you would think As the citizens of Dickens Junction prepare for their annual Christmas celebration, a stranger visits their small, quiet town Not long after he shows up, the stranger is murdered The local bookstore owner, Simon Alastair, fears for the safety of his small hometown and conducts his own investigation.Simon s fears mount as another murder occurs and he begins to suspect his friends and business associates [...]

  • Just in time for the holidays comes a wonderful cozy mystery, the first in a new series Placed in the fictional town of Dicken s Junction, the town is gearing up to celebrate the holidays Dicken s style With a small cast of characters in this charming little town, comes a journalist to document their holiday festivities Unfortunately, the party is cut short for him as he s the first one to be killed, but at no means, the last Simon Alistair is determined to find out who is behind the gruesome de [...]

  • I love reading cozy mysteries I especially love reading books where the main character owns a book store So with that going for it, I started reading The Christmas Carol Murders I liked the concept of a town devoted to Dickens, and trying to preserve their way of life The book had lots of quirky characters, and I enjoyed Simon and his relationship with his new boyfriend, Zach.Unfortunately for me, this book didn t have the cozy feel I was hoping for It is hard to put my finger on it exactly Mayb [...]

  • Simon Alastair owns the bookstore in Dickens Junction, a town designed by his ancestors to be a celebration of the values in the famed author s books and quite a tourist draw, too But the economy is hurting everyone but Simon, who has kept his inherited money So Roark, an emissary of an out of town company, is a threat when he comes to town to try to buy stores around the quaint town square As the town deals with its usual Christmas celebrations, and as Simon falls for a travel writer who probab [...]

  • I can t say that I was overly impressed with this one The theme of the book was intriguing and some of the names of stores were clever, but the characters and plot fell flat I doubt anyone who only sells books they ve read would stay in business very long Simon, the gay bookstore owner, spent way too much time oogling every male in his line of vision and describing ad nauseum what everyone wore Clues were sparse The story would be greatly improved with depth to the characters and plot and less [...]

  • I have this strict rule that if a book does not capture my interest by page 50, I take it back to the library There are too many good books to read, why waste my time on something boring Back this one went UNREAD.Oddly, considering the Charles Dickens connection in this book, the only exception I make to my 50 page rule is Charles Dickens he has not even introduced all the characters by page 50 With him I go to page 150, by which time I am always hooked.

  • I enjoy reading books with a Christmas winter theme through the month of December and picked this mystery up as a free kindle download from The idea sounded cute that the town of Dickens Junction, Oregon is completely devoted to all things Dickens But along comes a company called Marley Enterprises which would like to take over the town and devote it to the objectivism principles of Ayn Rand instead And the grisly murders begin Too far out there and silly for me.

  • I love reading Christmas books at this time of the year When I read about this book and could not get it in Canada, I ordered it from the States The idea sounded so awesome a town devoted to all things Dickens and a mystery thrown in Concept great, execution not so much I did finish it just to see whodunit, but would definitely not recommend anyone pick it up Definitely did not put me in the Christmas mood.

  • The concept of the bookstore tied to the town philosophy and Ayn Rand Objectivism tied to the takeover bid, so to speak, of the town was okay Otherwise felt the characters and story were not well developed thus the end fizzled.

  • This was okay I picked it because I wanted to read a Christmas story and it was based on an Oregon town From the beginning there just seemed to be too many characters introduced at the same time I finished it but I don t know that I will be looking to read anything by this author.

  • This is a new author and new series for me I really liked it The characters were interesting, the plot was compelling, and the whole read was fun I felt as if I were there in Dickens Junction I can t wait to get hold of the next one.

  • Really enjoyed the story and the characters were a change of pace Good whodunit and loved that it was set in Astoria, Oregon, which is fairly close to where I live so I recognized some of the landmarks mentioned.

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