الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن

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  • Title: الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن
  • Author: Karen R. Koenig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
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  • الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن
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    الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن By Karen R. Koenig,
    • [E-Book] ✓ الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن | BY ↠ Karen R. Koenig
      292 Karen R. Koenig
    • thumbnail Title: [E-Book] ✓ الأسباب النفسية لزيادة الوزن | BY ↠ Karen R. Koenig
      Posted by:Karen R. Koenig
      Published :2020-04-05T04:11:09+00:00

    About " Karen R. Koenig "

  • Karen R. Koenig

    Karen R Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed is a therapist, educator, eating coach, national speaker, international author, and expert on the psychology of eating the how and why, not the what of it with 30 plus years of experience teaching chronic dieters and overeaters the skills that normal eaters use naturally to maintain a comfortable, healthy weight for life without dieting.


  • This authors real experience gives her a lot of creditability I love the approach of trusting our bodies and not attaching so much guilt and shame to eating I have given away my clothes that don t fit me, I m paying attention to my hungry and full cues and I m even allowing myself to ask what do I want to eat instead of what should I eat The surprising part is that there s often not much of a difference in what my answer is but there is a huge difference psychologically I felt lighter after rea [...]

  • i think that this could be a life changing book the title called to me, since i just want to eat like a normal person i don t want to count calories or feel like i have strict guidelines that i end up rebelling against but i don t want to be compulsive either this book was very practical in addressing beliefs that are behind our behavior she even gave ideas of different beliefs that we could have and what rational beliefs we could adopt instead she doesn t offer a quick fix she says up front th [...]

  • While I have great difficulty going into a self help book without the bias that it s all head shrinker touchy feely talk that could in no way actually help me, I find that when I give in and read, I typically will walk away with at least some ideas that can be useful in my life I would say that this book fell into that situation Though I did often find my eyes rolling with the thought of duh echoing in my head while I read some of the chapters, I also found things to think about in others Especi [...]

  • This is a very inspirational read From the point of view of someone that has been there themselves, and successfully overcome the struggle of disordered eating.

  • For emotional eaters finding a way back to recovery is very hard I have just finished the book, and am overwhelmed It will take a longer while for all this knowledge to sink in Right now I recognize this work as revolutionary and fantastic It has a smooth style, and very positive approach I loved the way it unveils the way I think, and brings me back to touch with my body sensations The bridge between my brain and stomach is lost, but strangely enough, there might be a way back to built the conn [...]

  • Got about halfway through this before I needed to return it to the library I ll have to purchase it and read the whole thing when I can afford to Really great info about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how to change your irrational core beliefs in order to change your behaviour around food Not the sort of book you can just sit and read through, you need to approach it as a workbook with time to reflect and do exercises.

  • A great book, if this is applicable to something you struggle with, which it is for me It is very insightful and teaches you a healthier way of thinking about food and about yourself I like that it isn t a diet book, but a book about normal eating, and I would rather focus on applying these types of principles in my life rather than always being on a diet I would highly recommend this if you are someone that struggles with emotional eating.

  • Although I did not find all of the material covered applicable, Koenig does offer some valuable insight and exercises, or at least a healthier way of thinking about and approaching mealtime.She does not broach the subject of nutrition, opting instead to focus on awareness of hunger and satiety cues.While undereating is addressed overeaters will likely find solace in her offerings.

  • This is one I d like to own and refer to now and again when I start to get all floopy about food and my body If you have eating issues, whether it s restrictive eating, compulsive emotional eating, or both, this book offers helpful suggestions to retrain your brain The author really sounds like she s been there and the tone is very friendly and compassionate I recommend it.

  • Excellent book The chapter on change alone is worth the price of the book and applicable to any change, not just eating issues I like how the author is careful not to use labels to define those she is writing to A book I will keep as a reference Excellent

  • Good for beginners to the whole cognitive behavioral therapy thing Starts very basic but is very thorough, with lots of examples and suggestions.

  • This is a great resource Koenig is so sane about food Everything she has written is worthwhile, but this is a go to.

  • While I appreciated the information that this book offered, I found the author s style rather condescending I got much out of Intuitive Eating.

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